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More Than Business Associates
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the summer of 1999, the reigning WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff
Jarrett and his business associate, Debra McMichael, are walking back to
Jarrett's locker room after he attacked actor Ben Stiller. Jarrett, dressed
in his black 'Don't Piss Me Off' t-shirt, silver and red wrestling tight and
boots while caring a guitar in one hand and his title belt in the other,
shakes his head, "Do you believe that slapnut, disrespecting me, the Greatest
Intercontinental champion of all time, by starring at you?" Jarrett says as
he pushes the locker room door open by kicking it with his foot.

Debra shakes her head "I know Jeff..." Debra replies in her southern accent
as she holds her brown clipboard over her chest, while dressed short pink
skirt and a match pink business jacket that shows off a great deal of her
voluptuous cleavage. Debra pushes the door closed "Can you imagine that
pervert looking at me like that!" Debra yells, she then folds her arms over
her clipboard "I'm glad you did something about that, Jeff."

"That Hollywood punk needed to be taught a lesson, I don't care who his daddy
is," Jarrett replies as he leans his guitar against the wall and then drapes
his title belt over it. "What's next on my agenda... who's my next
challenger?" Jarrett asks as he starts to pull of his t-shirt.

Debra pulls her clipboard away from her large chest and glances down at the
clipboard "Well...Jeff...according to my notes you have the rest of night
off.." Debra says with a smile and a nod.

"Great..." Jarrett smirks, "Beat up a B level actor and have a relaxing night
off... it does not get any better than this." Jarrett looks around for his
bag, "Now where the hell is my suitcase..." He asks even though it's almost
right in front of him.

Debra sets down her clipboard and motions her head towards the suitcase "It's
over there Jeff" Debra replies. She then takes a deep breath "Jeff, I've been

"About what?" Jarrett asks as he moves to his suitcase. He picks it up and
carries it to a table, where he lays it on top of it. Jarrett looks at Debra
just after he opens his suitcase, "Come on, what's on your mind?"

Debra takes a step towards Jarrett "Well Jeff, we never really broke in our
business relationship..."

"Broke in our business relationship?" Jarrett looks at her with a raised
eyebrow before he totally misinterprets her statement, "Debra, you and I have
know each other for a while... I think our business relationship is pretty
well broken in."

Debra clears her throat a bit "That's not what I mean, Jeff." Debra nods her
head "You know, as your manager and business associate, I'm supposed to make
sure you're satisfied at all times..."

Jarrett who was about to go through his suitcase to get his street clothes
out of it, but instead gives Debra his total attention. "You do that
already..." Jarrett says as he folds his arms.

Debra nods "You're right...but I could be doing so much more."

"Do more?" Jarrett raises an eyebrow, "Debra... I can't imagine what else you
could possible do."

Debra laughs a bit as she takes another step towards Jarrett "Well Jeff...if
you get out of those wrestling tights...I could show you..." Debra says with
a soft smile as she places her hands on her slender hips.

Jarrett stares at Debra as if she's flipped her lid, but he soon smiles a
bit, "Well Debra... you have my intrigue now... so I'll see what you're
talking about..." Jarrett leans against the table and goes to work on
removing his wrestling boots and kneepads. Once those articles of clothing
are gone, Jarrett lowers his wrestling tights down to remove them from his
legs. "All right... they are off." Jarrett says as neatly folds his tights
and lays them on top of the table.

Debra nods with a smile "Good Jeff, good.." Debra licks her lips as she now
stands face to face with Jarrett "Jeff, I have ever told you how handsome you
are?" Debra asks as she gently brushes her hand against his crotch.

"Mmmm…. no you haven't..." Jeff answers as his eight-inch cock slightly
starts to rise after Debra's hand brushes over his crotch a second time.
"And you're quite ravishing yourself..." Jarrett adds, as he smells the
lovely aroma of Debra's perfume.

Debra smiles "Thank know, Jeff, I'm surprised with how long we've
known each other...we never got curious about the other."

Jarrett laughs slightly, "Well... I've been... quite curious... but at the
time, you were married... and you know the number one rule of the south,
don't mess with another man's wife."

Debra smiles "Well Jeff...I'm not married anymore, hun" Debra replies as she
slowly gets down onto her knees in front of Jarrett. Debra grips Jarrett's
cock with her hands and begins to slowly stroke her hands against his shaft
as she lowers her head and gently flicks her tongue against the tip of
Jarrett's cock.

Jarrett moans slightly as a result of Debra's soft tongue touching his cock,
"Mmmmm I know..." Jarrett gently moves a hand through Debra's blond hair as
her looks down at her.

Debra circles her tongue around on the head of Jarrett's cock as she gently
taps her tongue as well. Debra places her hand underneath Jarrett's ballsack
and she cups them on her soft hands. Debra begins to massage Jarrett's
ballsack once she opens her mouth and takes Jarrett's cock into her warm
mouth. "Mmmmm..." Jarrett moves his hips back and forth a bit, almost as if
fucking her mouth, but in a gentle manner. Jarrett slides his left hand
through his own hair as he starts to close his eyes as he becomes wrapped
in the pleasure he's feeling. Debra moans softly against Jarrett's cock as
she wraps her lips tighter around his cock and starts to lift her head up
and down quickly on his cock. Debra twirls and twists her tongue against
Jarrett's cock as she laps her warm saliva around his cock, taking more of
his cock into her mouth after each head bob. "Ohhhh god...." Jarrett groans
as he tilts his head back while pushing Debra's hair. The warmth of Debra's
mouth making his cock throb mildly each time most of his dick passes through
her lips. "This... is... a pleasurable twist... on... our business

Debra slowly lifts her head up from Jarrett's cock and smiles up at him as
scoots back a bit "That's not the only thing I'm in the mood for, hun..."
Debra replies as she starts to unbutton her pink business jacket.

