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Kimberly Page Is Taken In The Second `Fall' part a:
By the booking team of mkarl and [the depraved canuck]

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Several of the characters and/or entity groups dealt within the context of
this `fantasy' presentation are trademarked or otherwise the property of
either the WWF or the WCW. Many of the characteristic traits attributed to
the parties parodied are obvious exaggerations and are not necessarily
anything more than this author's idea of humor. No intentional personal
disrespect is intended as I actually don't write about anyone I don't really
like. The author will make no profit off the creation and presentation of
this parody other than the self-pleasure of the writing process itself. The
story is intentionally designed to be as controversial and offensive as I can
make it, while still telling what I hope will be considered the pinnacle of
WOW themed erotica. Anyone expressly prohibited by the standards and/or laws
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[May contain: M+/F+, F/F, Beast/Female, RAPE, Racist imagery, forced
impregnation, extreme violence and/or snuff, and wrestling parody]

Now for the story...

Kevin Sullivan was not a happy man. It turned out that he had forgotten
that WCW had planned to make the March 27/2000 edition of Nitro some sort of
lame ass `spring breakout' special and broadcast it all at the beach. As a
result, his intention to save his job by beating the new team of Eric
Bischoff and Vince Russo to the punch by putting more T and A on the show
than they would ever have dreamed of had all backfired.

The footage that Sullivan had arranged to be filmed, of `Sunny' Tammy
Lynn Sytch being sadistically and savagely gang-raped by every nigger
wrestler he could get in contact with, had not been aired. Since it hadn't
been aired, it hadn't spiked the ratings and now Sullivan was out on his ass
as WCW planned a new angle where Bischoff and Russo would `feud' for creative

Sure it sounded a thousand times better than anything Sullivan or his
lackeys had managed in their month and a half at the top, but it still pissed
Sullivan off.

Hell, the first thing that Biscoff had done was parade that slut, Kimberly
Page, `the diamond doll' right out into the ring in the sleaziest little

Well, if Kim was going to bare it for Biscoff, than she could damn well
`bare it all' for Sullivan. The angry little man reached for the phone.


Sunny was a mess. Her face was bruised. Her makeup had long since been
washed from her face by her tears. She couldn't believe her fianc‚, Chris
Candido was dead. He had been murdered right in front of her while she had
been raped for the `sick enjoyment' of the wrestling audience.

What had she ever done to deserve this? [Besides be just about the
hottest babe ever to walk the face of the planet, I mean.]

Sunny's ordeal had began the previous afternoon when she had thought she
was going to be joining WCW. Little had she realized that she was actually
just going to becoming a lifelong nigger's sexslave and whore in Ahmed
Johnson's new Nation Of Domination.

As it rolled around to 2:30 p.m. mountain time, on Tuesday, March 28 of
2000, Sunny had been continuously raped in her mouth, cunt, and ass for more
than 24 straight hours. Needless to say that she was barely aware of it as
Swoll brought the cell phone over to Ahmed who was busy riding Sunny's
formally tight ass hole with his, long black cock buried into her to the

"Ahmed here."

At the other end of the phone was Kevin Sullivan, "We screwed up, Johnson,
the footage of Sunny didn't make it on Nitro last night. We are going to
have to act fast to fix things before those assholes Russo and Bischoff can
cement power. They are already positioning Page's bitch to center stage so
I want you to drop by the Thunder tapings tonight and snatch the bitch up."

Ahmed liked Kimberly Page. The fact she was actually a married woman made
it extra-sacradelicious to imagine slaving her to his nigger cock.

"Okay, where is this taping going down?"

Ahmed listened to Sullivan tell him five times as the nigger tried to
comprehend but WCW was so disorganized that in the end, the black man had to
hand the phone back to Swoll to go write down the name of the city. Didn't
matter much to Ahmed, as he was more interested in finishing raping Sunny's
white ass. It was his fifth fuck with her. Between the other eleven niggers
that had raped her during the night, and that detour to the nightclubs, she
had been fucked by over thirty different cocks and had taken over one hundred
`nigger' cumshots onto or into her body. She was about at the limit to what
even an ultra-slut like her could take. Still, at least she was finally

Ahmed slammed it as hard up Sunny's ass as he could and filled her with
his final load of his thick nigger sperm of the day. If he was going to be
needing to do Kimberly Page in a few hours, he really would need to rest for
a while.

"Going to sleep now, cunt. When we wake up, we will be finding you a
`playmate' to join our party. Bet you will like her."

Sunny passed out from eXXXhaustion as Ahmed Johnson just fell asleep with
his half-hard cock still up her ass.


