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Money In The Bank - Lust In The Sack
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours after Wrestlemania 21 has finished airing, the winner of the epic
first ever Money in the Bank ladder match, Edge is inside the hotel's
lounge wearing black jeans, a gray t-shirt and a black denim jacket, and
he's leaning against the bar as he speaks loudly, "Yeah that's right...
Finally... The real star of RAW is going to get his due!" Edge says to
anyone that choose to not ignore him. "I took out that second rate Chris
Benoit... And proved that I'm Money in the Bank... and when I cash in...
I'm going to prove it again..." Edge laughs.

Most of the other people inside the bar all roll their eyes as Edge continues
to rant, "They held me back... past me over for jacked up losers who wanted
to play football... and guys who have egos that their ass's couldn't cash!"
Edge says before he looks around and sees that no one is paying attention to
him, "Oh screw you all... I'm now Mr. Money in the Bank... And you'll all be
kissing my ass when I cash in!" Edge says as he walks out of the hotel's
lounge, passing by a table where Dawn Marie is sitting and where she's been
observing the RAW Superstar.

The sultry, manipulative SmackDown Diva, Dawn Marie, presses her soft, pouty
lips together into a smirk as she slyly raises an eyebrow as slyly stands up
from the table "Excuse me...Edge..." Dawn Marie says in a soft, sultry voice
as she tosses her soft brown hair back, locking her stunning eyes with Edge
while she dressed in a short black skirt and tanned colored long sleeved
buttoned up shirt, revealing some of her alluring cleavage.

Edge stops in the hotel lobby when he hears his name and he turns around to
look at Dawn Marie, "What?" Edge says with a cocky smirk on his face as he
puts his hands into the pockets of his jacket.

Dawn Marie gently folds her arms against her large, rounded chest "So...I
hear you're Money in the Bank now..." Dawn says softly as she slowly licks
her lips "I think you're a fraud..." Dawn says in a firm, sultry tone.

Edge raises an eyebrow, "What the hell did you just say?" Edge snaps as he
gets a highly agitated look on his face as he narrows his eyes and looks at
the devious SmackDown Diva.

Dawn Marie slyly smirks "I said...I think you're a fraud..." Dawn pauses and
casually glances Edge's clothed body up and down "I don't think you can back
it up..." Dawn says softly as she keeps her sultry eyes locked on the crotch
of Edge's black jeans "You may be Money in the Back...but I highly doubt
you're Lust in the Sack..."

Edge again narrows his eyes as he looks at Dawn Marie, "Bitch... I can back
it up in every way... in the ring and in the bed..." Edge snaps once again
his eyes looks at Dawn's partially revealed cleavage.

Dawn raises an eyebrow and softly laughs "Prove it then...bad boy..." Dawn
says with a sly, mischievous smirk on her face.

* * *

A short time later on the seventh floor of the hotel, Edge is opening the
door to his hotel room as Dawn Marie stands right behind, "Bitch you don't
have a fucking clue what you're getting into..." Edge says as he looks back
at Dawn to grab her in order to push her into his hotel room.

Dawn smirks as Edge roughly pushes her into his hotel room. Dawn laughs a
bit as she starts to slowly unbutton her tanned colored long sleeve shirt
"'re all talk" Dawn says in a soft, sultry tone as her
back faces Edge.

Edge steps into the hotel room and turns on the lights as he closes the door,
"I ain't all talk..." Edge says as he takes off his jacket and throws it
across the room. He then pulls off his t-shirt shirt revealing his incredibly
hot smooth, muscular upper body.

Dawn tosses her soft brown hair back as she turns around and now faces Edge.
Dawn presses her lips together and slowly licks her lips as she sees Edge's
hot smooth, muscular upper body "Mmmm...very nice..." Dawn says softly as she
finishes unbuttoning the last button and removes her tanned colored long
sleeve t-shirt and reveals her bare hot and rounded, perky tits to the 2004
Money In The Bank Winner.

Edge licks his teeth and smirks, "Nice tits... fake as hell... but what the
hell they look great..." Edge says as he unbuckles his belt and pulls it
through the loops of his jeans. He drops the belt on the ground and then he
begins to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

Dawn raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she glances down at her own large,
perfectly rounded perky tits "Yeah...they do look great..." Dawn says with a
soft laugh as she takes a step towards Edge as she starts to slide her black
skirt down from her smoothly rounded hips and down her smooth, tanned,
stunning legs as she reveals her hot black panties once she steps out of her
black skirt.

Edge lowers down his jeans, revealing his black boxer shorts, which he also
pushes down. "Since you showed me yours I'll show you mine..." Edge smirks
as he pushes his jeans and boxers down all the way to let out his long, thick
thirteen cock. The 2004 Money In The Bank Winner steps out of his jeans and
boxers so that he's completely naked in front of the sultry SmackDown Diva.

