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This story is FICTION with maybe a few facts and rumors mixed in. The
"Actions" and thoughts portrayed are not true. This story is not to be taken
literally for it is FICTION.

This is a Female on Female Story featuring Mickie James and Melina Perez...
remember this is FICTION!

This story takes place a week before survivor series and goes through to the
RAW after survivor series.


More Than Just A Kiss Goodnight Part 1
by Vintage (

Mickie James is sitting in her locker room wondering what has happened to
her career in WWE. At this time last year, Mickie was on top of the women's
division. Last year she had beaten Trish at WrestleMania to win the women's
title and she kept it for about 6 months until management put the belt on
Lita. The reason behind that was because Trish was retiring and who better
to have that last match for the title with than Lita? In Trish's case,
nobody, and Mickie didn't mind that. When Trish did leave, WWE turned to
Lita and Mickie to carry the ball for the women's division. Mickie and Lita
put on a hell of a show. When it was found out that Lita was retiring also,
the belt would naturally make its way back to Mickie, and Mickie knew that,
but she felt honored that she would retire Lita, quite arguably the best
women's wrestler in WWE history (but not greatest champion and diva, that
went to Trish of course). So at Survivor Series last year, Mickie won the
women's title from Lita and was the top of the food chain in the women's

However, things would soon change. Mickie liked her story with Victoria and
she had great matches with her as well. But Mickie knew that the WWE wouldn't
give her a month and a half reign after she retired Lita. Mickie was loving
everything that was going on, until Melina was brought in to wrestle her.
These two have always had a bit of a personal rivalry but now Mickie knew
that there was a chance for WWE to put the belt off of her, and onto Melina.
Thats just what happened. Melina won and was going to Mania as women's
champion. Mickie thought she would face her again there but she was sadly
mistaken. Ashley (a women she hates but acts nicely around) had her playboy
issue released and WWE put her in the women's title match at Mania to promote
the magazine. Mickie had been overlooked for WrestleMania, the same event,
where last year beat her idol, Trish Stratus, to become women's champion. And
what does WWE do for Mickie at Mania? They make her a damn lumberjack...

As the year went on, Mickie did briefly re-feud with Melina over the title
but that quickly ended. It was someone else's turn for spotlight, the same
spotlight Mickie was cheated out of. Candice Michelle was next in line.
Mickie had seen that Candice improved in the ring, but not nearly enough
to become women's champion. And within a month or two of feuding with
Melina, Candice became champion. And Melina was moved to being a jobber for
Candice to put her over as a womens wrestler. That made Mickie sick to her
stomach. Management did the same to Melina as they did to her. What was worse
was that Mickie knew the REAL reason Candice got the belt. It was because
Candice broke her nose earlier in the year, and when she came back from that
injury she looked like crap. Her body was still great but her face looked
like someone hit her with a frying pan a few times. Mickie knew that WWE gave
her the belt as some kind of reconciliation for her nose. Mickie continued to
get overlooked when Beth Pheniox returned. Mickie knew Beth was good in the
ring, but she didn't think Beth would become champion within her third month
back in WWE.

Fast Forwarding through time a bit, Mickie thinks about tonight's RAW. Mickie
is booked for Survivor Series, in a joke of a ten-women tag team match.
Feeling frustrated to the core, Mickie hears her phone ring...

* * *

Melina is sitting in her part of the women's locker room thinking about what
her next move would be. She has done some promos about being the apple of
Vince's eye in order to get a title shot. This was actually offered to Melina
on both stages, in front of the crowd, and backstage. But there was still no
title shot for Melina, and she too, is in the ten-women tag team match at
survivor series.

"If I don't screw up at Survivor Series, maybe Ill get a title shot soon,"
Melina said thinking to herself. She did not have a clue why WWE wasn't
using her anymore, and it made her worry that she was somehow messing up.
Her confidence in the ring slowly sank...but Melina would soon find a way
to change that.

* * *

Closing her phone, Mickie had just finished an unexpected conversation with
Trish Stratus. This made Mickie's night, talking to her idol again after not
seeing her since Trish got married. Trish had told Mickie to keep fighting
for her worth. Trish told Mickie to make herself stand out again, to make
the fans get excited for her matches again. Mickie took in everything Trish
said. The two chatted on from there, but the main point of Trish's call was
to motivate Mickie to keep fighting no matter how bad the situation presented
itself. Something Mickie needed to hear from Trish was, "you're the best
they've got, now go make them notice." Mickie was now pumped for RAW and
couldn't wait for her tag match. The board said it was, Michelle McCool and
Kelly Kelly teaming with her to face, Layla, Jillian, and Melina.

