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This story is FICTION with maybe a few facts and rumors mixed in. The
"Actions" and thoughts portrayed are not true. This story is not to be taken
literally for it is FICTION.

This is a Female on Female Story featuring Mickie James and Melina Perez...
remember this is FICTION.

This story takes place at the RAW two weeks after survivor series.


More Than Just A Kiss Goodnight Part 2
by Vintage (

It had been a week since Mickie and Melina had buried the hatchet and their
faces in each other's pussies. Since then, the two have been sharing a lot of
time together. Although it was not always to have sex. The two brunettes had
started to get to know each other and found out that they had a few things in
common. Other than sharing the same profession, both shared the same opinions
on how the women's division in WWE was horribly booked. Of course every other
meeting between them did end up in hot sex.

Arriving at the arena in the same limo, Mickie and Melina tried to distance
themselves from each other once they went inside the arena. They wanted to
make it seem as if nothing had changed between them, so nobody would have a
clue there was more between them. Tonight they were facing off in a number
one contenders match...the winner facing Beth Phoenix at Armageddon. For some
weird reason, Melina was given her own locker room tonight, one that was away
from the rest of the locker rooms. Mickie walks in there to discus their

"Wow, you got your own locker room? Lucky..." Mickie said.

"Yeah, I think someone tipped off Vince that I was gonna beat the crap out of
Maria," Melina responds in a laugh

"Yep, I did!" Mickie began to say. Her voice changes into a sexy tone, "Now I
have you all to myself in a locker room that nobody else is stationed by..."

"Mmmm, that's true," Melina said leaning in for a kiss. "Our match isn't for
another two hours and they haven't chosen the winner so..."

Melina's words get cut-off by Mickie's lips in an entrancing kiss. Mickie's
hands go under Melina's shirt as she reaches up and gropes her bra-less
breasts. Melina's hands reach around and grab Mickie's ass. Their tongues
intertwine in each other's mouths for a few minutes before Mickie breaks the
kiss. She takes Melina's shirt and lifts it over her head, exposing Melina's
bare chest. Mickie then gets on her knees and looks up Melina's skirt to find
she isn't wearing panties either. Reaching up with one finger, Mickie strokes
Melina's pussy to find that she is getting wet. Mickie grabs the waistline of
Melina's skirt from the inside to pulls the skirt off. Melina now stands in
front of her wearing nothing but her fur boots. Mickie starts to dive for
Melina's pussy but Melina stops her.

"No have to strip for me first," Melina said locking her locker
room door and sitting down on the couch.

Mickie flips her hair back and proceeds to undo her denim jacket. She sticks
her chest out towards Melina as the jacket sleeves fall off her arm. Mickie
then crosses her arms as she lifts up her shirt. Holding it above her head,
Mickie swings the shirt around before throwing it at Melina. Mickie now
unzips her jeans and lowers them slowly, swinging her hips as the denim jeans
slide down her legs. Kicking them off, Mickie is now in her bra and panties.
Mickie sticks out her breasts again and starts to shake them around. She then
reaches back unhooking her bra, and sliding it to her hands. Her bra gets
thrown at Melina as well. Mickie takes one of her breasts and holds it up
towards her head, putting her head down to lick her nipple before turning
around. She then walks backwards until her ass is right up to Melina's face.
Melina reaches out and grabs Mickie's panties with one hand. Mickie bends
over and Melina pulls down her panties and smacks Mickie's ass. Mickie, now
in the nude as well turns to Melina and kneels down in between her legs. She
reaches up and gropes Melina's tits as she has her face goes into Melina's
pussy. Mickie squeezes the breasts in her hands and keeps the erect nipples
in between her index and middle fingers. Mickie's tongue runs up the slit of
Melina's pussy lips. She then moves over to Melina's inner thigh and starts
to nibble on her leg, moving closer to her pussy. Mickie then licks over
Melina's pussy lips before nibbling down and up on the other inner thigh of
Melina. Mickie starts to blow into Melina's pussy, and slightly parting her
lips with her tongue. Her grip on Melina's tits are firm and Melina arches
her back and tries to force her pussy into Mickie's face...

