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This story is FICTION with maybe a few facts and rumors mixed in. The
"Actions" and thoughts portrayed are not true. This story is not to be taken
literally for it is FICTION. If any of the sexual themes in this story ever
took place, then pray there was a camera present to document it, because I,
and a lot more people, would love to see that footage.

This is a Female on Female Story... remember this is FICTION!

This story takes place before, during, and after the RAW 15th anniversary

After a year, this story is finally finished with, finally out of my drafts
folder, and I must say, it is my best work yet on a story I wrote alone.
Could be my best ever... ENJOY!

More Than Just A Kiss Goodnight Part 3
by Vintage (

For two weeks now, Melina had been torn between Mickie, the women she was
having sex with and was beginning to fall for, and Beth Phoenix, her owner.
She was constantly being used by her owner, and being sexually ravaged.
Melina was exactly what Beth called her, her little slave...

SLAVE!" Beth cried out. Melina was once again eating out her owner, in hopes
that she would tire out from the pleasure. Unfortunately for Melina, she
wasn't going anywhere. Beth's muscled thighs kept Melina's head in place, and
squeezed the life out of Melina. As Beth finally came, the tightness of
Beth's thighs caused Melina to black out from suffocation. "Worthless get me off better than anyone that has before...and that's why
you are going to be my little slut, my fucking slave..." Beth said before she
put Melina and herself into her bed...

Melina could not be with Mickie as much as she would like. At least with
Mickie, Melina was able to trade places when it came to dominance or
submissiveness. With Mickie, sex was more hot and yet loving. Melina
desperately needed to be with Mickie again, but that would take a miracle if
Beth had anything to say about it...

The next morning, Melina wakes up, on the floor, as naked as she was when
pleasuring her owner. Melina's cell phone beeps, informing her of a text
message. After checking it, Melina looks around for Beth. She stands up and
looks onto the bed, but no Beth. Melina then walks to the bathroom and hears
the shower running. Deciding not to disrupt her owner's shower, Melina
quietly steps out the door. Just as she is about to grab her clothes, the
shower water stops running, and Beth walks out naked and shoves Melina back
onto the bed.

"Get back over there, lay back, and enjoy this gift I'm about to give you!"
Beth shouts before getting on top of Melina.

"Wait Mistress. I just got a text to report to practice for the anniversary
show..." Melina pleaded with Beth.

"Fine...get the hell out of here." Beth responded, slapping Melina across the
face. "But you have to make me happy when you get back. You have to bring me
another bitch to fuck, you understand me!" Beth slapped Melina again before
she nodded her head yes frantically. Melina then gathered her things and got
out as fast as she could as Beth smirked at how pathetic Melina looked.

* * *

Melina gets in the company limo that was waiting for her outside, and she was
surprised at who was in the limo as well. Mickie James, looking as good as
ever in her tight jeans and red blouse, gave her a smile once she opened the
door. Upon closing the door, Mickie closed the drivers window, and the two
started to kiss each other like they have once before. Before the situation
could go further, the limo arrives to the arena.

Inside the arena, Melina and Mickie arrive to the women's locker room,
separately, and meet up with all the other divas that are going to be a part
of the show. They see Sunny, Jillian, Maria, and Stephanie McMahon...

"Where's Trish and Amy?" Mickie asked.

"They won't be here until tomorrow night, they had hotel problems," replied

"That's too bad," said Mickie, walking away disappointed, wanting to see her
idol and thank her (properly) for all she's done. Mickie wanted to seduce her
idol, or at least wanted to try to seduce her idol again. The new found
confidence in her is because of her relationship with Melina. She may have
idolized Trish, but Mickie was beginning to fall for Melina as well, although
neither diva had a clue about how the other one was feeling. Mickie's new
love interest can be traced back to her phone conversation with Trish, and
because of that, Mickie wanted to thank Trish in the only way she could so
that they were truly even, by giving her a mind-blowing orgasm. Sure Trish
was against the whole bi thing, but with Melina by her side, Mickie felt like
she could do anything, even seduce Trish Stratus into having sex with another
women. As Mickie is lost in her thoughts, Melina walks up to her...

"Well, I have to go and practice my part for the show," Melina said, "But we
will have our time soon..."

"Ill be waiting for you," Mickie replied

* * *

"So basically you are all coming out one by one," Vince said, and then during
the real act, The Godfather is gonna come out with all his women after my
family and I leave. You all know what to do?"

Each person that was not a McMahon nodded their head yes...

"Good, then we'll practice our lines out there, and each of you can practice
your entrances, since none of you are actually going to be speaking during
this whole thing," Said Vince.

As the practice started, Melina turned to Tammy, better known as Sunny.
Melina had noticed that Sunny was checking her out before, and Melina too
caught herself glancing at Sunny as well...

"So what's your story?" Tammy asked.

"What do you mean Tammy?" Melina responded.

"While I'm here, call me Sunny, and what I mean is, what is your story with
that Mickie chick?" Sunny's voice got a lot quieter as she asked the question
again. "Are you two, fooling around?"

"Why, did you do anything like that with the other divas in your time?"
Melina asked in response.

"Yeah...why do you think Rena and I hate each other?"

"You and Sable fooled around?" Melina asked in quiet excitement.

" I'm assuming you and Mickie are doing the same."

"Well, I guess I couldn't fool you, someone who has already done what we are

" uh, are there any boundaries between you two, I mean, are you two
a couple or anything?" Sunny asked.

"Mickie and I, we don't limit ourselves to one another, we are in a
relationship, but its not like we're going steady or anything like that."

"Going steady?"

"Well I thought I should use a term you understand..."

" know Melina, you are one of the hottest divas in the business

"Tell me something I don't know."

"How bout after the anniversary show, we get to know each other better, if
you know what I mean..."

Before Melina could respond, her music hit, and she went to the ring,
practicing her moves for what she is going to do for the next night. A few
puns later, Sunny is introduced. Melina sees Sunny enter the ring and then
sees Hornswoggle practice burying his face in Sunny's chest. At that moment,
Melina wished it was her stuffing her face with Sunny's chest. Once Melina
and Sunny stand next to each other, Melina whispers something to Sunny, and
Sunny smiles in agreement. The rest of the scene goes on and soon everyone is
dismissed for a break as the scene closes...

* * *

Mickie walks to her practice place and sees that Regal and Hornswoggle are in

"So what's gonna happen here?" Mickie asked.

"Well Hornswoggle will be trying to grab parts of Molly Holly, but she
appears to be running late for practice," William Regal said. "I guess we
will just have to wait for her..."

"Alright I guess," Mickie replied...

Mickie did just that, she waited for Molly to arrive. Mickie's thoughts drift
to what she and Melina were going to do tonight, and how she was going to
seduce Trish Stratus when she got to the arena the next night. She thinks of
how hot those two look together, and how much hotter it would have been if
she was joined by Melina. But Mickie was again torn from Melina, torn from
their sexy, forbidden actions, torn from the women she began to fall for. As
she thinks about Melina, Mickie feels something on her leg, and looks down to
see Hornswoggle humping her leg.

"Should we add this to the scene!" Hornswoggle asked.

"No, no, no, there would be no time for that," Regal replied.

"You can stop now," Mickie said in the nicest way she could, "What is taking
Molly so long?"

"Is everything okay here?" A voiced asked.

"Yes Ms. McMahon, everything is fine, but Molly is running late I suppose,"
Regal said.

"Well, she isn't supposed to be here until tomorrow night!" Stephanie
announced. "I guess I will have to take her place for practicing the scene."

The practice goes as planned but with Stephanie in Molly's place. The scene
finishes and Mickie looks at the clock, and it is time for everyone to go
back to their hotel rooms. Mickie missed out on the fun, and since WWE
assigned everyone their own hotel rooms, which were watched carefully by
security, Mickie could not go to Melina's room. Walking away disappointed,
Mickie hears a voice calling to her...

"Mickie, I would like to talk to you in my office..." Stephanie said, "you
and Melina."

Mickie complied and went to get Melina so they could go to Stephanie's

* * *

Mickie and Melina knock on the office door of Stephanie McMahon, wondering
what could one of their bosses want with them. Stephanie opens the door still
in her pinstripe business suit. She lets the two in and sits them down on the
two armchairs in front of her desk. Stephanie then sits down on her desk in
front of Mickie and Melina...

