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WWF Ms. Game 2000 Part 2
by The Game

(WWF Raw returns from the commercial break)

Jr: Well fans we are back and we are here in Chicago, Illionis on a night
when we will Crown the FIRST EVER MISS WWF!!!

King: I can't wait!!!

(13 beeps on the titantron as Tazz's music hits and Tazz heads to the ring)

King: But first we have to put up with this IDIOT!!!

(Meanwhile backstage)

(Stephanie is looking at the list of matches)

Round 1 Round 2
The Kat


Molly Holly

Terri Runnels

(Bye) Trish Stratus

(Stephanie is joined by Lilian Garcia and Marissa McMahon (Marzola) and they
start talking)

Marissa: Well Steph, who do you think will win in this first round match up?

Lilian: Well I favor Mandy she needs a break!!!

Stephanie: Well girls I am really not sure I mean they are BOTH GREAT!!! But
I guess it all depends on who WANTS IT MORE!!! I guess that's what we will
have to find out!

(With that Stephanie, Lilian, and Marissa walk off down the hallway and they
stop at a door)

Lilian: Well here's Mandy's locker room!

(Stephanie knocks on the locker room and Mandy opens the door)

Mandy: Hey girls!

Marissa: Hey Mandy! Well as you know you are in the first round of the

Mandy: Yeah! I am pretty nervous!

Lilian: Well you don't have to be if you want we can help you win!

Mandy: Really!!! HOW??

Stephanie: Well we need some Pleasure!

Mandy: Sure! What can I do to help you achieve that?

Lilian: Well I am sure you can think of SOMETHING!!!

Mandy: No Not really I am sorry!!

Marissa: .......ARE YOU SURE???

Mandy: Well if I could think of Something I would!!!

(The girls looks at Mandy puzzled and Stephanie rubs on Mandy's breast)

Stephanie: Are you sure Mandy? You can't think of ANYTHING??

(Mandy grabs Steph's hand)

Mandy: I wish I could but I don't know what you want me to do!

(Stephanie pulls her hand away)

Stephanie:...uh.....Well good luck tonight Mandy!

(Stephanie, Marissa, and Lilian walk out of the room)

Stephanie: Now I see why my dad made her a HO!!! If she got on the mic she
would probably forget her lines!!

(The Ladies laugh as they walk down the hall and they reach The Kat's room)

Lilian: Well let's hope that Kat is a little bit smarter!!!

(Stephanie knocks on the door)

*From inside*

Kat: Who is it?

(The Door begins to open)

Stephanie: It's me, Marissa, and Lilian!

(Kat opens the door all the way)

Kat: HEY GUYS!!!

Lilian: Hey Kat!

Marissa: Well are you ready for your match tonight? Your in the first match

Kat: I know not a lot of time to prepare!!

Stephanie: Well I know a way that you can win and not have to be prepared!!

Kat: REALLY!!! I will do anything to win this!! It's a surprise to No one
that I haven't had much TV Time lately!!

Stephanie: Well let's go inside and we can talk about it!!

(Kat walks inside and then Marissa, then Lilian, and last Stephanie and
Stephanie locks the door as she closes the door)

Stephanie: Well Kat let's get straight down to business here! If you want
to win tonight it is simple!! All you have to do is prove to us that you
deserve to beat Mandy in the first round!!

Kat: Well I do I have great athletical skills and I am a good mic sp..

Stephanie: Not that way Kat! This way!!!

(Stephanie raises up her dress to reveal her panties and Kat quickly gets
the idea and walks over to Stephanie and drops on her knees, Kat pulls
Stephanie's panties down and Stephanie grabs Kat's head and forces down
into her already wet pussy and Kat moans a little)

Stephanie: Quick learner! You must have done this before!

(Lilian and Marissa quickly strip themselves and then they help strip Kat
and Stephanie and all four women are naked and Lilian and Marissa go behind
Kat as she is still working the cunt of Stephanie)

Lilian: Nice Ass Kat!!!

(Lilian and Marissa begin to rub on Kat's ass and lightly spank at it, Lilian
pulls the Kat up a little so that Marissa can slid under and Marissa slids
under and begins sucking and lightly biting on the Kat's nipples which makes
Kat moan and then Kat lowers down and Kat and Marissa's pussy's are right on
top of each other and Lilian gets down and begins to lick at both of their

Stephanie: Ahhhhh yeah Kat! Suck my Cunt!! You slutty BITCH!!!

