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My Hot Night With Trish Part 2
by NBA Bound No Doubt

(It was a couple of hours before my first game against my Idol the one and
only Micheal Jordan and I'm nervous as hell I'm in my dressing room watching
T.V. tring to relax when someone knocks on the door.)

Sherron: It's open.

(Enters the door is Trish.)

Trish: Hey baby you ready to kick some ass tonight?

Sherron: Oh yeah no doubt I'm just nevous that's all.

Trish: Why you've played in games in front of sell out crowds before.

Sherron: (Walks over to my couch while I'm talking) Yeah I know that but
this time It's against Mike a guy that I've looked up and wanted to be like
my whole life you know I mean this is huge.

Trish: (Walks over to door locks do and walks over to couch stands in front
of of me) Well baby if your that nervous and I really want you to win tonight
I got a little something that you can have to take your mind off the game.

Sherron: No Trish I can't the last time we did that I dam near didn't make it
to the game.

Trish: (Laughsand Giggles) I know I'm sorry baby I was just really horny that
night. (Giggles) Yeah that was a good night.

(I gave Trish a long passionate kiss as I'm caressing her hair and holding
her close I start to feel my cock start to get hard in amazment. I go to sit
on the couch. Trish pulls down my basketball shorts rubs my cock with one
hand it first then start stroking it with both hands.)

Sherron: (Moans) Oh shit Trish I don't know what to do with you sometimes.

Trish: (Giggles) Yeah gotta love me.

(She puts my cock in her mouth and starts to suck slowly on my dick starts
to put her tonuge on my head and blowing on it. While she's sucking my cock
I take off my jersey and warm up shirt I had on. As she sucking on my dick
she's rubbing her clit.)

(Trish stops sucking on my cock we get up I lay Trish on the couch in the
room. I pull off Trish's short skirt and I take her thong and move in up and
down in her pussy for a while.)

Trish: (Moans softly) Ahhh Ohhh Yeahhhh baby.

(I pull off Trish's thong,shirt,and bra. I lay on my stomach and slowly start
to eat Trish pussy.)

Trish: (Moans) That's it baby Ahhhhhh Yeahhhh eat my pusssy (Moans again)

(I get up of the floor get on my knee's and slowly start to go deep inside
Trish in and out nice and slow.As I go In and out for a while Trish is
moaning like crazy she puts her hand behind the couch as I start to speed up
and go inside Trish's tight sweet pussy you can hear the smacking sound start
to get louder as I slam my cock into Trish's pussy.)

Trish: (Moans) Ahhh Yeahhh fuck meeee.

We both are moaning like crazy I know that she's enjoying it because she's
biting her bottom lip and her huge fat nipples are hard as a rock. I put her
legs on my shoulders as I start to slow the pace down we both moan she wraps
her legs around my head.

Trish: (Whispers) I Love You.

(With every stroke I'm telling Trish I love her. I put my hands on top of the
couch with Trish's. As I start to suck on Trish's 36dd's Breast we both moan
we both know that we have to make this one good because we both are going to
be on the road for three weeks with out each other.)

Trish: (Whimpering Heavly) Yesssss Sherron fuck me you feel so good in me go
deeper in me as far as you can go make me cum.

(I start to go inside deeper in Trish than I already was my whole dick is
almost in her.)

Trish: (Moans Softly) Holy shit I can feel you in my stomach.

(As I slam my dick into Trish's really moist pussy her body trembles my eyes
are staring into hers she knows how much I love her and that we're going to
be together for a long time.

Sherron: Let's take this to the shower.

Trish: Ok baby.

(I take her to the shower room first I'm kissing her I turn on turn on the
water we're still kissing.I lead her into the water sucking her tits grabbing
her ass hard. One of her legs wrap around me.)

Trish: I want more please give me more.

Sherron: Good cause I've got more to give you.

(I start to suck her 36dd's harder like I've been craving for them for a long
time. Trish feels me pincing her breast. We look up for the soap to clean
each other up. She lathers up my cock I'm massaging her breast soaping her
pussy soaping her ass with a gentle tease.I insert a finger in her ass I
stare at her.)

Sherron: I want you there. (Pointing to her ass)

Trish: (Smiles and Giggles) If your gentle we can try.

(I work the lather around her tight firm ass again working finger in and
out of her ass. The lather rinses away. I begin to get on my knees and suck
Trish's pussy rubbing her clit in and out pentrate her ass. Trish begins to
wimper she wimpers again as I dart my tongue deep inside her sweet pussy.)

Trish: (Looks down at me) Take me I want you inside of me again baby fuck my

(To my delight I turn Trish so that you're facing her ass. I press Trish
against the wall. I reach for some babyoil to lube my cock. I begin to lube
her tight ass.)

Sherron: (Whispers) If you feel pain If you want to stop.

Trish: (Cuts me off) I love you baby just do it.

(I slowly start to press my cock to her ass. I bend over a little to spread
her ass cheeks wide slowly.)

Trish: (Feels the tip of my cock enter) Ahhhh!!! (Cries out)

Sherron: Am I hurting you?

Trish: It's okay just just... (moans) ohhh keep going.

(I press deeper I reach over to squeeze Trish's fat nipples. Again I slowly
drive in deeper until my cock dissappears in her ass. I sigh heavily.)

Trish: (Feels so much pain but doesn't tell me) Yeahhhh keep going.

(As I go into Trish's ass slowly I begin to move inandout the tightness is
driving me mad because I wanna fuck her faster but I know it would tear my
baby apart.)

Trish: (Rubs Cilt) Ohhh (Moans again) I feel your dick all the way in me!
(Moans again )Ahhhh keep going.

Sherron: Trish I'm about to cum I'm about to explode.

(She begs not to cum just yet.)

Trish: Not yet it's just starting to feel good. (Moans) Ahhhh.

(As the water pounds on my body I start to go faster in Trish's ass.)

Sherron: (Pounding Trish's ass harder) Ohhh shit I'm about to cum.

Trish: (Ass is getting pounded moans) Ahhh Ohhh not yet wait on me.

(As I start to hit Trish's ass harder than ever her body begins to shake she
begins to scream and get loud real loud.)

Trish: (Finally the pain starts tp intensefies) Ohhhh shit I'm cumming I'm
going to come Ohhh shit Ahhh Sherron Sherron Sherron.

(As she countinues to scream out my name she explodes her body shakes and
trembles and with one swift thrust I explode deep inside Trish ass.)

Trish: (Moans) You're cum is so hot(Moans Again)stay in me stay in me.

(I grab her ass and we lay down for a while and we kiss and cuddle up
together until the game starts.)

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