"Do you two like to make noise?" Stephanie asked. The puzzled looks on
Mickie's and Melina's faces told Steph that they didn't know how to respond.
She asks them again, and they nod their head yes, still confused as ever.
"Good," Stephanie responded, "You know this room is sound proof, make as much
noise as you want, nobody will hear it. Don't be shy, Melina, I know you
scream loud, every time you scream at ringside we hear you in the back, go
ahead and scream a little." Not wanting to offend her boss, Melina did her
trademark high-pitched scream. "See, nothing, no reaction from outside."
Stephanie said with a grin. Mickie and Melina had relaxed in their chairs
now, and Stephanie knows its time to stop beading around the bush. "Ok, now
its time to talk business. I heard from a little birdie that you two have had
a little fun, more fun together than most divas have." When Stephanie said
that, the heat around Mickie and Melina started to raise. They were now in
the hot seat, and Stephanie had them caught. "I can see by your sudden
postures that you two know exactly what I'm talking about." Stephanie gets
off her desk and walks around until she is behind Mickie's chair. She then
puts her hands on Mickie's shoulders and starts to rub them down. "Mickie,
you are so tense, there is no need for that. I want you and your partner here
to relax. I know what you to are doing, and I'm ok with it.

" are?" Mickie asked with fright in her voice

"Of course I a matter of fact, I have a favor to ask of the both of

"Does it and this sound proof room...having sex?"
Melina asked with uncertainty.

"You hit the nail on the head Melina, I want the two of you to have an orgy
with your boss," Stephanie said with a loving yet demanding tone. She
continues to massage Mickie's shoulders and then whispers in her ear, "You've
always wanted to fuck your idol, Ms. Trish Stratus, well you and I both know
she won't do it. I even threatened her job and she said no. Besides, I have
more to offer than she does Mickie." Stephanie finishes whispering in
Mickie's ear and lets go of her shoulders before walking back over to her
desk. "Now then...both of you...take off your clothes, and fuck me like your
jobs depend on it, because you never know..." The devilish grin that
Stephanie inherited from her father appeared on her face, and Mickie and
Melina knew what they had to do, and they don't mind it either. Soon both
Mickie and Melina stood in front of Stephanie, naked, awaiting further
instruction. "Come on now, I am NOT going to tell you girls what to do here,
you two should know what to do. After all, its been a while since I've been
with a woman."

"Alright then!" Mickie said with glee, "Come over here so we can take off
your clothes."

"Didn't you hear her Stephanie, get your hot ass over here NOW!" Melina
hollered. The two were obviously playing some sort of good cop, bad cop role.

"Whatever you two say. This is the only time you two get to order your boss better make the best of it, for all of us," Stephanie said in a
husky tone, walking over to, in between, Mickie and Melina. It didn't take
long for Mickie and Melina to strip down their boss until she was naked as
well. The two then instruct Stephanie to lay down on her desk, looking up at
her one night seductresses.

Mickie then walks around to the head of the table, and kneels forward,
kissing Stephanie upside down. Melina goes to the other end of the table and
crawls onto it until she is face to face with Stephanie's pussy. She then
starts to blow on it and then peck all around it. Both Mickie and Melina
simultaneously reach for Stephanie's breasts, Mickie gently squeezing the
left, Melina roughly grabbing at the right. Stephanie's moans traveled into
Mickie's mouth, along with her tongue, as her nipples became erect and her
pussy became moist. After exploring Stephanie's mouth with her tongue, Mickie
breaks the kiss she and Stephanie shared and starts to kneel over more until
she reaches the cleavage of her boss' breasts. As Mickie was kissing
Stephanie, Melina had started to nipple on the inner thighs of Stephanie, at
some times licking the outer part of her pussy. Once she felt Mickie's tongue
touch her hand as it licked up and down Stephanie's cleavage, Melina then
crawled up more until her tongue met Mickie's. The two kissed inside their
boss' cleavage for a moment before turning their heads to suck on the erect
nipples of Stephanie, using their hands to guide each nipple into their
mouths respectively.

"Oh yeah, ooo, I like that," Stephanie moaned, "you two are quite a sexual

Mickie and Melina continued to suck on Stephanie's nipples, alternating
breasts from time to time. When they were satisfied, Mickie and Melina both
got off the table and instructed Stephanie to bend over onto the table.
Stephanie quickly re-positions herself so that she is standing on the floor,
but leaning onto the table, sticking her ass out toward Melina. Mickie then
walks over to Melina's side and the two of them grab a hold of an ass cheek.
They grasp the ass in front of them, spanking it at the same time. Soon
Mickie and Melina thrust their pussies onto Stephanie's legs, and the two
grind up and down on them. Melina stopped first and then she got onto the
table and laid down, presenting her pussy to Stephanie. Mickie stopped
grinding as well and kneeled onto the floor, now grabbing both of Stephanie's
ass cheeks. Stephanie then started to lick at Melina's pussy, but Melina
grabbed her by the hair, and lifted her head up.

"No Stephanie, you don't get to even touch my pussy until I say so," Melina

Mickie then spanked Stephanie for what she did before diving in for her
pussy, pushing her tongue in as far as it could go. The sudden penetration
caused Stephanie to gasp. Following up on her entrance, Mickie starts to
swirl her tongue inside of Stephanie's pussy, her juices sliding into her
mouth and down her throat. The moans of Stephanie McMahon filled the room, as
Mickie quickly went to work. Melina, on the other hand, had instructed
Stephanie to put her hands behind her back, finally allowing her to eat out
her pussy. As Stephanie worked her tongue into Melina's pussy, Melina wrapped
her legs around Stephanie's head, holding it in place as she starts to moan
at Stephanie's talents. Mickie then started to incorporate her fingers into
the mix, inserting two fingers into Stephanie's pussy, pumping them in and
out slowly, as her tongue moved to flick around Stephanie's clit. More waves
of pleasure struck Stephanie's body and she started to work harder on
Melina's pussy, rapidly moving her head from side to side and up and down.
Melina then starts to grind her pussy into Stephanie's face to increase the
friction. With her free hand, Mickie starts to finger Stephanie's ass,
desperately trying to get her boss to cum. Stephanie rocks against Mickie's
fingers and then pushes forwards into Melina's pussy.

SLUT!" Melina ranted in pleasure. The dirty talk made Stephanie more
motivated to eat out Melina into an orgasm, but she felt one coming on

"You like that Steph? I'll you something, I like eating out your pussy,
fingering your ass, doing whatever I want with you! Now be a good girl and
cum for me Steph!" Mickie demanded. Stephanie was trying to hold off her
orgasm so that she could focus on getting Melina off, but Mickie was too much
to handle, especially when Mickie added a third finger into her pussy and
started to tug at her clit with her lips.

SHIT!...I'M...I'M...GONNA CUM! OH YEAH!" Stephanie screamed out in orgasm.
Mickie quickly dug her tongue into Stephanie's pussy as it and her fingers
were coated with Stephanie's cum. The juices flowed out and splattered all
over Mickie's face as well. Meanwhile as Mickie collected from Stephanie's
orgasm, the orgasm had caused Stephanie to shake uncontrollably, adding more
pleasure to Melina's pussy. Once Stephanie was about to come down from her
high, adrenaline kicked in, causing her to stand up, get Melina's legs off
from around her head, and jam two fingers from each hand into Melina's pussy
as she used both thumbs to rub down Melina's clit. Stephanie then jumped up
onto the table and started to lick all around Melina's tits and cleavage.

STEEEEPH!" Melina then came as Stephanie continued to finger her. Stephanie
then drooped down back to where she was and started to eat out Melina's pussy
again, getting in all of her cum. Once she was finished, she then crawled
back on top of Melina and they met in a fiery hot french kiss.

"My my Stephanie," Mickie interrupted, "Didn't Melina say you couldn't use
your hands? Now you have to be punished, and you have to pleasure me."

"She's right," Melina said, breaking the kiss, "We are in control now, you do
what we tell you to do, and I didn't say you could use your fingers. How dare
you defy us Stephanie."

"But I...I..."

"No if ands or butts, Stephanie," Mickie responded.

Stephanie's evil grin resurfaced on her face. She thought that Mickie and
Melina had some heart in the ring, able to endure long matches, but now she
is glad to see they can endure a nice long session with their boss. Playing
along, Stephanie got off of Melina, and stood in front of Mickie, hands
together with her head facing the floor in shame. Melina then gets off of
Stephanie's desk and walked behind her. She then smacked her ass, and then
turned her around to kiss her boss once more. Mickie was already turned on
before, but now she definitely needed some release. Walking over to the couch
in Stephanie's office, Mickie sits down and spreads her legs. Melina then
breaks her kiss with Stephanie, turns her around, grabs her head and makes
her look towards Mickie. Mickie uses her finger to direct Stephanie to come
to her. Stephanie does so, getting on her knees...