* * *

The match was pretty boring to say the least. But the finish was the best
part. Not because the match was over, but because of what Mickie did. She had
Trish's voice in her head over and over repeating how Mickie needs to make
herself noticed. With that, she grabbed Layla, bent her backwards and kissed
her before delivering a knockout kick to her. Mickie got the win for her
team. She could see the other three divas walk up the ramp, a look of fear on
Jillian's face, a look of payback on Layla's face, and a look of shock on
Melina's face although she was trying to look angry.

In the back her teammates said their good jobs and all before leaving to go
to the ECW taping. Mickie was approached by Vince in the back...

"What the hell was that?" He shouted.

"My new finisher" Mickie said with confidence.

"Well...keep up the good work," Vince said approvingly.

Mickie had been noticed and was going to be even more noticed at Survivor
Series. She was going to keep this up until she got a title match. But
someone else had been affected by her new finisher as well...

* * *

"What was she thinking?" Melina asked.

"I don't know, but its ok, really." Layla responded.

"You're gonna let that slide? She changed the finish on you!" Melina said.

"Better than being DDT'd, besides I was just a dancer on ECW just a few weeks
ago, Im not gonna mess it up just cause Mickie changed the finish, probably
to Vince's liking."

"That's very noble of you Layla, but you have to learn to stand up for
yourself," Melina responded. Layla as quiet about what she would do until
Melina said she should leave before Vince talks to her. Which she did.
Melina didn't like Layla, as a matter of fact, she was setting up Layla to
bury herself by standing up for herself. The reason Melina was upset about
Mickie's new move was because Melina didn't want to think what would happen
to her if Mickie did the Long Kiss Goodnight, as King would say, on her.
Melina was never really sure what team she played for, maybe both, but that
explains why she acts like a bitch, she always unsure of herself and that
causes her to get angry because she never was unsure about anything, except
that subject and it drove her crazy.

Later that week Melina arrives at the arena for Survivor Series. She sees
Mickie on her way in and they exchange a greeting before going their separate
ways. One thing WWE liked to do was keep the heels and faces in separate
locker rooms, even though everyone knows wrestling is scripted.

* * *

The ten-women tag match was on and the match resulted as Melina's fear
personified. Mickie had unleashed her finisher on her. And Melina liked how
it felt. She felt Mickie's lips on hers and it felt good. It stunned her for
a bit when the kiss ended because she didn't think it would happen like that.
Melina wanted to be repulsed but she felt...good. Until Mickie kicked her
down for the count and win.

Mickie felt great, she had just won for her team on one of WWE's major pay
per views, Survivor Series, where she is now 3-0. Mickie knew that soon her
title match would come and she would be able to beat Beth. Mickie called
Trish to thank her for the advice and then went to her rental car and drove
back to her hotel to get ready for RAW. When Mickie arrived to her hotel she
went straight up to her room. Mickie then got her special bag and pulled out
her trusty vibrator. Ever since Mickie kissed Melina, she needed some
release, and her vibrator knew what to do to make her release.

"Oh...yeah" Mickie moaned. She usually moans out for the people that cause
her to pull out the vibrator and she does so, "Oh...Melina, yeah...Melina,
OH...yeeeees" Mickie moaned and moaned as she made the vibrator go in all
the right places of her pussy.After about ten minutes of this, Mickie started
to really pump the vibrator in and out of her pussy and she came she cried
out in pleasure, "Meeeeeeeelinaaaaaaa!!!"

Melina was in the locker room, she was one of the last ones to leave. She
didn't expect Mickie to be THAT good of a kisser. Someone who is her
co-worker, of the same sex, made her feel undeniably wet. Melina stayed back
to do a post match online interview. Melina tried to put her emotions and
sexual feelings on hold, however some of it went into the interview. Melina
didn't notice until she hit submit that she said Mickie was a good kisser.
Melina could have sent an email retracting that statement but she didn't.
Melina shut her laptop in a "who cares?" sort of way and went her hotel. As
she walked up to her room she heard her name, extended and echoed, in the
distance. She turned around to see who it was but saw nobody. Melina went to
her room and packed for RAW tomorrow and went to bed. But she couldn't sleep.
All Melina could think about was how good that kiss felt. Without even
knowing it Melina started to rub her pussy. Slow at first, and then really
started to get into it before fingering herself to the knuckle with two
fingers. Her other hand went down and started to rub her clit as she moaned
Mickie's name in a sweet, well-needed orgasm.

