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My Night With Terri Runnels
by Qxpc (


The WWF was in town today, and I was really excited. They didn't come here
too often, but this was my chance to see all the matches I'd been wanting to
see, live and in person. Sure, Razor and Diesel were in WCW now, but there
was still some good action to look forward to. I arrived early with my buddy
Alvin, and we had a great time watching the show. The highlight was seeing
the greatest wrestler in the world, Vader, beat up that fat slob Yokozuna.
He couldn't call himself "Big Van Vader" anymore, or wear his scary steel
helmet, but it was still awesome to see him beat up the former WWF World
Champion Yokozuna.

The rest of the show was good, but not really that great. Shawn Michaels
phoned in a lame match against the British Bulldog, and Ahmed Johnson and
Savio Vega beat those boring midcarders Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Steve
Austin. Also, the Undertaker lost to the WWF Intercontinental Champion,
Goldust, after that new guy, Mankind, hit him with the urn, but I was more
interested at checking out Marlena (real name, Terri Runnels) at ringside,
in her tight-fitting gold dress. I remembered watching her when she was
Alexandra York in WCW, and Goldust was Dustin Rhodes. They sure were
different now...

After the show, we were leaving, and Alvin turned to me. "I'm going to go
and root through the dumpsters outside the arena." Alvin said. "I'll catch up
with you later."

I shrugged. Alvin was weird like that, and I didn't particularly care to
hang around with him after the show anyway. So I drove to a nearby
restaurant, just to have a quick snack and head home. I was hungry, because
the food at the arena was ten dollars for a stupid pretzel or some shit like
that, so I didn't buy any. I just figured I'd go to a late-night diner and
have a quick hamburger or maybe enchiladas or a chicken-fried steak, then
head home.

Well, imagine my surprise, when I walked into the restaurant, and saw
Terri Runnels sitting at a table, along with her husband, Dustin (who is
Goldust in the WWF). Dustin wasn't dressed like Goldust anymore. He was
wearing blue jeans and a tank top... but he also had a fake peg leg on, an
eyepatch, and a hat with a skull and crossbones on it. At his side, he wore
a cutlass (a pirate sword).

When I sat down, the waiter came up and I ordered a milkshake. Then the
waiter went over to Dustin and Terri's table and started to take their order.
"D'arr, matey," Dustin said. "Bring me the boiled catfish and make it snappy,
or ye'll be walkin' Johnny Plank 'ere the sun rises tommorrow. Arr!"

I tried not to make it too obvious, because I didn't want to bother them
while Dustin had a sword, but I was looking at Terri. She was wearing a tube
top and leather pants now, and she looked really hot. Later on, I got the
milkshake and started drinking it, but then Dustin got up. "Shiver me
timbers!" he said. "I've got to weigh me anchor in the restroom. Don't ye go
nowhere, Terri. Harr!!"

When he left, I stole another quick glance at Terri... only to find she
was looking right back at me. She smiled, but she actually seemed a little
shy. "Don't mind Dustin," she said. "He just gets this way sometimes."

So she thought I was staring because of Dustin? Yeah, right. "Pardon me
for asking... I'm a big fan of yours and all, but what do you see in that
guy?" I said.

She sighed. "Right now, that's a good question. I ought to just leave him
here, but I'm worried he'd try to keel-haul one of the waiters."

"I'm sure they could take care of themselves." I said. "You should get out
and have some fun. He's a stupid pirate anyway."

Terri seemed to be thinking. Her lips pursed in a cute way as she looked
around, then turned to me with a smile. "You're right. Let's get out of here
before he comes back."

"Me?" I was shocked. Terri Runnels actually wanted me to come with HER?

"Yes, you." Terri looked at me with a sultry smile, and I felt my heart
rate jump. "You did say I should get out and have some fun."

So we slipped out of the restaurant to the parking lot. Normally I would
never slip out of a restaurant without paying, but this was Terri Runnels and
besides the milkshake was lousy and the waiter kind of looked dopey anyway.
While we were there, Terri went to a pickup truck with a skull and crossbones
bumper sticker, then pulled out a pocketknife and slashed his tires.

"This is so he can't follow us when he sees that I'm gone," Terri
explained. "We'll take your car. We can go back to my hotel room, if it's

It was okay, because I had almost expected Dustin would have drove there
in a boat or something anyway. So we got in my car and I started driving
towards the hotel. As I did, I could see Terri's eyes travelling up and down
my body. I wanted to look at her too, but I didn't want to get in a wreck.

"So, you were at the show tonight?" Terri asked.

"Yeah. I really liked the match with Vader. He's AWESOME."

"I know. He's the best wrestler in the whole WWF," Terri said. Then she
laughed and added, "A lot better than Dustin."

"And I liked seeing you, too." I added. "You looked really hot in that
gold dress. Hell, you look really hot now."

"Oh, that's really sweet." In the corner of my eye, I could see Terri
blush. "But... I haven't gotten your name yet."

"I'm Dave." I said. Because that was my name. I guess I should have put
that earlier in the story but oh well.

