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My Meeting With Lita
by Wonder Mike

Mike: We have been in this line for ever.

Philip: You where the one who wanted to be the last to get Lita's autograph.

Mike: If I am last I might get to spend more time talking to her.

Philip: That is the stupidest idea you have ever had, not be quiet, it's my

Mike: Hi Lita, do you like being called that or do you prefer to be called

Lita: My friends and family call me Amy, my fans call me Lita.

Mike: That's cool, I just wondered about that, I guess it's different for

Lita: I'm sorry if I came off as rude, it's been a long day, how do you want
me to sign this autograph.

Mike: Could you sign it "from Lita with love to Mike and his best friend in
the whole world Matt."

Lita: It's nice that you think of your friend.

Mike: I haven't seen him in a couple of years, but we keep in touch by

Lita: Wait a minute, Mike and his best friend in the whole world Matt, where
have I heard that before?

Mike: I have no idea.

Lita: Hold on, your the guy who writes those stories on the Internet aren't

Mike: I have no idea what your talking about, I guess I should be going now.

Lita: You are him, your that guy Wonder Mike, your nothing like I pictured
you. You are disgusting though.

Mike: My disgustingness is my best quality.

Lita: I bet you have done some wild things in you life.

Mike: Those things where just stories, there is a difference between fact and

Lita: Why do you always write about Kari Wuhrer, she's a nobody?

Mike: Kari's cool and a better actress than she gets credit for.

Lita: I don't believe it, Kari has never done anything good. Do you go to a
lot of these autograph sessions?

Mike: I never go to these, I was going to go meet Alyson Hannigan, but it was
a four hour drive and I lost my keys when I was supposed to go meet her.

Lita: I still think your disgusting.

Mike: I started writing the Wonder Mike show so the humanoids, I mean people
would realize I'm not really that disgusting, but it sort of got out of hand,
besides those where the easiest shows to write.

Lita: Are you going to write about this, if you do, make sure I come out
looking good.

Mike: I'm not going to write about this, this is pretty embarrassing.

Lita: What was your favorite story?

Mike: I don't know, I liked, My meeting with Alyson, Seventh Heaven Broke,
Sabrina goes to Africa, and the first part of ladies night in Dawson's Creek,
part 2 sucked though.

Lita: I liked the WWF vixen story, it was dirty and nasty, the way I like my

Mike: Then do you want to go back to my place and enact a story.

Lita: What do you have in mind?

Mike: You'll put on soft music, I'll put on my spider man pajama's and we'll
do things I'm going to tell all my friends we did anyway.

Lita: You're silly. Your friends won't believe this anyway.

Mike: I don't have any friends.

Lita: I wonder if your any good in bed.

Mike: I should be I practice a lot when I'm alone.

Lita: This could be fun, let me think about it.

Mike: I'll get the whipped cream.

Lita: I don't know about it, I don't believe in one night stands.

Mike: I know what you mean, sex without love is an empty experience, of
course, as empty experiences go, it's one of the best.

Lita: I'll do it, Vince wants me to be a good will ambassador, lets go back
to your place.

Mike: Whoo hoo.

Lita: This place is disgusting.

Mike: We should go straight to the bedroom, that's not that bad.

Lita: This bedroom if filthy.

Mike: But it's a step up from disgusting.

Lita: I really don't know how anyone lives like this.

Mike: All right already, the bedroom not so bad.

Lita: What are you going to write about this?

Mike: I'm not going to write about this, besides, everyone will just think
it's anther fictional story.

Lita: I really don't know how you find anything in this place, I really

Mike: All right already, take those clothes off.

Lita: What do you think of these.

Mike: They may not be real, but they are spectacular.

Lita: Thanks, pinch my nipples, that's it, do it harder, I like it rough.

Mike: Pull down those pants, I have to see that ass.

Lita: Wait a minute, let me bend over for you.

Mike: Man, that's a nice ass, I think that's the nicest I have ever seen, why
don't you ever show it?

Lita: I have shown it.

Mike: You have shown it once when Chyna stripped you, I watched the diva
video, the bra and panties matches, the lingerie show, you never show your
ass, it is spectacular.

