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My Hot Night With Trish Part 1
by NBA Bound No Doubt

(This night was a busy for me night cause not alone did I have a NBA Finals
game vs. the L.A. Lakers but it was also the night of me and Trish Stratus's
Fourth Month Anniversay. We bet L.A. for the NBA Championship after taking
pictures and pouring champaigne on my self and the other players and coach
no one other than my baby Trish Stratus walks in the locker room wearing my
Toronto Raptors Jersey and some tight ass white jeans with a white thong.
Walks up to me gives me a big hug and passionate kiss)

Trish: Hey baby you did it I'm so happy for you I'can't beleave my man just
won a NBA Championship.

(Gives me another long kiss.)

Sherron: Hey if you can't beleave it your really not going to beleave what I
got for you back at the house?

Trish: What is it?

Sherron: I got a surpirse for you but before you see any thing you gotta
(reaches in his pocket) be blind folded first.

Trish: Ok sounds kinky but I'll go along with it for now.

(We arvived at My Mansion in the Hamptions we get out of car I guide her to
door upstairs and lead Trish to bedroom.)

Trish: Baby Don't make me fall I've got to take pictures for WWE Magazine
this week ok?

Sherron: Relax (sits Trish on bed walks over to stereo and play some mood

Trish: Come join me on the bed (I Sit on bed Kiss her gently on the lips no

Trish: Oh shit make me want that kiss again (This time I Kiss her on her lips
neck and shoulders. She feels me rubbing and squeeze her big and lucious
36dd's breast gently I whisper in ear.)

Sherron: Tonight I wanna love you more I want you to trust me I wanna make
love to you tell me you want the same.)

Trish: (She tingles inside she looks stunned on what she just heard) Yes, I
want you to love me I want you to **** me good tonight.

(Reaches for blindfold.)

Sherron: No No No don't take it off yet!

(I guide her hands onto her breast. Trish is rubbing her tits while I'm
taking off her jersey. She trembles every timein my arms I softly kiss her
body. She feels me slowly taking her bra off and sucking on her huge and
sweet nipples.)

Trish: Oh shit oh god yesssss can I please take off this blindfold.

(Nothing but slience as I stare there looking at her pefectly tan killer ass
body. I reach for one of her tits I squeezed one with my lips and I kiss the
other Trish's whole body trembles as she's moan's out loud.)

Trish: Sherron,baby please fuck me, please. Put it inside me. (Moans again.)

(I unzip her pants slowly pulling them off admiring her killer curves. She
feels me kiss her tummy. I slowly pull down her panties. She reaches down to
rubbing her clit slowly up and down)

Trish: (Moans while rubbing pussy.) Ohhhh Sherrron ohhh fuck me!

(As I stand there there wacthing her play with herself I'm thinking to

Sherron: It worked I've got one of the hottest women in the world horny and
saing my name.

(I gently lay Trish down on bed.)

Trish: I can't wait for this blindfold to be removed.

Sherron: Not yet baby soon.

(I spread her legs wide open.)

(Trish feels my hands rubbing her thick thighs as I kiss her thighs softly.)

Trish: (Moans loud.) Oh Sherron my pussy is so hot. (Moans again.)

(Her body trembles again when I kiss and lick the side of her pussy.)

Sherron: Everthing's okay baby I'm going to take care of you.

Trish: OK (Moans again)

(I work my way up kissing and licking the side of her pussy. This time she
feels my tonuge going around her clit and one finger goes inside of her.
Trish shivers. I move finger around inside like it was my dick.)

Trish: (Cries in delight) ohhhhhhhh babbby ohhhhhh goddd! (Moans again.) I
want to please you babbbby I want you Sherron.

Sherron: Not yet let me feast somemore. (Starts to eat Trish out.)

Trish: (Moans softly.) Ohhhh Sherron I love you feast on what's your's
(Trembles in delight.) Ohh godddd I love you. (Let's out a small cry.)

(I lift Trish up to remove the blindfold.)

Trish: My turn to please you.

(Slowly takes off my Leather jacket and white T-Shirt. She notices my body
and tight abs. Kisses my chest rubbing her hands down my six-pack while she's
kiss me on my lips with her soft sexy ass lips. She lay's me down on the bed
unbotton's my pants.Still kissing me all over my body. Slowly pulls off my
pants off. Takes my 9 inch in her hands rubs it. Kisses my thighs and ask.)

Trish:You want me to do it I'm new at this okay. Tell me if i'm doing it
right? (Wraps her lips around my cock. I try to guide her.)

Trish: (Tries not to gag puts cock in her mouth sucks and licks it.) Don't
cum in my mouth only in my pussy do your best to assure me of that
(Countinues sucking my dick.)

Sherron: (Moaning softly.) Ohhh Ohhh Trish keep sucking it! (Moans again.)

My legs are curling up in as the sucking motion turns me on.

Sherron: Trish, lie back I want to go inside you so much.

(With a quick turn Trish is on her back legs spread wide open I stare deep in
her beautiful hazel eyes and slowly penetrate Trish's hot and aching pussy with
my cock.)

Trish: Ohhh Ohhh Ahhh Yessss fuck meeee. (Moans again)

(As my cock slides in and out of Trish' wet moist pussy. Staring deep into
her eyes while I'm fucking her. With every stoke she's telling me how much
she loves me my cock is going in and out very fast.)

Trish: Yessssss Ahh Ahh Sherrrron fuck me fuck me harder.

(While Trish countinues to moan and scream my name I'm squeezing her nipples

Trish: Fuck me in everyway possible ahhhh yesss ohhh.

(Cock steady goes in and out of Trish pussy in and out deep and fast.

Sherron: (Cock's slamming in Trish's pussy real hard and fast.)

Trish: Sherron Ohhh Ahhh Yesss fuck me harder I'm ready to cummm!

(Trish's pussy is so wet you can hear the smacking noises my cock bang's into
her pussy really fast.)

Trish: (Screaming) FUCK ME AHHHH FUCK ME harder (I start to fuck Trish even
more harder than I was to begin with. I'm tring to hold my cum in so I keep
hitting this pussy but I can't control myself I hold it for a little while
then I explode in Trish.)

Trish: (Talking while I'm cumming) Ohhhhh Ahhhhh Yessssss Cummm in
meeeeeeeee!!! (Trish starts to cum herself.)

(We both tremble because we both just had the best sex of our life's. Trish
get's on top of me look's in to my eyes.)

Trish: (Whispers slowly) I Love you.

Sherron: (Whispers slowly back) I love you too.

We Both go to sleep.

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