"Wait a minute now Stephanie! We are eager for more pussy aren't we?" Mickie
said. "Here is what you will do, lay on the floor, on your back, with your
head next to the couch." Stephanie complies and lays on the floor. Mickie
then lowers herself until her pussy is hovering above Stephanie's face. "Now
then, put your legs in the air and bend back until they are underneath my
arms," Mickie commanded. Once Stephanie's legs were in place, Mickie lowered
her pussy onto Stephanie's face, allowing her to eat her out. Throwing her
head back, Mickie began to moan, with her legs underneath her arms, Mickie
kept a firm grasp on Stephanie's ass, using her arms to keep her legs in

Melina then crawled over to Stephanie's ass and looked up at Mickie. She then
gets on her knees in front of Mickie and Stephanie, and leans forward to kiss
Mickie once more. Their tongues swirling in the midst of Mickie's moans.
Breaking the kiss, Melina lowered her head towards Mickie's breasts and
started to suck on her nipples. One by one Melina sucked the erect nipples in
front of her, causing Mickie to moan louder. Once each nipple was coated with
her saliva, Melina moved on, kissing her way down Mickie's stomach, until she
moves to Stephanie's ass. She lays kisses onto it before being drawn to the
wetness of Stephanie's pussy. Mickie moves her hands to Stephanie's pussy and
opens it up so that Melina can have full access to it. Melina dives her
tongue into Stephanie's pussy, darting in and out of it. Mickie's moaning was
then met by Stephanie's muffled moans, which sent vibrations into Mickie's
pussy. Stephanie reached her hands up and fondled Mickie's breast, groping
them and occasionally pulling on her erect nipples. Her tongue was as far up
as it could go inside Mickie's pussy, and Stephanie started to roll her
tongue in and out of her mouth, collecting Mickie's juices and sending burst
of pleasure through Mickie's body. Melina had both of her hands on
Stephanie's ass, squeezing on her butt cheeks, as she continues to
ferociously dart in and out of it. Shortly thereafter, Melina makes a long
stride with her tongue into Stephanie's pussy. Mickie then slips her two
index fingers into Stephanie's pussy, mixing it with Melina's tongue.
Meanwhile, Stephanie's hands went from Mickie's breasts to Mickie's pussy, as
her thumbs dug into it while her other fingers massaged Mickie's clit.
Mickie's moaning intensified, as she left Stephanie's pussy alone, leaned her
head back and pulled back on Stephanie's legs.

RUB MY CLIT! MAKE ME CUM YOU WHORE BOSS!" Mickie's rant ended with a long
groan of pleasure, finally getting the release she longed for. Her cum
streamed into Stephanie's mouth as she started to grind her pussy onto
Stephanie's face. Stephanie had her mouth covering Mickie's pussy and downed
all the cum that went into her mouth. Melina, however had started to eat out
Stephanie's asshole, while three fingers of her left hand pumped into Steph's
pussy as he right hand started to spank Stephanie's ass. Coming to her
senses, at least for a moment, Mickie started to pump two fingers of her own
in Stephanie's pussy, as she spanked Steph's ass with her free hand. Both
Melina and Mickie's fingers were in sync, but their spanks came one after
another. Once Stephanie had finished drinking Mickie's cum, she let out moan
after moan after moan. Melina's tongue swirled inside her ass, and both
Mickie and Melina were fingering her pussy and spanking her ass. Stephanie
couldn't hold off her orgasm at all...

Stephanie's second orgasm was more powerful then her first. Her body bounced
up and down as her pussy let out her cum. Melina quickly switched from eating
out Stephanie's ass to covering up Stephanie's pussy, digging into it to get
out all of her cum. Mickie started to grope her own breast with one hand, and
continued to spank Stephanie's ass with the other. Melina kept spanking her
as well as she got all of Stephanie's cum into her mouth. Once she did so,
Melina leaned up towards Mickie and the two kissed again, exchanging
Stephanie's fluids inside their mouths. Mickie and Melina then stood up and
allowed Stephanie to catch her breath.

"You two...oh two can sure go...the best threesome I've had..."
Stephanie panted. She then rose to her feet and pointed to her desk. "There's
some toys in there if you'd like to use them." Mickie and Melina broke their
kiss, looked at each, and looked back at Stephanie. Mickie went to get those
toys as Melina went towards Stephanie. Both women grabbed at each other's
breast. Mickie finds something that catches her eyes and brings them back to
Stephanie and Melina.

"Well Steph, this threesome is going to get better for all of us." Mickie
stated. She had two black strap-ons in her hands, both that were two inches
thick and ten inches long. Mickie strapped on herself and then put the other
one on Melina. Once both strap-ons were in place, Melina laid on the floor
with her strap-on pointing up and towards herself. Mickie then instructed
Stephanie to mount the strap-on and face towards Melina. Stephanie does so,
lowering her pussy onto the strap-on until it hits the base. Mickie then
pushes Stephanie forwards so that she is laying on top of Melina and exposing
her ass-hole. Mickie then slowly inserts her strap-on into Stephanie's ass.
On her feet and squatting down, Mickie starts to slowly thrust into
Stephanie's ass. Melina humps upwards with her strap-on, and Stephanie grinds
down on Melina's strap-on before rocking back against Mickie's. Their moans
echo throughout the room. Lost in her moans, Stephanie kisses Melina again
while both women go back to groping each other's breasts. In the kiss, they
could taste Mickie's and Stephanie's juices on each other's tongues. This
causes them to work double time, Melina thrusting so much that her ass
bounces against the floor, and Stephanie impaling herself even more on the
strap-ons. Mickie reaches around Stephanie's thighs and puts her hand over
the strap-on invaded pussy of her boss. Searching for a brief second, Mickie
starts to rub on Stephanie's clit as she fucks her ass. The pleasure surged
through all three of the women's bodies. Stephanie was obviously getting the
most pleasure, so much that she almost couldn't handle it. Making her posture
straight, Stephanie's body lay limp on top of Melina's, now with her breast
in Melina's face. Mickie then bends downwards to keep Stephanie in her grasp,
continuing the double pounding of Stephanie McMahon.

MEEEEEEEEE!" Stephanie then experiences her most powerful orgasm of the
night. Screaming at the top of her lungs in pleasure as her body shakes
almost violently. Her cum oozes out of her pussy, down the strap-on and
trailing onto Melina's pussy. Soon, the power of her orgasm caused Stephanie
to black out from pleasure as she laid limp, still impaled by the two strap-
ons. Mickie and Melina then turn Stephanie onto her side as they continue to
pound their strap-ons in and out of Stephanie. The two partners then kiss as
their strap-ons stimulate their clitorises, causing them to cum as well.
Pulling out of Stephanie, Mickie and Melina hold each other in their arms as
they lay back and cum together. Feeling empowered from their orgasms, Mickie
and Melina take off the strap-ons and move into the 69 position to take in
each other's cum. After about ten minutes of being in the 69, Mickie and
Melina cum once more, each woman taking in whatever is left before laying on
the floor, side by side, peacefully. Stephanie soon comes to and crawls over
to both women. They sit up to meet her and each of them exchange one last
kiss with their boss before they gather themselves. As a gift, Stephanie
gives Mickie and Melina the strap-ons they were using. While getting dressed,
Melina goes into the bathroom while Mickie and Stephanie are talking.

"Wow Steph, we should do this again sometime," Mickie said.

"It would be my pleasure," Stephanie responded, "But why is Melina in my
private bathroom now?"

"Probably to freshen up." Mickie answered.

"You know Mickie, I remember just how into Trish you were. Seeing how she is
going to be here tomorrow, myself and Amy are going to try to finally
convince her to go all the way with us. You are welcome to come, it is in the
abandoned locker room."

"Oh Stephanie, thank you so much," Mickie said with glee.

"You're welcome Mickie, you definitely earned the invitation. Now I'm going
to go check on Melina, you think about how you're gonna help us seduce
Trish." Still stunned by Stephanie's offer, Mickie stayed behind as Stephanie
checked on Melina. Stephanie enters the bathroom to find Melina staring at
herself in the mirror. "What's wrong?" Stephanie asked Melina.