" out my pussy...stop teasing me...OH MICKIE!"

As soon as Melina said to stop teasing Mickie's tongue entered Melina's
pussy. She darted her tongue deep into Melina and swirled it around. Letting
go of her tits, Mickie moves her hands to help her tongue in making Melina
cum. Mickie's tongue lapping expose Melina's clit, and Mickie's left hand
starts to gently rub it. Mickie uses her other hand to insert two fingers,
to mix with her tongue, inside Melina's pussy. Melina wraps her legs around
Mickie's head as pleasure runs through her body. Mickie is rubbing Melina's
clit slowly, and is rapidly thrusting her fingers and tongue into Melina's
pussy. She alternates methods every now and then, at some points rubbing
Melina's clit ferociously and thrusting her fingers gently. Melina's moans
gets louder each time Mickie changes her methods. Mickie stops rubbing
Melina's clit and replaces her left hand with her tongue. She then inserts
two more fingers into Melina's pussy from her other hand as she licks and
flicks Melina's clit with her tongue. Melina starts to thrust her crotch into
Mickie as her legs hold her in place, moaning and groaning, with her head
swinging from side to side. Mickie increases the pace of her fingers and
starts to nibble on Melina's clit. She can feel Melina's pussy clamping down
on her fingers, as she is about to explode.


Mickie covers Melina's pussy with her mouth as her cum flows down her mouth.
Once the orgasm subsides the two meet in a passionate kiss. Melina slides off
the couch and lands on the floor, on top of Mickie, their kiss still going.
Mickie rolls Melina over so that she is on top. She then breaks the kiss and
stands up. Mickie then kneels down on Melina's face, facing her body.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Mickie said teasingly. Before you eat me out I want you
to put your legs up."

Melina does so, and Mickie pulls Melina's legs back further until they are
bent over Melina's head. Mickie puts Melina's legs underneath her arms to
hold them there as she uses her hands to part Melina's pussy.

"You can start now," Mickie says.

Melina starts to eat out Mickie with fire and intensity. Sticks her tongue
and three fingers into Mickie's pussy and massages Mickie's ass with her free
hand. Mickie goes back to sticking four finger's into Melina's pussy, only
this time, they are from the same hand. Mickie's free hand starts to rub
Melina's clit again. Both women start to pump their fingers in and out of
each with great speed. Mickie then leans her head down and starts to tongue
Melina's asshole. Melina then inserts a finger into Mickie's ass and pumps it
in and out like she is doing with Mickie's pussy. Mickie's muffled moans fill
up the room as she sucks on Melina's asshole. Soon Melina's fingers bring
Mickie to an orgasm.

"mmmmmm...MMMMMMMMMM...MMMMMM!!!!" Mickie cums and as she does she works
double time on Melina bringing her to her climax as well...

MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! OOOOOOOOOH!" Melina cums, and Mickie moves her mouth from
Melina's asshole over to Melina's pussy as she swallows her cum and sucks out
the rest as it comes out. Once their orgasms subside, Mickie turns over, and
gets face to face with Melina again, kissing her, exchanging their fluids
between each other. Melina soon breaks the kiss...

"Mickie...there is a my bag, can you go get it?" Melina
says in a sexy tone.

Mickie gets up and walks to Melina's bags, shaking her ass at Melina, while
Melina keeps her legs up. Opening the bag, Mickie sees what Melina meant as
its right at the top of the bag. A double-headed dildo that is an inch and a
half wide, and 16 inches long. Mickie brings the dildo over to Melina and
lays beside her. She inserts the dildo in Melina's mouth until she is sucking
on the first 8 inches. Then Mickie takes the rest of the 8 inches down her
throat. Both women suck on the dildo, lubing it up. As they do this they
press their lips together again, kissing each other. Mickie soon pulls the
dildo out of Melina's mouth and her own and positions herself in front of
Melina. She sticks the dildo into Melina's pussy until 8 inches get in.
Mickie then faces away from Melina, and sits down on the dildo, inserting it
into her pussy. The two are now in position for froggy-style. Mickie bounces
up and down on the dildo, her ass smacking Melina's as the dildo went further
into her pussy. Melina reached up and started to pull Mickie down faster. The
dildo was slamming into pussies as both divas fucked each other with it.
Melina reached up towards Mickie's ass and started to finger it again as
Mickie came down on both the dildo and her fingers. Mickie then started to
do the same with Melina. Both women had the dildo going deeper into their
pussies and two finger's pumping in and out of their assholes. Mickie and
Melina soon started to rub their own clits as they could feel another orgasm
building up...



