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Ms. McCool's Favorite Students
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside a locker room located backstage of a SmackDown Live event, the rookie
tag team of Idol Stevens and KC James are both cooling down after picking up
another win over the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.
Idol is wearing long black wrestling pants, and KC is wearing long red
wrestling tights. KC looks at his tag team partner and smirks, "Hey Idol...
what grade do you think Ms. McCool is giving us for this match?"

Idol shrugs his shoulders, "You got me... but I think we deserve an A for
it... we did win... and put in some extra credit by beating down those two
scrawny punks...." Idol replies.

"Yeah... totally...." KC says and as he's about to say something else, the
locker room door is opened, and he and Idol scramble to sit on a wooden
bench. They fold their hands and lay them in their laps as they wait to see
their 'teacher', Michelle McCool, enter the locker room.

The hot Teacher of SmackDown, Michelle McCool, enters the locker room and
closes the door behind her once she's inside of the locker room. "Boys...
boys...boys I must say very impressive out there..." Michelle says in her
irresistible southern accent as she dressed in a short black skirt, a white
long sleeved top that is tied in the center on her body below her chest
that reveals her black-laced bra. Michelle presses her lips together as she
smacks a wooden ruler against her left palm with her right hand. Michelle
stops smacking the ruler against her left palm and casually holds the ruler
with her right hand as she adjusts her silver rimmed glasses "Boys...I know
you two have great potential..." Michelle says to her favorite Teacher's

Idol and KC both nod their heads as they listen to what Michelle has said so
far, "Yeah... we know we got potential... but we need work..." KC says with
a smile as he looks at how Michelle holds the ruler.

"Yeah... and we're willing to learn..." Idol adds as he leans back a bit on
the wooden bench.

Michelle slowly nods her head " need improvement, and the best way
for improvement is...homework." Michelle says with a slightly mischievous

"Homework?" Idol raise an eyebrow after hearing what Michelle said. He looks
at KC and then back at Michelle, "What... kind of homework are you talking
about?" Idol asks.

Michelle gently grits her teeth "Well boys...or should I say my two favorite
students..." Michelle pauses as she tosses her soft, long flowing blonde hair
back and smirks "You're homework will be difficult one of course, one that
will make you sweat..."

KC smile and rubs his two hands together, "That's no problem Ms. McCool...
we love things hard... and that make us sweat..." KC says before actually
licking his lips slightly.

Michelle nods her head happily "That's KC...Idol, it's time you
obey your teacher and disrobe..." KC and Idol both get wide smiles on their
faces before they stand up from the wooden bench. Both men push their
wrestling tights down from their waist and down their muscular legs all the
way to their feet. Both men step out of their wrestling pants. KC and Idol
stand straight up and stand before Michelle completely naked, with their
cocks hanging between their legs. Both men have very thick, meaty cocks that
are roughly about ten inches long each.

Michelle nods her head as she readjusts her silver framed glasses again as
she gets a better look at the size of KC and Idol's cocks. Michelle crouches
down slightly and licks her lips "Nice...very nice boys, I'll give you
passing grade..." Michelle pauses as the hot SmackDown teacher smirks slyly
"But first...turn around, both you.."

KC and Idol both turn around so that their backs are facing Michelle.
Michelle can see that both men have firm asses and broad shoulders. KC and
Idol both look over their shoulders at Michelle with smiles on their face.
"Like what you see Ms. McCool?" Idol asks as he licks his lips.

Michelle nods her head and smirks "Oh yes I do, Mr. James and Mr. Stevens..."
Michelle takes a step towards them as she now stands directly behind Idol
Stevens and KC James "You know...every good student must have discipline..."
Michelle says before she raises the wooden ruler with her right hand and
smacks Idol's ass with a decent amount of force before doing the same to her
other favorite student, KC James.

Idol Stevens and KC James both jump a bit as Michelle's wooden ruler smacks
against their asses. "Ohhh shit..." KC bites his tongue and cringes as his
ass stings from Michelle striking it with a ruler.

Idol clenched his teeth after Michelle stuck his ass, "Ouch... that hurt..."
Idol says as he looks back at Michelle.

Michelle smirks and presses her lips together "Have you two boys had enough?"
Michelle says with a slight laugh as she starts to untie her white long
sleeve top with her left hand. Michelle opens her white long sleeved top to
reveal her black laced bra before she slides the white top off of her
stunning, "A+" perfect body.

