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Momma's Too Hot Motivation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few weeks after Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair for the
Intercontinental Championship, Shelton is pushing his Momma in her wheelchair
down the hallway towards the catering area to grab a pre-match meal, "Momma,
I bet they are gonna have some real good food tonight..." Shelton says, who's
rather hungry after skipping a meal earlier in the day. He's wearing a pair
of tan colored pants and matching tan colored button shirt.

Momma Benjamin nods her head as she turns her head to look back at her
son, Shelton "They betta have some home cooked meals for my baby, Shelton
Benjamin..." Momma says as she's pushed by Shelton in her wheelchair "And
my baby, Shelton is the new Inter....con...tin...ental...Champion." Momma
smiles as she shifts in the wheelchair "That's what I'm talkin' bout, my
Shelton! The Intercontinental Champion! Just like us Benjamin's, Shelton...
bein' a winner!" Momma says loud and proud. Momma Benjamin is dressed in
her light blue and purple flowered nightgown and her white slippers on her

"Momma, you'll see that they have the some of the best stuff around..."
Shelton says as he pushes Momma Benjamin down the hall, "I just hope they
got some stuff to help keep my strength up, RVD may seem lazy, but he'll
try to take my title that I earned..."

"That silly old white boy...betta not beat you Shelton! You hear me,
Shelton! You're a Benjamin...and us Benjamin's are good at two things,
fighting and..."

Shelton laughs a bit, "And fucking... "

Momma Benjamin's eyes widen a bit as she hears her son, Shelton drop the
'f-bomb'. Momma Benjamin starts to fan herself off with her left head as
she clutches her chest with her right hand as the heavy-set woman starts
to breath heavily " Shelton! Lordy, Shelton! Momma needs her oxygen,

Shelton stops pushing his Momma and picks up the cup from the oxygen tank on
the back of her wheelchair and hands it too her, "Here you go Momma... take
deep easy breaths..."

Momma Benjamin puts the oxygen mask over her mouth and starts to breath in
the oxygen generating from the oxygen tank. After taking a few hits of the
oxygen, she removes the cup from her mouth and looks back at Shelton over
her shoulder. Momma Benjamin looks sternly at her son as she motions for
him to lean into her with her left index finger. Shelton moves a bit and
leans down towards Momma Benjamin, "Yes Momma..."

Momma Benjamin raises her right hand and smacks her hand against the side of
his face "Don't you be talkin' like that Shelton." Momma Benjamin says as she
shakes her head "I didn't raise ya to be talkin' like that!" Momma Benjamin
says as she points at him with a finger.

Shelton flinches after Momma Benjamin slapped his face, "I'm sorry momma...
you just said... one of the things us Benjamins are good at..." Shelton
replies as he stands straight again, a bit grateful she didn't twist his

Momma Benjamin points her finger down the hallway "Lets get movin' Shelton!
You gotta get your food...if you want to beat that silly white boy, Rob Van

"All right Momma...." Shelton smiles a bit as he stands behind Momma's
wheelchair and he starts to push her down the hallway again. "I'm gonna eat
me a good meal Momma... RVD isn't gonna stand a chance..."

Momma nods her head as she adjusts the glasses on her head "That's right
Shelton! You gonna eat some corn bread...some chicken-n-dumplings...some
collard greens, am I right Shelton Benjamin?"

"Yeah Momma... Mmmmm that sounds great... I can't wait to sit down with all
that..." Shelton licks his lips as if already savoring the taste of the food
he's going to eat.

"That's right Shelton! You need your food...your a growin' boy, Shelton!"
Momma Benjamin replies as Shelton wheels his mother into the catering room.
Momma Benjamin raises her eyebrow a bit as she looks back at Shelton
"Speakin' of feeding...boy are you still feeding your South Carolina black
snake?" Momma Benjamin bluntly asks as he wheels her up to the catering

Shelton nods his head and smiles, "Yeah I am Momma... every time I get into
a new town I make sure to feed it good... haven't yet today, but I will."

Momma Benjamin raises her eyebrow a bit "Well...Shelton, I figured ya didn't
today...I bumped into another one of them pretty white girl Divas...and one's
waiting for ya back in your locker room, Shelton.." Momma Benjamin says as
she looks at the catering table. Her eyes widen as she raises her voice
"What...what in the world is this!?" Momma Benjamin says as she surveys the
arrangement of catering food, which doesn't live up to her standards "Where's
the corn bread at, Shelton!"

Shelton looks up and down the catering table and shrugs his shoulders, "Ummm
I don't see any Momma... It may not be on today's menu... or someone like Big
Show ate it all."

