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Ms. WWF 2000 (Part 1)
by The Game

In the WWF Corporate Locker Room Stephanie Mcmahon Helmsley, Marissa
(Marzola) Mcmahon, and Lillian Garcia sit on a table in front of Lita, Molly
Holly, Trish Stratus, The Kat, Jacquline, Terri Runnels, Tori, Victoria, and
Mandy. Stephanie Mcmahon stands up.

Stephanie: Okay now I know your all wondering the reason I have called you
all in here today! Well my father has noticed that the Womens Division in
the WWF is being unnoticed at the present time! I mean sure we got Trish and
Molly and Lita as Valet's but the rest of you are going unnoticed and my
father feels that why should he pay you if your not used?

Kat: Stephanie you don't mean we are getting FIRED do you?

Stephanie: No! Oh no! That would be stupid! The WWF has the best women in
the world! No but my father has asked me to think of some ideas to get the
Womens Division of the WWF noticed! So I have hired Lillian and Marissa to
help me!

Tori: Well do you have any ideas! I mean I don't want to have to end up with
any losers like X-pac again!

Stephanie: Well yes! I have come up with an Idea! The WWF is going to crown
MS. WWF 2000!! Thats right! I mean the men have King of the Ring so now the
women will have Ms. WWF!

Mandy: Thats Great!

Stephanie: Yes now the way we will decide Ms. WWF 2000 is to have a Tournment
to crown Ms. WWF 2000! So since my father has put me in charge, I along with
Marissa and Lillian will decide the winners of this contest! So without
further ado the contest will go in this order!

Round 1

The Kat vs. Mandy
Lita vs. Victoria
Jacquloine vs. Molly Holly
Tori vs. Terri Runnels

Stephanie: That's is how the first round will go!

Trish: Do you mean I am not in it?

Stephanie: Well Trish you have gotten so much air time recently and this is
a tournament to advance people so they can get more airtime! Well, ladies
unless their is any questions you are all dismissed!

(All the ladies stand up and leave the room except for Trish who stays
sitting her seat)

Stephanie: Trish the meetings over you can leave NOW!

Trish: Steph you know this isn't fair! I thought what happen between me and
Hunter was over!

Stephanie: Trish you really want to be in this tournament don't you!

Trish: Yes!

Marissa: Well I can think of a way for her to prove that she deserves it!

Lillian: Oh I have some ideas as well!

Trish: I'll do ANYTHING!!

Stephanie: Hang on Trish let me slip off my shoes these things are really
hurting my feet!

Trish: Oh no problem!

(Stephanie takes off her shoes)

Marissa: You know know that you mention it my feet are pretty sore as well!

Lillian: Yeah my too!

(Marissa and Lillian slip off their shoes)

Lillian: So Trish you will do anything?

Trish: Well yeah! I can never have enough airtime!

(Stephanie is looking at Trish's feet through her sandles)

Stephanie: Hey Trish your feet are really cute!

Trish: ...Uh well um Thank you Stephanie! Your's are as well actually all
three of yours are!

(Trish thought in her mind that complements were sure to get her in)

Marissia: You think so?

Trish: Oh yeah!

Stephanie: Well here's how you get your way into the tournament Trish! You
have to pamper all three of our feet! You have to do anything with our feet
until we cum! And if you can do that Trish well then you won't be in the
First Round of the tournament because we will then move you on to the second

(Trish looked kind of puzzled)

Trish: Pamper your feet?

Lillian: Thats right!

(With that Lillian extended her leg towards Trish and sat her foot on
Trish's leg and Trish started slowly massaging the midsection of the foot as
Stephanie layed her foot on Trish's other leg and Trish began massaging it)

Stephanie: Trish I don't want you to massage my foot! LICK IT, Suck it!!!
Just get me off!

(Stephanie rose her foot to Trish's mouth and Trish stuck out her tongue and
slowly licked the underside of Stephanie's foot until she got to Stephanies
toes and then she began sucking on Stephanies toes like they were miniature

Stephanie: Ohhhh you know how to suck don't you!

(Marissa then pushed her foot over to Trish's chest and Marissa began to
fondle Trish's breast through the leather tight black tanktop that Trish was
wearing, Trish began to moan through Stephanies toes as Trish took Lillians
toes and began to rub them against her leather covered pussy)

Lillian: I don't want to rub against the leather! Strip Trish!!