* * *

The next night on RAW, it was scheduled to be Maria and Mickie vs. Jillian
and Melina. Melina could not wait for this match. It had been established
that her team was gonna job out to Mickie due to her sudden push, but Melina
wanted that kiss again.

"Ok, and your finish will be Mickie's new finisher on you Melina, this will
set up a contenders match next week," the producer said. Melina felt so good
hearing that, and little did she know, Mickie did as well.

During the match however, things did not go as planned. Jillian went up to
450 splash Maria as Melina held her down. Melina told Maria to slide out a
little more but Maria did not, and when Jillian jumped off the turnbuckle,
Maria pulled Melina in her place. Had Maria listened to Melina, then
Jillian's 450 would not have turned into a 450 Knee Drop on the back of
Melina's neck. With that botch Melina was pretty much out for the rest of
the match. Jillian took the long kiss goodnight instead with very little
effort coming from Mickie. When the match ended Melina was taken to the
trainers to get looked at and she was fine, but the pain was just too much
for her to really do anything in the match. As Melina was getting her things
to leave she was surprised by Mickie, who had stayed behind to check on

"Are you alright? That looked nasty out there," Mickie said.

"I'm a little sore, my neck and all, but I should be fine," Melina replied.

"Yeah, I got on Maria's case about that after she told me you said move
over," Mickie told Melina.

"Next time I'm in the ring with her I'm gonna be so stiff and make her pay."

"Yeah, I warned her about that, just dont hurt her too bad Melina."

"Right..." Melina said, however an awkward silence rose over the two. Neither
of them know that they each moaned each other's name as they masturbated, but
both divas felt like something was up.

"I saw your interview online," Mickie said breaking the silence.

"You did?" Melina asked.

"Yep, good stuff but there was one part in particular that caught my eye,"
Mickie said slyly. Mickie had always wanted to have sex with her idol Trish
Stratus but since the kiss on her didn't work Mickie searched around the
locker room to see if any of the divas could satisfy her. She had dismissed
Melina too early in the past, and when she kissed Melina, she knew that
Melina could make a perfect fit of being more than just a co-worker.

"The part where I said you were a good kisser?" Melina asked.

"That's the one," Mickie said in a low toned but yet high pitched voiced.

The two divas looked into each other's eyes for a minute. Both now wanted to
be with each other, ever since that kiss some kind of hidden feelings toward
each other sparked. Mickie didn't feel it with Layla or Jillian but felt it
with Melina. And she could tell Melina felt it too because unlike the other
two divas, Melina started to act differently around her. Maybe they both got
this spark because they hated each other, maybe this was the way they could
bury the hatchet, that the kiss from Survivor Series let out some unknown
feelings for each other. Maybe Melina wants Mickie now just like Mickie has
secretly wanted Melina all along. Sure it has been one night since their
kissed but Mickie sensed this from Melina.

"I meant what I said," Melina started, "those lips of yours felt so good on
mine, was...kinda nice..."

Mickie moves closer to Melina and they are nose to nose. Not in a competitive
way, but in a hesitant way, as if she is waiting for Melina to protest
against her actions. Mickie then moves closer until her lips are just half a
millimeter away from Melina's. Mickie then starts to pull away until Melina
grabs her by the face and pulls her in for a long passionate kiss. Melina
puts her hands from Mickie's face to around Mickie waist as Mickie did the
same pull each other closer during their kiss. Both of them are surprised at
each other's actions and there own actions, but neither of the two wanted to
stop. Both women moving their tongues over and under the others, exploring
each other's mouths, and moaning into each others mouths. Mickie jumps up and
wraps her legs around Melina so that she gets higher up during their kiss.
Melina then takes Mickie over to the couch and lay her on it, as she lays on
Mickie. Their kiss, still going, never broken as Melina lays on top of Mickie
kissing her deeply.

"Closing time! Everyone leave within 5 minutes!" A Backstage crew member
yells out. He yelled out loud enough for Mickie and Melina to hear and they
get off the couch and grab their bags and get out of the arena.

"You got a ride?" Mickie asks Melina.

"Yeah, my limo is waiting," Melina replied. "Want to ride with me?"

"I will ride you tonight, but for now, I'll take a ride from you. I'll call
the car company to pick up my rental."

"Sounds great!" Melina says. But when they go to the limo they see that the
driver has left already. "Dammit! I'm gonna fire his ass!"

"Don't worry Melina, Ill give you a ride to the hotel, you have a room?"