"How did you find out? Mickie and I kept everything a secret, how did you
find out?" Melina asked

"You remember Tammy? After you two talked, she came to me, trying to sabotage
your career I guess." Stephanie answered.

"That bitch!" Melina yelped. "I'll make her pay for that tomorrow night."

"I wish I could be there to see it. Well Melina, tonight was great, and I
hope you put Tammy in her place." Stephanie and Melina hug before exiting the
bathroom. Melina walks over to Mickie and the two kiss. Mickie was so lost in
her thoughts, but that kiss brought her back to reality. Mickie and Melina
hug Stephanie before leaving her office, parting their ways after saying

* * *

The RAW Fifteen Year Anniversary was a blast. One of the better shows of the
year. With all the excitement, all of the old favorites mixed in with today's
generation, made for a great atmosphere. Old friends met up, Old enemies made
up, and all was right with the locker room. There was still however, a bit of
business to attend to. Mickie and Melina made their plans for the night and
were on their way to fulfilling their objectives. Throughout the night,
Mickie and Melina had met up with a few people...

Upon arriving to the arena for the show, Melina ran into Beth her owner, who
had a furious look on her face. Melina quickly explained where she was,
trying to cover up what she was really doing. Her reasoning was to cover up
what she and Beth are doing. Melina then told Beth that she would bring
someone over to her hotel room to rough up. Beth smiled at her slave, and
went on about her business. Melina sighed in relief, now she had to find
Tammy, and set her up for her ultimate downfall. Right before her segment for
the show, Melina talked to Sunny, made threats, but also told her that she
can make it up to her. Sunny confused as ever, realized that Melina wanted to
have some fun after the show, so she willingly agreed. Melina's night was

Mickie James came to the arena excited for two reasons, it was the RAW
Fifteen Year Anniversary Show, and she was hoping to end the night with her
idol in the showers. Walking around and saying hello to old faces, Mickie was
confronted by Amy Dumas, better known as Lita. They discussed what they were
going to do, obviously Stephanie informed Amy that Mickie was going to help.
They agreed on what to do, wished each other a good show, and walked on.
Mickie then saw Stephanie, who gave her a sly grin quickly before walking on.
After entering the women's locker room, Mickie put her things down and heard
her phone ring. It was Trish, who called to see who was in her segment.
Mickie walked over to where the card of events was to check, but suddenly
someone turned her around. It was Trish Stratus. The two hugged and talked to
catch up on things. Mickie had a feeling that tonight would be the night she
would have Trish. After talking to her idol, Mickie and Trish said their
goodbyes and went to their locker rooms. For some reason, Trish was given the
abandoned locker room that Stephanie was talking about. What's even more
strange is that Amy and Trish were to share that locker room. Mickie James
went back to the women's locker room to watch the show, she soon realized
that Stephanie put all the pieces in place, and the rest was up to her, Amy,
Steph, and most importantly Trish.

* * *

The show had finished with everyone in the ring celebrating. Little did
anyone know, there would be more celebrating later that night. Beth had left
right after exiting the ring and she went to her hotel room to prepare to
take advantage of her slave Melina, and whoever was the bitch she was
bringing. Melina quickly met up with Sunny after the show and told her to get
her things and get in her limo. Sunny did as she was told and did it as fast
as she could. She was really horny and wanted some release. But what she was
about to get was more than she expected. Inside the limo, Sunny was ready for
the fun to begin right there, but Melina told her that if she didn't wait
that she'd drop Sunny off in the middle of the highway. Arriving at the
hotel, Melina brought Sunny up to what Sunny thought was Melina's hotel room.
Melina opens the door with the key that Beth gave her.

"Are you ready Tammy?" Melina asked

"Call me Sunny," she responded

"Whatever...Sunny, are you ready?" Melina asked again

"You know I am!" Sunny said in anticipation.

Melina guides Sunny to the bed of the hotel room and lays her down onto it.
Melina then stands in front of the bed and takes off her cloths until she is
nude. Sunny does the same and spreads her body across the bed with a come and
get me look on her face. Melina crawls onto the bed and on top of Sunny,
leaning down to lick up her body. She starts from just above her pussy, up
her abdomen, in her cleavage, up her neck, and onto her lips before kissing
Sunny. Melina had a simple plan in her head, get Sunny thinking Melina was
there to pleasure her, then give her a nice slap of reality. In their kiss,
Melina dominated Sunny's tongue, forcing her own tongue down her throat.
Breaking the kiss, Melina lowered her head and stuffed her mouth with Sunny's
nipple. She sucked and lightly bit down on her nipples before moving down
towards Sunny's pussy. Once there, Melina starts to tease Sunny, licking on
her inner thighs and blows on her pussy.

"Enough with this slow and steady shit Melina!" Sunny said in a dominant
tone. "Fucking eat me out!"

"You want me to eat you out?" Melina asked, "Then you'll have to close your
eyes and spread out your body."

"I don't have to listen to..." Sunny was cut off by Melina grabbing onto her
throat, chocking Sunny. Melina was clearly the aggressor, and Sunny soon
complied with her wishes, closing her eyes and spreading her arms and legs
out. Melina then sits on Sunny's face and grinds her pussy down onto Sunny's

"I changed my mind," Melina said, "You have to pleasure me before I pleasure
you!" Melina shouted. Her voice was loud enough to cover the sound of
handcuffs clicking and locking into the four bedposts. "I said, pleasure me,
or you get nothing!" Melina wasn't playing around as she reached back and
smacked Sunny in her cunt. Off the impact of the blow, Sunny starts to move
her tongue into Melina's pussy. Up and down her pussy lips before slowly
entering. Once Sunny started to eat out her pussy, Melina started to moan,
some real some fake, to cover up the sound of handcuffs again and to distract
Sunny so that she could cuff her hands to the bedposts. After about a minute,
all the moans escaping from Melina were real.

Beth Phoenix then emerged from her hiding and walked to the end of the bed,
naked like the other two women. She then roughly grabbed Sunny by the ankle
and cuffed it to the bedpost, as well as the other. Surprisingly, Sunny was
lost in eating out Melina's pussy, completely drawn in by the taste of it,
she had lost track of everything else in the world. Melina started to grind
down on Sunny's tongue, creating more pleasure for her pussy.

"Sunny...I want you to finger me, fucking finger my pussy you fucking slut!"
Melina commanded. Sunny wanted to do nothing more than to make Melina cum at
that point, and if Melina wanted her fingers in her, than Melina was going to
get them. Sunny tries to move her hands but she couldn't. She tried to pull
her arms in with all her strength, but her arms were locked into position.
Sunny's eyes flashed open in fear as she looked and saw her hands were cuffed
before looking up at Melina. The look on Sunny's face was priceless for
Melina. Here was someone that thought they could one up her, but Melina was
going to throw it back in Sunny's face ten fold, first by having her cum
explode into her face, as that look sent electricity to her pussy...


Melina's orgasm rocked through her body and her cum splattered all over
Sunny's face. When Melina got off of Sunny, she walked over to her owner,
Beth Phoenix, who grabbed her by the face and pulled her in for a hot kiss.
Apparently, seeing Melina dominate another with her pussy seemed to turn on
Beth. If her slave could dominate Sunny, then Sunny must be one pathetic
bitch just begging for someone like the Glamazon to enslave her. Beth then
made her way over to Sunny, and stroked her cum soaked face with her hand.

"You just realized where you are? You are in my hotel room bitch. And did you
just realize what position you are in? That's right, the very same position
you were in when Sable made you her bitch. She told me about that, I mean she
is my mentor when it comes to all this. But now Sunny, I'm not going to make
you my bitch, no no no, I'm going to make you my slave, just like I made
Melina over there my slave. But the worse thing for you is, you won't get any
privileges she does. The only thing you will do is pleasure me and do
whatever I say. Unlike Melina, you won't have any free will whatsoever!" Beth
exclaimed, smacking Sunny across the face.

Beth then climbed onto the bed and stood up over Sunny so that her back was
against the wall. She then squatted down until her pussy was on Sunny's lips.
As she did this, Melina went over to her bag and grabbed her "gift" from
Stephanie, the strap-on dildo. Without warning, Melina jammed it up into
Sunny's pussy. Once all of it was in, Melina left it unstrapped, inside
Sunny's pussy. Meanwhile, Sunny was sticking her tongue up Beth's pussy, like
she had done to Melina earlier. This time, she had 10 inches of fake black
cock up her pussy to motivate her more. Sunny used long and fast strokes to
try and get Beth off, tilting her head back so that her nose would rub on
Beth's clitoris.