Lita: Thanks, I really appreciate it, I never thought I would be a sex

Mike: I never thought Miss Congeniality would become a sex symbol either, it
just goes to show you.

Lita: I have been thinking about doing Playboy, can you believe it, me.

Mike: You should, but what will you do when you get fired after that.

Lita: I will join wrestling vixxxens.

Mike: I am glad you have a plan, now lets get that thong off. Man, that's a
nice ass.

Lita: Kiss it.

Lita: Now kiss the other side, now lick me pussy. That's it, your tongue
feels good, lick it hard, make me cum as many times as you are going to write
you did.

Mike: I'm not going to write about this.

Lita: I think I saw that pile of crap move. This place is disgusting.

Mike: There is nothing alive in here except us.

Lita: Stick a finger in my pussy. Ummm, that feels good.

Mike: If that feels good, I bet two will feel better.

Lita: Damn, that feels good, work them in and out.

Mike: If Two feels good, I'll bet four feels even better.

Lita: God, that feels good, fuck me with your fingers, do it Mike, do me

Mike: Ride my fingers baby, rock back and forth on them, take them all the
way in.

Lita: I think I'm going to cum, lick my pussy, and make me cum hard.

Mike: Rub your clit, I want to see you cum baby, rub it hard, while I rub my
knuckles across your cunt.

Lita: I'm cumming.

Mike: Look at that, my fingers are shiny with your cum. I think it's my turn

Lita: I will return the favor, get those pants off, I guess you can throw
them anywhere and it won't matter.

Mike: Shut up and open wide and say aah. That's a good girl, watch the teeth,
man your a good cocksucker, you should go pro, Ow, you bit me, why does every
girl bite me when I compliment her.

Take my cock deep, that's it baby, all the way in then all the way out. Who
do you think the best cocksucker in the WWF is, beside Helmsly of course?

Lita: It's tough to say now since we have been losing all the straight girls,
and the WCW girls are such prudes, I would guess Lilian.

Mike: I don't know about that, if Lilian was so good she would have a much
bigger role. Now don't stop sucking.

Lita: Pull my hair, force me to suck your cock, jam it down my throat, I like
it rough.

Mike: Suck my cock good baby, wrap those lips around it, I want to feel your

Lita: Spank my ass, slap it hard. OOH, that felt good, slap my ass harder,
make it red.

Mike: Look at that, I can see my hand print on your ass, I need to fuck you

Lita: Before you get to fuck me, I want you to lick my feet.

Mike: What?

Lita: You heard me lick my feet if you want to fuck me.

Mike Damn it, give them too me.

Lita: That's it, start at my knees and work your way down, slowly, slower,
that's it, get the ankles.

Mike: This isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Lita: Lick between my toes, yeah baby, spread my toes apart, get your tongue
in there.

Mike: Your disgusting, your going to get fucked now, roll over and get that
butt up in the air.

Lita: I love it doggy style.

Mike: And your going to get it, take it all baby.

Lita: Ow, hey, that's my ass.

Mike: I know, take it up the ass baby, take it deep.

Lita: Auugh, my ass.

Mike: I know you love it rub your clit as I ram your ass.

Lita: It feels good, it feels good.

Mike: How do you like my fingers in your cunt now Baby. My cock is all the
way in your ass, you love it don't you.

Lita: I'm going to cum again. Finger fuck me.

Mike: That's it baby, I've got four fingers in your tight cunt now, ride me
like a whore.

Lita: I'm a dirty girl, make me cum again, do it, do it, I'm cumming. Slam
my ass.

Mike: I'm cumming, turn around and open your mouth.

Lita: Cum in my mouth, I'm a cum drinking whore.

Mike: Here it cums, drink it all Lita, fill your mouth up with my cum,
swallow it all down.

Lita: That was fun, I wish Matt was here.

Mike: It has been so long since I've seen him.

Lita: I hope you'll be here when I do my next California autograph signing.

Mike: Count on it, I hope you can bring Lillian next time.

Lita: Don't count on it, she would have thrown up if she walked into this

Mike: Bite me.

Lita: Make sure you write that I wore you out.

Mike: I'm not going to write about this.


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