Both women screamed each other's names as they both experienced powerful
orgasms. Sweaty and covered in cum, the two divas lay next to each other.
They took the dildo and licked it clean of all the cum on it. Mickie and
Melina kissed again as they lay on Melina's locker room floor.

"I...don't know how...we are gonna...wrestle tonight..." Melina panted.

"We still have, an hour or so..." Mickie responded. "I'm gonna get dressed,
I'll see you out there baby!"

"MMM I can't wait!" Melina says as she and Mickie kiss a final time before
they get ready for RAW.

* * *

"Ok, Mickie, Melina, you two are up next!" The producer said. "Mickie, you
are going to win the match with the DDT, got it?"

"Yeah I got it, and thanks," Mickie said

"You better not change the finish on me Mickie!" Melina started to scream.
"If you change the finish on me I'm going to make you pay!" Melina slightly
winks when she says that. Mickie walked away and smiled, knowing Melina put
on that act to cover up what they've been up too.

"Where do you need me?" Beth asked.

"You are going to watch the match from ringside, ok, you girls are on!" The
Producer yelled out. As Beth walked pass Melina she had a wicked smile on her
face, frightening Melina a little. Their match was next, Mickie vs. Melina.

Beth Phoenix enters the ring as Lillain Garcia announces that the winner of
the match will face her at Armageddon. Beth then takes her special seat at
ringside. Mickie James enters the ring soon after jumping and skipping her
way down to the ring. Soon Melina's music plays and she makes her way to the
ring. Melina gets on the apron and smacks her own ass before jumping up for
her split entrance. As she goes under the ropes her eyes locked on Mickie's,
both showing eyes of lust while trying to look as competitive as possible.
They have their back and forth match and it ended as planned with the DDT,
Melina almost spiked her head to make it look more impact full. When Mickie
wins she turns to "The Glamazon" and says she has her eyes on the women's
title before blowing a quick kiss to Beth. Phoenix smiles back at Mickie and
walks back up the rampway. Mickie goes back to Melina and makes it look like
she's talking trash...

"I'll be waiting in your locker room," Mickie whispers.

Mickie makes her way up the ramp and into the backstage area. A few minutes
later Melina goes back into the backstage area as well. True to her word,
Mickie grabbed all her stuff, and brought it to Melina's locker room. Mickie
takes off her cloths and heads for the bathroom to shower, getting the water
ready for Melina. The warm water sooths her, and caresses her body, as Mickie
is totally relaxed in the shower. Melina is about to enter the room until a
strong force pulls her to the ground, and covers her face with a rag covered
in chloroform, knocking her out. The figure goes into Melina's locker room,
writes a note to Mickie for Melina, grabs Melina's things, and drags Melina
herself to the basement of the arena. Mickie cleans her body off and looks
outside the shower to see if Melina has come in. Mickie sees the door close,
and all Melina's things gone. She finishes her shower and sees a note on her

"Mickie, My lust for you grows each time I step into the ring with you, but
I have a feeling I'm being followed, so meet me in our hotel room later

Mickie gets dressed and gathers her things and leaves the arena. She gets a
ride with a bunch of the divas and they drop her off at her hotel. Mickie
goes up to hers and Melina's room and waits for the sexy Latina.

* * *

When Melina comes to she finds herself chained to the ceiling, hanging about
two inches off the ground, by the handcuffs that have trapped her hands.
Melina's legs were also forced open by a small set of shackles.

"Where am I?" Melina says with slurred wording.

