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My All Time Dream
by HellYeah4Wood

They weren't twins, or even sisters, but Ms. Hancock, real name, Stacy
Kiebler and Torrie Wilson looked almost identical. They played it up,
dressing alike, having the same hair color, and going absolutely everywhere
together. Everyone knew who they were. They liked to say that they were like
a "two for one" special. If you were lucky enough to interest one of them,
you'd get the other one for free.

And that night I'd been very lucky, because Stacy and Torrie were sitting
on either side of my on my couch. Stacy's full mouth was sucking on my neck,
and Torrie's feminine hand had slipped under my shirt, provoking an instant

"Kurt," Stacy purred. "Can we have some wine?"

"Mmmm, wine would be heavenly," Torrie sighed.

I didn't want to move, but I didn't want to upset them. I came back with
the wine bottle and three glasses, and nearly dropped everything when I saw
what they were doing on the couch. Stacy and Torrie were both stripped to
the waist, kneeling facing each other, kissing. Stacy's hands were exploring

Torrie's DD-cup breasts, pulling the long nipples like knobs between her
fingers. Torrie's own feminine hands were busy in Stacy's long, blonde,
beautiful hair.

They turned and smiled at me. "Would you like to watch us?" Stacy asked.

"We'd like that," Torrie added.

I nodded dumbly and the girls turned back to each other, kissing
passionately. Stacy kissed her way down Torrie's neck and then took her
nipples in her mouth, running her tongue around them in circles. Torrie
reached down Stacy's back and slid her hands under her panties, caressing
the cheeks of Stacy's ass.

Releasing Torrie's tits from between her lips, Stacy sat back and both
women pulled off their skirts. Torrie lay down on top of Stacy and they began
to kiss again, running their hands over each other's bodies. Stacy's knee
slid between the other woman's thighs and Torrie pressed her pussy against
her soft skin, grinding her clit into Stacy's knee.

I sat back in a chair and undid my pants. If I wasn't going to
participate, the least I could do was stroke my meat a little. I didn't want
to disturb the beautiful scene that was unfolding before me.

Torrie rode Stacy's leg until she came, squealing and squirming as Stacy
laughed. Then the two women switched places, so Stacy was on top, and formed
the sweetest 69 I've ever seen. It was obvious that they'd done this before,
and that they enjoyed it. As they tasted each other's cunts, they moaned. It
made me almost dizzy, watching their fingers explore each other's cunts and
assholes, tiny thumbs tweaking each other's clits. Stacy's hair fell forward
over her face, hiding my view, but I could hear the slurping and moaning
sounds of a truly well-eaten pussy.

After Torrie had come a second and third time, and Stacy had ridden
Torrie's lips to two orgasms herself, the girls rose and beckoned to me. My
pants were around my ankles since I had been beating off, and I nearly
tripped in my rush to get to them.

The women laughed and helped me out of my clothes, and then they led me
into my bedroom and I lay down on the bed as they knelt beside me. I closed
my eyes and surrendered to the feeling of their soft hands touching my body.
At first they teased me, stroking my chest and my arms, over my stomach and
then down to my thighs, barely touching me, and skirting my aching cock.

"Would you like us to touch your cock?" Torrie asked innocently.

"Would you like us to suck your cock?" Stacy teased.

"Please, yes," I moaned. And just like that, I looked down and saw
Torrie's hands wrapped around my shaft as Stacy lowered her sweet mouth to
the head of my pulsing dick. Torrie jerked me off lightly as Stacy's wet
mouth moved over my cockhead. I felt Stacy's finger teasing the edge of my
asshole as she swallowed me. When she thrust a finger inside and Torrie's
hands tightened around my dick, I couldn't hold back, and I came in Stacy's

I felt like American Pie and I was with Nadia, but Stacy made me feel
better as Stacy held my seed in her mouth and then she and Torrie leaned
forward and kissed each other, sharing my cum. That sight kept my dick hard
as a board, and desperate to keep going.

"Who gets to fuck him?" Stacy asked Torrie.

"I'll do it," Torrie said. "I want him to come inside me." And with that,
she knelt over me and lowered her tight little cunt onto my stiff prick. I
would have moaned, but at the same time Stacy was pressing her cunt down onto
my mouth. They rode me together, Torrie on my prick and Stacy on my face.
Since I had just come, it seemed to take forever before the cum built in my

Torrie and Stacy didn't seem to mind. Stacy turned to face Torrie so my
nose was pressed against her ass and I could hear them kissing and giggling
as they stroked each other's clits.

We all came together - my hot wad shooting deep inside Torrie's tight
little cunt, and Stacy's hot pussy twitching against my lips and tongue.

Curling up under my arms, Torrie and Stacy snuggled up next to me. "Did
you enjoy that, Kurt?" Torrie asked.

"We certainly did," Stacy giggled.

"Absolutely," I sighed. And that was the truth. That experience made me
hate WWF and love WCW, well maybe not that much, but still, it was simply

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