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By mkarl (

[Wrestling parody,M+/F,racial,violent RAPE, snuff]

DISCLAIMERS! All personality traits associated with the individuals within
this WORK OF FICTION are strictly created by the poetic licence of the author.
While certain efferts have been made to keep this parody as true to life as
possible, obviously not all facets of the material below would ever happen in
the 'real' world. Certain names are trademarked properties of either the WWF
or WCW and so this story is written purely for entertainment purposes and is
not meant to profit this author other than the enjoyment derived from its
creative process. No personal disrespect or slander is meant towards anyone
parodied in this work-of-pure-fiction.

No one otherwise prohibited by the laws of their community should read any
further. People who have no ability to distinguish between reality and
fantasy are also asked to find their entertainment elsewhere. This work is
intended to be controversial and intentionally offensive so please be

Now on to the story...

The man who had once been an up-and-coming [cummng?] star in the WWF had
certainly fallen on hard times. He had been something... he had been a
contender... now, his once amazing pysique had softened to the point where
he was becoming a joke with the internet fanboy crowd.

Hell, everything about the man who had formally been known as Ahmed Johnson
was a joke. Wrestling over some GodDamn letter for a name??? Not that what
the man formally known as Ahmed did was actually wrestling. It was more like,
just hurting people, cause the man had all the grace of a Brahma Bull in a
china shop.

Ahmed Johnson [Yeah, not Big T, or Moadib, or even his real name of Tony
Norris] was an angray man... An angry, huge, BLACK MAN. Reports had hit the
internet rumour mill the previous spring about how the ex-Intercontinental
WWF champion had taken to pimping children. The bad pr [not saying whether
it was true, but you all be the judge] had conspired with the brute's
overwhelming lack of talent to have forced him to take a shitty job in WCW
where he was stuck in the lamest ass 'program' he had ever been 'scripted'
into. It was pretty obvious that after the discrimination suit filed against
the company had been dealt with, that Ahmed and Stevie would be two more
niggers looking to welfare or pimping to support their habbits.

The thing that Ahmed was thinking though was, 'why the fuck should he wait
to get back to what he was actually 'good' at, anyhow?'

Back in the WWF, during the whole 'gang' wars angle that had fallen apart
with Mr. Bret Hart's departure for the seven-figure-contract-land of Ted
Turner's playground; ol'Vince McManhon had once toyed with a 'NATION OF
DOMINATION' idea. Ahmed had already been exposed as someone who couldn't
wrestle at the time without putting either himself or his opponents into an
intenstive care unit so he had been momentarily allowed to associate with
the NOD and had gotten himself very eXXXcited at the proposed story line
where the heartbreak kid, Shawn Michaels was going to establish the WWF
superstar valet Sunny as being Bret Hart's squeeze on the road. Than, Shawn
was going to frame the 'Hart Foundation' as a bunch of racists and the NOD
would get to take it all out on Sunny at a special 'lights-out' pay-per-view
that would have been shown eXXXclusively on the SPICE channal.

...and if pigs had wings.

Damn that Hart for thinking the story line would interfere with his futile
attempts to save his own marriage. It had pissed Ahmed off enough that the
nigger had actually paid the bitch a visit during the filming of Wrestling
with Shadows. It had been some good payback at the time, but hadn't been
anywhere near satisfactory enough in the long term... Ahmed needed more.


WCW was having ratings problems... and talent problems... and management...
Hell, the whole fucking company was losing millions [dollars and fans!] Eric
Bischoff had been the man, than Vince Russo had come in as the 'Powers that
be.' More recently, the formally demonic Satan worshipper Kevin Sullivan was
having his shot at the top of the 'booking' team. It was his job to make sure
something interesting would be on the Monday NITRO national, live TV show each
week. He hadn't been doing a good job.

Now WCW's problems were Kevin Sullivan's. Bischoff had just been rehired
and as the potbellied, 5'7" former 'GAMEMASTER' checked the internet rumours,
he saw that Russo would likely be back on Monday. Sullivan had very little
time to act. If Turner's suits wanted to bring back two guys that only knew
how to book gang warfare [the NWO] and sex [everything Russo does, than Kevin
thought that if he only had one more NITRO in charge that it would be one for
the ages... Standards and Practices be damned.

As the little goat-boy sat behind his desk and tried to decide on who would
get the best of his rewritten Nitro proposals between all the hotties [Miss
Hancock, Tori Wilson, Kimberly Page, Nitro Girl Spice, or his own favorite of
Leanna Meow] Ahmed Johnson suddenly came through the door of the bookerman's

"What the fuck do you want?" Sullivan was not one to win himself any
popularity contests with the boys.

"I wants out of this lame ass program with Stevie. I want Sid for the
title or at least something the fans wants to see." For someone with no
talent, the big nigger was really speeding up his inevitable visit to the
welfare office, but the way Ahmed had it figured, it was now or never to make
his play given the discrimination lawsuit.