Momma Benjamin continues to look at the catering table "Where's the collard
greens!? And the chicken-n-dumplings, Shelton!" Momma Benjamin says loudly.
Momma Benjamin shakes her head "Now don't want to keep that
white girl waitin' for ya...get movin' Shelton!" Momma Benjamin says with a
huff "Don't ya worry bout me Shelton! I'm gonna go talk to that big...
strong...Mr. McMahon.." Momma Benjamin says as she starts to fan herself off
a bit "Oh...lordy, Shelton...Momma’s over heatin'...Momma needs to see that
Mr. McMahon bout this caterin' service, Shelton!"

Shelton cringes a bit as he hears his Momma mention bringing this up to his
employer Mr. McMahon, "Umm Momma... maybe we should like talk to the chef...
I mean... in case Mr. McMahon is in a bad mood with that whole Shawn Michaels

Momma Benjamin shakes her head "Shelton...get movin...don't make that white
girl wait for ya...she's a busy white girl.." Momma Benjamin says as she
places her hands on the wheels of her wheelchair as she starts to wheel away
from her son "Get movin' Shelton!" Momma Benjamin yells, before saying to
herself out loud " gonna give that big, strong...handsome,
Mr. McMahon a piece of my mind...and maybe some of my brown sugar, honey!"

Shelton swallows a bit and nods his head, "All right Momma... I'll see you
later..." Shelton says as he catches up to her so he can bend down to give
his momma a kiss on the cheek.

Five Minutes Later...

Shelton is walking down the hallway towards his locker room, shaking his head
as he thinks about his Momma driving Vince McMahon crazy. "I'm gonna get put
in with Kane next week... " Shelton laughs to himself as he pushes the door
to his locker room open and as soon as he steps inside, his mouth drops open
as he sees the devilishly hot Candice Michelle laying on leather couch that
sits in the middle of the room. "Damn!" is all Shelton can say as he lets the
door close on his own behind him.

The member of Vince's Devils along with lovely Torrie Wilson and the vicious
vixen Victoria, Candice Michelle slowly sits herself up on the couch as she's
dressed in her black silk bathrobe and holding her plastic 'magic wand' with
her right hand. Miss, Candice Michelle, gets up from the couch
and walks towards Shelton as she twirls her 'magic wand'. Candice licks her
lips "Hey Shelton..." Candice says in a soft, seductive voice.

Shelton clears his throat with a cough and licks his lips a little, "Um, hey
Candice..." Shelton says as he's a bit speechless with how hot Candice looks
with just her black silk bathrobe on that's tied closed around her body.

Candice presses her soft lips together as she narrows her eyes into a
lustful glaze, standing face to face with Shelton. Candice places her hands
on Shelton's strong arms "I needed...a little...motivation."
Candice says as she places the pointed tip of her 'magic wand' against
Shelton's shirt covered chest.

Shelton smiles some as slides a hand into a pocket of his pants to adjust
himself, "Yeah... I always... need... a little... motivation..." Shelton says
as he looks down at Candice's 'magic wand' as the tip pokes through a small
opening of his shirt.

Candice licks her lips as she tilts her head back with a laugh "Good...
because...I always need a good time" Candice says as her eyes seductively
lighten up as she removes the tip of her 'magic wand' from Shelton chest
"Why don' get out of those clothes?" Candice says in soft tone.

Shelton nods his head and smiles, "That... sounds like a good suggestion..."
He says as he begins to unbutton the top few buttons of his shirt, but stops
when he gets to the middle buttons, where he then pulls his button shirt up
and off his upper body as if it was a t-shirt, revealing his practically
perfect muscular upper body.

Candice smiles and nods her head "Mmmm...just what I like...strong...muscular
black men." Candice says as she presses her lips together and folds her arms
over the chest of her silk bathrobe, watching Shelton undress. Shelton smiles
a bit more as he starts to unbuckle the leather belt he's wearing. Once he
does he goes to work on unzipping and unbutton his pants which he lowers down
and steps out of, at the same time taking off the shoes he's wearing. Now
just left in a pair of white boxer-briefs, that is a noticeable contrast to
his dark skin, Shelton strips out of them so that now he's nude in front of
Candice, with his long thick 12 inch black cock hanging between his muscular

Candice licks her lips "Mmmm...I love a good black cock." Candice says in
soft moan as she starts to untie her bathrobe. Candice tilts her head back
and closes her eyes as she quickly rips her black silk bathrobe open,
revealing her smooth skinned, tanned naked body. Candice flips her soft
dark hair back as she takes another step towards Shelton, after dropping
her bathrobe on the floor. Candice bends over some as she stands in front
of Shelton. She then proceeds to lift then head of Shelton's cock up using
the star imprinted platform of her 'magic wand'. Candice licks her soft
lips "Mmmm...very nice, Mr. Benjamin.." She says in a soft voice.

