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My Bitch Tori
by Ocman

I snuck backstage at a WWF house show event and saw the DX lockerroom.
Since they kick ass and dont' take shit I went in to meet them, but the only
one I saw was Tori. She was asleep and was only waring a pair of black
stockings and black high-heeled shoes. I also saw a unique sex toy in the
room, and decided to take advantage of the unconscious bitch. I picked her
up in my arms and used my left hand to squeeze her big tits while she was
knocked out. I then dropped her onto the inverted weight-bench on her
stomach, and strapped her in, making sure she couldn't move and get out.

I then went in front of her and forced my cock into her mouth. Her mouth
was really warm and wet, and it turned me on the way that she was out of it.
Since she couldn't suck my dick, I started to force it forward myself. I
started to ram it forward
until it reached all the way in, but she wasn't
gagging yet and didn't wake up. I then pulled out a little, and started to
thrust in and out, fucking her mouth. I grabbed her soft sexy blonde hair
and kept on fucking her face, mashing her lips over my cock. When I felt
close, I pulled out and moved behind her. I started to kiss her legs through
the stockings, which got me completely hard just to see her sexy legs. I
then moved my way up, switching from leg-to-leg while kissing them through
the black stockings. When I reached her nice hot firm asscheeks, I started
to lick and kiss those. I then climbed up behind her limp body on the
inverted bench.

I spread her asscheeks with my hands and shoved my cock all the way
forward into her extremely tight anal passage. I continued to go forward,
letting the tight muscles squeeze me completely. I then reached the limit,
and pulled back a little bit, before slamming forward again. I started a
fast, furiously hard rhythm, pulling out and then thrusting forward
completely. I kept on burying and freeing my dick in that perfect super-sexy
asshole. I reached around and pried my hands between her body and the bench
before squeezing her titties. I then let go of them and grabbed her big hips
again while I plundered her anus, ravaging it. Finally, I felt like I was
gonna cum, so I grabbed onto her stockinged legs as I shot my semen into
that perfect ass, thrusting in and out while I did so. I pulled out and left
the bitch tied up.

The End

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