Kimberly Page was excited to be back `working.' Her husband Dallas had
been off with a back injury for the past couple months and since the mutiny
against her by those ungrateful little cunts in the Nitro Girls, Kim had no
roll in the company when Dallas wasn't working.

Normally, it would have been okay to have some time off with her husband,
as the wrestling lifestyle was hard on a marriage, and some quality time
together should have been so nice. Unfortunately, with his back injury and
the medication, Dallas wasn't the only one not working... His little man was
on the limp too.

Kimberly was so horny. She had barely managed to wait until getting to
the show to find Buff Bagwell. She was scheduled for the first on air
segment, but she needed a `penis'-cilan injection in the worst way. She
always loved to walk that aisle dripping cum from her unfaithful pussy.

Dallas Page knew his wife was a whore. Hell, that was why he had
originally married her when he had met her turning tricks in the bar he once
managed. Kim was a great fuck, and the ambitious Page had rode her ass to
the top so to speak. Actually it had been Eric Bischoff who had been riding
Kim's ass while Dallas had received his push. Dallas let Kim take all the
cock he needed to get himself over, but he had two rules. Never take it in
the pussy, and never fuck anyone below him on the card. After all, as far
as Page was concerned the world revolved entirely around himself.


The 5'10" statuesque brunette had spent the previous night with Buff's
stuff. Than she had dropped by to pay her respects to Eric Bischoff and
Vince Russo. They might be playing competitors in the story line but they
had sure teamed up to put a DP on the curvaceous beauty. By the time she
got back to Dallas, it had been nearly four in the morning, but Kim was
still horny. She had tried to get her husband `up,' but had just been
frustrated `one more time.'

It was now at the Thunder tapings. Kim had performed her duties and was
returning to the girl's dressing room. She opened the door and there on the
floor were Daffney and Miss Elizabeth. Both woman were naked, bound and were
being gagged with big black cocks in their mouths. Their pussies and/or
assholes were also being filled. Derrick Dukes and Iceman King Parsons were
actually double teaming Daffney while IceTrain was keeping her from getting
off one of her screams. Miss Elizabeth was being kept quiet sucking off
Farooq while Bradshaw was fucking her ass. [yeah, he's not a `nigger,' but
he does have a big cock and likes to put it up fine asses like Miss

Kimberly was about to scream when Ahmed moved up from behind and put his
hand over her mouth.

"Don't be stupid you cunt, and you won't get hurt... much. Time for you
to join the party."

Kimberly was in shock. She had been planning to sneak away from Dallas to
go see Buff again, but there was a big difference between being a total slut
and getting brutally gang-raped. There was just nothing she could do as the
powerful nigger tore her skimpy little outfit off.

As `the diamond doll' hit the floor of the filthy changing room, naked...
She just caught a glimpse around the room. She saw that a couple of the
Nitro Girls were over closer to the showers. One of them was hung up by her
neck and wasn't moving. The other was being savaged with three more black
cocks. One of those new NWO girls... it looked like the blond one was, also
in on this locker room gang-rape.

A member of the WCW security staff must have tried to interfere in the
`fun,' cause he lay sprawled lifeless just a few feet from where Kimberly was
now on her back. She wanted to scream but terror took her voice before she
made it. She was going to be raped.


Things were going pretty good for Ahmed Johnson. He had managed to get
some boys together and they had found the Thunder tapings easily enough. He
was suppose to abduct Kimberly Page after she had filmed her part of the
show and than smuggle her back to the hotel where Craig Lefferts and the
production team would drop by to film a little movie later with Sunny and a
dog. WWF had their `G-TV' and their `Val Venus home movies,' but WCW was
about to up the ante big time.

When Ahmed had arrived at the arena, he was horny. Hell all the niggers
were. Some like his old fucking buddy, `Farooq' Ron Simmons of the WWF
hadn't had themselves a go when Sunny had been taken. No one wanted to wait,
and when Bradshaw had offhanded a comment that Liz still had a nice ass for
such an old bitch, everyone had decided to see if they couldn't have some
fun waiting for Kimberly.

Elizabeth hadn't realized she was going to be raped, and had unwittingly
led the gang back to the woman's locker room. Before she knew it she was on
the floor. Several punches to her head made her agreeable and the fuck was

David Flair and Daffney had come along. Actually Daphne had entered and
managed a scream before she was being punched half unconscious and gagged
quiet with cock. David and a second security guy had unfortunately heard the

A few of the other girls had returned to the locker room since. Now there
were seven of the bitches counting Kim. That bitch, Chae had tried to bite
so she had been dealt with as a lesson to the others. Sullivan wouldn't be
happy, but fuck him. Ahmed preferred the pure white cunts anyhow.