(Kat's tounge begins to work faster inside of Stephanie's cunt and Kat starts
licking and flicking Stephanie's clit, Marissa is licking and sucking all on
Kat's breast as she reaches around and spanks Kat's ass to make her sceam
around Stephanie's clit and Lilian is Licking and sucking both Marissa's and
Kat's pussy and she is using her hands to poke her fingers inside their

Marissa: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Marissa uses her other hand to help Lilian poke at her cunt and she moves
her other hand up and inside of Stephanie's cunt and begins to finger it as
Kat sucks on it and Kat licks and sucks on Stephanie's cunt and Marissa's
finger as Lilian now focuses on sucking the Kat's pussy as she uses her
finger to fuck Marissa)

(Kat begins to furiously flick her tounge into Stephanie's cunt as Marissa
quickly pushes her fingers in and out of Stephanie's pussy, Lilian gets up
and walks over and adds another tounge to Stephanie's pussy)

Stephanie: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

***Meanwhile outside of the locker room door***

(Lita, Jeff and Matt Hardy are fooling around. Jeff is kissing Lita, and Matt
is fooling on her titties)

***Back in the locker room***


(Marissa pulls off of Kat's hard titties and slides out from underneath her
and Marissa begins to flick her tounge in Stephanie's pussy as Stephanie uses
her hands to push their head into her cunt)


(Stephanie has her orgasm and her jucies start gushing and Lilian, Marissa,
and Kat begin to lick them up quickly as Stephanie starts feeling on
Marissa's ass and squeezing it)

****Outside the door****

Lita: Come on Guys let's go in here!!

(Lita turns the knob and the door opens and Lita and The Hardyz walk in to
find Stephanie, Lilian, Marissa, and Kat naked in an orgy and Stephanie
looks over to see The Hardyz dicks rise in their pants as Lilian and Marissa
stand up as Kat still licks at her pussy)

Stephanie: Well!! I thought I locked that door!!

Lita: What is this all about!!!

Stephanie: Well Kat wants to win her first round match up against Mandy!! So
she is making sure she does!!

Lita: Well I want to win to but...

Stephanie: Do you want to make sure you will?? Because if you don't I am sure
Victoria will!!!

(Lita walked over and helped lay Stephanie down and Lita got into 69 with
Stephanie and began helping Kat lick at Stephanie's pussy, Lilian and
Marissa turned around to look at the Hardyz who had stripped, Lilian and
Marissa stood up and walked over and began kissing Jeff and Matt)

(Lilian and Marissa quickly broke the kisses and went to their knees and
began jacking off Matt and Jeff and kissing their dicks, Lita begins bucking
her pussy on Stephanies face as Stephanie begins licking on her clit, Lita's
tounge is moving furiously on Stephanie's clit and fucking her clit with her
hands while Kitty grabs Stephanie's tit and begins rubbing her clit with it)

Lilian and Marissa then grabbed on to Matt and Jeff's cocks with one hand
and began to slowly deepthroat them and then with their other hand they
rubbed the Harydz balls as Matt and Jeff sat their hands on Lilian and
Marissa's heads to keep their pace)


Matt: Marissa!!!! AHHHHHHHHH You gonna make me CUM SUCK MY COCK!!!

(Kat let out a long moan as she orgasmed and sprayed her juices all over
Stephanie's large tits and then she got down and licked Stephanies breast
clean, Stephanie and Lita were going at it bucking each other with their
pussies and screaming loudly)

Stephanie: AHHHHhhhhhhhh Goo.....Gooood Job Kat!!!

(Stephanie then went back to work on Lita as Kat walked over to the Hardyz
and Lilian and Marissa and helped Lilian and Marissa by jacking off the
Hardyz while they sucked them off)

Stephanie: ahhhhhhAHHHHHHHH I'I........I'm gonna CUMMMMM!!! Suck me!


(Stephanie and Lita came at the same time and Kat ran over and licked the
juices away from both of their pussies)

(Lilian and Marissa were working the Hardyz by deepthroating them and using
their tounges to work their cocks)

(Stephanie reached into Kat's back and found a Strap on and put it on)

Stephanie: This is nice Kat!!! Lita let's try it out!

(Lita got down on all fours and put her ass in the air and Stephanie
positioned the Strap on to the entrance of Lita's pussy and she pushed it
in and started fucking Lita as Kat started licking Lita's ass and licking
the Strap-on everytime Stephanie pulled out)

Matt and Jeff: OH I'm gonna CUMMMMMMMM!!

Stephanie: Over here boys Lita needs it!!!

(The Hardyz walked over to Lita and Lita looked as she was about to cum again
and The Hardyz both stuck their cocks into Lita's mouth and began to thrust
as Stephanie fucked Lita)

Jeff: Ahhhhh yeah Lita!! Suck our dicks!

Matt: Yeah Slut do it!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

(The Hardyz cummed in Lita at the same time but most of it rolled out of her
mouth and Lilian came over and licked it off and swallowed it as The Hardyz
pulled out Lilian took the cum the poured out and began cleaning it from
Lita as Marissa sucked both Matt and Jeff clean, The Hardyz fell out on the
couch as Marissa and Lilian still sucked them and Kat left to get ready for
her match as Stephanie was still pumping Lita)

Lita: Steph I am going to CUMMMMM!!

(Lita came and Steph kept thrusting as Marrisa got up and began sucking up
Lita's juices as Lilian finshed off The Hardyz)

(Stephanie pulled out and let Lita suck her juices clean and then Lita passed
out and Stephanie, Lilian, and Marissa sucked off the hardyz one more time
before leaving)

*****In the Arena*****

**Kat's music hits**

King: PUPPIES!!!!

*The Two matches happen*

**The Tournament Braket so far**

Round 1 Round 2

Jacqueline, Kitty vs. Trish Stratus


Molly Holly, Lita vs. ??? vs. ???

Terri Runnels

*****ROUND 3 COMING SOON******


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