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Starring: April Hunter - Tylene Buck - Pamela Paulshock - Midajah - Kim
Kanner - Bret Hart - Scotty Steiner - Jeff Jarrett - Kevin Nash -
Scott Hall - Harriss Boyz

It was Monday & WCW Nitro was over. NWO had destroyed the entire WCW
organization by taking out Goldberg, Sid, Funk, Anderson and Beniot. They
put Sid in a car and crashed the car in the parking lot. Backstage the NWO
girls Midajah and Shikiri (Kim) was watching this moment on TV. Meanwhile,
Major Gunns (Tylene Buck) and April Hunter came in.

"Hi girls! Do you see how my Bret crashed Sid?" Major Gunns said.

"HAAHAA, your Bret? First of all, when he turned your Bret? And second of
all, he couldn't do it without my Scotty," Midajah said to Gunns.

"He is my Bret and he took out Sid." Major Gunns said angry.

"Come on, stop fighting, Bret is yours and Scotty is yours Midajah." April
interrupted them.

"No, I always had problem with her. Lets solve it now." Major said and
went to Midajah. April saw thing was about to get ugly so she quickly grabbed
Major Gunn's hand and pulled her to her own room.

"What's the matter with you? What you are doing will not get you closer
to Bret and it will be the end of all of us," April shouted at Tylene.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't wanna do this. Forgive me, April." Tylene cried
and got up and hugged her red haired friend.

"It's Ok honey. I will convince Midajah," April said so kind to her
blonde friend.

Major Gunns smiled and kissed April dead on the lips. April was shocked,
but she tried to hold herself together. She was the oldest of all the NWO
Girls and they thought different to her. She smiled back at Tylene and left
the room. She was so excited about what had just happened. She returned to
Kim's dressing room and sat down right beside her.

"Honey! Where is Midajah?" April asked.

"She is in her room and so pissed off. She is so angry at Tylene." Kim

"Well, lets make some peace here. You go to Tylene and convince her while
I will go to Midajah and talk to her. OK?" April said.

"That sounds good." Kim said and got up.

Kim went to Major's room when April knock Midajah's room's door.

"I told you leave me alone!" Midajah yelled.

April went in and closed the door. Midajah turned around and saw April.
April stared at her for a while, Midajah had on just a bra and panties and
April started to loose herself after what happened to her and Major Gunns
moments ago. Midajah smiled at her just like Tylene and got up. Her body was
so soft and beautiful. April stood still in the corner of the room.

"Sorry April, I thought you were Kim. Why don't you have a seat." Midajah

"Thanks honey." April sat and glanced at Midajah's pretty body.

"Well, what did Tylene have to say about me? What's her problem with me?"
Midajah sat in front of April crossing her soft white legs.

"She has no problem. She asked me to come here and tell you that she is
sorry." April said.

"Good cause I have no problem with her too and I wish it never happened."
Midajah smiled at her and got up in front of April Hunter. She opened her
arms for hug.

"Thank you to make peace." Midajah said and hugged her.

April was in heaven when she felt Midajah's big tits touching her bigger
ones. Midajah wondered a little when April hugged her a little harder,
Midajah broke the hug and left the room. April went after her, Midajah's
ass cheeks looked great and April's finger automatically went to it and
fingered her.

Midajah paused in shock. She didn't know what to do. Even to turn around.
April waited for her reaction. Midajah slowly turned around and looked at the
redheaded April and felt horny. Ever so slowly Midajah came closer and kissed
her. April touched her firm round butt again shoved her tongue in Midajah's
hot mouth. Midajah then took it a step farther by the grabbing April by the
hair and snaked her tongue inside of her mouth. Midajah accept and her little
tongue slowly and returned the favor. April then grabbed Midajah's hand and
placed it on her big tit.

"Wow, your tits are double the size of mine." Midajah said.

"But not my ass." April said and massaged her ass cheeks.

Midajah opened April's top and licked her tit and nipple. She let April
shove her finger right inside her pussy from behind. Midajah took her big
tits and sucked them as April's finger was completely was inside her. April
saw Midajah was so serious about her work and showed no pleasure, April
pushed her down and laid on her and kissed her. Midajah threw April's top
away as April opened Midajah's bra and licked her perfect breasts.

