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Hey all. This is my first story. It's a bit long, but I think it's worth it.
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My Golden Goddess
by NotTooFugly

I looked at my watch. 30 minutes late. Dammit Nidia, you said you want to
beat the rush. At this rate we'll be smack in the middle of it. I glanced at
the arena doors again. Ah, there she comes. Nidia strode out of the arena,
still clad in those oh-so tight little shorts and t-shirt. I felt a slight
stirring. Thank God for loose clothes...

She threw her stuff in the back and slid in beside me. "Hey Danny, sorry I'm
late. I had to do some promotional shit for the next PPV."

"No problem," I said as I switched on the ignition.

"No matter what, you're always there for me. But enough stalling, lets get
outta here."

"Your wish is my command madam," I replied sardonically. I hit the gas and
moved out onto the road. We spent the half hour drive to my home in relative
silence. She was staying with me because it was much cheaper and more
convenient than getting an apartment in the city. We pulled into the driveway
and stepped out of the car. I unlocked the door and lead her into my modest
home. I hit the lights. "Welcome to my humble abode," I announced.

"Nice place you've got here. Cozy."

"Yeah, I manage alright. Have a seat", I gestured toward the couch, "make
yourself at home." I headed towards the guest bedroom with her luggage.

"You got any beer?" she called after me.

"Check the 'fridge," I called back as I set her stuff down, "I've probably
got something in there." I strode back into the living room.

Nidia was sprawled on the couch with a beer in hand. She was still sweatng
a bit from her match. I sank down beside her. We began to chat a bit in
between sips of beer. I started to get a good buzz going. "So, hows the
love life?"

"Meh, so-so," she relied, downing another gulp of beer.

"Only so-so? I thought you had a good thing going with Jamie?"

"He just doesn't appreciate me."

"How could he not appreciate you? You're a jet-setting, highly paid, dead
sexy WWF Diva!" She raised an eyebrow.

"First of all it's WWE now, and I'm not that highly paid for your
information. And as for being sexy... well Jamie doesn't make me feel that
way. But nevermind, I must be boring you."

"No, not at all. Go on."

"Well," she blushed a bit, "he's terrible in the sack! No notion of foreplay
at all. He just grabs my tits an humps me!" I was a little startled at her

"Lucky him," I muttered to myself.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing."

"I do believe you've got a thing for me!"

"Do not!"

"Oh yeah? Then how come you're so hard?" Before I could think to do anything
she reached over and grabbed my crotch. I gasped aloud.

"What are you doing?" She stood up.

"Whats it look like? I'm seducing you." She turned away from me and began
to dance a little, shaking her hips and bending over, showing off her thick
perfect ass. I was in shock. But she wasn't through. She looked over her
shoulder and grinned wickedly. Then she down on my lap, pressing her fine
ass into my excited member. I couldn't help myself. I moaned aloud. At that
she giggled, and began grinding into me, moving her hips and giving me a
wonderful lapdance. I slid my hands down her sides and rested them on her
gyrating hips. I held her fast. She glanced back at me.

"How far are you going with this?"

"As far as you want Dan."

"In that case," I clasped her breasts, "it's all the way." She leaned her
head back as she resumed grinding and opened her mouth. I kissed her warm
wet mouth as I fondled her big soft tits. Suddenly she broke the kiss and
stood up. She smiled at me, and walked towards the bedroom. I took a moment
to steady myself, and followed her. I found her t-shirt on the ground,
followed by her bra. I began to remove my own clothes as I walked. I found
her daisy dukes next, wondering how she'd managed to get them off so quickly.
My shirt found it's way to the floor, as did my pants before I reached the

Nidia stood in front of my bed in only a pair of oh-so-small panties. Her
golden skin gleamed with sweat, and her big dark nipples stood out in the
relatively chilly air(the furnace wasn't on). She looked down
self-consciously, then beconned me forward. I slowly walked towards her
until my boner was actually touching her stomach. I leaned forward and
kissed her, wrapping my bare arms around her warm naked flesh. She melted
into my kiss, her tongue probing my mouth as she stroked my back. Her
breasts pushed against my chest. I pushed her back, still engrossed in our
kiss until we reached the bed. We sank down upon it. I stroked her naked
thigh absently as our tongues caressed. I broke the kiss, and began to move
down her face, kissing her cheeks and then her throat. Her pulse leaped in
her neck as I kissed that wonderful throat, tasting her sweat. I kissed
down her collarbone and underneath her arms. I sat up and looked into her
eyes. She urged me on. I grapsed her breasts with my hands, kneading her
nipples and brushing her full breasts with my lips. I teased her nipples
with my fingers until she was practically begging me to suckle them. I
kissed her breasts all over before finally reaching the nipples. I licked
them, suckling each gently in turn. She moaned, stroking my hair as I
gently took them in my teeth and bit them a little. Finally she couldn't
take it any longer. "God that feels so good, but my pussy is just aching
for you."