He knew he should just take Kim and the others out while the getting was
good, but he had patiently waited to make sure he got her, and now he needed
a fuck before he kidnapped Kim off to her lifelong sentence as a new
`nigger's ho.'


Kimberly tried frantically to understand what was going on. It didn't
take a rocket scientist to realize she had been brutally attacked the instant
she had walked into the girl's changing room. Being grabbed from behind, she
hadn't been aware at first who was yanking her hair back and was roughly
pulling her around to slam her face first into the concrete wall. A strong,
powerful arm had rammed her into the wall twice to daze her. She had been
spun around just in time to catch a dark blur as a hand came up across her

It was that new one... `Big T.' Kimberly didn't like niggers. It wasn't
about what Kimberly Page liked though.

Everything was happening so fast. Ahmed had dazed Kim senseless with the
brutal blitz of the attack. She hadn't even managed a scream before the big
man had his one hand over her mouth and the other feeling up the front of her
top to get at her big tits. Kimberly was as helpless as a rag doll.

Another yank to the hair and a twist of her arm pushed her back up against
the wall. She heard the nigger tell her that she was dead if she made a
sound. It was like a scene out of a horror movie for the hapless ex-leader of
the Nitro Girls. She was stripped to her stocking and shoes in no time and
was than sent to the floor with the same disregard as her skirt and panties.
She had managed to catch just the briefest glimpses of what all was going on
around her. It seemed as every black wrestler in the business was in the
showers and at least a half-dozen of the girls were in various stages of
sexual assault. Miss Elizabeth was the closest to where Kim was and she was
getting it doggy style up the ass. Kimberly could also see that Daphne
wasn't able to be screaming as she was being `silence-gagged' with Vizera's
impossibly huge cock jammed down her throat.

It looked like Baby and Chiquita were also being raped as well as one of
the NWO girls and Sherri Martel... Worst of all and most horrifying was that
Chae was hanging there from the roof and the girl looked like she wasn't

A few guys also looked like they had been `dealt' with. Kimberly Page
didn't want to be hurt.

"P-pleaseeeee..." She started to beg, through trembling lips. She tried
to look through her tear filled eyes at the big man stripping down above her
to see if he had any mercy for her, but all she saw was his huge, twelve
inch, black cock aimed at her face.

"You're going to suck me, cunt."

Kimberly didn't like it. Sure she was loose, but this was rape... [and
Ahmed was not her idea of a desirable date.] Kim started to gag as she was
forced to start sucking cock like a total white-trash ho.

"That's it bitch... Don't gag. I'm bigger than Dallas, huh slut?"

Ahmed was bigger than Dallas Page. He was bigger than Buff. He was
bigger than Hogan, or Nash, or Bischoff. In fact Ahmed was bigger than
everyone Kim had been with the entire week except for Russo... [the cocky
bastard just has to have balls, to be able to take 'sole 'credit for WWF,
despite the fact it's better now than when he was there!]

Kimberly was soon drooling out of both corners of her slut mouth as she
was callously throat fucked by Ahmed's full twelve inches ball-deep all the
way. Kim tried to push away at the big, powerful black man but all she could
do was kneel submissively at his feet and suck cock until he satisfied his
filthy desires and let her have an oral blast.

Kim felt so ashamed.

While she had sucked, Mona had enter the girl's locker room too, only to
be met by Stevie and Swoll. She had tried a quick drop kick but had been
quickly slammed over a bench. The petite blond now had one cock up her ass
and the other in her mouth.

Kimberly tried to catch her breath as she looked around. She saw it was
the big-titted blond on the NWO girls that was the one now with Ice Train and
Zeus. Kim wasn't sure what the girls name was, but it looked horrific that
the girl was sandwiched with Ice Train in her cunt and Zeus up her ass. Miss
Elizabeth now had Farooq in her ass and the cum all over her face seemed to
indicate Bradshaw had shot while Kim was busy sucking cock.

It was all so hopeless... Kim felt the despair rising when Ahmed reached
down with the chloroform soaked rag. We need you relaxed for traveling


Kimberly Page was in serious trouble. The naked wife of Diamond Dallas
Page know it. What she didn't know is where she was...

The gorgeous, statuesque, ex-leader of the Nitro girls had been
unconscious as Ahmed Johnson had spirited her out of the Houston arena and
began her journey to her new home. She hadn't even been able to kiss her
hubby good-bye as she had been too busy back at the arena just sucking black
cock, once she had unwittingly enter the horrific gang-rape scene in the
girls locker room.

