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Moving Up The Ladder: Trish Stratus
by DvaLvr864

"So this is what working in the WWE is like, eh?" he thought as he stood in
the giant arena watching the ring crew set everything up. The place was huge
and very busy, and he still hadn't taken it all in that he was working for
the best company in sports entertainment. Aaron had been a fan of WWE for a
few years and had read that the WWE had some job openings. They had been
looking for writers for the creative team and stage crew. In his 27 years,
he had done some technical work in previous jobs, and was the stage hand at
his high school plays most of the time, so he knew how to get my way around
most stage equipment. So, he applied for the job, and they must have seen
something in him because about a week later he was told that the job was his,
and to come in Monday to get oriented with everything.

He had been standing there in awe for only a few moments when he heard one
of his supervisors calling for him.

"Hey! You still have two or three bathrooms to clean up." said the
supervisor, as polite as necessary. "If you want to get higher position, this
isn't the way to do it." He continued, and handed Aaron his mop and toilet
brush. Yes, Aaron was more or less a janitor for the WWE on the RAW division.
When he read about the stage crew opening, it apparently included janitorial
work as well. He was told, however, that if he did his job well, then he
would be promoted soon. So Aaron simply went with it, as it wasn't so bad.

Between cleaning floors and bathrooms, he did get to see a lot of famous
faces such as Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff, and even
the man on top, Vince McMahon on occasion. Even better, he got to meet the
WWE divas and was permitted to venture into their locker room to clean. This
was almost after they had left however, but sometimes luck would shine on him
and a diva would still be in the locker room and he would chat with them for
a few minutes until continuing with his duties. Aaron was respectful however,
and didn't try to peep if they were in the shower for the sake of both his
job, and the mere fact that these women were wrestlers, and while he was
strong, they could probably do a good deal of damage to him.

Aaron found Trish and Stacy Kiebler the most attractive of the RAW divas.
Both of them had the most incredible asses in the WWE, and while he wasn't
usually attracted to blondes, these two were incredibly beautiful and he
would get the slight feeling of butterflies whenever he was in the same
room as them. Every once and a while, Aaron could have sworn that they had
been flirting and checking him out, but that could have just been the way
they were, so he thought nothing of it. But if he ever had the chance to
date either of them, he'd be on it in a heartbeat.

One night after RAW, Aaron was going about his business cleaning and chatting
it up with some of the wrestlers, most of which he had become friends with.
Eventually most of the employees had left the building, and Aaron was trying
to hurry so he could go back to his hotel. He was almost done; all he had
left was the women's locker room.

As he walked in, he saw a bag of clothes lying on the floor. "Wonder who's
that is" he thought. It was probably Molly's, as she'd been leaving late the
past few shows. Aaron figured he'd clean decently, but keep it short so he
could leave. He was quite surprised when the door opened and Trish Stratus
walked in.

"Oh, didn't know you were in here." Said Trish, surprised as well.

"Oh don't worry about it. I'm just cleaning real quick, and I'll be out of
your way." Replied Aaron, trying to be as polite as possible to the beautiful
blonde that stood before him.

"Alright. You don't mind if I change real quick do you?" Trish asked, trying
not to make it sound too weird.

"Uh, sure." He answered. "I'll just come back in a few minutes and finish

"No it's fine, you don't have to leave. I'll just turn around while you do
your stuff." Said Trish. There was a bit of sexual tension that the both of
them were beginning to feel. Aaron didn't know what to do, but he figured
Trish had no problem with him being in the room while she undressed, so why
not go along with it.

"Um, alright... I'll just..." And with that, Aaron slowly continued with his
work trying not to think of the situation. Trish went to the corner where her
clothes were, and set the bag on the bench. "No peeking..." She said with a
slight grin, and began to pull her shirt over her head and set it inside the
bag, leaving her black bra exposed. Aaron did his best not to pay attention,
and so far had been successful. Trish continued to undress and started to
pull her shiny skin-tight pants down to her ankles. As she did this, Aaron
snuck a look and once he saw her bent over like that, her black thong riding
right in-between those perfect ass cheeks, he stopped what he was doing
immediately. He simply watched her step out of her pants, and she picked
them up and put them in her bag next to her shirt. There she was bent over
again for Aaron's viewing pleasure, which was now starting to take an effect
-- fast. Whether or not Trish knew that Aaron was standing there gawking at
her was unknown, but he was certainly enjoying the show he was getting. Trish
stood up and reached behind to unclasp her bra, but gave a small yelp of
pain. "Ouch! Damn, must've hurt my shoulder at that house show on Saturday.
Aaron, can you do me a favor and just unclasp my bra for me?"