Dawn Marie slyly licks her lips as she gently places her left hand against
Edge's smooth, toned stomach and slowly slides her hand down against his
stomach to his waist "We'll see if you're all talk..." Dawn says seductively
before she lowers herself down on her knees in front of Edge and gently wraps
both of her soft, sultry hands around Edge's shaft as she begins to stroke
his cock.

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "Mmmmmm you talk too damn much you know
that?" Edge laughs as Dawn Marie pumps her hands back and forth on his
completely hard thirteen inch cock.

Dawn Marie raises an eyebrow and slyly laughs "I suppose you'd rather have me
doing something else?" Dawn says seductively before she lowers her head and
slowly slides her wet tongue against the head of Edge's thick, hard cock.

"You got it..." Edge says as he places both of his hands on Dawn Marie's head
and grabs two handfuls of her dark brown hair, "And licking is a bit too damn
cheap..." Edge says as he maneuvers Dawn's head a bit so that he can push his
cock into the warm, wet, soothing mouth of Dawn Marie.

"Mmmmm...ohhh..." Dawn softly moans as Edge's thick, hard cock forcefully
enters her hot, wet mouth. Dawn tightly wraps her soft lips around Edge's
shaft before the sultry, manipulative SmackDown Diva begins to eagerly bob
her head on Edge's shaft.

"Uhhhh yeah... mmmm you know what to do with that don't ya!" Edge moans as
he looks down to watch his cock go in and out of Dawn Marie's mouth as she
quickly bobs her head on it. Edge pulls on Dawn's hair and licks his teeth
as he occasionally pumps his cock in and out of Dawn's mouth. Dawn glances
up and locks her sultry, mischievous eyes with Edge as she quickly moves
her hand along Edge's stiff shaft while she slaps her soft tongue against
his shaft, showering his cock with hot saliva as she quickly sucks on Edge's

"Mmmmm yeah... mmmm fuck yeah you hot slutty bitch... suck that money in the
bank cock..." Edge moans as he licks his teeth as he thrusts his cock deeply
into Dawn's hot mouth so that the head of his cock hits the back of Dawn's

"Mmmmm...ohhh..." Dawn sharply moans around Edge's cock as she deeply sucks
on Edge's cock while her hot saliva drips against his shaft as she eagerly
and quickly bobs her head along Edge's smooth, thick shaft.

Edge grits his teeth and smirks, "Mmmm yeah..." Edge moans as he pulls his
saliva covered fat cock out of Dawn's mouth and smacks it against Dawn's
right cheek, leaving it smeared with her own saliva. "Get up..." Edge says
as he bends down to pull Dawn up to her feet and he shoves her towards the

Dawn smirks slyly as she falls back onto the bed "'re a rough one...
aren't you bad boy?" Dawn says with a laugh as she slides down her hot black
panties down her smooth, tanned legs revealing her hot shaven pussy as Edge
approaches the bed. Dawn presses her lips together "I love it rough...and
extreme..." Dawn says with a mischievous wink.

Edge licks his teeth, "Oh you want it rough and extreme you fucking bitch?
No problem..." Edge says as he stands in front of the bed. He grabs Dawn and
flips her over onto her belly and he grabs her hips in order to raise her
ass up into the air. The hot, long haired RAW Superstar grabs his cock, aims
it at Dawn's pussy and roughly shoves his cock into her pussy from behind.

Dawn grits her teeth as she glances over her shoulder at Edge and smirks
slyly as she lifts herself up onto all fours with her arms. "Ohhh yeah...mmm
fuck that pussy..." Dawn moans as she begins instantly push herself back
against Edge's hard, quick-thrusting cock while she rocks back and forth on
the large hotel room bed on her knees.

Edge firmly holds onto Dawn Marie's sexy waist as he slams his cock in and
out of the sultry Diva's hot, tight pussy. "Mmmmm yeah... like that fucking
money in the bank dick you bitch!" Edge grunts before he reaches forward with
his left hand to grab Dawn by her dark brown hair.

Dawn tilts her brown haired head back and groans as her hot, sultry body
rocks forward quickly as Edge slams his hard, thick cock into Dawn's tight,
warm pussy "Ohhhh...yeah...mmm maybe you are Lust in the Sack..." Dawn
groans as she continues to firmly push herself back against Edge's cock as
he intensely fucks her tight pussy.