"That it! Yeah! You are so pathetic, you've probably ate pussy like your life
depended on it before haven't you? YEAH! USE YOUR SLUT TONGUE UP IN MY
PUSSY!" Beth moaned.

As Sunny did as she was told, Melina then crawled onto the bed and started to
fool around with Sunny's breasts. The first perfect pair in the history of
the WWE were now in Melina's hands. Squeezing the soft flesh, Melina held
onto Sunny's tits until she thought she was cutting off blood circulation to
them. Letting go, Melina popped one of Sunny's nipples in her mouth and bit
down on it, doing the same with the other one. This caused Sunny to work
double time on Beth, and it wasn't too long until her new owner had an
orgasm. But before that could happen, Beth rose up, taking her pussy off of
Sunny's mouth. She then instructed Melina to come up and suck on her nipples.
Melina obliged, Beth had obviously had her housebroken at this point. Sucking
on her owner's nipples, Melina was thoroughly enjoying herself, wanting to
make her owner happy. Beth then moved Melina's head down further to her
pussy, so that Melina could finish the job Sunny started.

"I want you to taste my cum Melina. You have been a good little slave, and
you deserve your reward." Beth said, complementing Melina, yet still managing
to command Melina to eat her out."Sunny, you will get another treat, you
won't enjoy it, but I will!"

Melina ate out her owner like it was an instinct. It was easier for her to
eat out Beth tonight because Beth wasn't squeezing her muscular thighs around
her head like before. Sunny was looking up and marveling at the sight she
had. She could see Melina's tongue and fingers work over Beth's pussy, and
some juices even dripped out onto her face. Once again Sunny was owned by
another woman, so she knew what an honor it was that even though her owner
was denying her pussy to her, that she still managed to get a taste of it.
Melina had her owner moaning and throwing her head back, signifying an orgasm
for Beth Phoenix. Once Melina finished up guzzling Beth's cum, her owner
motioned for Melina to get off the bed as Beth squatted down again towards
Sunny's mouth. Sunny opened her mouth and extended her tongue at the sight of
Beth's pussy, but before it was lowered onto her mouth, Beth stopped.
Suddenly, Sunny saw another liquid come out and flow down onto her, it
quickly dawned to her that Beth was urinating on her. Sunny tried to close
her mouth and move her head to the side to avoid it, but it ended up all over
her face. A sickening grin plastered on Beth's face she degraded Sunny with
her own urine.

Looking into the eyes of her owner, Melina saw the sheer madness behind the
Glamazon, and it excited Melina. Once Beth was finished, she got off the bed
and went over to Melina, pushing her onto the bed, perpendicular to Sunny.
Beth then reached under the bed and grabbed her strap-on. She walked around
to Melina's face and without any instruction, Melina strapped the dildo onto
Beth and started to suck on it. After deep-throating the 12 inch strap-on
around Beth's waist, Melina continued to bob her head up and down. Once Beth
was satisfied, she pulled the strap-on out of Melina's mouth and then
repositioned Melina so that she would be in the 69 position with Sunny.
Beth then climbed onto the bed and sat on Sunny's face, "Put your tongue up
my ass bitch!" Beth commanded of her new slave. Sunny quickly responded by
sliding her tongue around Beth's asshole, giving her a rimjob. Beth tilted
her head back slightly before look back down at Melina. She then turned
Melina over so that she could look into her eyes before pulling Melina by the
hips into her strap-on. Melina's pussy then seemingly engulfed the strap-on,
all 12 inches. Beth then started to thrust her hips, but soon enough, Melina
started to spring her body onto the dildo. Beth then reaches down and gropes
Melina's firm breasts, tweaking her erect nipples, as Melina now wildly
thrusts herself into Beth's strap-on.

Meanwhile, Sunny was sliding her tongue as far up as it could go into Beth's
ass. Having Melina's 10 inch strap-on still in her pussy was driving her
crazy for release, so Sunny thought that if she pleased Beth enough, Beth
would allow Sunny to get off. As she started to dart her tongue in and out of
Beth's ass, Sunny could feel Melina's body rubbing against her own. Her
breasts were squished under Melina, but her nipples were constantly rubbing
against Melina's back and ass. Sending not only more pleasure to Sunny, but
some to Melina as well, who at this point, opened her legs until she did a
split so that Beth's strap-on would have better access to her pussy.

Even Melina was shocked at her own actions. Here was a woman who captured
her, and then enslaved her. Beth even branded her, and yet Melina was more
than willing to let Beth fuck her. Not due to fear, but because Melina liked
it. Melina liked the way Beth treated her, and now that she found out she had
some special rights as Beth's slave, she was going to like worshiping her
master. She doesn't need Mickie if Beth would constantly use and abuse her.
Melina can get off on being Beth's right hand woman, helping her owner
enslave other women under the name of the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, her owner,
and the woman that was about to make her cum again.

ME MASTER!" Melina shrieked as she experienced another orgasm.

Beth then got up off Sunny's face, and took her strap-on out of Melina. She
then told Melina to strap in her strap-on that was already in Sunny's pussy.
Sliding off Sunny's body, Melina did as she was told. Once strapped in,
Melina looked at Beth for her next orders.

"Now take it out of her pussy and put it up her ass!" Beth commanded. Doing
as she was told, Melina yanked the strap-on out of Sunny's pussy, and pushed
it into Sunny's asshole, before forcing her way inside. Meanwhile, Beth
pushed Melina forwards, bending Melina over Sunny. She then stuck her own
strap-on up Melina's ass.

They continued changing positions pounding Sunny's ass and pussy, as well as,
Melina's. As for Melina, tonight was just the beginning of her new found
worship and loyalty to The Glamazon, her owner, Beth Phoenix...

* * *

Meanwhile, Mickie James was making her way to the abandoned locker room, well
actually tonight it was Trish's and Amy's locker room. What was so special
about this locker room was that it had its own showers, but no doorway or
anything like that separating the locker room from the shower. There was just
a wall with a space at the end so you can access the shower. What was even
more special about the locker room tonight was that it would be the place
Mickie finally has her night with Trish.

Entering the locker room, Mickie sees Stephanie leaving the locker room,
"What's going on?" Mickie asks

"Oh, Paul wants us to celebrate RAW in private, so I guess only you and Amy
are going to try to seduce Trish," Stephanie responds in a whisper.

Nodding her head, Mickie and Stephanie kiss on the cheek before going their
separate ways. Mickie enters the locker room to find Amy Dumas, naked,
sitting on the bench, facing the showers, with her legs spread, and a finger
inside her pussy. Aroused, Mickie walks right in front of Amy, undresses, and
mounts the redhead, kissing her lips. Amy stopped fingering herself, and
moved her hands to Mickie's ass, squeezing it as she kisses Mickie back.
Their tongues having a sword fight in each other's mouths.

Breaking the kiss, Mickie whispers, "Where's Trish?"

"In the showers," Amy replied. "I was hoping that if she sees two girls in
action, that maybe she'd like to join in."

"Oh, you mean, she'd wonder to herself its no big deal, or, she'd get curious
or something?"

"Exactly, so how bout it Mickie, are you gonna be the other girl here?"

"You know I am," Mickie replied in a husky tone.

Getting off of Amy, Mickie got on her knees in between Amy's legs. Face to
face with Amy's breasts, Mickie decides to go right after them, as she pushes
Amy's breasts together and slides her tongue over both her nipples. Mickie
then starts to grope the rack in front of her while she places her mouth on
Amy's left nipple, sucking on it to erection. She then does the same with the
other nipple. Amy had her head tilted back the entire time, enjoying Mickie's
talents on her breasts. Her hands then gently land on Mickie's head as she
gently pushes her down her body further. Mickie sticks out her tongue again,
leaving a trail all the way down Amy's stomach until she is face to face with
Amy's pussy...

In the showers was Trish Stratus, one of, if not the, hottest divas ever.
During the beer bash in the ring, all the boys poured the beer all over her,
like they used to when she first entered the WWE. A lot has changed since
then, but one thing did not, and that was, Trish was still the most beautiful
creature to step foot in that ring. Thinking to herself how great it is to
come back for an event like RAW's Anniversary, Trish starts to rinse off her
body of all the soap suds. Turning the water off and grabbing her towel,
Trish starts to hear something coming from the other side of the wall. It
sounded like moaning. Was Amy masturbating while Trish was in the shower? She
had undressed in front of her like it was no big deal, but she had no idea
Amy was like this. Stepping out into the locker room, Trish was frozen in
shock of what she saw...