Jarrett smiles, "I hope not... because you have me worked up..." Jarrett
moves his suitcase and wrestling tights off of the table. Debra removes her
pink business jacket from her body and then stands up as she starts to push
down her skirt.

Jarrett licks his top lip as he watches Debra step out of her skirt. When she
reaches behind her to unsnap her bra, Jarrett stops her, "Here... let me do
that..." Jarrett says as he steps behind her and he unsnaps the clasps of
Debra's black lacy bra for her. Debra smiles as shrugs the bra straps off of
her shoulders. Debra then laughs a little as Jarrett peels away the bra from
her chest. Jarrett smiles, "What's so funny?" He asks as he begins to lower
her black panties down her beautiful legs.

Debra smiles "I never thought we'd be actually doing this."

Jarrett smiles, "Neither have I... but it could be the start of something
great..." He turns her around once her panties are down around her ankles.
Jarrett then lifts her up and sits his lovely manager on the table where he
can then pull off her panties from around feet. Jarrett then pushes her legs
apart so he can stand between them and press his cock up against her pussy
as he kisses Debra's lips.

Debra smiles as she feels the head of Jarrett's cock press against her pussy
"Mmm...ohhh Jeff..." Debra moans. Jarrett slides the fingers of his right
hand against her cheek while he places his left hand on her waist. After
taking a breath, Jarrett pushes his dick into Debra's tight cunt with a long,
firm push. Once his entire eight-inch shaft is inside of her pussy, Jarrett
begins to fuck her at a slow rate by moving his hips back and forth to propel
his shaft inside of her repeatedly.

Debra gently wraps her smooth legs around Jarrett's waist as she places her
hands onto his shoulders while she pushes back against Jarrett's cock. Debra
bites down on her bottom lip "Mmmmm...Jeff...awww...yeah....ohhhh!"

"Ohhhh... god... Debra...." Jarrett now puts both of his hands on Debra's
lovely thighs to help her move against him every time he pushes his cock
deep into her pussy. Jarrett licks his lips as he locks eyes with her when
he gives Debra a sharp thrust.

"Ohhhhh Jeff!" Debra moans as she lays back onto the table and pulls Jeff
down on top of her as he continues to thrust into her tight pussy, giving
her a few sharp and fast thrusts. Jarrett kisses Debra deeply, pushing his
tongue into her warm mouth to slide it against her lovely soft tongue.
While moving his hands over her chest, Jarrett slows his thrusts down to
where he can pull three-fourths of the way of Debra's pussy and then ram
his entire shaft back into her with a rough push. Debra moans into Jarrett's
mouth as she suddenly thrusts her own body against Jarrett's body, causing
Jarrett's cock to drive into her warm cunt.

Jarrett breaks the kiss with Debra for a moment so he can roll over on to his
back with Debra on top of him. "Fuck.... Debra... you're... beautiful..."
Jarrett moans as he places his sweat hands on Debra hips to bounce her up and
down on his stiff dick.

Debra licks her lips as she places her hands on her chest as she starts
rocking back and forth, bouncing on his cock quickly. Debra tilts her head
back "Awww...Jeff!"

Jarrett thrust sharply up into her pussy, making Debra jump slightly when he
times his sudden thrusts just right. "Ahhhh.... shit.... oh... damn it..."
Jarrett moans as he closes his eyes tightly.

Debra slams down hard on Jarrett's cock and her eyes widen at the sudden
impact "Ohhhhh Jeff!" Debra moans closing her eyes as she gently grinds her
warm pussy against Jarrett's cock. Jarrett's eyes fly open when Debra crashes
down on his cock. He suddenly grabs hold of Debra's arms and pulls himself up
so he's now sitting on the table. After wrapping his arms around her body.
Jarrett rocks back and forth on the table as Debra continues to bounce on his
dick. Debra grits her teeth as her body shivers while she starts cumming on
Jarrett's cock "Ohhhhh noo...." Debra groans.

"Ahhhhh ohhhh fuck..." Jarrett moans as moments later he starts cumming
inside of Debra's pussy when it clenches around his cock like a vice.

Debra tilts her head back "Ohhh...yess Jeff...cum in my pussy baby..."

Jarrett's body jolts a bit as the last spurts of his climax shoots up into
Debra's tight cunt. Jarrett then holds Debra close, so that her voluptuous
chest is pressed against his own chest. "Ohhhh Christ..." Jarrett moans.

"Ohhh...Jeff you were amazing.." Debra smiles and kisses his lips.

Jarrett kisses Debra back for a moment, "So... were you..." Jarrett smiles,
"This... will defiantly... enhance our business relationship... don't you

Debra smiles and nods her head "You know, Jeff...I was actually thinking of
hiring myself a personal assistant to help me with your duties..."

"It's funny you say that..." Jarrett smiles, "Because I've be thinking about
getting you extra help..."

Debra laughs a bit "Just think Jeff...what we could do with a third.."

Jarrett laughs before he kisses Debra's lips once more, "There are... great
possibilities... they could handle all the business... and you'll take
care... of your new responsibilities."

Debra smiles "Which would be you...24/7.."


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