"A suite," Melina replied half bragging

"Well the hotel lost my I'm going to room with you..."

"You're going to do a lot more than room with me Mickie!" Melina said,
slapping Mickie's ass as she said her name.

The two women get into Mickie's rental car. They fight the urge to make out
again, cause if they did, they would definitely crash. About 10 minutes later
they arrive at the hotel. They get their bags out of the car and head for the
elevator. They go inside and it is full of people and luggage. Mickie acts
cute by grabbing Melina's ass while nobody was looking, startling Melina, and
making her look stupid, Melina blushes and when they reach the floor of the
Suite elevator, they get off, swipe the key to active the next elevator and
enter it. This one is empty as it is only for people in suites. But the two
divas don't follow up on their previous make-out session but stand there
looking at each others eyes. The elevator stops at Melina's room and the two
divas get off. Mickie and Melina go to the corner of the room and dump their
bags there. Mickie however takes her special bag out and puts it beside the
bed. Melina grabs some clothing from her bag and goes into the bathroom.
Mickie sees her go in and decide s to take off her cloths until she is naked.
Mickie then grabs a bathrobe and puts it on to cover herself up as she awaits
for her new "partner" to come out of the bathroom. Mickie lies down on the
bed as she waits.

"Oh Melina...come on out...its time for your long kiss goodnight...and more"
Mickie says with a sly tone.

Melina opens the door and stands in the doorway wearing a red lace bra that
barely covers her breasts, and tiny red lace panties to go with it...Melina
walks to the bed and then crawls over to Mickie. Melina reaches out and
pushes the robe to Mickie's sides so that her bare breasts are exposed.
Melina takes one in her hand and squeezes it softly. Mickie begins to take
her arms out of the sleeves of the robe and does so. Melina uses her other
hand to take the robe and slides it out from under Mickie, and off the bed.
Melina then crawls up until she is face to face with Mickie as she lays on
top of her. The two go back to the kiss they left in the locker room.
Melina's tongue makes its way into the open mouth of Mickie James. Her
tongue is met by Mickie's and they starts to swirl around each other as
Mickie and Melina's lips join together. Both women breath into the kiss
and at some points their lips part ways and their tongues tango in mid-air
for a second before Melina crashes her lips back down onto Mickie's. Mickie
reaches around Melina to pull her in closer, as well as undoing her bra.
Mickie then rolls Melina onto her back, which in turn, puts Mickie on top.
Mickie sits up, straddling the waist of Melina. Mickie reaches down and
pulls of Melina's bra. Mickie then moves to Melina's side and gropes both
breasts of Melina as she licks and nibbles on Melina's neck. As she finds
all the sweet spots on Melina's neck, Mickie massages Melina's breasts,
running her finger tips across Melina's nipples before gently squeezing
them. Mickie licks up Melina's neck, up the side of her cheek, up and around
her earlobe, back down her cheek, under her chin, up the opposite cheek, up
and around the other earlobe, and back down the cheek. Mickie continues to
lick this V on Melina as she now starts to focus her hands on Melina's
nipples. She puts Melina's nipples in between her fingers and starts to move
her hands right to left, shaking Melina's tits. Mickie moves one leg over
Melina's crotch area and can feel that Melina's panties are soaked. Mickie
soon returns to kissing Melina as she is in control. Deeply kissing Melina,
her tongue goes all around her mouth and down Melina's throat as Melina's
tongue strokes the bottom of Mickie's tongue. As she does this, Mickie is
now pulling on Melina's erect nipples. Melina breaks there kiss and cries

"Oh Mickie! Ay! I want you to fuck my pussy Mickie!"