"Oh Mickie! Yeah oh you're so good! Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum Mickie, right on
your pretty little face! OH YEEEEES!" Amy moaned, clutching her eyes shut as
she experienced an orgasm thanks to Mickie James, who was eagerly downing all
the cum that came out of Amy's pussy.

Stuck in place, Trish saw the sight before her. There was her best friend on
the road, Amy, and one of her good friends, Mickie, having lesbian sex right
in front of her. Trish knew Mickie was into guys and girls, but she didn't
know that about Amy. All this time, Trish had thought about how degrading two
women in bed were. She had thought that lesbian acts like that were
disgusting, but the sight in front of her did not look so bad. It looked
beautiful. Trish could not believe her thoughts on the subject at hand could
change that fast, but the sight in front of her had changed her mind about
lesbian sex rather quickly. Pondering what she should do, Trish did not even
notice that her towel had fallen off.

Mickie then kisses her way back up Amy's body until she and Amy are kissing
once more. They share the cum from Amy's pussy inside their mouths as their
tongues tango as well. Both women are standing up now, kissing each other
with lust, groping each other's body parts. Mickie starts to dominate the
kiss a bit as she starts to grope Amy's breasts and pinch her nipples in
between her fingers. Amy was just taking in Mickie for now, only grabbing a
hold of her ass and allowing Mickie to take control of the kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Mickie tells Amy, "Get on your knees, and return the
favor," in a sly voice. Smiling back at Mickie, Amy started to kiss and
nibble on Mickie's neck, causing Mickie to tilt her head back a bit and moan.
Continuing down Mickie's body, Amy grabs Mickie's chest so that her nipples
are pointing out at her, and leans her head down to suck on Mickie's nipples.
Mickie's moaning increases and her left hand cups Amy's face into her
breasts. Once Mickie's erect nipples were covered in saliva, Amy moved down
Mickie's stomach, as Mickie had done before, and used her tongue to trail
down to Mickie's pussy.

"You want me on my knees like this?" Amy asked in a playful tone.

"Just like that ooooh" Mickie said, finishing her sentence with a moan. Amy
stuck her tongue into Mickie's pussy and began to lick all around. All Mickie
could do was stand there, playing with her own tits, tilting her head back,
and moan in pleasure as Amy went to work on her pussy.

Trish saw the sight before her. Now it was Amy returning the favor on Mickie
for what she had seen earlier. In shock, Trish wasn't able to move a muscle,
but now her curiosity struck and Trish able to at least take a few steps
closer to Mickie and Amy. However, after every moan Mickie made, Trish
stopped dead in her tracks. She didn't want to disrupt what was taking place.
Although she did wonder why they did not even notice her yet, but she guessed
it was because both Mickie and Amy were bringing each other so much pleasure.
Trish thought to herself that maybe letting another woman give you pleasure
wouldn't be so bad after all, but right now Trish had no idea what to do, so
she just stood still like before...

"HAAAAAAAAA YEAH! AMY! Oh you know what you're doing down there! Oh FUCK YES!
OOOOOOOH YEAH!" Mickie moaned in pleasure, as Amy made her pussy cum. Like
Mickie had done before, Amy took in all that Mickie's pussy let out, and
swallowed down all of her cum. Once she cleaned off Mickie, Amy stood up and
kissed the brunette that she had just made cum. This time it was Mickie's
juices that were exchanged in each other's mouths, along with the familiar
taste of Amy's cum as well.

Once they stopped kissing, Mickie turned around like she had a sixth sense
and saw Trish standing behind her. Amy also noticed Trish once Mickie turned,
and they both were surprised to see Trish in the nude right before them...

"She's dripping wet," Amy said.

"In more ways than one," Mickie replied, "How long have you been standing
there Trish?"

Trish didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to think, but she spoke
the truth to Mickie and Amy, "I walked out of the shower and I saw you two
eating each other out," Trish said nervously.

"Well did you like what you saw?" Amy asked in a sexy tone...

"I...I'm..." Trish started but was soon cut off by Mickie...

"Trish look, we are only here, doing this tonight, so that we could show you
the pleasures we have experienced. We want you to join us, just have the time
of your life, no strings attached and nobody but the three of us has to

"Exactly," Amy said, "and come on Trish, I can see that you are curious about
this. I have a good feeling that you would like to try this out, and who
better to try this out with than with two people you can trust?"

"I...I...I don't know..."Trish said. Mickie and Amy then walked up to Trish,
the three beauties naked, all standing next to each other.

"Trish, this whole thing is for you honey, and we want to pleasure you," Amy

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but if you look down, I
think you can see that you want to do this..." Mickie added, pointing down at
Trish's pussy.

Looking down, Trish saw her body's reactions to the lesbian acts she had just
seen. They were right, she was curious, and it seems they went to a lot of
trouble to do this. They are risking a lot by trying to get her to have sex
with them. Trish's mind was racing with thoughts until she walked over to the
locker room door, and locked it. Walking back towards the bench, Trish sat
down and looked up at Amy and Mickie with a look in her eyes that said, take

Needing no further clue, Amy and Mickie walked over to Trish and each of them
sat next to her. Amy on the left of Trish, Mickie on the right of Trish. Amy
gently grabbed Trish's chin, and turned Trish's head so that she could look
into her eyes. Amy then slowly leaned in and kissed the blond bombshell that
she had been fantasizing about for a long time. The kiss was soft, sweet, and
slow. Amy opened her mouth a bit to allow her tongue to slide out and touch
Trish's lips, and a few seconds later, Trish opened her mouth and allowed
Amy's tongue inside. With a slow pace, Amy and Trish caressed each other's
tongues with their own, as Mickie watched on. Soon the kiss between Amy and
Trish became more heated, and both women pulled each other closer to one
another. But soon, Mickie pulls Trish's face off of Amy's, turning Trish
head, and crashing her lips onto hers. Their kiss immediately becoming
heated. As Mickie kissed her idol, Amy leaned her head down and start to suck
on Trish's neck. Mickie soon breaks her kiss with Trish, trailing her tongue
from her lips to Trish's neck, and soon joins Amy in sucking on Trish's neck.

"Mmmm, oh yeah," Trish moaned as both Mickie and Amy sucked and nibbled on
her neck simultaneously. Soon they both licked their way down to Trish's
cleavage, and both Mickie and Amy took one of Trish's nipples in their
mouths. They took different approaches to working over Trish's nipples. Amy
swirled her tongue from Trish's breasts until her lips were able to wrap
around Trish's erect nipple, then Amy started to gently suck. Mickie moved
her tongue side to side, up and down on Trish's nipple, before sucking on it
with some intensity. Trish tilted her head back as the two women worked over
her rack, doing such a good job of pleasuring her. If they could give her
this much pleasure from just sucking on her nipples, how else could Mickie
and Amy be effective on her body? Trish didn't have to wait long to find out.
Both Amy and Mickie get off the bench and faced Trish. Amy gets onto her
knees in front of Trish's pussy, while Mickie stood over her, bent over,
still sucking on Trish's nipples and fondling Trish's perfect breasts. Amy
slowly licked the outside of Trish's pussy lips, teasing her, then gently
pushes forward into Trish's pussy with her tongue, before quickly pulling out
and starting the process over again. This caused Trish to moan, as she was
waiting in anticipation for Amy to eat her out. Mickie, has stopped sucking
on Trish's nipples, and leaned her head up to kiss Trish once more, as she
kept groping Trish's breasts with her hands. Their kiss was heated again as
they picked up right where they left off, until Trish started to moan into
Mickie's mouth. Amy had finally pushed her tongue all the way up Trish's
pussy, as far as it could go, and she then started to wrap her lips around
Trish's pussy, and suck it. Mickie breaks her kiss and stands upright, so she
could see her idol experience the pleasure that is given to her by the one
known as Lita. Trish's hands move to Amy's head, pushing her closer into her

"Oh yeah, OH, Amy, mmmm, oh FUCK YES! YEEEEEES! OH AMY! Fuck me with your
mouth and tongue, oh keep going, don't stop, don't stop, AH YEAH, OH FUCK ME
AMY! I'M CUMMING!" Trish shouted out as she experienced her first orgasm at
the hands of another woman. Her hips rocked forward and thrusted into Amy's
face as Trish held her head in between her legs. Trish's cum flowed into
Amy's mouth as she continued to suck Trish's pussy for all the cum she could
get out of it. Once she cleaned off Trish, Amy stood up to kiss Trish once
more, their tongues meeting up with one others, tasting the cum that had just
came out of Trish's pussy. Breaking the kiss, Amy slowly walks backwards, to
her suitcase, and starts to rummage around inside of it.