"Sid doesn't do jobs Johnson, but a big buck like you might just fit in
with what I plan for Monday. Yeah... you would be just about damn near
perfect." Even though Sullivan had been born in Bostan and spent enough
time in the south to detest people 'like' Ahmed, ratings were ratings!

"What you talking about, sucker."

"Tell me Johnson, if you had a more... interesting program come Monday,
would you be willing to work with Stevie and maybe a couple of those shitheads
doing the discrmination suit against us to start up say... A new NATION OF
DOMINATION?" Sullivan had the wheels turning.

"I'm listening."

"Okay, well... First, I understood that Vince had discussions with an
X-rated channal for a special back when it looked like Turner was going to
bury them up in New York."

"Right. Would have been us and Sunny." At the reminder, the big nigger
felt himself start to stiffen.

"That would have been sweet."

"Damn straight, but Bret ko'd the program and than Vince got all successful
with that skin head, Austin and next thing you knew I was out on my ass."
Ahmed pretty much did have it right.

"It's a fucking shame. You know, that little coke head wants to come in
here with Chris now." Sullivan smailed. As hot as Miss Hancock and Torrie
and the others all were, Sunny was still the one that had the ratings
potential. He was going to save his job yet, and even if the footage would
have to be editied big time for nation wide 'family-viewing,' Sullivan had
to confess that he sure damn well would want to be at the scene of the action
to make sure everything went down just right.

Sometimes it was good to be the boss.

Ahmed listened as Kevin explained the new angle. Having no time at all to
forshadow anything, the nigger couldn't help but allow himself the mundane
thought that 'this angle would make no more sense than any other that had
been on TV these past several weeks.' At least this one would have the kids
wanting to see more though.

Ahmed left Sullivan's office with a smile on his face and eleven inches of
wood in his pants. He would have to get his black ass busy to be ready.


'Sunny' Tamara Lynn Syntch, was excited [no not eXXXcited like she was wet
in those tiny, white-cottan panties of hers, but excited like she couldn't
believe she would be working with her fiancé in the 'show' again. She had
let herself go a bit over her two years out of the limelight and had lost her
crown as the 'queen of eXXXtreme' among the fan boys of wrestling but she was
one bitch determined to get 'back on-top.'

Sunny had even let her little skirt get hiked up over her ass back in ECW
where she had allowed those two skanks, Lita and Dawn Marie to get themselves
off and 'over' at her own eXXXpense with a spanking in the ring. Far as Sunny
was concerned, she had no 'limits' as to just what degrading humiliation she
would take to get back to the bright lights and crowds of a major promotion.

Course, Sunny didn't know that Sullivan was enough of an anachist demon-
worshipper to ever be willing to go to such depths just to save his own job.

The stunningly-gorgeous, blond valet had gotten the message to show up
early at the arena for the house show to film her introductory video with her
fiance, Chris Candido. She had been told that her her 'habits' would make it
impossible to be brought into WCW until she 'got her nose clean,' but now it
seamed to the little 'rock' star that all of Mark Madden's gushing on the
internet-radio show about 'needing a girl that could speak' had paid off.

Poor Sunny was cluesless, that her mouth would be far too 'occupied' with
other obligations to be doing any speaking.

Anyhow, Sunny didn't know what was really going to be UP the next day, but
as she put her nose into the powder to celebrate that evening, she was very
glad that the 'hand-job' she had provided for Mr. Madden had paid off.


When Sunny came too in the morning, she looked over to where Chris was
working out. Since getting himself off the gas, the former 'BODYDONNA' had
slipped as much as his girlfriend had. Sunny and Chris were not married,
but in her eye they were. She didn't need no damn piece of paper to make it
official. Hell she had been trying to get herself pregnant with Chris's
baby for several months now. Guess maybe all the steroid use and other shit
had made that difficult but it was the thought that counted.

Just thinking about it actually made Sunny want to jump Chris's little four
incher and see if today wouldn't be the lucky one. She was just at her peak
time of fertility, but Sullivan had been insistent on her and Chris getting
to the arena before it got all noisy with the ring crews and production people.
As much as Sunny hated it, she was just going to have to try to do herself in
the shower to take care of the 'horniness' that she always woke with.

As Sunny stepped out of her damp panties and waited for the water to warm,
she reflected on just how 'good' her life was going to get again. A lot of
the boys from New York were in Atlanta now. Bret was out with that concussion
from that ugly goof, Goldberg, but Kevin and even Jeff seemed to have some
stroke now.

Sid was utterly useless. Sunny had once wasted two and a half hours on her
knees with nothing to show. Steroids were the shits for that. Actually, about
her only bigger failure had been the Warriors, but the less consider, LOD2000,
the better as far as the curvy, little blond was concerned.