"I'm really happy to have met you, Dave," Terri said. "Do you want to come
up to the hotel room with me for a while?"

Hell yes, I did! "I'd love to," I said. "But what about Dustin?"

"He'll probably get arrested for trying to stab somebody with his cutlass
and spend the night in jail," Terri said. She sighed again. "It happens all
the time."

"I've never stabbed anybody with a cutlass in my life," I announced.

"Good for you," Terri said. She was smiling.

Then we got to the hotel. It didn't take very long because my car is fast
and anyway the hotel wasn't that far away. So we took the elevator up to the
room she shared with Dustin, then walked inside. It was really weird because
half of the room was really clean, and then the other half was full of weird
stuff like knives and daggers and a strap-on dildo and a cage with a
squawking parrot in it.

Terri noticed me looking at the parrot. "His name's Polly," she said. "But
he won't make any noise if we put a blanket over his cage."

"RAWWWK! Pieces of eight, pieces of eight! RAWWWK!!" Polly said, just
before Terri threw a blanket over his cage.

"This is a nice room you guys have," I said. "But it's a little messy."

"Dustin trashes the rooms by throwing a bunch of his pirate stuff around
all the time," Terri explained. "I noticed you didn't get a chance to have
dinner at the restaurant, and neither did I. Should we get some room

I suddenly realized I was pretty hungry. And just to think... I could have
dinner with Terri! "Sure. I'd like that."

"Dustin always makes me get sea biscuits and hard jerky and fish and stuff
like that, and I'm sick of it," Terri said. "Let's get some fettucini alfredo

"Sounds good," I said. I like pasta, after all.

She ordered room service, and then we got on the bed together and started
watching TV. There was a movie that was going to start in about 5 minutes, so
Terri got up again. "I'm going to get into something more comfortable for the
evening," she said, and she slipped into the bathroom.

When she came out, she was wearing a gold nightgown. It was really low-cut
and short, showing off a lot of her abundant cleavage and nicely-tanned legs.
And I couldn't tell for sure, but it didn't seem like there was anything
under it. I couldn't help but staring, and I know she noticed, because she
twirled around in it, showing it off to me from all sides. Wow... she looked
really sexy.

Before she sat down, room service delivered the food on a silver platter.
I thought that was kind of cool, because it was on a real silver platter.
But the food looked good, especially since it was late and I didn't eat at
the arena. Then again, Terri also looked good, and I couldn't really pay
attention to the movie. Especially when a drop of alfredo sauce fell from a
noodle and landed on the top of one of her breasts, then she scooped it up
with a finger and licked her finger clean. The white, creamy sauce looked
just like cum, and I felt myself getting hard in my jeans. I tried to put it
out of my mind. After all, I was lucky just to be having dinner with her,
and I didn't want to make her mad by acting like some pervert.

When dinner was done, we started watching the movie. It was one of those
movies about a rich guy who cheats on his wife with a hot blonde or
something. We scooted closer together on the bed, and I could feel the warmth
from Terri's body near my own. Then the movie started getting steamy, where
the guy would have sex with the hot blonde. Terri's leg brushed against mine,
maybe accidentally or maybe not, and she looked at me with a shy smile. I
looked at her, too, and I was also smiling... and then we both got the same
idea at the same time and kissed each other.

Kissing Terri was wonderful. My tongue started brushing up against hers,
and I reached around, putting my hands on her back, and found that the
nightgown was so thin it was almost like it wasn't even there. She reached
around and pulled off my shirt, then threw her arms around me, and I felt two
hard points on my chest. When I looked down again, I saw that her nipples
were hard, two little golden points standing out against the rest of the
golden nightgown. My cock was getting hard again, and this time there was no
stopping it.

"Dave... I want you so badly," Terri said. Lust was practically burning in
her eyes.

"You can have me," I said.

And just like that, she flung herself at me again, kissing me again... but
this time, she trailed down my neck, then slinked down the bed and unbuttoned
my jeans. She unzipped them and slid them off, giggling as she saw that my
underwear looked like a tent. She pulled that off too, and I felt the fresh
air against my cock as she stared at it. It was only about six and a half
inches (hey, I'm not proud), but it must have really dwarfed what Dustin had,
because inside those stupid Goldust tights it really looks like he has a
small one, not that I was checking him out but you can't help but notice.

Then she went down, opening her mouth and slowly taking my shaft inside,
and it was incredible. Her mouth felt so warm and wet and alive, and as she
sucked gently, wiggling her tongue along the underside of my penis, which
felt amazing. After a few minutes, I could feel the pleasure mounting inside
of me, and I knew what was coming.

"Terri, I'm gonna..." I trailed off, and Terri took me into her mouth as
I exploded in breath-taking pleasure and sprayed several strong jets of cum
into her mouth. She pulled up and looked up at me with a smile, but I wasn't
quite done, and one last stream of cum squirted up, landing on one of her
breasts. Some of it was on her breast, and some of it was on the nightgown.

