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More Fun Than Watching Paint Dry
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After the September 4th, 2006 edition of Monday Night RAW goes off the air,
Jeff Hardy is walking around backstage thinking about his DQ victory over
Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro that happened earlier in the night.
Jeff is still wearing his ring gear consisting of a black tank top and black
wrestling pants and he comes to a wall where RAW's ditzy adorable Diva Maria
is still standing as she watches the paint dry from an earlier segment she
had with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy stops and raises an eyebrow, "Maria... you're
still watching the paint dry?" Jeff asks as he puts his hands on his waist as
he observes Maria who is wearing a white skirt with a red top that has white
polka dots.

Maria scrunches her nose up as she turns around to look at Jeff Hardy "Yeah
Jeff..." Maria shakes her head as she presses her soft lips together "Boy...
it sure takes forever..." Maria says to Jeff before the adorable, ditzy RAW
Interviewer turns back to the white painted wall to observe the paint drying.

Jeff Hardy laughs a bit as he scratches the back of his head, "Um Maria...
watching paint dry is just a figure of speech...." Jeff explains as he smiles
at the adorable Diva.

Maria pauses and turns back to Jeff with a cute, adorable confused look on
her beautiful face "Really?" Maria says as she slightly squeaks "Aww shucks!
I feel for another joke...didn't I?" Maria says as she slightly frowns.

"Kinda..." Jeff says with a slight frown, "You took what I said about
watching paint dry was more fun than watching Nitro and Melina a bit too...
literally...." Jeff says.

"Oh..." Maria says as she gently presses her slender shoulder up and then
smiles cutely " were right...Melina and Nitro are kind of boring..."
Maria adds with an adorable laugh as she cutely bites down on her bottom lip
as Jeff looks at her.

Jeff laughs, "That's putting it mildly...." Jeff says as he looks at Maria,
"But you know... I'm kinda surprised you were watching paint dry all this
time... didn't you want to do anything else?" Jeff asks.

Maria scrunches her nose up before she shakes her head "No...not really...I
mean what else could I rather be doing than watching paint dry?" Maria asks
as she cutely widens her soft, innocent eyes a bit.

"There's a lot of things more fun than watching pain dry..." Jeff says with
a laugh, "You could've watch the rest of the show... or do something fun."

Maria raises an eyebrow as she folds her arms against her chest as she looks
directly at Jeff "Like what?" Maria asks in a slightly confused toned of

Jeff pauses and then he smiles, "Um... well... I dunno... maybe have sex
or something..." Jeff says as he shrugs his shoulders as he speaks

"Have sex!?" Maria says excitedly "Oh that sounds like so much fun!" Maria
says cutely as she looks at Jeff and gently presses her lips together as the
adorable RAW Diva shyly glances down at the crotch of Jeff's black semi-baggy

Jeff smiles and raises his eyebrow a bit, "Well it is a lot of fun... and
it's certainly more fun than watching paint dry... or watching Nitro and
Melina for that matter..." Jeff says as he doesn't notice Maria sneaking a
few glances down at his crotch.

Maria slowly licks her lips "Umm...Jeff?" Maria says cutely as she presses
her shoulders up while keeping her soft, innocent eyes locked with the crotch
of Jeff's baggy black jeans.

"Yeah Maria?" Jeff asks as he slides his right hand through his multi-colored
long hair.

" umm...have sex?" Maria asks with a cute blush as
she lowers her head a bit, while still keeping her eyes locked with Jeff's

The laid back, high flying Jeff Hardy pauses before he responds, "Sure
Maria..." Jeff says with a smile as raises his hands and places them
underneath Maria's chin in order to have her look up at him. Jeff then
leans down and kisses Maria deeply and he moves his hands to her arm to
help hold her up in case she faints from having a Hardy Boy kissing her
so deeply.

Maria closes her eyes and softly moans against Jeff's lips as the adorable
RAW Diva kisses Jeff Hardy back, pressing her soft lips against his lips as
she places her hands against Jeff's black tank top covered chest. Jeff keeps
kissing Maria as he slides his tongue slowly into Maria's mouth in order to
tap it against her tongue. Jeff also lowers his hands down to Maria's waist
and he starts to push down the white skirt that the adorable ditzy Diva is
wearing, and it slowly falls from her waist and slides down Maria's smooth
tanned legs.

Maria laughs cutely as she steps back from Jeff, breaking the kiss and the
adorable RAW Diva smiles at Jeff "Awww...Jeff you're so cute!" Maria says
with another laugh as she pushes her short white skirt completely down her
smooth, tanned legs before she steps out of the skirt as she exposes her
hot white panties. Maria bites down on her bottom lip before she reaches
forward and presses her soft left hand against the crotch of Jeff's baggy
jeans before the adorable Diva begins to lower herself down onto her knees
in front of him.