Mickie then turns Trish around on the bench and lays her back on it. Now with
Trish laying on her back, on the bench, Mickie slowly lowered herself onto
Trish, in the 69 position. Now, not only was Mickie going to get her first
taste of Trish, but Trish was going to get her first taste of pussy. Mickie
uses her hands to slowly separate Trish's pussy lips before she takes a long
lick of it with her tongue. She then starts to nibble on Trish's pussy lips,
as her fingers start to rub the inside of Trish's thighs. Meanwhile, Trish
was a little hesitant eating out another woman. As Mickie made her moan, all
Trish could do was breathe in the sweet aroma of Mickie's pussy as she hands
gently massaged Mickie's butt cheeks. Shortly after Mickie starts to dart her
tongue into Trish's pussy, does Trish open her mouth and stick her tongue
into Mickie's pussy. The taste got Trish going as she moved her tongue in and
out of Mickie's pussy as fast as she could. Trish's hands then moved from
Mickie's ass to fingering Mickie's pussy. Two fingers of Trish's left hand,
along with her tongue, pumping in and out of Mickie's pussy. Mickie decides
to do the same to Trish. Both women are heard moaning and slurping as they
mirror each other in the 69. Mickie then moves her right hand and gently
starts to rub on Trish's clit, Trish soon does the same to Mickie. Once she
feels her clit being worked on, Mickie starts to pump her tongue and fingers
in Trish faster, and starts to rub Trish's clit faster as well. Trish once
more does the same as Mickie as both women moan in pleasure, determined to
get the other woman to orgasm. Mickie then removes her fingers from Trish's
pussy, and instead slowly pushes them into Trish's asshole. Mickie then
covers Trish's pussy with her mouth and starts to suck. Instead of copying
Mickie, Trish does a different approach, moving her hand away from Mickie's
clit and sticking two of those fingers in Mickie's asshole, as Trish moves
her mouth to suck on Mickie's clit. Both women soon reach their climax and
cum into one another's mouths. Mickie greedily sucks out Trish's cum, while
Trish lets Mickie's cum get all over her face and flow down her throat.

"Well, you two seemed to enjoy each other," Amy said, holding the item she
was searching for, "Oh Mickie, why don't you get off of Trish for a sec and
come help me out."

Mickie turns her body so she is face to face with Trish and they kiss once
more, exchanging the taste of each other's cum. Breaking the kiss, Mickie
gets off of Trish, stand up, and walks over to Amy, shaking her ass at Trish
as she walks. "My my Amy, what a nice strap-on you've brought," Mickie said,
"how about I strap it on for you?"

Amy smirks before pushing Mickie onto her knees, "Not only are you going to
strap it on me, but you are going to suck it too," Amy replies.

"What about me?" Trish asks, catching her breath as she lays on the bench.

"Don't worry Trish, there's a slot for you, on your knees, behind me," Amy
tells her invitingly.

Mickie strapped on Amy's strap-on as Trish crawled over to Amy. Mickie gives
Trish's butt a playful slap as she passes her to get behind Amy. Trish sees
the slot Amy was talking about, as there is a whole in the back for her pussy
to be seen. Amy grabs Mickie by the hair and forces her onto the strap-on.
Mickie quickly opens her mouth and takes the strap-on in. She skillfully
sucks the 9 inch long, two inch wide, pink strap-on, as she covers it with
her saliva. Meanwhile, Trish already has her tongue jammed up Lita's pussy.
She starts to push her tongue in as far as it could go before moving her
tongue from side to side. Trish then slaps Amy's ass with both her hands and
starts to massage it. Amy can feel her pussy being stimulated on two fronts,
Trish from behind, and Mickie sucking on her strap-on causing the clit
stimulator to do its magic. Mickie has moved to deep throating the strap-on,
while her hands reach up and grope Amy's breasts. Trish has her whole mouth
covering Amy's pussy as she begins to go back to sucking on pussy. She also
manages to get a finger up the slit up of the strap-on, and gets that finger
to reach Amy's asshole, as she pushes it inside. Amy starts to hump Mickie's
face with her strap-on, as Trish rocks back and forth trying to keep up with
Amy's movements.

"OOOOOOH, You two make quite a team, AH FUCK, OH YEAH, TRISH EAT MY PUSSY!
Amy shouted as her orgasm rocked her body. Her cum was contained in her pussy
because of the strap-on, but Trish was able to suck it out from behind. Amy
pushes Mickie off her dildo as Mickie tries to catch her breath. Trish
finishes downing Amy's cum and crawls over to Mickie and kisses her again, so
that Mickie could get a taste of Amy. Amy, out on her feet, sees Trish's ass
swinging back and forth as she crawls to Mickie, and she comes to and slaps
her ass. Amy then points to Mickie and then points to Mickie's clothes on the
ground, knowing that Mickie is packing a strap-on as well. Mickie crawls over
to her stuff as both Trish and Amy slap her ass. Amy then looks down at

"Lay on your back and spread your legs," Amy commanded in a husky tone. Trish
got a dirty smile on her face as she did what Amy told her to do, her head
perpendicular to the bench. Once she is on her back and spreads her legs, Amy
drops down to her knees, and positions the strap-on at the entrance of
Trish's pussy. Slowly pushing forward, Amy gets the head of the strap-on to
ease into Trish's pussy, as she lets out a long moan. Inch by inch, Amy gets
3 of the 9 inches of her strap-on into Trish's pussy. Amy smiles as her hands
reach out and grope Trish's breasts again, before she gives a big thrust,
pushing 3 more inches of her strap-on into Trish's pussy. Trish cannot help
but moan as Amy slowly pushes her strap-on into her pussy. Doing the same as
Amy, Trish reaches out and grabs Amy's breasts, pinching her nipples with her
middle and index fingers as she grasps them. Amy then thrusts the remaining 3
inches into Trish's pussy. Once she has gotten all of it in, Amy leans her
head down and starts to kiss Trish. Their tongues meet in each other's mouths
once more, but this time when they do, Amy starts to hump Trish with her
strap-on. As their kiss intensifies, so does Amy's thrusting. Soon, the room
is echoed with the sound of muffled moaning. Amy breaks the kiss and
straightens her body on top of Trish, covering Trish's face with her tits as
she fucks her pussy with her strap-on. Mickie gets her strap-on strapped in
and sits down on the bench, pointing her strap-on to Amy's head. Amy lifts
her body up a bit and sees the strap-on in front of her. Mickie grabs her by
the hair and back of the head and pushes Amy's face into the strap-on,
specifically, her mouth. Opening wide, Amy takes the 10 inch long, 2 inch
wide, black strap-on that Stephanie gave Mickie, down her throat. As she
sucks on Mickie's strap-on, Amy's tits hang over Trish's face, who in the
midst of moaning uncontrollably, starts to lick up at them. Amy also develops
a new pattern in fucking Trish. She pulls out until only the head is in, then
thrust s all the way back in, then pulls out three inches, then thrusts back
in, then pulls out one, and then thrusts back in. Amy continues this cycle as
she starts to deepthroat Mickie's strap-on. Trish now leaves Amy's tits alone
as she cannot stop herself from screaming in pleasure...

YEARS AGO! OOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!" Trish yelled in pleasure as she cumed.
Amy pushed her strap-on all the way in and kept trying to push forward into
Trish as she came. Mickie removes her strap-on from Amy's mouth and watches
Trish's body and facial reactions as she cums. Amy soon pulls out of Trish
and stands up, putting the strap-on in Mickie's face, who willingly starts to
lick it clean. Trish, meanwhile, stays lying on the ground, trying to catch
her breath. Once Amy's strap-on is cleaned off, she removes it and goes back
to the floor and cleans up Trish's pussy. Mickie, incredibly turned on,
kneels down and kisses Trish once more, giving Trish a taste of her own cum.
Mickie then breaks the kiss and stand up over Amy. She grabs Amy by the hair
and stands her up before roughly kissing her. Mickie could sense that Trish
needed a break, so she decides to take out her sexual tensions on Amy.