Sunny had never been with anyone as tall as Kevin before. She wondered if
seven-footers had an advantage down... [where?] 'down there'... too. [Sorry,
it's a wrestling joke]

Anyhow, Sunny was able to use the heavy massage setting on the shower head
to get herself all 'psyched' for her big day and than it was time for her to
be the first to fall to the new NATION OF DOMINATION.

Here now is PART II of 'Sunny Loses the First Fall.'

Sunny was horny again by the time she got to the arena. She had spent about
fifteen minutes on the drive with her head down in Chris' lap but even as good
as she sucked cock [and especially given Chris's frustrating lack of stanima]
her three 'blowjobs' hadn't done the trick.

It was going to be hard to concentrate on business.

"Come on Chris, we have time..."

"No way Tammy. Look I am going clean. You know I love you more than life
itself, but this is probably our last chance. I am too small to ever be a
major player and you are our meal ticket baby. You can get high again when
we get back to the hotel, but for now get your mind off drugs and sex, cause
that ain't what today is going to be about."

Yeah... right.


Inside the arena, Ahmed was sharing a joint with his old buddy Mark Henry.
Stevie Ray was in the shower as the others hadn't been able to handle the
smell, and as close as all these niggers were going to be getting, well...

Hardbody Norris walked over to where Ahmed sat.

"I just wanted to say thanks again for getting me into this new NOD."

"FUCK NIGGER, the suits just want that whole damn race thing to get
ass-wiped and this is a hell of a lot better for the ratings than that lame-
ass 'putting the wet-backs on TV approach they tried the last couple weeks.
If giving you two a shot at all this fine white pussy we going be getting
saves the man a few million than you boys is going to be having all the pussy
you want."

"FUCK yeah, money would be sweet but if you were serious that we going to
be doing our own ho train here in WCW, than the money we get from tricking
this 'Sunny' and the others will more than compensate for dropping the law

"Yeah, well, the executives at AOL are gonna have to smile on that, and
when our hack onto the website to upload the whole 'uncensored' action of
today's main-event creates a ruckus unlike anything since the first time
little, miss Sunny became the most down loaded celebrity in the world...
Well... You can bet that we are all going to be in for some fine bonuses...
both monatarily and in the way of getting ourselves more main events with
all the other hotties around here that could be put to better use with
brothers like ourselves."

Mark Henry, Hardbody Norris, New Jack, Swoll and Zeus all laughed at
Ahmed's eXXXplanation of how this was going to be. The niggers could scarcely
wait and they weren't going to need to. Sunny had entered the building.


"Come on Chris... Lets just stop in the men's room for a moment. Even if
I can't snort, I'm sure I can suck you hard again so we could at least fuck.

"GOD DAMN, SUNNY. Don't you ever get enough cock. Shit, you know I love
you baby and put up with all your shit, but sometimes I would swear you fuck
anything, you get so damn horny."

"I'm no slut, Chris, for Christ's sake. I just like you. Anything I do
with the boys has always been strictly business. You know I just want us to
be happy. I resent that crack too by the way. I have my standards."

As Chris rebuked Sunny's attempts to lure him into the john for a quicky,
the former 'Skip' of the BodyDonnas, and 'No Gimmicks Needed' of ECW, had no
way to realize that he had just turned down his last offer he would ever get
to enjoy the 'space mountain' magic ride that was his lovely fiance. He also
had no way to realize that one of Sunny's few standards was about to get
thrown on the floor and trampled along with her hot, white ass, cause the two
young lovers had reached their 'final' destinataion.


Kevin Sullivan and Craig Lefferts watched as Sunny and Chris approached.
The two middle-aged perverts smiled. They would have three hours before they
would need to make way for the regular pre-Nitro preperations. By that time,
the first of the edited tapes would be ready for the 'Jumbo-Tron' airing
during the primetime, nation-wide wrestling show that night. WWF was not
going to be able to out-shock WCW this week.

Lefferts was in charge of production for WCW. He had intentionally screwed
Russo before and knew his ass was grass if Sullivan's ploy didn't play. He
had brought in his most trusted camera and production men to get this vidette
taped. Even though he was a family man, Lefferts was glad he was going to be
maning the lead camera himself this day cause Sunny was looking good.

"Hi Kevin... Craig," Chris Candido was a little nervous. He wasn't sure
why management had decided to give his intended bride a second chance, but
he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

"Hi Chris... Tammy. So are you kids ready to get down and dirty?" Kevin
couldn't resist the double entre.

"I was born ready to get down-and-dirty," Sunny suggested sleazily.

"Okay than... Great. We have it all ready than. In the locker room are
the other boys you will be doing the program with. They already know the
score, but it is really easy. What we want the two of you to do is act like
your lost in the building and looking for your dressing room. You open the
door and the guys are going to whistle at Sunny and invite her in. You get
to be outraged and try to beat some sence in them but you will get your
clock cleaned."