"I wanted an excuse to take this off anyway," Terri said. And she peeled
off the golden nightgown, revealing her amazing body to me. Her breasts were
firm and round, with large brown nipples, and between her legs I could see
a thin patch of brown hair. I couldn't help but stare. Even after that
amazing blowjob, I still couldn't think of anything but Terri, especially
when she was naked and in front of me like this. There was still a drop of
cum on her breast, and Terri scooped it up with a finger, then licked it off,
just like she had with the sauce.

"I know you've got something more left for me," Terri said. She climbed
on the bed and spread her legs, and as the idea came to me I crawled down
between her legs. I spread her pussy lips and started licking her, and she
let out a sigh of pleasure, then seemed to melt on the bed. She started
getting wetter and wetter as I licked her, and she tasted nice, almost-sorta
like oranges (I know that sounds a little weird but it's the truth).

Terri started shaking and gasping and moaning softly as I continued to
lick her, and I ran one of my hands over her body, feeling her sexy, toned
butt, then sliding it up her stomach and fondling one of her breasts. Her
nipples were really hard by now. She started moaning even more loudly, and
I moved my tongue to begin quickly licking her clit as I put two fingers
inside of her. That must have done it, because she cried out in pleasure
and a small burst of girl-cum landed on my chin as she shook, bucking her
hips lightly and breathing heavily as her orgasm overtook her.

"God, that was unbelievable, Dave," Terri said. "Dustin never does that
for me. Now... I want you inside me."

My cock was still hard, and I climbed between her legs, then slowly pushed
it into her hungry pussy, getting a soft sigh from her. The feeling of the
warm, wet walls of her tunnel surrounding me snugly was just incredible, and
I started slowly thrusting in and out of her, but building speed little by
little as I went on. Soon she was gasping in pleasure again, and those sounds
became higher and louder as I started fondling her breasts and kissing her
nipples, taking them into my mouth. I kept pounding into Terri, teasing her
nipples with my tongue, and she was building to another orgasm again.

Then she wrapped her legs around my waist and drew me in close, forcing my
cock to bury itself to the hilt inside her pussy. She moaned loudly, and I
felt her inner walls contracting tightly, clenching repeatedly as my shaft
was covered by another flow of her juices. That sent me over the edge as
well, and for the second time, I came, spurting my cum deep into her again
with an electrical burst of pleasure.

We collapsed on the bed together, then curled up in each other's arms,
cuddling each other until the movie finished playing. I thought maybe we
would fall asleep like this, which would have been fine by me. But when the
movie was over, she turned off the TV, then turned to me with a smile.

"Ready to go again?" she asked. And how could I not be? As my eyes
travelled over her naked body, I felt my dick getting hard yet again.

"Anytime," I said. And she reached into a drawer, then pulled out a bottle
of some kind of jelly. She poured some on her hand, then grabbed my cock and
started slowly stroking it. It quickly became very hard and very slimy, but
then she let go, and turned to get on her hands and knees.

"I don't want to miss out on trying anything... so how'd you like to fuck
me in the ass?" Terri asked.

"I'd love to," I said. Anything would have been fine. She looked so hot.
I slowly came up behind her, then spread the cheeks of her ass and slid my
penis inside. It was so hard and well-lubricated from the earlier handjob
that it went in very easily, despite the tightness of her ass.

She moaned and started rocking back and forth gently, and I matched her
rhythm, going slow because I didn't want to hurt her or anything. It was just
incredible. As I thrust into her repeatedly, I reached down and grabbed her
brests, which were hanging down, and I fondled them and tweaked the stiff
nipples, getting a little moan out of Terri each time. I felt wetness seeping
out of her slit again, covering my balls with each thrust.

As I continued to slide my cock in and out of Terri's ass, I put a little
of the jelly on my own fingers, making them slippery. And then I reached down
and started fondling Terri's clit. Her response was immediate, moaning and
bucking her ass into me faster. I felt the sensual feelings rising in my
shaft again, and knew it wouldn't be much longer. Then she moaned loudly, and
her ass started clenching around my cock as another orgasm overtook her.
That was all I could take, and once again I came, firing shot after shot of
cum deep into her clenching ass.

But as I fired the last bursts of cum into her, I heard a crash, and
looked up to see that the door had been kicked in! Dustin was standing in the
doorway, with his cutlass drawn and an angry sneer on his face! "Avast!!"
Dustin yelled. "Ye just rogered the wrong lass, ye land-lubbin' scurvy dog!!

He rushed at me with the cutlass, and Terri screamed as she scampered
away, with her asshole still leaking cum... but by some miracle, Dustin
tripped on the strap-on dildo on the floor and fell down! I knew that was my
chance... I grabbed my jeans off of the floor and took off running out of the
door and down the hall! I slipped into my jeans again, but I heard Dustin
chasing after me, so I high-tailed it out of the hotel, and ran into an
alley. But I think he was following me, so I leapt into a trashcan and pulled
the lid shut over myself.

Dustin walked by, swinging his cutlass angrily, but fortunately he
couldn't find me. With a frustrated "D'arr!" he turned and walked away, back
into the hotel, and I stayed hidden a while longer to make sure he was gone.
But it was worth it... sex with Terri was just wonderful. Thank God she
finally got rid of that creep later.


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