Now Midajah enjoyed the party and that gave April pleasure and continued
her job harder. Then April put off her skirt and grabbed her hair and forced
Midajah to lick her. Midajah started to lick April on pant when stripped
naked and fingered herself. April ripped off her panties and the black haired
Midajah quickly shoved her tongue inside her hot and wide pussy. April held
her huge big breasts and slowly moaned.

"That's it honey, You are really eye-candy.... Lick me and shove your
tongue in there a little more." April shouted and forgetting the presence of
Tylene and Kim in the other room.

"April, my tongue is not that long." Midajah stop licking her.

April looked in her eyes and pushed her down and spread her legs and
licked her hot pussy. Midajah gasped and opened her legs more. April shoved
her long tongue inside Midajah's hot cunt and made her crazy.

Meanwhile the door opened and in came Pamela Paulshock. She was shocked
when she saw April's tongue in a wrong place. The ladies tried to get up when
the door openned, but when they saw it was another NWO member April continued
her assault on Scott Steiner's freak.

"I'm so sorry, I just wanted to take an interview with you girls." Pamela

"FFFine Ohh, Hey Pammy you see us busy. Why don't you go in that room.
Ohhh great April keep going, I sure that Major Gunns and Kim are pleased to
have a conversation."

"Ok, I will." Pamela said and went to door. She glanced at April's tongue
working hard in Midajah's pussy. She felt a little wet between her legs and
wanted to open door.

"Heyyyy, Pammy don't tell them our positionnn." Midajah moaned.

"Ok, I wont." Pamella stared at the lesbo scene for the last time and
knocked at the door and went inside.

Pamela shocked when she got in the room. The action in the room was even
hotter than outside. She felt her nipples get hard and her breath heavier
when she saw Tylene shoving one of the N.W.O baseball bats inside Kim's
pussy. Tylene and Kim didn't notice Pamela and continued pleasing each other.
Pamela watched the hot scene. She never felt like that when she saw any
women. Tylene shoved 1/4 of ball bath in her little pussy. Kim whisping a
name and Pamela unterstood she called for Scott. Tylene took out a little of
that deadly dildo and shoved half of it in her pussy. Kim wanted to scream
but her mouth blocked by Tylene's lips.

"You are an amateur? Am I correct?" Tylene said.

"No, I will show you." Kim said and pushed Major Gunns down and hardly
took out the baseball bath from her cunt. Tylene took it and licked all over
of it and returned it to Steiner's other freak. Kim then opened Tylene's
pussy and shoved the head of it into her pussy, Tylene held her breath as
Kim shoved 1/4 of it inside her....

"Am I the amateur or are you?" Tylene smirked with horny voice.

"If this is an I quit match I will make you submit!" Kim said and shoved
up to half inside Bombs Away girl. Pamela's finger was in her pussy and she
found herself so wet. Tylene Screamed when about 3/4 of that huge baseball
bath was inside her. Kim turned around to see if April or Midajah had heard
that scream but only saw WCW's announcer with a hand in her pussy standing
there. Tylene also saw her and became upset.

"What the fuck you doing there?" Tylene yelled.

Pamela became scared. She didn't want them to see her there but it was too
late. She knew she should get out of there, but she really didn't wanna and
took her finger out of her pussy. She hardly did as she ran to door but was
blocked by April and Midajah.

"Ohh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to bother you wonderful girls. I gotta go
and will come back after you girls finish." Pamela said and wanted to leave
but April still stood in front of her. April looked at Midajah and took a
step closer to Pamela, who stepped back.

"Well Pamela! You always said that NWO is the baddest group in the history
of WCW." April said.

"Pammy! Why don't you join us?" Midajah said.

"No thanks girls, I gotta go interview Sid." Pamela said a little worried.

"Sid has already been taken care of." April replied.

"Now we will going to take care of you, Pamela Paulshock." Kim said.

"I'm sorry! Please let me go." Pamella said about to cry.

"Hey Paulshock, I think you'd really love this baseball bat. Why don't you
try it for a little bit." Gunns said while slowly taking it out of her pussy.

"Wait... girls! Please let me go!" Pamela said and went for the door but
the girls attacked her and knocked her down with Midajah sitting on her

"Teach her a lesson to never watch lesbo action free." Kim yelled.