Chris listened to the script. It wasn't what he wanted to hear, but a
worker did what the booker said... It was finally SHOW TIME.

Part II

"Where the 'bleep' is my dressing room Chris. I'm a 'bleeping' star.'
Sunny was trying to do her best 'bitch' persona as had been Craig's last
moment instructions to her. She had been a little surprised that 'Hard Work
Bobby Walker' had been the one to enter the locker room relaying the message
to 'Harlem Heat, that production was about to roll. First, Sunny had thought
that Walker and that other one, Norris were two of the pieces of crap who
were suing WCW [Sunny didn't like frivilous lawsuits as Sable had previously
been made aware back when Sunny had offered to testify for the WWF what a
slut 'Rena' truely was involving Mrs. Mero's own lawsuit.] Sunny was also
surpised [dismayed?] that she was even working with Harlem Heat.

One thing Sunny liked less than frivilous lawsuits was having to work
with niggers.'

A girl had to do what a girl had to do though, so she just tried to play
her lines and not waste any of her brain power on 'surpise' that Bobby Walker
had seemingly been offered an appeasment to get him back to WCW.

"Easy honey. When I said last week that 'Hard Knox' Chris Candido didn't
need no 'trashy' valets, they all knew that you were a star. I'm sure we have
our own private dressing room. In fact, I bet this is it..."

Chris stopped to pose for the camera. He really was quite good at this
'wrestling.' It was too damn bad that his dimitive size had always saw him
over-shadowed by the Talents AND Ability of his fiance.


Inside the locker room, Mark Henry, Zeus, Swoll, New Jack, Iceman Parsons,
Hardbody Norris, Derrick Dukes, Savannah Jack, Kamala, and the Ice Train had
all joined Stevie in the showers so as not to crowd up the battle scene.
Bobby Walker was positioned against the wall to cheap shot Chris from behind
while Ahmed and Stevie just waited, with nothing but the perly whites of
their smile to mare the blackness of their huge naked bodies.


"It better damn well be the 'right' room Chris. I need to get out of these
clothes and into the shower so I can give all the fans all there the show
they want tonight. Now open that damn door so I can can be a star tonight."

Chris Candido had his best 'dumb-look' on his face to play up Sunny's bitch
persona but after he swung the door open, the look absolutely paled to the
new one that moulded his confused facial features. Chris couldn't believe
that both the blacks were totally naked. As bizzare as it was, the dude had
to momentarily allow himself just a quick mental giggle knowing how the sight
that greated him would be causing poor Sunny the major willies... Sunny really
didn't like niggers.

For just that brief instant, Chris was at a loss. Surely the scene was
ruined. He was just thinking of turning to ask Kevin or Craig what was going
on when Walker hit him from behind with the chair. The impact across the back
of Candido's skull sent the young man face first onto the floor of the filthy
locker room at the feet of the two niggers. Before he could recover at all,
Ahmed and Booker were putting a beating on his ass, and the kicks weren't
being 'worked.' It was all going to be very 'stiff' and 'hardcore' for Mr.
Candido and his poor, unfortunate finance.

Sunny meanwhile was in the arms of Walker. He had quickly pulled off his
own trunks when he had entered the locker to alert the others that their
party-toy had arrived. Now he had his nine inch, black erection wedged in
the crack of Sunny's 'buns-of-steel,' as he put one hand over her mouth and
helped himself to a good feel of her mouth-watering 'sculptured' tits.

"What you come in here for bitch? You wanted some black meat?"

Sunny couldn't mouth a reply to the young nigger's sarcastic taunts even
if she had a mind too. The way he was clamping down on her mouth, she was
barely able to breath or get a muffled scream going as she watched the two
naked niggers before her kick the shit out of her 'lover.'

"Come on Ahmed, damn it. You fucking damn near killed Vito in the ring
with that botched jam of yours. Surely you can make it more 'real' when your
actually scripted to work hardway." Kevin Sullivan almost felt bad for
Candido as the niggers went about beating him near unconscious. It was a
damn good thing that Chris was on a per appearence contract. With the way
financial cutbacks were going, it wouldn't have been prudent to 'do' him if
it would have left the company on the hook. It was really just Candido's
dumb ass luck to have got himself such a hot babe the way it all managed to
get the guy into the gears here.

Still, the look in the girl's eyes was priceless.

"Craig, make sure you have a camera on her face while we put the beat down
on Chris. She is absolutely going into shock and those facials are powerful."

"Already on it Kevin. Got Camera 2 and 8 on her face all the time." Craig
Lefferts knew his business. All those production glitches had just been to
undermine Russo and get him fired as booker. When Lefferts was producing a
'labour-of-love' the guy knew how to make sure to get the 'money-shots.'

