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Ms. Hancock & Her Interesting Situation Part 2
by The Dude

Major Gunns didn't know what to do. Ms. Hancock had just invited David
to join her and Ms.Hancock. She tried to get up and leave but Ms. Hancock
just put her hand on top of Major Gunns head and told her not to leave quite

David quickly strip off his clothes and walked toward the shower. Ms.
Hancock put her hand up and turned off the shower. Then she went to the door
of the lockeroom to lock it so no one else came in. She then called David
and Major Gunns out to the room. They both came out and immediatley got to
action. Ms. Hancock and David did a passionate kiss and then Ms. Hancock did
the samething with Major Gunns. Ms. Hancock pushed Major Gunns down to the
floor and told her to suck David's cock while she watched from a chair

Major Gunns took David's cock into her mouth and slowly started to suck
it as Ms.Hancock went over to the chair and started playing with herself as
David got his cock suck. Major Gunns went slow at first but then started to
pick up speed. She slowly licked the sides of his dick then encircled the
head with her tongue before going back down on the dick. She then moved her
hand to the base of his cock to simulate masturbating him. David was slowly
moving his hips in rhythem with Major Gunns's sucking. Then without warning
David removed his cock and started to squirt all over the place.

After this Ms. Hancock came over and suck the cum off David's dick. Ms.
Hancock pushed Major Gunns to the floor and spread her legs wide. She licked
up the thigh of Major Gunns and then the other thigh. She then slowly started
to work her way into Major Gunn's pussy. She worked her tongue inside as
Major Gunns started to squirm. She quickly found the clit and sucked on it
for a little while. David then took control as he moved Gunns to a chair and
let Ms. Hancock continue to lick Major Gunns' pussy.

David came up from behind and picked up Hancock to the doggie style and
slowly incerted his dick into Ms. Hancock. Hancock tried to lick Gunns pussy
in rhythem with David's thrusts but soon David was going so fast that all
she could do was finger Gunns. Hancock and Gunns were moaning like crazy as
both neared their orgasms. Then finally David pulled out and started to
stroke himself as Ms. Hancock continued to lick Major Gunns. He then screamed
as he squirted all over the back of Ms. Hancock and even some reached onto
the stomach of Major Gunns. He couldn't remember the last time he came like
this and for so long as he continued to cum for a few minutes all over the
back of Ms. Hancock, the floor and Major Gunns. David sat down completely
exhausted as Ms. Hancock said she needed another shower.

Ms.Hancock went to take a shower and while David was sitting in a chair
he looked over at Major Gunns who looked like she was asleep. David saw her
nude body there and immediately got hard again. He quitely made his way over
to Major Gunns and slowly inserted his dick into her pussy. This made Major
Gunns open her eyes but all she said was, "Quick before she comes back."

David then went immediatley to work as he pumped in and out of Gunns as
quickly as he could. Finally after a few minutes he yelled he was going to
cum and came right inside Major Gunns. At this time she couldn't contain
herself any longer as she screamed as she came again. David pulled out and
went to sit in the chair again just as Ms. Hancock came out of the shower.

"Let's go guys we have to be in San Francisco tomorrow."

All three of them got dressed and left together never talking about what
happen that night until they needed another threesome.

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