KC nods his head, "Yeah... that ruler really stings..." KC says as he and
Idol turn around and watch as the sexy 'teacher' removes her long sleeved
white top from her body.

Idol licks his lips and smirks a bit, "Damn... that's a Grade A body right
there..." Idol says as he looks at Michelle's bra covered tits.

Michelle nods her head and licks her lips "You're right its a Grade A
body..." Michelle says as she reaches up with her hands and removes her
silver framed glasses and sets them on the wooden bench before she starts
to slide her short black skirt off of her rounded, slender hips.

KC wraps his right hand around his already stiff cock and begins to stroke
it as he watches Michelle lower her short black skirt down her long, smooth
legs. "Whew-wee... damn those are some damn sexy legs..." KC says with as

Idol slides a hand through his black hair and smirks, "Are we getting a
biology lesson as part of our homework Ms. McCool?" KC asks with a slight

Michelle shakes her head "No Idol, you're getting an anatomy lesson of the
human body." Michelle says in soft, seductive voice as she steps out of her
skirt and stands their in front of her two favorite students dressed in black
laced bra and a skimpy black thong.

"Can't we just skip to sexual education?" KC asks with a big, somewhat
goofy smile on his face as he continues to stroke his cock while he looks at
Michelle's black laced bra.

Michelle smirks as she reaches over her shoulder and unclips her black lace
bra and slowly peels the bra away from her amazingly rounded and perfectly
perky tits. Michelle licks her lips as she looks at KC and Idol "I suppose
we can skip to sexual education..." Michelle places her hands on her slender,
smooth waist "Why don't ya'll hot students get over here.."

Idol Stevens and KC James both smirk as they slowly approach the sexy
teacher. When they reach her, KC stands towards her right hand side, while
Idol stands on the left. Idol licks his lips as he looks at Michelle's
perfect round perky tits as he again slides a hand through his dark hair,
"Mmmm damn Ms. McCool... I think I'm hot for teacher..." Idol says as he
puts his hands on his hips.

"Me too..." KC says as he lets go of this thick cock.

Michelle licks her lips "When then...I must be hot for ya'll students..."
Michelle says as she gently grits her teeth and the hot SmackDown teacher
lowers herself down on her kneels in front of her two favorite students, KC
James and Idol Stevens. Michelle reaches over with her right hand and wraps
it around KC's shaft as she takes Idol's cock with her left hand. Michelle
then begins to stroke her hands smoothly up and down both shafts.

KC and Idol both moan and thrust their cocks against Michelle's hands as
the extremely hot blond haired teacher strokes their big thick cocks. "Uhhh
yeah... I like being in this class..."

KC says with a joking tone as Michelle's right hand travels up and down his
stiff dick. "Oh yeah... totally..." Idol groans as he tilts his head back and
closes his eyes as Michelle pumps his dick with her left hand.

Michelle smiles up at KC and Idol "I think it's time for the...oral exam..."
Michelle says with a slight laugh before she leans her head down and flicks
her tongue against the head of Idol's cock, first, before doing the same to
KC James. Michelle closes her eyes as she spends extra time on KC's cock by
circling her tongue around the head of his cock before she turns her head
back to Idol's cock and takes his meaty cock into her warm, wet mouth.

Idol places his left hand on top of Michelle's head as the blond-haired diva
takes almost all of his cock into her warm, moist mouth. "Ohhhhh shit yeah...
that's... a perfect A..." Idol groans as he looks down at Michelle with his
hard thick cock in her mouth. Michelle opens her soft eyes and locks them
with Idol Stevens as she bobs her head swiftly against his cock as she uses
her right hand to stroke KC's cock at quicker rate while blowing Idol's hard,
thick cock. After a few more head bobs, Michelle lifts her head off of Idol's
cock and sees his cock slightly coated with her warm saliva. Michelle licks
her head before she turns her attention back to KC James. She opens her warm
mouth and the hot SmackDown teacher begins to suck and slurp KC's cock.

"Oooooooo fuck... damn... I love this... homework assignment..." KC moans as
he moves his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock against Michelle's mouth
as she bobs her head fairly quick on his hot dick.