"Me? Cute?" Jeff laughs a bit as he processes Maria's comment about him as
he starts to lift up his black tank top in order to remove it from his body,
revealing his toned upper body and slightly hairy chest. Jeff then unbuckles
his belt and he pulls it through the loops of his jeans just as Maria
playfully unbuttons and unzips his jeans.

Maria smiles cutely as she looks up at Jeff "Yeah you're a cutie!" Maria says
with a laugh as she unbuttons and unzips his black baggy jeans before she
starts to tug Jeff's jeans down from his waist and begins to pull them down
his legs.

"Well I think the only cute one here is you Maria..." Jeff says with a wink
as he puts his hands on his waist and he pushes down his black boxers and his
jeans at the same time once Maria moves her hands away from his jeans. The
multi-colored haired wrestler steps out of his jeans and boxers and kicks
them a bit to the side as his twelve inch cock hangs between his legs.

Maria slowly licks her lips as her soft, innocent eyes widen at the sight of
Jeff Hardy's thick, semi-hard cock "Ohhh geeze Jeff"! Maria says cutely as
she leans forward a bit and gently places her soft, innocent hands around
Jeff's cock and begins to gently stroke her hands against his shaft.

Jeff presses his teeth together as he lets out a bit of a moan, "Mmmm.... oh
geeze what Maria?" Jeff asks with a bit of a laugh as Maria moves her soft,
smooth hands back and forth along the length of his hardening cock.

Maria smiles up cutely at Jeff "Ohh...your's big!" Maria says with
a soft laugh as she continues to move her smooth hands gently against Jeff's
hardening, thick cock. Maria slowly leans her head down towards Jeff's cock
and she presses her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock before she
starts to gently work her soft, wet tongue around the head of his cock,
lightly coating it with her saliva.

"Mmmm... ohh it ain't... well... yeah.... it is on the large side..." Jeff
says with a laugh as he places both of his hands gently on Maria's head as
she playfully twirls her tongue around the large head of his stiff twelve
inch cock. Maria lifts her soft, innocent eyes up and locks them with Jeff
as she gently laps her soft, wet tongue around the large and thick head of
Jeff's cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her head on Jeff's cock.
Maria presses her soft lips around Jeff's cock and she begins to smoothly
bob her head on Jeff's cock as she casually laps her wet tongue around
Jeff's shaft.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh... mmmm..." Jeff closes his eyes and nods his head up and
down as Maria bobs her head smoothly and slowly on his cock. Jeff moves his
fingers through Maria's smooth brown hair and his body tightens up noticeably
whenever Maria's mouth reaches the head of his cock where she playfully laps
her tongue against the underside of the very sensitive tip of his dick.

"Mmmm.. mmmm..." Maria cutely moans around Jeff's cock as she closes her eyes
and opens her soothing, wet mouth a bit wider as she lowers her head further
down on Jeff's cock as she starts to bob her head soft brown-haired head at a
slightly quicker pace on Jeff's thick, hard cock as she gently slaps her soft
tongue against his shaft.

"Ahhhh..... ohhh yea...." Jeff opens his eyes and licks his lips as he looks
down to see Maria lowering cute head down further on his stiff hard cock. The
hot former multi-time Tag Team Champion leans his head back and lets out soft
groans whenever Maria's soft wet tongue hits the underside of his cock in
just the right spot to have him almost thrust his cock deeper into Maria's
mouth. "Ohhh... damn... Maria.... can you stop..." Jeff asks as slides his
hands over Maria's hair.

"Mmmm...ok..." Maria cutely replies as she slowly lifts head up from Jeff's
hard, thick cock that is coated in her wet, warm saliva. Maria smiles up at
Jeff and cutely presses her shoulders up "Was I good!?" Maria cutely and
excitedly asks as she smiles up at Jeff before he starts help the adorable
RAW Diva up to her feet to stand up.

"You were great..." Jeff smiles as looks into Maria's eyes, "I was a little
tempted to let you keep going... but then the fun would've been over..." Jeff
says as he puts his hand on Maria's waist and he starts to pull down her
white panties to reveal her smooth, hot pussy. Maria bites down on her bottom
lip cutely and she blushes as Jeff pulls down her white panties from her
waist before she guides them down her smooth, tanned legs as he allows Maria
to step out of her panties. Jeff takes Maria's hand and leads the adorable,
ditzy RAW Diva over to an equipment trunk and has her bend over the trunk.

Jeff Hardy then stands behind Maria and he places his hand on Maria's smooth
cute ass, "Mmmm now this is more fun than watching paint dry..." Jeff says as
he takes hold of his cock with his right hand and he easily starts to slide
it into Maria's warm, tight pussy. "Mmmm..." Jeff moans as he eases in every
inch of his thick shaft until his balls are pressing right against Maria's
smooth tanned skin.