Aaron went cold as she began to turn around. What if she saw him staring at
her hard as hell? He quickly turned around and tried to think of a way for
her not to see him, but before he could hide she had noticed the large bulge
in his pants which caused her to crack a smile. She said nothing of it
however, and asked him again to help her.

"Uh... Sure, just um, turn around..." The now very nervous Aaron replied.
Trish turned back around trying to keep a straight face, but after seeing
Aaron aroused like that it made it difficult. She waited for Aaron to unclasp
her bra, and moved her hair to the front of one of her shoulders to make it
easier for him. Aaron took a gulp, and reached for the hook of Trish's bra.
His hands were shaking a lot and he wasn't sure if this was going anywhere.
Just as quickly as the snap of the bra, Aaron withdrew his hand trying the
best he could to stay calm. He had totally ditched trying to hide his
excitement below, and just hoped that Trish didn't think he was a pervert
and get him fired.

"Thanks" Said Trish, with a sweetness in her voice that almost caused Aaron's
knees to give out right there. He held on however, until Trish removed her
bra completely and put it in her bag. Aaron was now topless with one of the
most beautiful women in the WWE, no less the world. That mere thought left
Aaron frozen as he watched Trish's breasts sway slightly from bending over
once again. Trish, not realizing that Aaron was still inches behind her,
clasped her thumbs around the sides of her thong and began to peel them from
her luscious ass. As Aaron watched her continue to bend lower, with her thong
revealing more and more of her bare ass and pussy, he built up every ounce of
will power possible to not simply take her right there. He was now harder
than he ever had been before, and all was well until Trish stood up and took
a step back, bumping into Aaron and his raging hard-on.

"Ooh!" Trish yelped and turned around.

"Didn't see you there..." Aaron said nothing. He was too nervous. He just
stood there with his mind scrambling to find some word, any word. He didn't
even try to cover himself up. He was frozen in fear, and thought for sure that
he would be fired, not to mention have the crap beat out of him right then and
there by the blonde bombshell. Trish looked down to find the bulge even larger
than earlier, gave a slight smirk and softly said "Well that answers my

Aaron was now both nervous and confused.

"What?" He asked, snapping out of his trance.

"I wasn't totally sure if you were attracted to me or not. I thought maybe
you had been checking me out every so often, but I didn't know if it was just
me taking it the wrong way. Now I know" Trish replied, and gave Aaron a very
seductive smile.

"Are you crazy? You're one of the hottest girls I've ever seen, let alone
met. To tell you the truth, I'd do you in a New York minute." Said Aaron,
who must not have realized the situation he was in. He also had just thought
about what came out of this mouth, and in a frenzy tried to make himself not
sound so much like a pig. "Not that I... I mean you're very beautiful and I
wouldn't ever take adva..."

"That may not sound like such a bad idea, you know." Trish cooed, and arched
her back slightly giving Aaron an even better view of her heaving breasts.
Aaron had no clue what to do now. Should he go through with it? It wouldn't
look very good from a professional stand point if he's only been there a few
weeks and already he's fucking the divas. However, how could he possibly say
no? Here was a woman who just about every man (and some women) who laid eyes
on her would do anything to even be near, and she's offering herself to him.
It was settled. For the sake of anyone who longed to have a dream come
true... Or something like that.

Aaron made the first move by leaning in and pressing his lips against
Trish's. It was one of the most passionate kisses he'd ever received. Between
the kiss, and the fact that he couldn't believe that he was making out with
Trish Stratus, Aaron's mind was spinning in all directions. He gently wrapped
his arms around the petite goddess, and she slid her arms around his and
pulled him a bit closer. The electricity between the two was incredible.
After a couple minutes of them kissing and feeling all over each others
bodies, Trish decided it was time to move on.