Idol flicks his tongue against the bottom of his top from teeth as he watches
Michelle give KC a hot blowjob, "Damn you're hot Ms. McCool..." Idol says as
he walks around behind Michelle and stands her up. Michelle bends over to
keep sucking on KC's cock, but now Idol is able to slide down her black thong
from her slim hip. After he slides them down all the way to her feet, Idol
places his right hand on Michelle's waist and pushes his cock into the
teacher's perfectly shaved smooth hot pussy. Michelle moans softly against
KC's cock as Idol begins to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. The hot
SmackDown teacher begins gently push her body back against Idol's cock as she
starts bob her head quicker on KC's cock as she laps her wet tongue around
his cock, splashing his cock with her saliva.

KC pushes Michelle's blond hair back so that it doesn't hang over her
beautiful face as she sucks on his cock. "Oh yeah... ah yeah suck it Ms.
McCool... mmm..." KC moans loudly as continues to thrust his cock towards
Michelle's mouth, matching the pace of how she's bobbing her head.

Behind the hot SmackDown teacher, Idol is smoothly pumping his large fat cock
in and out of Michelle's pussy as he gets a good hold of Michelle's waist.
"Uhhhh ohhh fuck... your pussy is so hot and tight..." Idol groans as he
steadily begins to increase the pace of his thrusts. Michelle tightens the
grip of her soft lips as she starts to lower her head further down on KC's
cock, taking more of his meaty cock into her sweet, warm mouth. Michelle
closes her eyes as she starts to grind and twist her mouth against his cock
while she gets banged by Idol Stevens from behind at a quick, hard pace.

"Uhhhh uhhh ohhh fuck..." KC groans as Michelle gives his cock a work out
with her hot, wet mouth. "Shit... take it easy... Ms. McCool..." KC groans
as he slowly steps backward and pulls his saliva-coated cock from her mouth.
Idol grits his teeth as he pulls Michelle back towards him so that her firm
round ass presses against his waist while his cock moves in and out of her
hot tight pussy.

Michelle bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Idol Stevens drill her
tight, warm pussy with his hard and meaty cock "Mmmmm...ohhhh Idol...ohhh
yeah...give your teacher what she wants!" Michelle moans.

Idol licks his lips as he slows down his thrusts, "Ohhhh... yeah... Ms.
McCool... I love your hot pussy..." Idol groans as he drives his cock deep
into her pussy.

KC picks up Michelle's glasses from the wooden bench and moves them to where
they won't get broken, and then he lays on the bench. "Hey Idol... let her...
come over... and try... me... I'm her favorite too you know..." KC James says
as he watches Idol fuck the hot teacher.

"All... uhhhh right... good... thinking..." Idol grunts as he pulls his fat
stiff dick out of Michelle's hot pussy.

Michelle stands up straight and looks over her should at Idol and smiles.
Michelle flips her blonde hair back as she looks at KC James and licks her
lips. The hot, sexy SmackDown teacher walks over towards the bench and
gently straddles herself on top of KC's body as he lays on the wooden bench.
Michelle places her hands on his muscular chest as she lowers herself
completely down on his cock. SmackDown's hot teacher begins to rock back and
forth on KC's cock as she rides one of her favorite student's cock. KC places
his hand on Michelle's slender hips and starts thrusting his cock up into
Michelle's warm, wet pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhh yeah..." KC moans as SmackDown's
smoking hot teacher rocks back and forth on his shaft while lightly bouncing
on it.

Idol holds his own cock with his right hand and strokes it a bit as he
watches Michelle bounce up and down on KC's dick, "Shit... who says teachers
are boring..." Idol says with a smirk as he moves over to the bench and
positions himself behind the hot teacher. Idol puts a hand on Michelle's
waist and then pushes his cock into her tight asshole when she rocks backward
on KC's cock.

Michelle grits her teeth together as she feels Idol's cock enter her tight
asshole "Mmmm Idol..." Michelle moans as she starts to bounce quicker on KC's
cock as she starts to roughly grind her pussy down against his cock every
time she drops down suddenly, forcing his cock to plunge deeply up into her

"Ahhhhh ohhh fuck yeah..." KC groans as he lifts his hands up and places
them on Michelle's perfectly round, perky tits. KC pushes them up and down
as Michelle rides him hard and fierce.