"Well Pammy! We are NWO and you should know our motto. If you don't run
with the pack you will hunted by them." Midajah said.

"Please forgive me. I will join with you." Pamela begged.

"Honey! Please give me that. It looks like Pamela wants to run with us."
April looked to Tylene, who threw the baseball bat to April.

"Ok Kim, strip her head to toe!" April said. Kim and Midajah quickly
ripped off her dress. Pamela was left with only in her panties on and the
group could easily see her pussy.

"Look at that, she pissed her panties." Tylene yelled.

Girls got closer look but she didn't piss her pants. Her juices were all
over her soft silk panties. Girls stared at it and then looked at each other
getting horny. April stared at the wide pussy of Tylene. Midajah took Kim's
hand and they kissed each other on top of their slave. April went to Tylene,
who kissed her just like she did earlier. They grabbed each other's big tits
and continued to kiss each other. Midajah and Kim broke their hot kiss and
stared at helpless Pamela.

"She needs some." Kim smirked.

"Come Pammy! Come get some." Midajah said and both sucked on Pamela's
nipples. She gasped and wanted to move away but she calmed down when saw the
baseball bat in April's hand. Midajah went down and ripped off Pamela's
panties and looked at her pussy.

"Wow, I never was wet like this." Midajah said excited and shoved her
thumb in Pamela's pussy as Kim still licked and sucked Pamella's big nipples.

"Girls, I think her nipple is so tasty." Kim said to girls.

"Let me try it." Midajah took out her thumb and came over Pammy and sucked
her nipple. "That is so great." Midajah said and went back to her previous
job and fingered Pamela.

"Looks like she can be a part of us. Her breasts are as big as ours."
Tylene said as she continued to lick April's tight pussy. April spread her
legs more and let Tylene to lick her easier.

Midajah shoved a second finger beside her thumb inside her cunt. Pamela
sobbed when she felt pleasure in herself, Midajah realized that Pamela
started to like the two fingers in her cunt so she shoved another two fingers
into Pamela and with last finger massaged her asshole. Pamella screamed in
pain and that brought the other girls' attention to her.

"Shut that bitch up!" April yelled.

Kim quickly went and sat on Pamela's face and rubbed her cunt on Pamela's
mouth and grabbed her head and pushed it into her pussy. Tylene and April
watched as April spread her lips and let Pamela suck on her clit.

"Lick me bitch." Kim screamed at Pamela but she protested. Kim rubbed her
cunt more to her face and screamed at her again to lick her fuckhole. Pamela
still didn't do what she demanded. Her tongue had never touched another
woman's pussy and she never wanted to.

"If you don't eat me I will make a slave out of you." Kim shouted but
Pamela still wouldn't. Nothing would make her do it. Kim waited for a while
and when saw Pamela really didn't care what she said to her. She got upset
and turned around and looked at her Freak partner Midajah and nodded. Midajah
got her meaning and shoved her entire hand in Pammy's tight pussy.

Pamela screamed in pain but no one heard it because of Kim's hot pussy.
She rubbed her pussy on Pamela's open mouth and gasped. Pamela got a little
taste of Kim's cunt and felt bad. She struggled to get away. Midajah took her
fist out of Pamela's pussy and went to April and Tylene. She got on her knees
and licked April's pink asshole. April felt a burning inside and turned
around and saw her beautiful black hair friend was licking her.

Tylene took advantage on this situation and left the two girls alone and
picked up that very dangerous baseball bat and went back to helpless Pamela.
She showed the baseball bat to Kim and all she got was an acceptable smile.
Tylene got on top of Pamela and saw her wet pussy. Her legs were spread wide
open and provoked Buck more than past. She shoved the tip of it inside her
cunt. Pamela gasped and tried to close her legs.

"Stop honey, it's just my hand baby. It's absolutely better than Mean
Gene's old cock."

Tylene shoved more of it into her moist cunt. Pamela realized Tylene's
lie. She realized it wasn't her hand cause she already handled it. She
thought about the size of the baseball bat and how much of it went into
Tylene's cunt. Tylene shoved half the baseball bath inside Pamella's open

"Now will you lick me or you get the entire baseball bath in your hole
bitch? Ha?" Kim shouted.