I took the hint. I licked down her flat belly, tasting her tanned skin. I
tucked two fingers under the band of her panties and pulled them down,
exposing what I'd fantasized about since I first late eyes on her. Her cunt
was covered in fine brown hair, and it glistened with her juices. Her hair
was trimmed int the shape of a heart. "Oooh, kinky."

"Oh, shut up and eat me out."

"Gladly." But I didn't get to it right away. I licked her inner thighs,
tracing intricate patterns on those sexy legs with my tongue.

Then I turned to her pussy. I brushed a finger through the smooth hair
before I leaned down to run my tongue over her slit. She moaned a little as
I stroked her lips, causing her to spread her legs wider to expose more
pink. I pressed my tongue to her lips and slowly worked my way into her. I
began licking up and down like a dog, exciting her all the more as I lightly
brushed her clit on every upstroke. She shivered when I did this until I
just began rubbing her clit with my tongue. She screamed aloud and came, her
juices running into my mouth as I licked. I lapped them up eagerly as I
licked her clit. Finally she pulled me away. "It's never been like this with
Jamie. I wish you could eat me forever, but it's jsut too sensitive. Here,
let me give you a little pleasure."

Eating her was pleasure enough, but who was I to stop this beatiful little
sex machine from doing what she liked? I moved back up the bed so I could
rest my head on the pillows to await whatever she had in mind. She kissed
me, a little sloppily and moved her hand down my body, brushing my pecs and
abs. She reached into my boxers and drew out my cock. I looked at her and
her eyes gleamed with promises of what was to come. She stroked my cock as
she slid down the bed. She looked at it as she stroked it, maybe deciding
where to lick. She stroked faster, and I had to concentrate on avoiding
cumming too early. She licked her lips as she watched my penis begin to
tremble. Before I could stop her, she slowed down. She waited a moment for
my dick to recover, before planting a kiss on the head. She gave a long
slow lick of the shaft, like she was eating an ice cream cone. I groaned.
She wrap her tongue around it, wetting it all over with her saliva until it
positively glistened. She gave me a wink, then pursed her lips together.
She positiioned her mouth directly over the head, then pushed down. For a
moment there was extreme pressure on my cock as it pressed against her lips,
then it was released as it popped into her wonderfully wet mouth. She
wrapped her lips around it as she rolled her tongue inside. She began poking
my hole with quick darts on her tongue as she bobbed her head. I had to
fight not to cum once more. Then she began to suck, like she wanted to pull
my cum right out of my cock, like sucking a straw. I arched my back and
closed my eyes, trying to think of anything but the beautiful woman sucking
my cock. But her busy lips and tongue overcame me. I stroked her hair. "Baby,
I'm gonna cum." But she didn't let up for an instant. My balls clenched and
the world was suddenly gone. I screamed aloud as my orgasm ripped through
my body, shooting thick streams of cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed
it all, slurping it up eagerly. I began to come down from my orgasm, panting
hard. Nidia cleaned my cock with her tongue, licking it and swallowing the
potent mixture. She continued to do this until I'd started to recover,
hardening once more under her eager ministrations. When I was fully erect,
I pulled her up beside me.

"Looks like you're ready for another round," she remarked.

"Oh you better you bet." I moved my hand down her smooth, slick body and put
a finger in her cunt. I brought it out and looked at it. "Still wet." She put
her mouth over my finger and sucked up the juice. I got the hint. I pressed
her to the matress and positioned myself between splayed legs. I kissed her
quickly, then pressed my urgent member into her sopping wet chamber. We
gasped simultaneously as I entered her. I was inside her. I braced my arms
against the bed, and began pumping my hips. I moved slowly at first, letting
her get aquainted with me being inside her before I began speeding up. She
licked my sweating neck as I slid in and out of her. She began to moan as
she approached climax. I didn't let up, biting my lip as I concentrated on
holding in. Her body quivered as she orgasmed. She opened her mouth to
scream and I put my mouth over it. We breathed down each others throats as
she finished her climax. I continued my rythym, but it wasn't fast enough
for Nidia. She twisted her hips unexpectedly, rolling over in the bed so she
was on top. She licked my face and then leaned back. She moved her hips
wonderfully and started bouncing up and down, abusing my cock in the best
way imagineable. Her breasts bounced as she moved up and down. I grabbed her
fantastic ass and began jerking my hips up in rythym with her bounces. She
was above me, my beautiful golden skinned goddess, gleaming with sweat as
she moved even faster. She came again and my resistance was gone. I pulled
her down hard and pushed my hips up and filled her glorious pussy with my
cum. I spurted again and again and we screamed together, not caring if anyone
heard us. She collapsed atop me, our sweat mingling jsut like our cum. She
kissed me lightly and rolled off my still half-erect cock. We nestled
together, our flesh pressed tight, feeling wonderfully sticky.

"I love you," I murmered as I drifted off to sleep.

"I know."

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