Meanwhile, behind Michelle, Idol is breathing quickly as he moves his cock in
and out of her extremely tight asshole, "Ohh uhhh ahhh mmmm fuck...." Idol
says over and over again as drills Michelle's ass with sharp swift thrusts.
Keeping his hands on her waist, Idol pulls Michelle back towards him, which
makes Michelle's pussy grind even sharper against KC's dick.

Michelle licks her lips and tilts her head back as sweat drips down her
perfectly, hot and tanned Grade A body "Mmmm ohhhh KC...Idol ya'll are my
favorites!" Michelle moans.

Michelle's favorite students, KC James and Idol Stevens continue to thrust
their big fat cocks in and out of her hot wet pussy and her tight asshole.
KC repeatedly pops his hips upwards to drive his cock upward and deep into
her pussy. Idol grunts constantly as he rams his cock in and out of
Michelle's ass before he suddenly pulls out and lifts Michelle off of KC.
"We're... going for extra credit Ms. McCool..." Idol says as he wipes sweat
from his forehead.

Michelle smirks and raises her eyebrow "Extra credit, Idol...ya'll know I
love giving extra credit."

"And we love extra credit..." KC says as he gets up from the bench. He and
Idol exchange looks and they both smirk. KC moves behind Michelle and lifts
her up.

Idol spreads her legs and pushes his cock into Michelle's hot wet pussy.
"Ohhh yeah..." Idol grunts as he holds Michelle so that KC and slide his
thick dick into her tight ass.

Michelle grits her teeth together as sweat drips off her stunning, hot body
"Ohhhh shit boys..." Michelle moans before she starts to bounce quickly as KC
James and Idol Stevens starts to ram and thrust their cocks deeply into her
asshole and pussy.

KC and Idol press their smooth muscular bodies against Michelle's hot Grade A
body. The two talented rookie SmackDown wrestlers pump their cocks in and out
of Michelle's pussy and asshole as they sandwich her between them. "Ahhhh
ohhh fuck yeah... this... is... the best..." KC grunts as he slams his cock
deep into Michelle's asshole.

"Mmmmm you...ya'll get the" Michelle groans as she
closes her eyes and begins to cum on Idol's cock as both Idol and KC continue
to drive their cocks deeply into her wet, warm pussy and her tight asshole.

KC and Idol continue to fuck Michelle's hot tight ass and soaking wet pussy
with hard deep thrusts. "Ahhhh... ohhh yeah... fuck Ms. McCool... you're...
such a hot... A Plus babe..." Idol moans as he and KC both pull out of
Michelle and sit her down on the wooden bench.

"Man... I love being one of her favorites..." KC says as he and Idol begin to
start stroking their throbbing cocks.

Michelle licks her lips "Oh, KC and Idol, ya'll are my absolute favorites."
Michelle moans as she tilts her head back and closes her eyes.

"And... you're... our... favorite... teacher..." Idol grunts as he starts to
cum, spraying Michelle's hot face and tits with his cum.

KC grits his teeth together as he fiercely pumps his cock, "Ohhhh shit...
you're so... great... Ms. McCool..." KC moans as he also starts to cum on
Michelle's face and tits. Both men continue to pump their cocks with their
hands, making sure every drop of cum is milked out and shot onto their hot
teacher. Michelle licks her lips as she feels the warm cum of KC James and
Idol Stevens run down her hot, stunning body.

"Ohhhh ahhh shit..." KC groans as he sits down on the bench next to Michelle
on her left side.

"Fuck Ms. McCool... that... was great..." Idol says as he sits next
SmackDown's hot teacher on her right side. He reaches over to his left and
gets Michelle's glasses and hands them to her.

Michelle smiles as she places her silver framed glasses back on. Michelle
looks at Idol and then KC "Boys...I think ya'll get an A+ for today..."
Michelle says in her alluring southern accent.

Idol and KC both get smiles on their sweat-covered faces, "Thanks Ms.
McCool..." KC says as he licks his lips.

Idol gets a mischievous grin on his face, "Hey... Ms. McCool... when is our
big test?"

Michelle smirks "Well...ya'lls big test will be winning those Tag Team
titles..." Michelle says with a nod.

KC and Idol both smirk and nod their heads, "Sounds like a big test... we
might need... some more lessons to get ready for it..." Idol replies with a

Michelle laughs a little "Ohhh...I think I got a few more homework
assignments for ya'll."


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