Maria gently grits her teeth together as she glances over her shoulder at
Jeff and smiles cutely before she gently pushes her cute, rounded ass back
against Jeff's waist, forcing his cock gently deeper into her tight pussy
"Ohhhh Jeff..." Maria softly moans as she feels Jeff place his hands against
her waist as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Jeff slides his hands a bit against Maria's waist as he slowly pumps his cock
in and out of Maria's tight, wet pussy, "Mmmm.... ohhh Maria... Maria...."
Jeff moans as he gently pulls the hot ditzy Diva back against him as he
gradually picks up speed as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy.

Maria places her hands against the smooth, flat surface of the equipment
trunk as she gently rocks back against Jeff's cock. "Ohhhhh Jeff...mmmm
Jeff!" Maria cutely moans as her hot, rounded ass slams back against Jeff's
smooth waist, while his thick and hard cock rams deeper into her hot, tight

"Uhhh.... ohhh damn Maria.... mmmm..." Jeff grits his teeth together as he
leans his upper body forward so that he's almost pressing down against Maria
as he bangs her pussy. Jeff moves his left hand from Maria's waist and he
reaches around her body in order to slide it underneath her red top with
white polka dots and Jeff begins to gently rub her left tit which gives Maria
something else to feel in addition to his cock that is swiftly and sharply
fucking her hot wet pussy.

Maria closes her eyes and licks her lips as she tilts her head back slightly
"Ohhhh...ohhhhh're so cute!" Maria says as her hot, adorable
ass slams back harder against Jeff's thick, hard cock "Ohhhhh baby Jeff!"

"Ahhh.... ohhh yea Maria... mmm.... you're the cute one..." Jeff replies with
a moan as he begins to sweat slightly. Jeff keeps moving his large meaty cock
in and out of Maria's pussy and his balls hit against Maria's skin with every
one of his thrusts. Jeff licks his lips and he then pulls his shaft out of
Maria's pussy so that he can turn the hot, adorable, ditzy Diva around. Jeff
then lifts Maria up and he sits her up onto the equipment trunk. Jeff spreads
her smooth, sexy legs apart and he pushes his cock back into Maria's hot
tight pussy. "Mmmmm...." Jeff moans as Maria wraps her legs around his waist
as she leans back on the equipment trunk.

Maria opens her soft, innocent eyes and locks them with Jeff's eyes as she
leans forward and wraps her arms gently around Jeff's neck as he thrusts his
cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhh...ohhh Geeze Jeff!" Maria
moans as she rocks back and forth against the equipment trunk as Jeff slams
his cock into her hot pussy.

Jeff places his hands on Maria's body and he pushes up her red top with white
polka dots so that he uncovers Maria's beautiful, firm, round tits, "Ahhh....
ohhh.... having fun Maria?" Jeff asks as he firmly drives his cock into
Maria's pussy as he lowers his head down to flick his tongue against both of
her stiff nipple as Maria grinds her pussy against his shaft.

Maria nods her head and smiles cutely "Ohhh yesss I am!" Maria moans as she
gently grinds her tight, wet pussy against Jeff's cock "Ohhh...ohhhhh Jeff

Jeff turns his head more towards Maria's right tit and he slaps his tongue
against Maria's firm hot tit as he slams his cock in and out of Maria's
pussy, "Ahhh... ohhhh... damn..." Jeff groans as he lifts his head up as
sweat rolls down his body.

"Ohhhh're such a cutie!" Maria moans cutely as she slams against
Jeff's slightly sweat-dripping body as his cock slams deeply into her tight
cunt "Ohhhh Jeff..." Maria groans as the adorable RAW Diva begins to cum on
Jeff's cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhh... ohhh yea,,," Jeff moans loudly as he feels Maria's pussy
squeeze his throbbing thrusting cock as Maria cums hard on his shaft. Jeff
licks his lips as he keeps pumping his cock swiftly into Maria's pussy as
his cock starts to erupt with his cum, "Ahhh.... ohhh yea..." Jeff moans as
he sprays the inside of Maria's pussy with his warm cum.

Maria tilts her head back and closes her soft, innocent eyes as she feels
Jeff's warm, sticky cum spray into her tight, wet pussy "Ohhhhh yeah Jeff..."

Jeff licks his lips and breathes deeply as he gradually finishes cumming
after filling Maria's pussy with his load, "Mmmm.... now... that... was a
lot of fun..." Jeff says as he smiles at Maria when she slowly opens her

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she cutely presses her shoulders up
and she blushes "Awww...yeah it was Jeff!"

Jeff smiles at Maria as she unwraps her legs from his waist, "Do you... want
to go have some more fun?"

Maria's soft, adorable eyes widen "Oh really!? Can we!?" Maria says excitedly
as she looks at Jeff.

"Yeah... of course..." Jeff nods his head and smiles, "Cause it's a lot more
fun... than watching paint dry."


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