Ahmed Johnson aimed a couple kicks at Chris's rib cage. He heard the snap
and knew he had busted the white boy's ribs. Maybe he did his kidney too
like what had happened to him back with Farooq in 1994. Ahmed was very
eXXXcited. His twelve inches made it look almost like he was standing there
on 'three' legs. As fun as it was to just kick the crap out of some white
asshole that was taking Ahmed's spot on the card, he was more than ready to
get on to the real treat.

The big nigger hocked back and took a spit down on Chris's face. Candido
was barely conscious and barely managed to flinch as the spit hit him between
the eyes. The 'fight' was over and to the victor went the spoils.

Kevin Sullivan needed to touch himself. Ahmed was a piece of shit wrestler,
but as a meanacing nigger about to ruin some pure, white 'angle,' the big,
black brute was beautiful.

Ahmed walked up to Sunny and got in her face as her frantic attempts to
break free of Walker's grip were absolutely futile. She was helpless as the
nigger reached out and grabbed hold of the blond's golden main and gave her
a yank to pull her to him.

Sunny stumbled in her heals. With Walker letting his hold over her mouth
go lose, she managed to finally fill the air with her vocal scream.


Ahmed cut her short with a powerful slap across the face that would have
spun her 360 and knocked her to her ass if he wasn't holding her steady with
the hair. As it was the slap knocked the spit from the gorgeous hottie's
mouth and gave her the beggings of the first [of many] bruises that would be
'coloring' her for the next several weeks after today's festivities.

"Sunny, sunny daze are here. We going to get down on that fruit-booty of
yours bitch." Stevie couldn't talk 'non-stupid' even in such a 'natural'
envoroment for the huge nigger. Still, it wasn't his verbal, mental-giantness
that had him as a feature in the scheduled events but was actually just the
'giantness' of the fourteen inches between his own legs.

"Hey Stevie. You want to meet our new 'fan.' Seems she must have wanted
to gets to 'knows' us coming in here during the shower and all. This be Tammy
Sytch and she and I go way back. Guess it is true with these white trash,
'once they go black they always come back.'"

If Sunny was even able to recognize that Ahmed made it seem like she had
been with the nigger prior, she didn't bother to try to dispute the falseness
of the implied innuendos. What would the point have been considering she was
about to actually have to go through the horror of living the 'truth.'

Somewhere, in her panicked, horrified, disgusted, beffudled mind, all Sunny
could actually focus on was 'why the hell wasn't anyone stopping these filthy,
disgusting niggers as they prevared to debase her?'

Of course, everyone was doing something...

Kevin Sullivan had unzipped. Craig Lefferts was hard himself now, but was
repoistioning camera 9 to move around to guarentee a good angle for the first
'insertion' shot. The dozen or so camera and production assistents were all
trying to keep out of the way while getting as close as possible. And the
other niggers were just waiting in the shower for their cue.

Stevie was ready to do more than just wait. He had waited too long. While
the nigger actually had a thing for that Miss Elizabeth, he had always wanted
a white valet, slave-fuck. Now he was going to get the cream of the crop. He
couldn't wait to give this white cunt a taste of his own 'cream,' any longer.

"Suck me, you filthy piece of fruit-booty trash."

Ahmed kept his big, black hand on the back of Sunny's blond head as he
helped his partner force the little bitch down onto her knees. She was stiff
in her attempts to hold back, but the two powerful niggers were very easy to
force the helpless sexpot onto her 'duty.'

Camera 9 had it in zoom as Sunny was speared between her lip-stick coated
ruby red lips with Stevie's jungle-weapon. She was slammed deep about five
inches with the first trust of the nigger's muscular ass. All she could do
was start to choke and gag as she began to take her first face-fuck of the

Ahmed had his hand heavy on the back of Sunny's head. "SUCK THAT SUPERIOR

Walker had stepped back to let the main-eventers start up on Sunny. All
the niggers would go with her, but Harlem Heat got to warm things up. When
Bobby heard Ahmed start in on Chris's humiliation, the nigger decide to go
over and revive Chris a bit so that he would get to see Sunny's fate before
he took his own.

Candido was only now beginning to stir, but having Walker reach down and
lift his head up by the hair spurred him to action. Chris tried to do a leg
sweep and Walker went down. The nigger's lawsuit had been about unfair
release, but the monkey really was useless. Ahmed would have to settle things
back down.

Chris tried to get to his feet to brace for combat, but his busted ribs
shot mind-numbing pain to his brain that damn near was crippling. He wasn't
able to move fast enough to avoid the kick to the gut. Chris doubled over
as Ahmed grabbed him and moved in closer to slug him a half-dozen times.
Chris started to puke when Ahmed let him fall.

Ahmed was half tempted to pick Chris back up and put him to work punking,
but he knew that the script didn't call for that. If the fan's wanted it
next time they would have to get hold of the writer at
For now, all the nigger did was lift up Chris's head to force him to watch
as Stevie had grabbed hold of Sunny's ears and was in the process of having
the helpless cunt 'throat' him.