Helpless Pamela had to do it for her health. She was already hurt but she
was scared about what else they would do to her. She slowly openned her mouth
and her tongue slowly went in Kim's empire and she welcomed it by opening her
legs a little more. Pamela's tongue went into a different world. In a woman's
cunt. That was a huge embarrassment for her. As soon as her tongue connected
to Kim's clit she moaned in pleasure.

"Good girl. Now I can share your pain." Tylene said and slowly opened her
pussy and shoved the other side of baseball bat inside hers pussy. She came
close to Pamela getting cunt to cunt and grinded into it.

"Now Pamela, half of it is inside me and other half is in you. Here's the
deal. Without using your hands can send your half to me?" Tylene smiled.

Poor Pamela moved her body to send baseball bat out of her pussy and send
it to Tylene. She still licked Kim's pussy. She tried but she felt more of
the ball bath enter inside her. Tears came to her eyes when she heard
Tylene's evil laughs.

Pamela continued to lick Kim's pussy until she felt her pussy got a little
bit warmer. She knew what was next and if it went on that would be the most
humiliating moment of her life. She knew that the woman that she was licking
was about to come in her mouth so she stopped licking which made the horny
Kim so angry.

"Come on bitch. It must be a pleasure to lick me." Kim screamed and
slapped Pamela right across her face.

Pamela still refused as she felt like her pussy had the entire baseball
bat keep inside her. She wanted to hang on but things changed quickly.

"I think she should be treated like a hardcore champion. How about two
baseball bats in her pussy and one barb-wired in her asshole?" Midajah said
with smiled at Tylene.

Pamela became terrified. She imagined the pain of two baseball bats inside
her and more frightening was the barb-wired baseball bat in her tight anus.
She'd never been fucked from behind because she put it aside for a special
occasion but now evil Midajah tried to ruin it for forever.

"I agree but two baseball bats wouldn't be enough for her. How about
sticking all our hands in there?" Tylene laughed.

She was more scared when she heard Tylene's talk about hands. She
considered eight hands going into her pussy at the same time something
impossible or she would died before it completed. She made up her mind to
lick Kim's pussy whatever it takes. She started to lick her cunt again and
again even harder than Kim expected.

Kim was in heaven and grabbed April's hair and pulled her to herself
and kissed her passionly. April broke the kiss and licked her nipple, Tylene
smiled and took out half of baseball bath from Pamela's pussy and shoved it
into herself.

"Good girl. Now we can share the pain and pleasure a little bit." Tylene
said then looked at the other side of the room where Midajah stood.

"Honey! Midajah!" Tylene said.

"Yeah sweetheart, OHH" Midajah really didn't care much for Tylene.

"I'm sorry about what I said to you. Can I help you?" Tylene carefully

"OHH, How?" Midajah moaned.

"Take out your finger and come to my arms." Tylene said to Midajah with
open arms.

Midajah happily accept and came and sat on Tylene's face. She licked
Midajah like a pro and all Midajah did was moaning loudly all the while
Tylene rammed the baseball bath deep inside herself. Tylene licked all over
Midajah's cunt while she moved her body to make an orgasm with Pamela.
Pamela's pain was reduced and she decided to made a little peace with these
NWO bitchs. She licked Kim's hot hole as Kim pushed April down and made her
way to April's red nipples.

Kim spread April's legs open and picked up Big Pappa Pump's baseball bat
and shoved it inch by inch to April's cunt. April gasped and pinched her own
nipples while Kim continued her assault on her red-haired friend. Midajah
looked at this action and saw her partner's asshole. She took advantage of
this situation and picked up Scott Hall's baseball bat and shoved it into
Kim's asshole. Kim screamed and turned around.

"What the fuck you did to my ass?" Kim yelled.

"Easy honey. It's Scott's bath and I know you like it." Midajah smiled and
slowly shoved it in her anus. Kim finally got the rhythm and started to enjoy

Pamela was a little bit happy cause they forgot her, Tylene couldn't
orgasm pro Midajah and she tried to do it, Kim was thinking about April's
pussy and Midajah fucked Kim's anus with Scott Hall's baseball bath. Pamela
just licked Kim's pussy and moved her body to make Tylene a little more
happy. She felt Midajah's tits connect with her stomach several times mading
a sweaty spot. Midajah was loudly laughing when she heard April's and Kim's

Tylene took advantage and picked up the baseball bathshe put aside minutes
ago. It belonged to Big Sexy. She fingered Midajah's asshole softly while
she licked her pussy so hardly. She then showed Midajah who is the really
evil and then without any warning shoved the ball bath's head to her asshole.
Midajah screamed in pain and that made Pamela happy. She showed her thanks
to Tylene by rubbing her pussy harder against hers.