Kim still had the taste in her mouth. She wanted to spit but her panties
where in her mouth to gag her quiet.

She had to escape. There was no telling what these niggers wanted to do
to her [okay, it was pretty obvious considering she was beautiful, naked,
and had already been orally assaulted, but forgive me for trying to build
the eXXXcited atmosphere back up.]

The diamond doll tried to pull her hands free. The ropes around her
wrists were so tight that they bit into her skin and cut off her blood flow.
She wasn't sure how long she had been `out' or where she was, but she quickly
realized that she wasn't about to escape... ANYTHING!

Then it was time to drive the point home.

"Your awake, bitch... good. The guys have been getting horny."

The door had opened and a young looking, fairly muscular black man had
entered. Kim thought she remembered him as that Saturday night loser that
was suing WCW... Hardcock Walker or Norris or something. Kim didn't pay
much attention to `THEM.'


Her panty gag was fairly limiting in terms of snappy banter exchange.

"We got the cameras set up in the studio, ho. You gets to be a movie star
today. If those perv fan-boys will jones for some lame ass `fakes' wait to
they see the real thing at"

Kim didn't `wish.' The way this filthy animal was looking at her made her
feel so naked... so vulnerable... so DIRTY. The fact she was naked,
vulnerable, and a dirty girl probably contributed to the helpless valet's
feelings too, but certainly the main thing on her mind was just what the hell
was in store for her next.

`HELL' was exactly what was in store for poor Kimberly Page.

`Hardon' or `Hardcock' or whatever the nigger's name was, dragged her by
her long, sexy, brunette hair. She was skidded along the filthy floor, out
of the room she had awoken in and down a hallway. She heard several excited
voices down towards the end.

It was a fairly large room. Several cameras had been set up and all aimed
towards where a large bed had been set up. Kim thought many of the guys
running the cameras looked familiar... Like she had seen them at Nitro shows.
The guy shouting instructions was definitely familiar. It was Craig
Lefferts, the useless director of production for WCW television. Kim wanted
to beg him to help her, but she was still gagged quiet with her panties.

She looked to the bed. On it were three more niggers and a beautiful
blond girl. It was Sunny. Kim had never met the girl, but she couldn't help
but feel instantly sad for her. Sunny was crying tears down her face while
she took the three black brutes on. Sunny was sucking Stevie Ray off, while
that bald headed freak from that Hulk Hogan movie was underneath her and was
impaling her cunt with his big African spear. Kim could barely see the pussy
penetration as that huge ape from the WWF [Mark Henry] was up on Sunny's hot
white ass.

They were all being very vocal and telling Sunny what a whore she was and
to `take it, bitch.' Like she had any choice.

Kim felt sick to her stomach.

She saw Kevin Sullivan approaching her.

"Well, well, well Kimberly Page. Glad you could come to our little
`party' here. You were a very wicked girl at Spring Breakout honey. Walking
out and showing that mouthwatering body... It's just the type of T&A that
will help those assholes take my job. Thing is that Russo can try all he
wants to show you to the little pervs at home, but what they want is to see
you go that next step. It's time to trump Eric and Vince, cause I am going
to have all their pretty bimbos get themselves all filthied and than lets
see who is the `hero' and who ends up out of their ass."

It was fucking crazy. Kevin Sullivan was saying that she was being raped
for ratings? For fucking, god damn ratings? Surely it had to be about more.
Were wrestling ratings really worth the nightmare back in the girls locker
room... the humiliation of each and every woman in wrestling being
sadistically beaten, raped, and even...

Kim couldn't even bring herself to remembering poor Chae. Of course, the
answer to her frantic disbelief is that of course the ratings were well worth
her being raped for our enjoyment... and everything else too.

On the bed, Sunny was being finished. She had been raped for almost seven
hours straight. She had previously been raped for over twenty-four hours
straight. It was amazing she could still move. She took Henry's shot up her
ass. When the nigger finished and pulled his humongous cock out of her ass,
she barely realized the release as she was so use to another cock just
getting slammed in to replace anyone who had `finished.'

"FRUIT BOOTY, FRUIT BOOTY!" Stevie pulled Sunny tight to make sure she
wouldn't waste a drop. "Swallow it, you fucking fruit booty bitch."

Sunny was getting very used to the taste.

Zeus was now able to really bounce the petite little blond. He was so BIG
that he looked like he was close to breaking Sunny in two. He rolled the
gorgeous hottie over and began to slam fuck her for the cameras. [For the
purpose of the movie, it was being acted that this was Sunny's actual

Zeus called upon all of his amazing `acting' skills displayed in the
amazing `No Holds Barred' to get out his lines.