"Look at that whitey. Were you going to marry that skank? Fuck, you so
tiny. Bet you ain't even 2 inches." Ahmed reached down and grabbed the back
of Chris's trunks to give them a yank. "Shit... Thought you would be hard...
oh well, you ARE tiny."

Ahmed held Chris for a moment to let camera 6 get a close up of the dude's
small, white dick. He thought it was pathetic and actually decided that Sunny
had to actually be liking having some 'real' cocks now. The bitch was just
too fine not to want the best... even if she was all 'acting' for the moment.

Sunny was crying. She was crying and gagging and choking, and just
basically thinking she must have died and gone straight to hell. It was her
worst nightmare come true. GOD, SUNNY HATED 'NIGGERS.'

It was impossible that this was all being filmed. As horrific and repulsive
as her own ordeal was, she was frantic with worry for Chris. She just wanted
to scream at Kevin to get help and stop this obscene abomination, but with
her mouth full of nearly nine inches of thick, nigger cock, all Sunny could
do was drool and whimper as she was posed to take the final few inches down
her throat.

Stevie wanted his balls on the bitch's chin before he gave her his shot.
He knew Sullivan wanted him to finish on her face for the camera. The more
of his sperm he could get in her eyes, the better it would be as far as the
'after' pictures would be. While the video on the giant screens would have
those damn, annoying black 'censor' dots to obscure any actual insertions,
Kevin had told the nigger that they wanted as much 'after' footage as they
could film. Stevie had always cum buckets so he had been selected to go
first. Now the nigger was going to paint the white trash's face, but first
he wanted to be 'ball-deep.'

Sunny thought she would just die. The humilition of being orally-violated
was bad enough. Having her shame filmed against her wishes was worse. The
fact that her violator was a huge-cocked, filthy nigger was almost the final
straw... But what threatened to be that last nail in her coffin was that she
just couldn't actually breath as Stevie plugged her nose in his attempts to
ram the final few inches down her throat.

The girl had to try to throat the nigger or she would get suffocated on
his cock!

Kevin was furiously jerking his own four inches as he watched. Maybe if he
had given it like 'this' to Nancy, than that slut wouldn't have left him for
Benoit. Now that Nancy had just delivered the first child to Benoit, Kevin
had himself a mind to add the 'Fallen Angel' to the list of 'Woman' to be
the next to get Sunny's treatment. He was ahead of himself though. If the
little cunt went and choked to death before he could get the film he wanted
all his plans would go for not.

"Stevie, don't snuff the bitch."

"Just two more inches..."

Ahmed moved up back behind Sunny and pushed the back of her head, adding
his muscle to Stevie's who was also trying to find the room to shove his
humongous cock down the girl's throat. It finally fit.

Stevie froze up to allow the camera's to all get the shot. The sensation
of having the helpless, white trash all the way up to his balls, gagging and
damn near ready to sufficate was amazing. Her weak little arms frantically
tried to grab at the nigger's big, black ass in their useless efforts to pull
him off and allow her a breath. It was so DAMN TEMPTING to just let her go
like that.

Still, the nigger was about to shoot, so he pulled out for the finish.

Ahmed backed off to avoid the spray. Sunny started to gasp in her life
saving breaths the instant she had clearence. Before she could brace, the
first splurt of the thick, sticky, nigger's sperm splatted wet along the
bridge of her nose. Stevie quickly repoistened to aim directly at he eyes.
He pumped six globs of his seed and by the time he was done painting, Sunny's
pretty face, she was nearly obliterated in his scummy jizz. Sunny had been
officially 'christened' nigger style, but her 'fall' had only reach the count
of two. Chapter three was yet to be told.

Part III

Sunny could barely see. If the blinding pain of having her hair yanked
wasn’t distracting enough, the young woman had the additional complication
of being in the process of 'crying her eyes out' from the situation she was
in. Sunny was being Raped. She was in the men’s locker room with over a
dozen guys and at least three of them were niggers. She had just been forced
to suck cock, and her eyesight's final impediment was that she had a thick
load of sperm shot all over her face and especially into her two eyes. It
really smarted like hell.

If Sunny could see, the sights would have just distressed her so maybe it
was a blessing. As horrific as the idea of being any more ‘intimate’ with
these first three niggers was to the young woman, the idea that there were
nine more of the black brutes back in the showers would have been too much.
She didn’t even realize they had begun to come out to check her goods as
Ahmed prepared to put her Talent's AND Assets on 'display.'

With her finance, Chris Candido having already been beaten helplessly into
submission, Sunny had no way to spare herself the humiliation as Ahmed began
the unveiling.

There was nothing subtle about the nigger.

He just ripped the front of her top open. The wrestling valet was braless
[have to let them nipples show] and her breasts were bared with the tearing
of the fabric. Sunny looked fantastic.