Shelton licks his lips as he looks at every inch of Candice's delightful
body, "Thanks... Candice... you're... one... hot... piece... of ivory..."
Shelton says as his cock starts to become harder on the star of Candice's
'magic wand' and points straight out at Candice as a stiff piece of flesh.
Candice lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Shelton as his big,
black cock points directly at Candice. The Miss girl, sets her
'magic wand' down on the floor as she places her hands on Shelton's waist.
She leans her head into Shelton's cock and places her tongue against the
head of his cock. Slowly, Candice circles her tongue around the head of
Shelton's black cock.

"Mmmmm...." Shelton closes his eyes and bites his lower lip as he feels
Candice's soft tongue circle around the tip of his cock several times.
Shelton flexes both his hands open and close when Candice lightly taps the
bottom of her tongue against the tip of his dick.

Candice looks up, locking her soft eyes on Shelton as she continues to
circle her delicate tongue around on the head of Shelton's black cock, before
she opens her warm and wet mouth, taking his cock into her soothing mouth.
Candice wraps her soft lips gently around Shelton's cock and begins to gently
bob her head against his cock, sucking him at a slow, teasingly rate. Shelton
leans his head back and it bangs against the door as he moans in pleasure as
Candice bobs her head along the length of his cock. He places his left hand
on the side of Candice's head and pushes her silky black hair back behind her

Candice tightens the grip of her soft lips as she starts to twist her mouth
against his cock as she begins to bob her head quicker, up and down, on his
hard black cock. Candice softly moans against his cock as she starts to lap
her wicked tongue around his cock, while sucking fast and deeper. "Damn...
white girl... you... like sucking on the black South Carolina snake... don't
ya..." Shelton moans as he starts to move his hips forward, pushing his ebony
dick past Candice's luscious lips. The devilishly hot, Candice Michelle,
gradually slows down her head bobs as she feels the head of Shelton's black
cock hit the back of her angelic throat. Candice taps her delicate tongue
down his shaft repeatedly as she continues to suck the hot black stud.
Shelton licks his lips, "Ohhh damn... shit Candice... mmmm... I bet you'd...
like me to feed that big black snake... into your sweet pussy..."

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Shelton's black cock and licks her lips
as her warm saliva trickles down Shelton's black cock. Candice smiles up at
Shelton "Mmmm... ohhh... Shelton I'd.... lovvvveeee it!" Candice says with a
sexy shriek in her voice.

"Turn around white girl..." Shelton smirks as he kneels down on the floor in
front of Candice as she turns around and gets down onto all fours. When she
looks back at him, Shelton licks his lips and brings his cock towards her
pussy to stick it in her. "Damn... girl... you got a tight cunt..." Shelton
says as he as a little difficulty pushing his entire cock into her.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she gently pushes herself back
against Shelton's cock, slowly taking inch by inch into her warm, tight pussy
"Ohhhhhhh Shelton!" Candice moans with a shriek.

Shelton places his hands on Candice's hips and begins thrusting his cock in
and out of her pussy at a slow but stiff rate. "Mmmmm damn... gonna... have
to fuck you good..." Shelton grunts as he starts giving Candice some quicker
and harder thrusts.

Candice grits her teeth as she gently slams herself back against Shelton's
black cock. Candice groans "Mmmmm...ohhh...Shelton...mmm I
cock.." Candice looks back at Shelton and locks her eyes with his eyes as
she suddenly slams herself back against Shelton's cocking, taking it
suddenly into her tight pussy "Ohhhhh shit..." Candice shrieks. Shelton
grinds his teeth together as he leans his upper body down onto Candice's
back, resulting in his rock hard stomach resting on her lower back. Shelton
wraps his arms around Candice's Candi-licious body and cups her large round
chest with his hands as he humps her pussy. Candice places her left hand
down against her pussy and slides her fingertips against Shelton's shaft as
he thrusts into her pussy at a quick, powerful "Ohhhhh ahhhhhh...
Shhhhhellllttonnnn!" Candice shrieks loudly as she whips her and flips her
silky black hair.

Shelton licks his lips after he give Candice another hard thrust and then,
as she's getting completely involved in how he's drilling her, Shelton pulls
all of his 12-inch cock out of her pussy and stands up. "Man... I need to
sit down..." Shelton says as he wipes some sweat from his forehead and sits
down on the leather couch, with his cock pointing straight up at the ceiling.
He smiles at Candice and motions her to come over to him with his hand, "Come
on Candice... you want more black dick... I know you do."

Candice licks her lips as she starts to crawl towards Shelton "Mmmm...Oh
Shelton...I know I'd love to go for a ride..." Candice says with a laugh as
she flips her silky black hair back and gets onto the leather couch with

Shelton smirks, "Yeah... all white girls love a big black dick to bounce
on..." Shelton says as he takes hold of her arms and helps Candice mount his
lap so that his cock is pressing right up against her flat tummy. Candice
grits her teeth and moans softly as she lowers herself down on Shelton's
cock, after straddling his waist as his sits on the couch. Candice places her
soft hands on Shelton's strong shoulders and begins to bounce eagerly on his
black cock, while moaning.

