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Mowing Trish Stratus
by TrishBelongsToMe

I walked up to a huge mansion in Toronto, Canada. It was way too big for me
to actually go in there and mow the people's lawn. Just because I
accidentally killed their parrot with my foul ball. They were going to sue
me but realized I was just a simple guy with no money. So I have to mow their
football field lawn. I didn't even know who lived there anyway. Probably some
old man. I walked up to the door and rang the bell, I didn't want to dent the
door or they would make me clean their house! I waited for a while and almost
banged on the door until Trish Stratus opened it. She was wearing her dark
black hat, a tight white t-shirt, and pink tights. She obviously must have
been training for her next match. We both stared at each other for a long
time until she finally started talking.

"Umm... Are you the man who's supposed to mow my lawn?"

"Yes," I forced out after checking her out, "I think I am anyway. With my
luck I probably have the wrong house."

She laughed and I smiled.

"What is it," she asked curiously.

"Your laugh is so happy and joyful. I can't help but to smile."

She was really starting to take a shine to me. She looked around to see if
anyone was in sight.

"You know what, why don't you come in."

With that, I stepped into her large house and gazed around the room. Millions
of pictures of her, but I had the real Trish right here. So I didn't pay much
attention to them. She shut the door and walked towards a long hallway.

"I have to get changed, I usually don't walk around in my attire. Make
yourself at home."

She went into her room but left the door open on purpose. I realized she was
throwing off the maids and butlers in the house. I walked naturally into the
room and shut the door behind me. She was gorgeous! It made every hair on my
body stretch out and try to reach her.

"So...," she said in a cute voice, " you watch wrestling?"

I began to nod but realized I had to be cool.

"Oh, of course. I love wrestling. Its my favorite thing to watch."

She stepped a little closer to me. "Is that so? So I assume you see me in my
matches. What's your favorite ring attire you've seen me wear?"

"There is so many," I told her, "I can't chose one."

She came a little closer as she said, "What about this one?"

She put her index in her tights and looked like she was rubbing herself. She
moaned as she turned her back towards me and bent down. Her hands were in her
tights and she used them to slowly pull her pink tights down and revealed a
red thong. Her ass jiggled when the tights came off of her. She tossed them
to me and I made sure to catch it. I was about to breathe them in until I
saw her fingers wrap and her tight shirt and pull them over her head. This
obviously knocked off her hat, so she stood there in a tight red bra, a small
red thong, and her hair seductively spread all over her breast. She smiled
devilishly and noticed the HUGE tent in my pants. She licked her lips which
only made my cock throb more.

"I took my clothes off, now you take off yours."

I started to but she changed her mind.

"No, I'll take your clothes off."

She walked up to me and we kissed for a good long time. Her tongue crept into
my mouth and my tongue welcomed it with a great French kiss. She took my
shirt off and threw it over her head as we were still embraced. She rubbed
her hands all over my muscular body, feeling every part of it. She bent to
her knees and unzipped my jeans. My cock sprung out and it smacked her on her

"Oh damn that's huge! I can suck on that for hours."

I helped her take off my pants and she wondered.

"You weren't wearing any boxers. Do you like the breeze or did you expect to
get laid today?

I wasn't going to wait any longer as I thrust my cock into her warm mouth.
Her juicy tongue licked all over my huge monster cock. She bobbed her head
back and forth trying to scarf the whole thing down her throat. I couldn't
hold it anymore, I let my load go right down here throat. She smiled heavenly
as she laid on the floor signaling me to come to her. I started with her
lips. I kissed that sexy blonde babe until we ran out of air. Then I lowered
to her breast. I took off her bra and licked and sucked her huge breast. I
licked the whole breast while massaging the other. I sucked on her nipples
which were now rock hard. I lowered a bit and kissed almost every part of her
stomach. Still playing with her breast I licked her belly button. She smiled
and giggled at the great feeling.

"Unhh yes baby...lick that belly button...swish your tongue on my body."

What smooth skin she had. I could've licked it for days but as I got lower
to the pussy, I realized how much I wanted it. I pulled down her thong and
licked at her legs. I was teasing her, or myself actually. She couldn't take
it and she forced my head into her shaved pussy. My tongue went deep inside
of her pussy and wiggled around in there.

"Oh yes! Hell yes baby... further..."

I massaged her massive breast while eating her clean.

"Ahhhh! I'm gonn...ahhhhh...cummmmm!"

With that, her sweet juices flowed into my awaiting mouth. I sucked all of
her juices straight from her pussy. Finally, I knew my dick was ready to go
again. She must have known because she stood up and limped to get something.
She grabbed a folding chair and set it up in the middle of the room. I got
up and sat on the chair. She deductively walked over to me and sat on my lap.
My dick went straight into her ass and she leaned back on me. She bounced
up and down on my dick and I was able to reach her mouth to kiss her. Our
tongues locked in as my hands pressed on her breast. It lasted for a while
until I shot my load in her ass and she laid on me exhausted.

We fell asleep for a while and I was the first to wake. I laid her on her
bed (which we never reached during the sex by the way) and stole her clothes
she took off. I walked out of the room and out the door once a got my clothes

"Maybe I can throw a baseball at Stephinie's house next."

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