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My Meeting With Sunny
by Wonder Mike

I have been working for this God forsaken company for 2 and a half years,
they have been screwing me over for 2 and a half years.

We joined a union 18 months ago. We finally have a contract. I am going to
get 5 months of pay they owe me, I guess its better than nothing. Just in
time for the holidays.

My favorite person in the whole world is Miss Tammy Lynn Sytch A.K.A. Sunny,
I have extra money, I am going to devise a plan to meet her, maybe get a

I find her e-mail address, and the hamsters in my head begin to run. I e-mail
her boyfriend Chris Candido, I figure Tammy gets a couple hundred E-mails a
day from losers, I need to be different.

I tell Chris he is one of the top five workers in the business and that he
should be world champion, I tell him he has been under used and everybody
loves him. (Man I am going to hell.)

I tell him I live in California and will never get to see him live. That
would make my miserable life worthwhile.

Chris E-mails me back and sends me his wrestling schedule, he tells me he
would be happy to meet me and take me backstage to meet the guys, they love
to sign autographs for the humanoids, I mean fans.

I take my weeks vacation our mighty union got us and I am off to Philadelphia
to the infamous E.C.W arena, I can hardly wait.

I get front row seats and it is a great show, Spike Dudley gets tossed all
the way over my head into the third row, finally Chris makes his entrance, he
stops in the walkway and calls out Tammy. She is wearing a cut off jeans and
a tube top. She looks great.

They stop right in front of me, I tell them, I came from California, they
promised me autographs from everybody. They sent security to bring me

After the show I am joined by Chris and Tammy, I tell them about my e-mail
and he remembers me. He invites me out to dinner with him and Tammy. The
owner Paul E calls everybody back to the arena, he wants all the guys to sign
autographs for everybody at the arena, they are still a small company and
they need the good will. Tammy doesn't have to go because that would cause a
riot. Chris suggest that I go to dinner with her. YES.

I leave with Tammy and tell her what a horrible mistake it would be to leave
ECW, I remind her of the rumours management started about her in the WWF and
I pointed out that Chris feuding with the Disco Inferno in WCW is a giant
step backwards, she thanks me and we finish dinner.

It is really late and I offer to walk her back to her hotel. I tell her it
probably wasn't wise to move to the Bahamas when you work in the States.

She had gotten a little tipsy at dinner but I had no intention of taking
advantage of her. We make it back to her room and she invites me in. I think
about it for what seemed like a second and agreed.

I sit on the one chair they have and Tammy comes right over and sits on my
lap. She tells me she really appreciates the nice things I have been saying
about her and begins to rub my chest.

She is more drunk than I thought. I start to stand up I do not want to take
advantage of her. She laughs as I try to move and she feels my bulge. It is
a dead give away. She tells me I will never get an opportunity like this
again and I would hate myself. She was right of course.

My hand has a mind of it's own and slides it way up her shirt. I feel the
most perfect tits money can buy, If everybody had work done this well people
wouldn't complain about fake boobs.

I open up her shirt and began to suck like it is my last meal, she has my
pants down and is stroking my cock. I reach down with my free hand and start
to stroke her pussy. She is starting to moan and now she bends over and wraps
her full lips around my throbbing cock.

This is everymans fantasy and there is no way I can hold out. I shot my load
directly down her throat. I am scared she is going to be furious. She isn't
though. She just laughs and swallows it all.

My cock is still throbbing and she swings her leg around and is now riding

She plants her feet on the ground straddling the chair and she is jumping up
and down on my cock. It is an amazing sensation, everybody should get this

I rap my hand around that perfect firm ass and I can't believe it. I start to
slam her up and down. I start to suck on her tits again. I can't take much
more of this.

I lift her off of me and she doesn't want to go, I tell her not to worry and
bend her over the chair so I can take her from behind. I am so happy I am
starting to cry. Tammy is thrusting back onto my cock. She is a great fuck.

I am about to lose it and she spins around and starts to suck it. I shoot my
load all over her sweet face.

At that moment Chris walks into the room, I decide My east coast vacation is
over and I leap over the bed, grab a pair of pants, (Tammy's) and make my
leave through the window with Chris hot on my tail, of course there is no way
he can catch me.


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