"You ready to get my superior nigga seed in that sunny little pussy,
bitch. You white girl and me black man are going have a baby. I'm going to
knock that fertile, unprotected wrestling, cunt up with my superior, potent,
baby-seed and we is gonna grow us the future world champion."

It was tacky and very `old school,' but Sullivan was booking so what do
you expect?

Zeus started gushing his super-soaking into Sunny's womb before pulling
out to prove to the camera that she had indeed been spermed. He picked her
up off the bed with one hand around each ankle and spread Sunny like a
wishbone to let the camera get a look at her spread pussy lips to see that
she was `filled' with the baby-making juice.

Everyone clapped and cheered.

Sullivan who had been forcing Kimberly Page to watch turned to the girl
and smile... You ready to go next?

Kim just screamed into her panty gag.

_ _ _

Kimberly Page Is Taken In The Second `Fall' part b:
by the booking team of mkarl and [the depraved canuck]

When last we left our heroes, they were just about to get down and nasty with
Kimberly Page. For the complete recap, read part a first, but since this is
a sex story, you probably can get into the story immediately without worrying
about anything else if this is all you have.

Kimberly Page wanted to wake up. It had to be a nightmare. It just had to
be. She was a celebrity... Things like this never happened to celebrities...
did they?

She wanted to try to explain that it was all a mistake. She didn't deserve
what was happening to her. She wanted so desperately just to get away... To
find her way back to her husband Dallas, and to never have anything at all to
do with these other wrestlers ever again.

Of course, she wasn't about to be allowed to go anywhere just yet, cause
she had just got to the party.

The superstar valet, "Sunny" Tamara Lynn Sytch had just been on the bed.
The amazingly gorgeous blond had been getting gang-fucked in all her sexy
holes when Kim had been brought into the room. As sorry as Kim felt for the
hapless Sunny, there was nothing the brunette could do but stand there in
shock while she watched the three black wrestlers use and abuse Sunny until
they had satisfied all their filthy desires with the girl.

Sunny was a fucking mess. Her once pretty face was just one big bruise.
An obscene tattoo claiming that she was the property of niggers only was on
her ass. It would make it difficult the next time the girl wanted to get her
bare ass paddled on national TV.

If there was ever going to be a next time.

These animals who have captured the two girls had already killed. Sunny
had been forced to watch her own fianc‚ be killed right in front of her.
Kimberly was sure that they had killed some security personnel back at the
Houston arena when she had been kidnapped. They also probably killed all
the girls that had been gang-raped in the dressing room back at the Thunder

Kim didn't want to die.

Kimberly Page was crying and just shivering as she watched the humongous
nigger, Zeus grab Sunny by the hair and drag her from the bed. She
desperately wanted anyone to be her friend and tell all these other men that
there had been some sort of horrible mistake... that she was a good girl and
didn't deserve this... that she should be saved!

Kevin Sullivan looked at his booking sheet.

"Okay you grunts. We need to get this shot. I want Vincent to go first
with Kim. Make sure we get some good oral with her. You cum lots so really
soak her. You get the bonus if you can get it in her eyes."

The `Birdman' Koko B Ware was standing next to `Vincent' Mike Jones when
he drew the curtain jerker. The Birdman turned and high-fived the nigger for
drawing the prime tag in this `royal rumble.'

"Okay, keep it down. You guys all get jobs if we pull this off, so listen
up. After Vincent, I want Miller, Shaska Whatley and..."

Sullivan's words were lost to Kim. The girl couldn't believe that her
brutal rape was being `booked' right in front of her. These men were
listening to instructions as to how they were suppose to beat her and
humiliate her in ways beyond her imagination, and all they were doing was
standing around jerking their cocks like a bunch of animals. No one was
going to help Kim. She was going to have to `do it' all herself.

No one was holding her. Even though her arms were tied behind her back
and she was completely naked, Kim tried to turn and start to run. She was
only a few feet from the door. She never made it.

"Hey girlfriend, Don't run out on Vincent yet."

The man who was an embodiment of the wrestling joke had grabbed a handful
of Kim's long, dark hair to stop her retreat. He quickly pulled the
curvaceous bombshell to him and took a healthy feel of her big tits. Kim
wanted to get his black hands off her, but Vincent wasn't to be denied.

He had put up with a lot. Serving as `the million dollar man's' `SLAVE,'
and than as the NWO's lackey, the man who had once had a promising future on
the indy scene as Soultrain Jones, was due some payback. It was going to be
his biggest match-up ever as he got to go first with Kimberly Page in front
of the cameras.