"I might be able to help you with you're little problem" she whispered, as
she slid a hand around and down to the bulge in his pants and started rubbing
it. Now Aaron really couldn't believe this, and nearly came right there, but
he held it as best as he could. Trish then started tugging up at Aaron's
shirt and yanked it over his head, and immediately went for his pants. She
dropped to her knees and unbuttoned and zipped down Aaron's pants in record
time. She pulled down his boxers as well, causing his cock to spring out
almost slapping Trish in the face. Aaron helped her out and stepped out of
his pants and boxers and sat down on the bench of the locker room. Trish
parted his legs a little, and wrapped her fingers around Aaron's rigid cock.
It was very warm and soft, and she couldn't wait to get her lips around it.
She began kissing the head of his cock a few times, toying with the hole with
her tongue, until she slid her tongue down along the shaft down to the hilt.
She then tickled him between his shaft and balls meet, and lowered her head
a bit more taking a ball into her mouth. While she did this, she used one
hand to slowly jack Aaron off, and used the other hand to rub his asshole.
Aaron was in bliss, and was going to cum soon.

As Trish continued pleasuring Aaron, he started to let out groans and she
could feel his balls tensing up, so she started sucking him off some more.
She rubbed his ass and started bobbing her head up and down faster and
faster. Aaron could feel the cum rising and he placed his hand on Trish's
head and started moving his hips with her mouth. Seeing one of his dream
girls, sucking his cock like mad drove him over the edge. Finally, Aaron
let out a moan and shot a torrent of cum down Trish's throat, and she
swallowed as much as she could, savoring every drop until it was too much,
and some cum started dribbling down her chin. After, Trish licked Aaron's
cock dry, making sure to get every drop that was on the head of his cock.
She wiped the stray cum from her chin and seductively placed the finger in
her mouth and licked it off, enjoying the sweet but salty taste that came
from Aaron's seed.

"That was amazing..." Said Aaron, still in disbelief of what just took place.

Trish just smiled, and gave him a long, passionate kiss, allowing Aaron to
taste his own cum on her tongue. After a few minutes, Aaron broke the kiss
and figured he should return the favor. So he had Trish get on her knees once
again and rest her elbows on the bench and raise her ass into the air. Once
she did this, Aaron took a moment to fully appreciate this moment. After
seeing her in this position, he almost came again. However, he couldn't keep
Trish waiting, so he got down on his knees behind her and began kissing the
cheeks of her ass. As he came closer to her pussy, he took in her beautiful
scent and he noticed that she had gotten very wet. He began with rubbing her
pussy with one hand while using the other to hold her ass. Trish let out
small moans while he did this, but Aaron's teasing was driving her wild.
Aaron slid a finger into her, causing Trish to moan both louder and longer,
until he added a second digit. He fingered her slowly until his kisses
reached where her pussy and ass meet and began tickling it with his tongue.
Trish began to writhe around a little, loving every moment of this. She was
now moaning louder and received a surprising pleasure when she felt Aaron's
tongue on her asshole. He was now using his hand to spread her cheeks while
he rimmed and fingered her, causing Trish to moan even louder as Aaron
teased her puckered hole with his tongue.

This continued for a few more minutes until Aaron withdrew both his fingers
and tongue, and Trish, who was a bit upset, wondered why he stopped. She felt
a surge of electricity run through her, however, as Aaron began kissing her
pussy lightly. He continued to kiss it while adding pressure and would give
it a quick lick every once and a while. Aaron wanted this to be the best
pleasure Trish ever had experienced as this would probably considered a once
in a lifetime opportunity, and so far he had been living up to it. He finally
decided it was time to get down to it, and used his unused hand to spread
Trish's lips. Aaron began running his tongue up and down along her pussy
walls, causing the blonde bombshell to moan with ecstasy. Aaron loved the
taste of Trish's juices, and he couldn't wait to see what her cum tasted