Not that Ahmed was going to have the cultured taste to pause before
preceding to get at the bitch's skirt... and than Sunny was in a room full of
niggers with just her heels and panties on!

Sunny felt like screaming again as Ahmed stood her upright and pulled her
to him. His gut would have been a problem but her tits and his dick were up
to the challenge to maintain 'full-body' contact as he force a kiss to the
disgusted, white, little tease. Ahmed knew he tasted like shit to the bitch
the way she was like ice to take his tongue, but it just made the nigger
want to tongue her deeper and squeeze them ass cheeks harder as he 'revved'
her up. The nigger was going to fuck Sunny, but not until he got his cue.

Mark Henry was standing between Zeus and New Jack, watching the action when
NewJack turned to him, "Fuck, she's a damn sight better than that hag, 'Mae
Old' that you are with up in New York, huh?"

Henry just nodded his head. If he wasn't locked into that damn contract
with the McManhons, than he would come down to Atlanta permanent to be part
of this new NOD. Maybe he could organize a chapter back up in the WWF. After
all, the Rock [for all his main stream popularity] was just a nigger.
Godfather was already pimping ho's nation wide. And Henry knew that girls
like Terri, BB, and even Stephanie and Linda themselves could be black broke
easy. Yeah, it would all happen, but first he wanted himself a piece of
Sunny's hot, white ass.

"Take those damn panties off nigger," He bellowed to speed up the action.

Ahmed just scowled at Henery for a minute. Sure the fucking brute looked
half gorilla, but Ahmed didn’t particularly like the nigger ever since he
had basically lost his spot to him in back in New York. Still, it wasn't a
time for unhappy thoughts as Ahmed was ready himself to find out whether
Sunny was ‘natural’ or not.

Course she dyed, but what the hell, right? I mean, this was SUNNY
fucking-gorgeous-slut, TAMMY LYNN SYTCH in all her naked glory. A blond bush
would have been real pretty but the way she was going to spend the next
couple hours with one huge nigger after the other getting busy between her
spread legs, it wasn’t like the camera was going to be getting many
unobstructed shots anyhow.

Ahmed just stood there holding the bitch out at arm’s length as he gave her
the once over. "You ready to fuck, you whore?"

"P-p-lease.. N-no. I c-can't. You can't, OHMYGODDDDD!"


Eleven cameras caught the action as a punch to the gut doubled Sunny over.
She fell to her knees like a sack of soiled clothing. She was close to
puking herself from the brutal blow, but she kept it in even as she was
forced onto her back.

"N-no, Please. God. PLEASE. I-i'm beg-begging. OH GOD! NOOOOOOO!"

Sunny was in such horrific disbelief as Ahmed forcibly spread her lean,
toned legs apart that she wasn't even sure if her pleadings were out loud or
just in her head. Shock was robbing her of the ‘realness’ of the act. She
was practically paralyzed in fear. No matter how much she tried to get her
hands and feet to kick and hit at this invading animal, she seemed stuck in

She didn't realize that Walker and Stevie where just holding her down for
Ahmed's 'johnson.'

Than she was fuller than she had ever been before.

Despite everything, Sunny was wet. Hell, her nipples were erect too but
that might be attributed to being in a cold arena on a late-March morning.
Her wet pussy though. Well, it was shameful to the girl.

Sunny had never exactly been a prude about sex. From the first time she
had been fucked at age [beep! Sorry, but she was way too young] too her
formative pre-[beep! Again, This isn't kiddie stuff here.] days, Sunny had
been very popular with the boys. By the time she was in high school, she had
met Chris and had began to settle down. Now, seven years had passed and
while she had fucked nearly thirty guys [for her career purposes] she hadn't
been with anyone for months while trying to get herself pregnant.

The thought started to form on the girl's mind, and the realization that
she was about to be ‘seeded’ by this filthy nigger’s potent load in her
fertile, unprotected womb started her last desperate protests.

"Sto-stop. You-you'll get me pr-preg-preg..."

"Is Sunny not protected from being a mommy," Ahmed laughed. "Looks like
Chris is more limp dicked than even I thought. Shit, a slut like you must be
trying for it to be off the pill so let Ahmed help you out with a shot of my
baby-making sperm. Going to knock you up, bitch."

Sunny screamed. She screamed and she screamed and she screamed. Her final
scream was her own orgasm as the little slut succumbed to the huge, black
meat pound-fucking her fuller that she had ever take it before. Ahmed
decided to fill her at that moment so that the conception would be in the
thralls of her orgasmic bliss.

Powerful eruption's of his potent, baby-making seed ejaculated like a
miniature geyser and sent hundreds of thousands of swimmers on their sacred
mission to seek out her unprotected egg [eggs... we can only hope] and subdue
it [them] under utter conquest. Of course, the fateful hunt would be an
unqualified success and Ahmed Jr. would enter the story nine months later
along with Ahmedrina, but that just gets ahead of ourselves. For the moment,
Sunny had just been raped and forcibly impregnated with vile, potent nigger
seed so let us reflect as the big, black buck dismounts after a kiss to allow
the camera’s a brief close up as the eXXXcess sperm leaks back out and begins
to puddle at Sunny's ass on the scummy locker-room floor.