"You are trapped in the arena basement where no one can hear you or your
naked body scream!" a voice said from out of the dark corner. Melina then
realized she was hanging in the nude, and that she was trapped. Out of the
shadows emerged Beth Phoenix, naked as well, with a whip in her hand and a
wooden paddle in the other. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Melina!"

"Beth...What the fuck are you doing?" Melina asked with a little fear in her

"That will be answered soon. But you should know that I heard you moaning
and screaming Mickie's name tonight as I walked by your locker room. I know
what's going on between you two, and I'm going to use it to my advantage!"

"Fuck You Beth! You aren't gonna use me!" Melina yelled.

Beth sets her things aside and grabs Melina by the throat, threatening to yet
still slightly choking her. "Listen to me bitch. If you don't do what I tell
you to do, then I will go to Vince and the others and tell them about what
you've been up to..."

"Ha! They'll never believe you! Besides if you..." Melina was then cut off by
the sound of a tape recorder. On it she heard her moaning and screaming of
Mickie's name, telling Mickie to suck her asshole and make her cum. "I...I...
what do you want..." Melina said, broken by Beth's evidence.

The Glamazon began to laugh in evil triumph. "Well Melina...I want you to be
my personal, dirty, little slave!"

"Never! You may have the evidence to force me to help you, but I will never
be your slave!" Melina said, the fire coming back to her voice.

"tisk, tisk, tisk...I guess you'll have to learn the hard way..." Beth said
picking up her whip, getting behind Melina. She cracks her whip against the
floor, making Melina sweat with fear for what's about to come. Beth then
swings her whip into Melina's back, causing her to scream with agony as the
lash mark imprinted into her. Beth continuously whips Melina's back until a
trickle of blood creeps out of her back. Beth then walks around to Melina's
front and sees the tears of pain coming out of her eyes. Beth smirks, grabs
Melina by the throat again, and licks Melina's tears of her face. She then
starts to forcefully choke Melina until her face turns a slight purple.
Letting go of her choke, Beth puts her whip aside, grabs her paddle, and
smacks Melina in the face with it. She then smacks the paddle all over
Melina's body, and with one upward swing, the paddle breaks off of Melina's
pussy. Melina screams at the top of her lungs as the pain becomes unbearable
and she starts to openly weep in front of Beth. With an evil laugh, Beth
grabs her whip again and cracks it against the floor...

"Have you had enough Melina?" Beth asks maniacally. Melina continues to cry
as she gives Beth no answer. "Do you want this to stop? Then give in to me,
be my slave!" Melina doesn't answer Beth again, causing Beth to get angry.
The Glamazon takes her whip and cracks it against Melina's tits. She then
walks around Melina and whips her ass, literally. After about ten strikes of
the whip to Melina's tits and ass, Beth gets face to face with Melina. She
sees the pain, the fear, the agony, in Melina's face and laughs in her face.
Beth then backs up and starts to whip Melina's pussy. After the first strike,
Melina screams with no sound escaping her mouth. Beth continues her assault
on Melina's pussy while yelling at Melina, "Give in you worthless whore!
Accept your new fate! You are my slave!"

"OKAAAAAAY! STOP! I'M YOURS!" Melina screams in a hysterical crying. Beth
whips Melina's pussy one last time and drops the whip. Melina finally stops
her crying and hangs her head in shame, as she hangs from the ceiling,
defeated. Beth then forcefully kisses Melina before unhooking her from the
ceiling, and letting her out of the shackles and handcuffs. Melina falls to
the floor and rolls up into a ball in fear for what's about to come. Beth
turns Melina onto her back, and straddles her face. Melina gets the message
and starts to extend her tongue into out Beth. Melina licks up Beth's slit
and slowly slides her tongue up Beth's pussy. Getting tired of the slow pace,
Beth grabs a handful of Melina's hair and pulls Melina up into her pussy
more. Beth then starts to hump Melina's face with force, riding Melina's
tongue. The force of Beth's gyrations cause the back of Melina's head to hit
against the floor. With each thrust, Melina's tongue goes deeper into Beth,
and Melina's skull smacks onto the pavement. Not wanting to get her skull
cracked, Melina wraps her lips over Beth's and starts to suck on her pussy,
however this causes Beth to hump Melina's face even more, with greater


Before she could finish her screams of pleasure, Beth cums, and cums hard.
Her climax causes her body to gyrate even more, causing Melina's head to
smack against the floor even more...