Mickie gets off the bed to re-position herself to be right in front of
Melina. She then crawls in between her legs and grabs the top of Melina's
panties with her teeth. Mickie pulls down Melina's panties with her teeth.
Mickie then crawls up so that her face is in Melina's cleavage. As if
Melina's nipples weren't hard enough, now Mickie takes Melina's left nipple
and starts to suck on it as she uses her right hand to fondle Melina's right
breast. Melina moans as Mickie first starts to suck on her nipple. Mickie
takes her left hand and moves down Melina's body until it reaches her pussy.
Mickie then takes two fingers and strokes Melina's pussy lips, taking as much
wetness from them as she can. She brings up her hand to Melina's mouth and
Melina starts to suck on Mickie's fingers tasting herself. Mickie starts to
nibble on Melina's left nipple, tugging it up and around before having her
tongue roll over it. Once Melina finishes sucking on Mickie's fingers, Mickie
lowers them back in between Melina's legs, this time inserting her two
fingers into Melina's pussy as Melina moans loudly. Mickie now moves her head
onto Melina's right breast. Melina then pushes Mickie's head down onto her
tit, feeding it to Mickie. Mickie right hand reaches around Melina and starts
to rub Melina's side. Melina arches her back and lifts her ass up so that
Mickie can grab her asscheek and squeeze it. Mickie soon increases the pace
of her fingers in Melina's pussy and adds two more into the mix. Melina moves
her head from side to side as more and more moans of Mickie's name come from
her mouth. Mickie then moves her head down to join her fingers. Mickie
inserts her tongue into Melina's pussy to mix in with her four fingers.
Melina pushes Mickie's head down into her pussy as she lies flat on her back
again. Mickie gets onto her knees and lifts up Melina's rear as she eats out
and fingers Melina's pussy. All the weight is now on Melina's shoulders as
Mickie has raised her lower body up. Mickie removes her left hand and its
love-juice covered fingers from Melina's pussy and sticks two of them up
Melina's ass along with darting her tongue in and out of Melina's love-hole.
Mickie's right hand now moves to Melina's clit as she pinches and pulls on
sending waves of pleasure through Melina's body...


Melina's high pitched scream comes into effect as she says and starts
cumming. As that happens Mickie lowers Melina's lower body as Melina's cum
flows into her mouth. Mickie takes in all of it and keeps some in her mouth
as she goes back up to Melina and kisses her passionately. Mickie then gets
off of Melina to let her catch her breath.

"...WOW...Mickie...I cant made cum like that..." Melina panted.

"Well, I know what people want...that was great," Mickie replied.

"Great? You mean incredible...I can't believe Ive hated you all these
years...well I'm going to make up for it...NOW!"

Melina jumps onto Mickie and begins to kiss her wildly. Melina breaks the
kiss and licks all around Mickie's neck as she takes each one of Mickie's
breasts and squeezes them in her hands. Melina then moves her face down to
Mickie's breasts and feasts on them like an animal. Popping Mickie's left
nipple into her mouth and smacking around her right breast before caressing
it again. Melina then switches nipples and does the same procedure. Melina
then re-positions herself so that her tits are hanging above Mickie's.
Melina drops down and starts to rub her nipples against Mickie's. The two
divas moan as the tip of their erect nipples meet with the opposite pair.
Melina's bigger breasts seem to engulf Mickie's nipples, but breast on
breast grind continues as each moan gets louder between the two. As it does
Melina goes back to kissing Mickie as the moans of the two are exchanged in
each others mouths, like the spit and tongue is. Melina breaks the kiss
again and kneels in front of Mickie's spread legs. Melina takes one of
Mickie's legs and bends it up towards Mickie's head. When the one leg almost
touches Mickie's head, Melina puts her leg over Mickie's body do that their
pussies touch. Melina's left over cum and Mickie's wetness mix as the two
women start to grind their pussies into each other. Melina then leans forward
and starts to hump downwards on Mickie's pussy with her own. The smacking
sounds of their women hood are heard echoing in the room. Melina starts to
hump faster and faster and harder and harder, causing Mickie to moan and
groan as each time Melina's pussy hits hers, she feels a jolt of pleasure,
and with Melina's speed, she felt a lot of pleasure. Soon Melina positioned
herself so that her pussy would make direct contact with Mickie's clit. As
that happened Mickie started to buck her hips up, giving her and Melina more

MEEEEEEEE!" Mickie cried out in pleasure as she soon was rock with an orgasm.
With her pussy spasming upwards into Melina's pussy, Melina started to have
another orgasm as well. Both women cum onto each others pussy. Melina then
turns herself into the 69 position to eat out the cum flowing out of Mickie's
pussy, and her own cum that gushed onto it. Mickie did the same with Melina's
pussy. Both women covered the other's pussy with their mouths and proceeded
to suck out whatever cum they could. This eventually lead to both women
experiencing another orgasm. Once the cum flows down each others throats.
Soon the two women lie almost motionless, their faces buried in the other's

" amazing..." Mickie said.

"I...I...I know..." replied Melina.

"Melina...I...I cant say that I..." Mickie started.

"sssshhhhhhh...I understand...I feel the same way...I cant say that I love
you either..." Melina interrupted.

"But I do care about you Melina...I may not love you, but I care about

"That's good enough for me...So I guess we're friends now..."

"More than just friends..." replied Mickie.

"You got that right..." Melina said laughing...

To be continued...

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