A rambunctious applause is cheered by all except for Sunny herself as she
is successfully impregnated. Of course, there would still be a couple weeks
of monitoring the situation and waiting for the little, piece of white trash
to start getting her morning sickness and before her belly started to balloon,
but there was no real doubt in anyone's minds. It made Sullivan happy again
that she had no contract yet so the company wouldn't be on the hook for
maternity expenses. The bosses were just going to love him.

Chris Candido hadn't joined the cheer either. He had been forced to listen
as his lover's groans of pain had clearly become moans of sex. The 'crybaby'
actually earned the nickname as he felt the profound sadness of his love's
ultimate betrayal as she conceived from another man's cock. It was to be the
last thing Chris would ever feel.

Sunny was told to look at where Kamala was about to drive his spear home
[no, the other type of jungle spear.] The nearly fifty-year old, 6'8", 360+
pounder let out his best animalistic scream as he dispatched Chris for the

The scene was absolutely horrific but it was far from over. Hard Work Bobby
Walker was going to go next with Sunny. As he had been instructed, he grabbed
the girl and dragged her over to where Chris lay gasping his last few breaths.
The punks dying thrashing would provide the motion to ride Sunny to her second
orgasm of the day. Sometime just after Chris expired, Sunny took her second
load of baby-making seed into her pussy. Truth was she would never know who
the babies would be from.

New Jack was the next to get her pussy. He was joined by Mark Henry as the
niggers 'Oreo'd' Sunny in a sandwich. Mark went hard up her tight, white
asshole, but he was so big she didn't take it without needing to be made
bigger, herself. She just screamed as the two niggers squished her hot,
curvy body between them as they sadistically raped her.

Sunny's screams annoyed Sullivan enough that he had Kamala get down to
silence the bitch with a cock-gag. Considering the belly on the African
savage, it was a damn good thing he was fourteen inches or he would have had
a hard time getting into Sunny's mouth as part of the triple penetration.

Sunny had over three feet of potent, nigger man meet rammed into all three
of her sexy holes. She was truly one fucked slut.

Mark Henry nearly blew her ass open when the 400 pounder rocketed his jizz
deep into her bowels. New Jack sent his swimmers into the hunt to see if
there was still an egg or two left all unprotected to be conquered and
fertilized. Kamala waited for the two to dismount from Sunny, before he laid
onto the floor himself and told her "Get up on me bitch and ride my big
nigger cock."

[yeah he could really talk. Sorry to break the illusion.]

Sunny was going to straddle Kamala breasts to breasts, but Vizera stopped
her and told her to sit her ass down on Kamala's dick. At more than 500
pounds, Vizera was the biggest nigger in the group. His cock fit his size.
It was damn near bigger than Chris's legs had been. Just having Vizera lay
that fat, freaky-eyed, ugly carcass of his onto Sunny would threaten to crush
her, but to take a cock that had to be better than 8 inches in diameter and
over a foot-and-a-half long would be the end of her.

Sunny prepared for the end and it was almost there as She sat with Kamala's
fourteen in her ass and Vizera's eighteen in her cunt. To get to the magic
four feet of cock in her all at once, it would be Zeus that needed to get at
Sunny's mouth.

It didn't make for much of a pretty picture but having those three
humongous niggers all pancaking one little white girl pretty much had the whole
production team shoot their wads. Surprisingly [or not] the niggers all had far
more stamina than was anticipated. Other wrestlers would soon be at the arena,
and Sullivan didn't want any rumors on the net to prepare every other woman in
the company of what would be done to them soon. [so very soon.]

Sunny was passed out from the intensity of taking four feet of nigger cock
and nearly 1400 hundred pounds of ugly nigger body in her most recent fuck.
She wasn’t aware that she was being packed off by Icetrain, Norris, and a
couple of the other niggers who hadn’t had her yet. She would be taken back
to Sullivan's dungeon where she would be kept until she was first, confirmed
pregnant, and than secondly, had delivered. Sullivan hadn't known that phase
two of his master long-term booking to create a whole new roster of
second-generation stars for WCW from the wombs of the hot valets would have
started so soon but it was definitely a bonus.

For just a moment, he considered using Chris's carcass as a skit-prop with
Jim Duggan for trash pick up, but that was a Russo idea. Once the footage
had aired at 8:55 PM, and Raw had got it's 0 rating in it's first hour as
everyone waited to see what else would be done to Sunny, Russo wouldn't never
again be a threat to Sullivan. The new Nation Of Domination was here to stay
and the only question would be who would be the next victim for Wednsday's
Thunder taping.

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