"Time to give your `fans' what they want, sweetheart," Vincent laughed as
he started Kim to the bed.

"Untie her. Let her fight, but beat the bitch. Let's really play up the
racial thing too. We're playing to the lowest common denominator here to
compete with Russo so nothing is going to far. Most of all, have fun guys.
Remember this is wrestling."

With the pep talk complete, it was time to rumble.

Vincent pushed Kim onto the bed and pounced on the helpless honey with the
camera's rolling.

"Dallas ain't around, Kimberly. By the time we let you go, you are going
to be a true `nigger-lover.'

Kim was rolled over onto her belly so Vincent could get at the ropes
binding her hands together behind her back. When Kim was `freed,' she
started to fight.

Vincent grabbed her hair and banged her face into the head board. He
pulled back and gave her a second shot. The nigger rolled Kim over and let
her have it with a slap across the face. It was beautiful TV.

"You want to scream? You want those panties out of your mouth so you can
scream for me slut? You want to beg Dallas for help. The new Nation is
getting him right now. Maybe we will let him come watch little `Kim' suck my
big, black cock."

Kim was so terrified. She knew Dallas could never forgive her if he saw
her with these filthy animals. As Vincent cut away the tape holding Kim's
panties gagged into her mouth, she was finally able to verbally beg these
fucking animals for mercy.

"P-please, oh god... Why? Why are you doing this to me? Please l-let me

"L-let y-yo g-go? Hell bitch, no one has even come yet?" It was a very
`cliche' joke and indicative of why Vincent never got to cut a promo.

It did kind of seem mean though, considering just how poor little Kim was
looking like the last thing in the world that she needed was someone making
fun of her just as she was about to be raped.

"Suck my cock now, you whore."

Vincent reached down and unbuckled his belt. Kim continued to protest and
plead right up to when the shaved-headed nigger finally got `it' out and
shoved `it' in.

"All right, camera three zoom in," Craig Lefferts knew he had Emmy award
winning material here and he wanted to get it all.

"Feed her that licorice sausage, Vincent," laughed Hardbody Norris.
Dropping the suit would be worth it if WCW kept giving him and Bobby such hot
babes as the diamond doll to satisfy their frustrations with.

Kimberly page just sucked cock. The girl had sucked a lot of cock.
Normally, she was such a very good cocksucker, but even her previous go with
Ahmed Johnson couldn't let her overcome her natural aversion towards niggers.
Kim started to gag.

"That's it, gag her. Tell her to choke on your filthy animal cock."
Sullivan wasn't particularly racist himself, but he knew his audience.

Vincent knew who would be signing the paychecks too.

"Suck me, bitch. You filthy whore. Suck my nigger cock. Tell me it's
better than your honkey-assed husbands."

Kim felt Vincent yank her hair back hard. She was a lover, not a
fighter... Kim had to comply.

"Yes, you're bigger than Dallas. Your black cock is better than Dallas's.
Mggghhp Sluuuuuurppppp!"

"That's it, suck my dark chocolate cock."

It was a scene of serene tranquility despite the obvious implied violence
and hostility at the act. With Kim held in place securely by the hair, she
had no choice but to just suck passively on Vincent's long, black cock. She
gagged and choked, but nowhere near violently enough that she was ever in
danger of losing her breath. She knew how to suck too good for that.

Kim breathed through her nose as she had her mouth filled with the big,
black cock.

"Gonna cum... Get those camera's ready for the money shot," Vincent
excitedly exclaimed. Then the nigger started to shoot.

He left it in to give Kim a taste.

Kimberly Page's eyes opened wide as she took her second taste of pungent
nigger's sperm in less than a day. It really didn't taste any different than
white man's cum but for all that Kimberly normally enjoyed sucking cock, she
had never been particularly found of taking it in the mouth. It just always
seemed so damn degrading to the woman, and it wasn't her `cup-of-tea'
either... so to speak.

Luckily [?] Kimberly wasn't going to have to swallow Vincent's whole load.

The nigger may not have been that charismatic in the ring, but he was a
good boy that knew how to follow directions. Vincent pulled back and aimed
directly at the bitch's eyes...

Long, powerful, sticky-wet eruptions of the nigger's sperm shot forth
like a miniature geyser and splash-soaked Kim's upper face with a thick,
ooey-gooey covering of spunk. All Kim could do was squeeze her eyes shut so
the toxic baby-seed wouldn't seep in and irritate. She felt the slimy scum
slip-sliding down the bridge of her nose. She felt filthy and she WAS!