Shelton leans back against the back part of the couch and smiles. "Mmmm
baby... yeah... ride that dick..." Shelton moans as he places his strong hand
on Candice's slim waist to add his strength to her momentum. Shelton also
tilts his head to the right and starts kissing Candice's skinny neck as he
begins to rock on the couch to thrust his cock up into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...ahhhh Shelton!" Candice moans with a sexy shriek in her voice as
she starts jerking her body back on his cock and then forward with more
force, while bouncing quicker as she rides his black, thick cock. Shelton
groans in pleasure as he leans his head down to Candice's chest and slides
his tongue over the top part of her tits. Shelton slides his hands from her
waist back around to her ass and squeezes both of her asscheeks as he comes
crashing down on his dick. "Ohhhhhhh Shelton!" Candice moans loudly as she
slams herself and her tight pussy down extremely hard on Shelton's black,
piston-like, cock "Mmmmm...Shelton..." Candice groans as she grinds her
pussy down against his cock.

"Damn... girl.... you... sure do... like my... big... black... hard...
cock..." Shelton moans as he thrusts up sharply into Candice's cunt, making
it more difficult for her to keep her pace. Shelton slides his hands towards
Candice's asscrack and slips a finger from each hand into her tight asshole.

Candice grits her teeth as she slams down on Shelton's black cock and her
pussy erupts with wet, warm cum "Ohhhhh...Shelton!" Candice shrieks.

Shelton licks his lips as he keeps Candice bounce on his cock as she trashes
her head around in a circle as her climax rips through her body. "Fuck...
you... sure... got into that..." Shelton grunts as he brings his hands from
Candice's beautiful ass and place them on her large round chest. Candice
licks her lips as small drops of sweat drip down her beautiful, angelic face.
Shelton gets a boyish smile on his face as he moves Candice's tits around
with his hands, "You know... I think... I could... use... a little bit
more... motivation."

Candice smiles as she flips her slightly damp, silky black hair back "Really

"Yeah..." Shelton smiles, "I think... your big... white... juicy tits...
could motivate me..." He says as he bounces Candice's breasts up an down with
his hands.

Candice licks her lips as she gently lifts herself off of Shelton's cock
"Mmmm...Oh you want me to lay down for you?"

Shelton nods his head as he moves off the couch when Candice gets off of his
throbbing shaft, "Yeah... lay down..." Shelton licks his lips.

Candice smiles "Anything for you Shelton..." She says with a sly wink as she
lays down on the leather couch, because of her body being sweaty the leather
material slightly sticks to her skin.

Shelton licks his lips and mounts Candice's sweaty and slender body. As sweat
drips down his dark skinned body, Shelton lays his cock between Candice's
beautiful large tits. "I'm gonna love this..." Shelton says with a smile as
he takes Candice's hands and places them on her tits so she can push them
together around his shaft.

Candice licks her lips as she watches Shelton's cock slide up and down, in
between her large tits "Mmmm.. Shelton...let me help a bit..." Candice says
in a slight moan.

"Go... ahead... Candice..." Shelton moans as he places a hand on Candice's
shoulder when he starts pushing his large black cock further up between her
tits so that the tip comes close to her mouth. Candice lifts her head up
from the couch cushion and starts to flick her tongue against the head of
Shelton's large black cock, every time he pushes his cock up from between
her large, wonderful tits. "Ohhh... fuck... Candice... you... got.... hot...
tits..." Shelton groans as his cock begins throbbing violently after every
time the head comes in contact with Candice's tongue. "Ohh... shit...
Candice.... ahhhh..." Suddenly cum starts to erupt from the head of Shelton's
dick and it streams out onto her face, neck and tits as he continues to
thrust his shaft between her magnificent breasts. Candice moves her tongue
back and forth trying to collection any of Shelton's warm drops of cum.
Candice manages to collect a few cum droplets and proceeds to swallows his
tasty, warm cum.

"Mmmmm... sweet Jesus..." Shelton groans as he starts to try catching his
breath, "Damn... that... was hot... I feel... really motivated now..."
Shelton says as he leans back and slides his cock out from between Candice's

Candice licks her lips and smiles as she sits up a bit more on the couch
"Mmmm...that's good Shelton...because you know what they say."

"Yeah I do..." Shelton licks his lips and smirks, "Once you go black... you
never go back."

Candice laughs a little and shakes her head "Nope....Shelton's...I'm just
simply Too...Hot...To...Handle..." Candice says with a shriek as she raises
her right arm into the air, smiling proudly.

Shelton laughs a bit as he smiles, "Damn... I love my momma's motivation...
there ain't no stopping me now!"


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