(Trish took Stephanies foot out of her mouth and Marissa stopped from
fondling Trish while Trish stood up and slowly first removed Black skin tight
tanktop and when she pulled it off her breast jiggled and then she reached
down and bent down pulling off her leather pants as she did. When Trish stood
back up the girls realized that she had wore no panties and then Trish sat
layed down on the floor as Stephanie, Marissa, and Lillian stood up and got
chairs and placed them around Trish. Then Stephanie sat at Trish's face and
placed her right foot at Trish's face and Trish began sucking on Stephanies
toes again as Marissa took a seat at Trish's Midsection and Marissa moved her
foot to Trish's breast and began squeezing at Trish's nipples and making them
hard and then fondling on Trish's breast. Lillian took a seat at the end and
she began using her feet to fuck Trish's pussy)

Lillian: Damn your pussy is damp Trish! You were horny throughout the meeting
weren't you!

(Trish lets out a moan around Stephanies big toe as Lillian shoves two of
her toes into Trish's pussy and Marissa begins to pinch at Trish's nipples)

Stephanie: Trish you have an expert mouth my toe's feel really good!

(Stephanie then starts to put more then one toe into Trish's mouth as Trish
moans loudly and then Stephanie smiles with her wicked smile as Lillian uses
her other foot to squeeze into Trish's tight ass and Trish raises her legs
and puts them on the desk)

Marissa: I am not having much fun just using my feet!

(With that Marissa gets on the ground and starts licking the large breast of

Marissa: Now I know what the T stands for!

(Marissa then began to suck on Trish's breast as Trish's mouth began quicking
on the sucking of Stephanie foot and licking between Stephanies toes and
Lillian shoved her foot in and out of Trish's pussy as her other the toe of
her other foot began slowly going in and out of Trish's ass)

Lillian: And I know what the A is all about!

(Marissa was enjoying sucking on Trish's breast but she wanted to do more so
she kissed her way down towards Trish's pussy and licked around the lips and
she kissed Lillians foot and Lillian pulled her toe out of Trish's ass and
stuck her toes into Marissa's mouth and Marissa began sucking on Lillians
foot as Lillian quickened the fucking she was giving Trish's pussy)

Marissa: Mmmmmmmmmmm

(Stephanie felt herself getting wet as she stared at both the site of Lillian
fucking Trish and Marissa sucking on Lillians toes and at the site of Trish
sucking on her toes)

Stephanie: Ahhhhhh Trish your making me wet!!! Now it's time for you to get
the job done!!!

(With that Stephanie removed her foot from Trish's mouth and stood up and
Stephanie took off her SMH T-shirt and the skin tight jeans she had on and
then Stephanie removed the red lace panties that she was wearing and she
stood over Trish and then Stephanie sat with her pussy on Trish's mouth and
Trish opened her mouth and dove her tongue into Stephanie's wet clit and
Trish began licking)

Stephanie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah!! Trish suck me off you T & A Slut!!!

(Marissa pulled Lillian onto the ground and they both undressed each other
licking each others bodies on the way and when they were naked Marissa layed
Lillian down and Lillian continued to pentrate Trish with her foot while
Marissa stradled Lillians face with her pussie and Lillian began sucking as
Marissa Arched over and began sucking on Lillians pussy)

Stephanie: OH GOD!!! SUCK ME TRISH!!!

(Trish let out a loud moan around Stephanie's pussy as Trish had an orgasm
and had exploded cum all on Lillians foot. Lillian pushed Marissa up)

Lillian: Marissa clean my foot!!

(With that Lillian began eating away again at Marissa's pussie and Marissa
pulled away and began slowly licking Trish's cum off of Lillians foot she
licked between Lillians toes so to make sure that she would not miss an inch
of Trish's cum and then Lillian bucked her pussie towards Marissa's face and
Marissa went back to work on Lillian's pussy)

Lillian: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uh uh uh Ahhhhhhhhhh!

(Lillian kept bucking and pushing her pussy towards Marissa's face and
Lillian quickened her pace on Marissa's pussy. Stephanie pushed Trish's head
into her pussy)


(With that Stephanie cummed and held Trish's head into her pussy to make sure
that Trish didn't miss any and then she let go and began kissing and making
out with Trish)

Marissa: uh uh Don't stop I'm GOING TOooo CUMMMMMMMM!!!

Lillian: MMMMMMMMMMMM me tooooooooo!!!!

(With that both women jumped up and sat on Trish's feet and rocked back and
forth until the cummed. Steph moved off of Trish)

Stephanie: Feed it to them!!

(Trish moved her feet toward the mouthes of both Lillian and Marissa and fed
the cum to them and they licked Trish's feet clean)

Stephanie: Good Work Trish you move on to the next round!!!



(The pyro goes off and the crowd makes noises and then the camera's go in
front of JR and The King)

JR: Hello Folks and welcome to 2 hours of Live WWF Action this RAW IS WAR!!
from Chicago, Illionis! And tonight we will see Triple H and Rikishi take on
The Rock and Stone Cold!

King: Yeah but the best thing is TONIGHT we will name the FIRST EVER Ms. WWF

Jr: Yeah but right now we have to take a commercial break!

****To Be Continued****

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