Kevin Sullivan had never seen anything so beautiful [well, maybe Sunny,
but the fact was that either bitch's video would be sure to get him his job
back. Hell, maybe he wouldn't even want the job if he just put the videos on
the net and became a millionaire with all the wrestling fanboys that would
get off on seeing their dream babes humiliated as the teasing bitches they
all were. Yeah, Sullivan was on to something here.

"Okay, Miller, Whatley, and Brown..."

It was time for Kim to take her first TP.

Ernest `The Cat' Miller didn't like going in with the second stringers.
He wasn't so sure he should even be involved in Sullivan's play. After all,
the nigger had been able to get a job when teaching Bischoff's kid the `facts
of life.' Bischoff had been only too happy to give the nigger a spot in the
horrific `blood runs cold' story line. Thing was that Miller knew he only
kept the job as long as the little Bischoff continued to be the cat's

Than a funny thing happened. Miller actually became watchable. Breaking
him away from that slug Ray Lloyd `the glacier' was a great career move.
Miller was pretty much the most effective heel in the company now next to
`Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner. It was stupid to risk his spot, but Kim was
one fine piece of ass.

Shaska `Pez' Whatley was just happy to be in front of the cameras again.
After showing his true talent in the last days of the Paul Jones/'Boogy Woogy
Man' Jimmy Valiant feud, Whatley was mostly lucky that they even let him
clean up the trash in a wrestling arena these days. Still, Kimberly Page
was one piece of white trash that this nigger was going to feel great about
`picking up.'

Brickhouse Brown was small. The dude was built like the proverbial `brick
shithouse,' but he was too short ever to get a go at the big leagues. He had
worded midcard with the old World Class outfit back in Texas's heyday and had
most recently had his biggest success in Jerry Lawler's USWA. Wrestling had
taken a lot and given back little to the nigger. It was time for him to get
some now. {By the way, he's small in height, not length.]

Kim was joined in bed by Brickhouse first. The nigger laid down and his
cock stood up. "Get up on me, bitch."

The cat had more of a sense for good showmanship. He knew the people at
home would want to see Kim getting abused while she was getting used. He
quickly got into the bed and started slapping Kim around.

"Tell us you want it you filthy piece of white trash."

Kim's tears started to wash some of the cum from her eyes. She was so
humiliated and ashamed of being dirtied in such a debasing manner.

"Don't hurt me. Please, I'll do whatever you say."

Kimberly Page could barely see where to mount as she climbed up into
position. Brickhouse was around twelve inches, and despite everything, Kim
wasn't wet. It was a difficult fit.

Shaska Whatley decided to help it go smoother. The nigger approached the
unsuspecting brunette bombshell like a stealth bomber gunning for an Iraqi
missile silo. Kim barely had time to feel his black hands grab a squeeze
hold of her ass before he was slamming it home. Kim had close to two feet
of rock-hard nigger cock in her two sex holes. She could feel the cocks
threatening to rip her up as they pound-fucked her back and forth in an
obscene little Oreo-sandwiching.

Kim was moaning and screaming in a mixture of sexual assault and moral
outrage. She was being raped real nice but the tri-fecta hadn't quite been
completed yet.

Ernest Miller moved up to Kim's face. The nigger was a little sheepish.
Not only was he a little lighter skinned than the others, but his cock was
only about the size of a large white mans. Oh well, he really wanted
Kimberly Page.

"Suck me, you cunt or I'll karate kick your fucking teeth out."

If Ernest couldn't compete on the size front, than he would play up the
`hard' core.

Ernest spit on Kim's face as he started her sucking on his tool.

Kimberly Page was being triple penetrated... One black cock was in her
mouth... And one black cock was in her cunt.. And one black cock was right up
her tight, little, white asshole.

Most the room was jerking their cocks. Five hours later, they were still
jerking their cocks although most of them had already fucked Kim at least

Kimberly page was a beaten, black, and bred woman.

Kamala, Visera, and IceTrain finished up last. The nearly ton of niggers
squished Kim between their massive bodies until they were finished. Kimberly
had the remnants of over thirty cum shots leaking from her every hole and
coating every inch of her body... But the night wasn't over yet for the
beaten and broken bitch. It was time for the dog.

Sullivan wasn't sure if it was necessary but everyone seemed to want to
see it. He had finally agreed that if the niggers gave it the extra effort
to really do the girls good, that he would allow them to breed the bitch's
to a dog at the end of the day as a reward.

Sullivan knew the footage of Kim's and Sunny's rapes would be everything
he ever needed so he growled, `okay you ass-wipes... Good job. Guess you all
wanted some doggy style so go fetch that slut, Sunny back here and someone
get King."