Edge breathes deeply as he rams his cock in and out of Dawn Marie's hot
pussy for a few moments more before he pulls his Money In The Bank cock out
suddenly, "Told ya I ain't all talk you fucking slut..." Edge says as he
shoves Dawn towards the middle of the bed so that he can get on the bed as
well. Edge turns Dawn over onto his back and spreads her legs. Edge kneels
between Dawn's spread legs and drives his cock back into her pussy and
resumes fucking her as she lays on her back while he remains sitting on his

Edge slides his hands all over Dawn flat toned stomach as he drives his cock
in and out of Dawn's hot pussy as she squeezes his waist with her smooth sexy
legs, "Ahhhh... mmmmm ohhhh yea... that's money in the bank... ahhh right
there..." Edge groans as his balls smack against Dawn's skin. Edge begins to
sweat a bit as he looks at Dawn's hot, firm round tits rise and fall as she
breathes heavily from the stiff fucking she's receiving from him.

"Ohhh...ohhhh yeah...mmmm fuck yes!" Dawn moans as sweat drips off of her
hot, tanned body as she starts to sharply grind her hot, tight pussy against
Edge's thrusting cock. Dawn presses her lips together as she feels Edge's
large ballsack smack against her asshole as he fucks her tight pussy "Mmmm...
yeah smack me with those balls..." Dawn groans.

Edge smirks, "Ohhhh ahhhh you wanna be smacked bitch?" Edge grunts as he
pulls Dawn Marie up from the bed so that her hot sweat covered tits are now
pressing against his sweat covered muscular chest. Edge then rotates himself
so that he's laying on the bed with Dawn Marie now on top of him. Edge then
reaches up with his right hand to pull Dawn's head down and he lightly smacks
Dawn's face with his left hand, "Ride me bitch!"

"Mmm...yeah smack my face!" Dawn moans as she flicks her wet tongue against
Edge's fingers of his left hand against he moves them over towards Dawn's
soft lips. Dawn closes her eyes "Oh yeah...smack my face again..." Dawn
groans as sweat pours off of her hot tanned body as the stunning, sly
SmackDown Diva roughly rocks back and forth on Edge's cock, riding him at
a quick and intense rate.

Edge licks his teeth as he thrusts his cock upward into Dawn Marie's hot
tight pussy as she rocks and bounces on his large fat Money In The Bank cock.
"Yeah... I'm gonna smack ya again you slut..." Edge laughs and moans as he
smacks Dawn's sweat dripping face with his left hand again as he pulls on her
sweat dampened hair with his right hand.

Dawn grits her teeth as she slams down hard on Edge's thick, hard cock as she
forces his cock to deeply impale her tight pussy as she quickly rocks back
and forth. "Ohhh...yeah...fucking pull my hair..."Dawn lustfully moans as she
breath heavily while sweat drips off of her hot, tanned body as she roughly
rides his cock.

Sweat rolls down Edge's body hot toned body as he pulls on Dawn's hair with
his right hand as he smacks Dawn's face again with his left hand, "Ohhh yeah
fucking slut... you think I'm a fraud now?!" Edge yells as he rams his cock
sharply into Dawn's pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as he feels Dawn's pussy releases her warm juices all
over his cock. "Mmmmm yeah bitch..." Edge moans as he feels Dawn's cum drip
down his long thick throbbing cock. Edge then shoves Dawn off of his cum
covered cock and she falls sideways onto the mattress of the bed. Edge then
straddles Dawn's sweat covered body and begins to stroke his cock, "Look up
bitch!" Edge says as his dick brushes against Dawn's large tits as he strokes

Dawn lustfully glances up at Edge and licks her soft lips as the sweaty,
exhausted SmackDown Diva watches Edge stroke his throbbing cock "Mmm...
yeah...stroke that dick for me...I want that cum of yours..."

Edge licks his teeth as he pumps his cock, "Mmmmm yeah... ahhh yea..." Edge
moans as he begins to cum and thick steams of his hot, warm Money in the Bank
cum shoot from his cock and all over Dawn's sweaty covered face and tits.

Dawn presses her soft lips together and she closes her eyes as she feels
Edge's warm, sticky cum splatter against her sweaty, exhausted face "Mmmm...
oh yeah...give me all the cum..." Dawn moans.

Edge keeps pumping his cock until every drop of his hot cum is gone from his
dick, "Mmmmm yeah... fucking hot slut..." Edge says as he taps the head of
his dick against Dawn's hot round sweat and cum covered tits, and a bit more
cum drips from the piss-slit of his dick. "So... am I still a fraud you
fucking bitch?"

Dawn smirks and slyly raises an eyebrow "No...but I'd like to see what else
you can do..." Dawn says as she slowly sits up on the bed as Edge's warm cum
drips against her large, hot sweaty tits.

Edge smirks, "I got all fucking night bitch..."

Dawn slowly licks her lips "Great...cause so do I..." Dawn says in a soft,
seductive tone.

Edge grins, "So let's resume then... " Edge says as he grabs Dawn and pushes
her back down to the bed as he gets on top of her, "Cause I'm money in the
bank... and lust in the sack... there's no stopping me!"


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