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Ms. Hancock & Her Interesting Situation Part 1
by The Dude

Ms. Hancock had just finished another gruelly night on WCW tour and she
was completely exhausted. She was so forward to taking a shower by herself
and just relaxing after this tour and pressure she was on. She went back to
the women's lockerroom and said goodnight to the last few girls that left.
She then talked for a while behind a curtain as she took off her clothes and
put a towel on to Kimberly and Major Gunns. Kimberly then said she had to
go meet DDP at an area bar. Major Gunns said she had a few things to take
care of before she left. Ms.Hancock went ahead into the shower and started
it as she told Major Gunns she would see her on Monday. Ms. Hancock then
realized she wasn't looking forward to the long plane ride across the
country and wished she could have some time off.

Ms. Hancock took her towel off and stepped into the shower. She slowly
let the water go down her beautiful body. She got the bar of soap and slowly
lathered up her body. She then lathered her hair with shampoo and slowly
rinsed it out. As she was washing the soap from her body she accidently
touched her pussy. When she touched it the most incredible feeling come over
her. It was then that she realized that it had been a couple of months since
her and David Flair had their last excercise session. She could remember
that day like it was yesterday. She remembered David slowly licking his way
up her long legs toward the promise land. David then skipped her pussy and
went up toward her young perky breasts. He slowly rolled her nipples in his
mouth getting them so erect. He then moved back down her body toward her
moist pussy lips. He slowly licked at first then went straight to her clit.
She was moving her hips along with his licking and very close to orgasm.
David then stopped and slowly incerted his rock hard cock into her pussy. He
slowly started to fuck her as she came and came.

As she was remebering this she started to slowly figure herself while
rubbing one breast. She was moaning fairly loudly as she came closer and
closer to climaxing. Then a noise startled her back to reality. She looked
behind the curtain and saw Major Gunns standing there with a puzzled look on
her face.

"Are you OK Stacy."

"Oh I couldn't be better Tylene. In fact why don't you come here and help
me finish what I was doing."

Major Gunns didn't know what to do. She didn't want to do this but at the
same time she was very curious. Major Gunns slowly moved toward the shower.
Ms. Hancock opened the curtain and Major Gunns was shocked at how beautiful
and perfect her body was. Now she knew she wanted her. She got into the
shower and Ms.Hancock didn't let her take off her clothes. Major Gunns and
Ms. Hancock shared a tender kiss. They exchange tongues and they slowly
started to get aroused.

Major Gunns moved her hand down the body of Ms.Hancock's body. Major Gunns
then slowly moved her mouth to the lucious tits of Ms.Hancock. She slowly put
one tit and then the other into her mouth. Ms.Hancock was rolling her head
back and forth as Major Gunns continued to suck on the nipples making them
harder and harder. Major Gunns then slowly kissed her way down the stomach
and right in front of Hancock's pussy. Major Gunns slowly flicked out her
tongue which made Hancock jump. Major Gunns then slowly made her way into
Hancock's pussy. It didn't take her long to find her clit which she sucked
on. Then Major Gunns took two fingers and insurted them into Hancock's pussy.
It was just a matter of time before Hancock came and she came hard. She was
screaming like crazy. Hancock then lifted up Major Gunns and enjoyed a tender
kiss exchanging pussy juice with Major Gunns.

Ms.Hancock looks at Major Gunns and immediately strips of the shirt of
Major Gunns and the shorts with her panties. Ms.Hancock goes directly for
the big tits of Major Gunns and sucks on them for a while making her nipples
hard. As she is doing this Hancock inserts two fingers into Major Gunns
pussy which makes her start to ride on her fingers. Ms. Hancock slowly moved
down to Major Gunns pussy. When she reaches the promise land she goes
straight for the clit which isn't hard to find. She sucks on it while moving
the two fingers in and out until she was close to cumming. She was screaming
like crazy also.

Just then the door to the lockeroom opened and David Flair stepped through
the door seeing if everything was alright. He moved to the bathroom and saw
Ms. Hancock giving Major Gunns a hand job and licking her pussy. He got hard
immediately and took out his dick to masturbate. Just as Major Gunns comes
both of them realize David is in the room. Major Gunns is surprised but Ms.
Hancock isn't. Ms.Hancock whispers to Major Gunns and she gets a look in her
eye. They tell David to come over and take his clothes off.

Part 2 later

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