"OOOOH YOU FUCKING SLUT! DRINK ALL OF IT!" Beth commands as Melina obeys,
gulping down Beth's love juices. Once her climax subsides, Beth rolls off of
Melina's face, picks her up and forcefully kisses her again. At the end of
the kiss Beth throws Melina down to the ground. Melina falls pretty hard, and
when she sits up, she notices Beth has disappeared. Melina stands up and then
is knocked down again by Beth. Melina gets turned over and Beth lays on top
of her until Melina's tits are in her face. Beth starts to lick around
Melina's breasts, making a whirlpool trail before reaching the nipple. Beth
then proceeds to suck on Melina's nipple. She does this to both of her
nipples until they become erect. With one last lick, Beth climbs off of
Melina and grabs two nipple clamps. She clamps them on Melina's nipples and
then attaches the wires from the clamps to an electrical box. Melina groans
in pain as her nipples get used to the clamps. Beth then drags a crate over
to Melina, picks her up, slams her down onto it. Melina screams in pain as
the nipple clamps start to pull her nipples.

"Do your entrance on the crate, NOW!" orders Beth. Melina does as she is
told, as she does a split on the crate and leans forward. Melina's tits
dangle over the edge of the crate, and the nipple clamps are still attached.
As Melina does her entrance, Beth grabs a 12-inch strap-on from her bag and
puts it in place. She also grabs a remote to activate the electrical box that
the nipple clamps are wired to. Beth then positions herself behind Melina's
pussy and shoves half the dildo into Melina on one hard thrust. With a few
more hard thrusts, Beth gets the entire strap-on into Melina's pussy. Screams
can't even escape Melina's mouth as the pain is too unbearable. Beth then
quickly pulls out of Melina's pussy, and re-positions herself. After the
sudden relief of having the strap-on taken out of her pussy, Melina started
to feel a small shock hit her nipples. Soon the shocks became more powerful
and Melina began to squirm. Beth then takes a hold of Melina's hips, and
thrusts the strap-on into Melina's unsuspecting asshole. It takes Beth a
little more time, but with her power, she gets all 12 inches up Melina's ass.
Once all the way in, Beth puts the electric power of the nipple clamps to
full power and begins to fuck Melina's ass with brute force.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Melina's screams were falling on deaf ears as Beth
continuously ravaged Melina's asshole with her strap-on. Soon, the mix of
electricity and the pain her ass was experiencing caught up with Melina,
and she blacked out. Beth on the other hand was enjoying every second of
this. She was tormenting Melina, someone who was above her for so long,
and she has turned Melina into her slave. The Glamazon kept fucking Melina's
ass until the clit stimulator on the strap-on caused her to cum. Beth then
pulls out of Melina and notices the cum dripping from her pussy and trailing
down her legs. Beth turns off the electric shock, and kneels down to eat out
Melina's cum soaked pussy. Once clean, Beth kicks the crate over, causing
Melina to fall as well. Beth then pulls out a branding iron that had been
getting hot ever since Beth captured Melina. The branding was a small B with
a circle around it. Beth pushed Melina's hair aside and brands the back of
her neck. Melina now belong to her.

The Women's champion then gets dressed and grabs a giant duffel bag big
enough to put Melina into. She does so and takes Melina, in the bag, back
to her hotel room. Beth drops Melina at the door, knocks on it, and leaves.
Mickie answers the door to see the duffel bag and then to see it moving.

"What the hell!?" Mickie gasps.

"Hel...Hello? that you? Melina asks within the bag.

"Yeah...Melina, are you in there?"

"Yeah...I don't know what happened..." Melina responds.

Mickie pulls the bag into the room and lets a naked Melina out. Mickie
decides not to ask Melina any questions and shows her to the bathroom so
Melina could take a shower. Mickie joins her of course...

To be continued...

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