After what seemed like a lifetime to Trish, Aaron finally reached her clit.
He took the small nub into his mouth causing to Trish let out a very loud
moan. To add to the pleasure, Aaron began to finger her again while sucking
on her clit, but for only a minute or so. Trish was getting close to cumming,
and Aaron could tell because he heard her say things under her breath like
"Oh shit" and "Ohh my god". So to top it all off, Aaron removed his fingers
and began rubbing Trish's asshole to lube it up, before slipping one in. Once
he did this she began writhing in pleasure and bucking her hips a bit, and
before she came, he slipped the second one in. Trish winced in pain a little,
but soon the immense pleasure took over and she was moaning like crazy. As
he slid his fingers in and out of her ass, and sucked and licked at her clit
fast and hard, Trish was pushed over the edge. Aaron could feel her entire
body tense up, and heard her let out one final cry before she flooded with
cum. Aaron stopped sucking her clit and plunged his tongue inside her pussy,
trying to get every drop of cum he could. It tasted delicious, and he savored
every drop as Trish did with him.

After Trish stopped convulsing from her amazing climax, Aaron withdrew his
fingers and turned Trish around and gave her a kiss that was just as long
and passionate as she gave him, and like Aaron, Trish got to taste her own
juices. She thought they tasted interesting, but good.

"So did you enjoy that?" Aaron asked rhetorically.

"Oh yes..." Trish replied with a big grin on her face. "Did you like my little
set up?"

"Your set up?" he nervously asked. Was this whole thing just to get him fired
or something?

"Yeah." She said. "I knew that you worked after the shows, and I thought you
were really cute, and it isn't like us girls have a lot of time for sex in
this line of work. So I "left my bag" in here to see if I could get some
relief". At this point she let out a slight snicker. Aaron was both surprised
and relieved. He got to keep his job, and a woman as beautiful as Trish
actually took the time to plan out a situation just to get him to have sex
with her. He was loving every minute of his job right now, and to answer
Trish, he planted another kiss on the diva.

Trish broke the kiss and asked Aaron if there was anything that she could do
in return. Aaron figured what he was getting right now was more than enough,
by far, but decided to chance it.

"There wouldn't be any way that you could get me out of this job and get me
into the stage or ring crew, would there?" He asked.

"Well, I can't really guarantee anything, but I can put in a good word for
you. Will that do?" Trish replied, with that same sweetness in her voice.

"Great! Man are you the best." Aaron replied, and he went back to kissing

The two of them continued this for a few more minutes and Aaron knew what was
next, and he was very ready, when suddenly, they both heard someone coming
down the hall. The two started scrambling for their clothes. If either of
them were caught, they could both be fired.

Aaron hurriedly put his clothes on and Trish did the same. They heard the
echoing footsteps from outside getting closer, and Trish simply put on her
pants and shirt, forgetting about her bra and thong. Aaron didn't however,
and "hid" them in his pocket. Trish ran inside the bathroom of the locker
room, closed the door, and didn't make a sound. Aaron grabbed his mop and
started sweeping trying to look natural, when his supervisor walked in.

"The show's been over for hours." He said. "What are you still doing here?
You still haven't finished yet?" Aaron tried to say something that wouldn't
get him fired on the spot.

"Had a hell of a time unclogging some of the toilets here, sir." Aaron
replied, almost laughing at the piss poor excuse he gave. "It was pretty

"Oh..." said the supervisor, not wanting all that information. "Well, uh...
Just hurry up. You gotta get here early tomorrow for the house show." And
with that, he left without so much as a "good night". Trish thought she
heard the door close, and came back out slowly, hoping that she hadn't made
a mistake.

"Well... I think I better go now." said Trish. "Um... Thanks for the, you

"Sure, uh... No problem? Guess I'll be seeing you later then." Aaron replied,
a bit disappointed that he didn't get to finish with Trish, and that he would
now probably never get to. Oh well, he did get to fulfill half of every sane
man's dream, and that was well more than good enough for him.

"Yeah... Guess... Bye." she said, and left for her hotel. She wasn't quite as
upset, as she knew this wouldn't be the last time they were together.

Next Chapter: Stacy Kiebler

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