Swoll didn't need to be told twice and neither did Hardwork Bobby Walker.
Swoll fetched Sunny while Walker went and got the girl's new boyfriend.

Sunny was so sore she could barely move from her two days of rape. She
saw that Kim looked no better. Sunny was thrown onto the bed.

"Are you okay..."

It was a dumb question for the blond to even ask, but Ahmed didn't care to
let Kim here it anyhow. He quickly reached out and slapped Sunny across the
back of her head.

"Shut up bitch. You cunts just shut the fuck up or we will kill you."

Both girls knew that they would too.

Walker got back with the dog. It was a large Great Dane. The dog may
have had human cunt before or maybe he just smelled the naked, cum-covered
sluts cause he was immediately eXXXcited.

Walker let him jump onto the bed where the beast quickly found Sunny and
started `kissing' her mouth. Sunny wanted to pull away but Ahmed told her to
be still and so she had to allow the dog to lick her face.

The dog didn't seem to want to leave Kim out. He stepped on Sunny's left
tit as he scampered over her to get to Kim. One heavy paw stepped on Kim's
cunt as he started `kissing' the beautiful brunette.

"Open that mouth, you whore. Show the dog you like it," Ahmed menaced
her. Kim opened her mouth.

Both girls were horrified. It wasn't so much that they had never fucked a
dog before [they were wrestling valets after all] but under these
circumstances? There was only one dog and there was two girls. Who would be
the lucky bitch?

"Suck that dog's cock slut. Get him ready to fuck her."

Ahmed made the decision as he pushed Sunny down to get busy. She was
going to suck the dog off and than Kimberly page would get it `doggy-style.'

The fact that she was being videotaped and photographed was just awful.
When Sunny had set the Internet standard as the most downloaded celebrity
ever, she had been in a sexy swimsuit. Now the pics would show her cute
blond head sucking a big slimy dog cock. What would her mother say this

Sunny was still in shock from having watched her fianc‚ get murdered in
front of her, but she was aware enough to feel humiliated as she started to
orally service the big dog. She reluctantly opened her mouth and began to
lick at the dog's emerging prick. Sunny was sucking dog-cock.

The sight was awesome. To see such an amazingly stunning beauty as the
curvaceous Tammy Lynn Sytch, sucking on a dog's cock as his bulge begins to
swell and his clear, wet sperm starts to leak out into her mouth, is an
indescribable pleasure. It is enough to make a fanboy cum in their pants
[panties??? Guess you girls like Sunny too.] If only words could convey
the scene or if actual video footage could ever be viewed.

Alas, even in such scenarios, eventually the scene would still need to end
least the dog's knot got stuck in behind her teeth to lock her in place while
the animal just spermed directly down her throat. While this would be
amazingly hot, the dog needed to get into Kim's cunt before he was too large.

Kimberly Page was forced up onto all fours. Sunny was told to help the
dog onto the naked brunette. Sunny had to take the dog's big cock and guide
it up into Kim's cunt.

The dog took it from there. Kim was scratched along her thighs and waist
as the big dog dug in for traction. He pounded his seven-inch thick knot
into Kim's cunt. It was too big to pull back out. Dog and human were

"Get her down there to lick his nuts while he sperms the cunt," Farooq

"Maybe the bitch is going to be having puppies," Bradshaw sleazily

Everyone laughed except Sunny who got down under where the big dog cock
was fucking into Kimberly. Kim didn't laugh either. Having a nigger baby
would be bad enough if she was fertile but puppies... she would be ruined...

And she was.

This isn't a great way to end this story... Surfice it to say that this
isn't any lame ass `happy ever after' stories where the face's will storm the
ring at the end and run off the heels. Sunny and Kim are going to be getting
fucked a lot more.

What do you all think? Trying to get this done before April 3rd of 2000
was difficult. I know in the end, that people might be reading this on the
net in 1000 years, but for the moment it is fun to play off the actual weekly
happenings in WCW.

_ _ _

Is it all worth it? Should I try to get Torrie Wilson, Miss Hancock, and/or
Spice involved for an April 10 posting... Or has the joke run it's course?

I am loving this wrestling genre. I am holding myself back on the behind the
scenes inside jokes. Yet, I am probably losing non-wrestling fans with the
stuff I am including. Any opinions on whether I should just go for it and
really maximize the wrestling references?

Input and feedback accepted at

As my favorite announcer used to say when signing off from Stampede wrestling.
In the meantime, and in-between time... That's it. Another addition of my
`NOD' story.


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