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Money In The Bank! Part 1: Vengeance
by DM Legend Killer

It was a very hot summer day in Hartford and Matt and Lita had arrived in the
city early hoping to have time to relax before the pay per view Vengeance the
following day. They booked into their five star hotel. The hotel was not very
big, but very private and secluded. Matt decided that he and Lita would not
use the hotel tickets issued to them by the WWE, but they would rent one of
the higher priced luxury rooms on offer. They were assisted to their room by
the porter who carried their bags for them and after receiving a tip from
Matt left them in peace.

The luxury suite had a private patio deck and private pool, Lita decided that
with it being so hot she would go change and go for a swim in there private
pool to cool of while Matt decided to lay on the bed of the room and watch
video tapes of TNA to see how his baby brother Jeff was doing in the world of

Lita went into the changing room taking her suitcase with her, she was
wearing a pair of hot pants and a small top, she opened her case and pulled
out her swimsuits and laid them out on the table, there were four in all two
bikinis and two swimsuits. She picked up each suit individually and looked at
each one trying to decide which one to wear, the first one she picked up was
a plain pink bikini that said sixty nine on the right cup, the second and
third where just a plain black and blue nike swimsuits, the fourth was a baby
blue bikini which she decided to wear. She started to undress taking of first
her top and then her hot pants, she put the top of the bikini on first then
she removed her thong and put on the bottoms.

Then going to get into the cool water of the pool she walked past Matt who
was quit content on watching his lil brother in action against AJ Styles.

"I'm going to have a dip in the pool, honey. Come join me soon, ok?" said

"Ok," replied Matt as Lita left the room heading for the pool.

Lita got in the pool and started doing laps thinking that she might as well
workout if she had nothing else to do.

The tape of TNA finished and Matt got up off the bed, rubbed his face and
decided to go and take Lita up on her offer. He went into the dressing room
with his suitcase, opened it and rummaged around on the inside realising that
he had not brought his swim shorts with him. Matt was hot and bothered and
really fancied a swim but he didn't want to go skinny dipping knowing that
on occasions fans can get access to spots where photos can be taken and he
didn't want photos of him in the nude plastered on Vince's desk. He decided
to ask one of the other superstars if the had any, he left the room and
walked down the hall where he bumped into Triple H, he asked him if he had
any spare shorts. Triple H replied yes. Matt took them thanking Triple H and
promising to return them.

Matt returned to the room and stripped off and put the shorts on he then went
to the pool where Lita was sitting in the pool with her eyes closed. Matt got
in a Lita's eyes opened and she looked at Matt and said, "Where did you get
those trunks?"

"From Triple H. I forgot mine," he replied.

The towel boy knocked the door, entered and left the towels on the sun bed
asking if anything else would be required. Matt asked how secure was there

"No one can get access or see anything in the suite without the guards
knowing. Many movie stars stay in this suite for the privacy," he replied.

"Ok, cheers," Matt answered as the towel boy left.

Matt looked at Lita in her baby blue bikini and said, "I love you Lita."

Lita swam over to Matt and kissed him and hugged tight against him.
Suddenly she felt a bulge against her mid section she looked at Matt and
said, "Ohhhh!"

Matt kissed her again and putting both hands on the edge of the pool thurst
himself out of the water with his legs dangling over the edge of the pool.
Lita stood up in the pool and put her hands on Matt trunks she began rubbing
the bulge in the trunks, She then pulled the trunks down to his knees and out
pooped a fully erected seven inch cock. Lita began to stroke Matt's hard cock
and then she licked from his ball sac to the head of his cock. She began to
suck it while Matt groaned with pleasure.

After five minutes Matt pushed Lita away and jumped in the pool. He took the
trunks off and rubbed his cock saying, "It's your turn now." He lifted Lita
up out of the pool and onto the edge. He rubbed the outline of her bikini
bottoms until finally pulling them off revealing a slightly shaken wet pussy.
Lita's pussy was wet and soft and she had a small strip of pubic hair just
above her pussy. Matt teased Lita by tickling her pubes. He then stuck two
fingers up her sweet pink pussy and fingered her for about five minutes then
he licked her now soaking wet pussy.

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