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My Meeting With WWF Diva Trish Stratus
by Phil Esposito (

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Toronto, Canada. The WWF had just
finished up a house show, and the wrestlers were all at Planet Hollywood for
dinner later that night. I walked in, and I noticed the sexy Trish Stratus
sitting at a table, alone. She was wearing an extremely tight top, and a
mini skirt.

I walked up to her and asked "Excuse me, Miss Stratus, would I be able to
get an autograph? I'm a HUGE fan!"

She looked down, and noticed a huge bulge in my pants, and she responds,
"so I see."

I was embarassed, and tried to cover up, but to no use.

She said "Oh, don't cover it up, I would GLADLY be willing to help you out
with it."

She then give me a devilish smile, and winked at me. We ended up getting
into my car, and driving to her hotel, as it was near by. She lead me
upstairs to her room, and told me to "make myself comfortable". So, I did :).

Trish went into the bathroom, and when she came out, she was wearing an
extremely short, low cut, black teddy. I almost passed out on the spot. She
then proceeded to sit on my lap, and I felt my erection become even harder.
We began grinding, and I felt as if I were going to blow.

She then says "Oh Phil, you're so big and hard now! Do you want to titfuck
me baby? Do you wanna cum all over?"

I screamed out "YES!"

She then responded with "Hehe, you're so excited".

She unsnapped her bra, and let loose her gigantic melons. I proceeded to
tit fuck her, really fast and hard.

"Oh yeah, come on baby, cum on my tits"

Within one minute, I blew the biggest load of cum I've ever blown. It was
shooting out like a fountain! And Trish was licking it ALL up. It was the
most amazing feeling EVER!

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