"I'm gonna fuck your slutty pussy with my cock, Amy, " Mickie began in a
dominating tone, "and you're gonna squeal my name in pleasure!"

With that, Mickie walks Amy behind the bench before throwing her onto it
stomach first. Amy's gut landing on the bench as her breast hang under it,
and her ass bends over it. Mickie then positions her strap-on at the entrance
of Amy's soaking wet pussy, which didn't surprise Mickie because her pussy
was soaking wet as well. She pushes the head of her strap-on in, and from
there, Mickie fiercely thrusts her whole strap-on up Amy's pussy until all of
it gets in. Amy groans out in pleasure as Mickie forces her strap-on all the
way up her pussy in one long thrust. Soon enough Mickie starts to fuck Amy's
pussy, pulling out half way before pushing all the way back in a few times,
and then pulling and pushing out and in three inches at a time at a rapid
pace. Amy moans out the entire time, and gives out an extra moan for each
thrust in on her pussy. Her head hangs down as she lets Mickie violate her
pussy, which is in desperate need of release after fucking Trish Stratus.
Mickie grabs a hold of Amy's hair and pulls her head up before leaning onto
Amy's back and licking her cheek. Amy's tongue soon meets Mickie's as Amy
starts to thrust back into Mickie's strap-on, meeting her with every push.
Mickie, keeping a grip on Amy's hair, stands up straight, and starts to fuck
Amy's pussy at an alarming rate, fucking her like a mad woman. Amy squeals in
pleasure as Mickie pounds her pussy...


"You like that bitch?" Mickie says, talking dirty, "You like me fucking your
slut pussy, you like it when I'm rough with you?"


A powerful orgasm rocks threw Amy's body as she starts to shake on the bench,
her tits bouncing up and down freely in the air, her ass thrusting back into
Mickie's strap-on. Once Amy stops shaking, she hangs her head down again,
trying to catch her breath. Mickie roughly pulls out of Amy's pussy, and gets
on her knees to clean it out of her cum. Mickie then walks back around over
to Amy's face, kneels down, and kisses her to give Amy a taste of her own
pussy. Mickie then breaks the kiss, stands up, and turns around to Trish, who
has been fingering herself the whole time Mickie fucked Amy. Mickie then
grabs Trish by the hair and forces her up onto her knees, and gently pushes
her strap-on into Trish's mouth, to give Trish a taste of Amy's pussy, and to
clean off her dildo. Once Mickie is stratusfied by Trish's cock sucking, she
pulls out of her mouth and walks behind Trish. Kneeling down onto the floor,
she slaps Trish's butt, telling her to get into position. Leaning forward,
Trish gets on her hands and knees, right in front of and facing Amy, who is
still bent over the bench trying to gather herself. Trish starts to kiss Amy
and reaches out with one hand to play with her tits. Amy, tired, just stays
bent over the bench.

"That's enough of that Trish," Mickie commands playfully in a husky tone. She
then slaps her ass again to show she's serious. Trish gets back on her hands
and knees, stops kissing Amy, and turns her head to Mickie, smiling, to see
Mickie, positioning her strap-on, smiling back at her. Mickie pushes in the
head of her strap-on in force, causing Trish to yell out, but then Mickie
slowly eases her way into Trish's pussy. However, once Mickie is in half way,
she starts to pull out and push back in, fucking Trish and getting deeper
into her pussy. Trish takes her hands and puts them on the edge of the bench
in front of her and uses the new leverage to push back against the dildo
Mickie has in her pussy. It was bigger than Amy's, and Trish was pushing back
into it, backing her ass up, taking all of the strap-on in her pussy. Trish
then notices Amy's head pick up and they look each other in eyes. Amy then
leans forward and starts kissing Trish, her moans and tongue going into her
mouth. Mickie starts to smack Trish's ass a few times as she fucks her, but
to no avail of getting Trish to stop kissing Amy. Mickie then decides to
increase her pace until the sound of Trish's ass smacking against Mickie's
crotch echos in the room. The sudden increase of Mickie's speed causes Trish
to break the kiss and increase her efforts of thrust back, her pussy taking
the blunt of what Mickie's strap-on had to offer. Trish rocks her head back
and screams in pleasure...


Suddenly Mickie pulls out of Trish's pussy and lays back on the floor,
pointing her strap-on up. Trish looks back to see what Mickie is doing and
gets the picture, she crawls her way on top of Mickie's strap-on and starts
to ride it with her pussy. Her tits bounce up and down, causing Mickie to
thrust her strap-on upwards. Amy has regained her composure, strapped in her
strap-on again and gets on her knees behind Trish. She spreads Mickie's legs
and sees the backdoor opening the strap-on provides as she starts to pushing
her strap-on into Mickie's pussy. Amy then leans Trish on top of Mickie, and
the two kiss, their moans muffling in each other's mouths, as Amy starts to
fuck Mickie's pussy and slap Trish's ass. It doesn't take long for the three
of them to cum, and once they do, Amy pulls out of Mickie, lays down on the
floor and gets pussy to pussy with Mickie. Trish then gets off of Mickie's
strap-on and stands up over both Mickie's and Amy's strap-ons.

"Double the pleasure, double the fun," Trish says as she looks down at the
two strap-ons they stand an inch apart from each other.

Trish lowers herself onto both strap-ons. She guides Mickie's strap-on back
into her pussy, as Amy guides her strap-on to the entrance of Trish's
asshole. Amy slightly thrusts upwards, forcing the head into Trish's asshole,
causing Trish to yell out in pain. The pain soon turns to pleasure as
Mickie's strap-on advances in her pussy. Trish then decides to sit down and
let gravity do the work, impaling herself on both strap-ons. She crashes down
onto them, her mouth wide open, a high pitched scream, too high pitched for
humans to hear, comes out of her mouth. Mickie and Amy wait until Trish gets
accustomed to both strap-ons in her pussy and ass. Before they knew it, Trish
had started to ride both strap-ons. She bobbed herself up and down on both
dildos in her holes, as she leaned her head back, and moaned in pleasure.
Mickie looks up to the beautiful sight of Trish's tits bouncing up and down
again, only this time, Mickie reaches up and grabs them, massaging them in
her hands. Trish reaches down with one hand and feels Mickie's right breast,
then her left. Trish's other hand reaches down and rubs her own clit. Amy,
meanwhile, fondles her own chest with one hand, and rubs her own clit with
the other as she watches Trish's asshole stretch out on her strap-on. Mickie
and Amy then start to thrust upwards, meeting Trish as she crashes down onto
their dildos, their pussies rubbing against one another's. All of their moans
fill up the room with sweet music.

screamed in pleasure as she experienced orgasm after intense orgasm.

I'VE WAITED FOR THIS! OH YEEEEEEEEEES!" Amy screamed in pleasure as she came
along with Trish.

FUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Mickie screamed in pleasure, finally cumming after Trish and

The three women experienced their most powerful orgasms of their lives in
that moment. Mickie's and Amy's cum mixed in each other's pussy's and Trish's
cum trickled down both Amy's and Mickie's strap-ons. Trish manages to stand
up enough to get the dildo's out of her holes before collapsing on the floor
next to Mickie. Amy soon crawls up next to Trish, sandwiching her between
herself and Mickie. Both Amy and Mickie take off their strap-ons as the three
of them lick them clean. They then use the strap-ons to clean up the cum on
their own pussies before bringing them back up and licking them clean again
before throwing the strap-ons aside and cuddling up together. There they
were, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, and Amy Dumas, naked, on the floor of the
abandoned locker room, sweaty, sticky, gasping for breath, and holding one
another. They truly celebrated RAW's Fifteen Year Anniversary. Amy Dumas,
better known as Lita, had wanted to fuck Trish Stratus for the longest time,
and after not even being in contact with Trish for over a year, on this
night, Amy's fantasies became a reality. Trish Stratus, the greatest diva of
all time, came to RAW tonight to celebrate the anniversary and meet up with
old friends. Well her old friends are more than just old friends, as new
doors have been opened for her. Finally, Mickie James, the number one
contender for the Woman's Championship at Armageddon this Sunday, finally
fucked her idol Trish Stratus, and also fucked possibly the best in ring diva
in WWE history in Lita. Life for Mickie couldn't be better, she has a woman's
title shot, and she just fucked the women of her dreams. Hard to believe this
all started with one Long Kiss Goodnight, but now, after having the sex and
experiences she's had, for Mickie James, its certainly has been More Than
Just a Kiss Goodnight...

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