All women continued this rhythm for another 10 minutes until Pamela felt
something in her mouth. She was shocked and wasn't sure about it but when the
smoke cleared she heard the last moans of Kim. That was it. She came in
Pamela's mouth. That was so impressive to her. She got the taste of a woman's
cum and it wasn't bad. It was tasty and she continued to lick her pussy for a
few moments. She got all the drops of Kim's juice in her mouth.

April gave up by Steiner's baseball bat and came all over it. Kim quickly
licked up her pussy juice and made sure that she missed nothing by licked the
baseball bath. Kevin Nash's baseball bat at last defeated Midajah's body and
she came in Tylene's mouth, too. The women started to kiss each other so
passionly until the door opened and they came in.

The NWO boyz where shocked when they saw this hot and magnificent scene.
They got horny when they saw five big breasted hos fucking each other. Hall
stepped in and girls saw him coming. They were so scared but it was too late
for hide.

"Hey Yo, Which one of you would love a real big cock." Hall said and
ripped off his NWO shirt. Scott Steiner came right next to Scott Hall and
took off his BPP shirt.

"Which one of you freaks want me to rock your body?" Steiner shouted.

Midajah slowly stepped forward, Scotty stared at her wet and naked body.
Her juices was all over on her legs and knees. Scotty couldn't contain
himself and kissed her so hard. She welcomed his attack by locking her legs
and arms around his huge body.

Kim stepped forward to Hall and he kissed her neck all over. She guided
his head to her pussy and let him to lick her hard. New World Order's most
important man shoved his big and long tongue deep inside Kim's pussy, This
was so great for her cause his tongue was triple size of Pamela's.

April made up her mind and slowly went to the biggest man of WCW, Kevin
"Big Sexy" Nash. Nash turned around and saw her coming to her. She came in
front of Nash and got on her knees. She started to find his cock from his
jeans. Bret Hart smiled at Nash and turned around to leave but he stopped by
the pretty blonde Tylene Buck. Bret Hart didn't care and wanted to leave but
she took his hand.

"Wait Bret! I was waiting for this moment for a long time." Tylene said.

"No sweety, I have a wife and children. I cant do this." and then tried to

"Come on Bret. Do it once and no one will find out."

Hart couldn't help himself and kissed her so passionly on lips and pushed
her down and started to suck her big nipples. Pamela stared at all of their
actions in the other side of room until she felt the pain of spanking.

"Come on Slapnutz! Lay down." Jarrett yelled at her. Pamela felt the
trouble and quickly went to the door but she was blocked by The Harris Boyz.
They took her arms and pulled her to the middle of the room and pushed her
down on the floor. Jeff Jarrett smiled and started to get naked.

"Come here bitch! Come here and get some." JJ said and showed his cock to

"Shut up. I'm not a cock sucker." Pamela screamed at him so angry but all
she got was a very hard slap right across her face by the WCW US Champion.

"Yes you are! Suck it or I will punish you more." Jarrett ordered her and
immediately slapped her again on that same cheek and making it completely

"Don't you ever slap her again. You will not rape her punk. She will give
you what you want." Bret told Jarrett.

"She will not suck it." JJ angered and took her jaw. "Suck it bitch."

"Pamela! Why don't you do what he asked you." Hart said to her while he
was on top of excited Tylene Buck.

"Why don't you do that to me." Pamela said but Bret just pointed at the
blonde under himself.

"Yes sir." Pamela said with tears in her eyes and accepted the man's cock
in her mouth. She was crying and sucking on Chosen One's 6 inches prick.
Jarrett moaned and took her head and forced her to suck him faster.

Meanwhile Ron went under her and licked her pussy. She tried to get away
from him but Don came next to her and licked her tight asshole. She couldn't
control herself and sucked the US Champ's prick so visiously.

Big Pappa Pump spread Midajah's legs and insert his 8 inched muscular cock
deep inside her vagina. Midajah moaned and he continued to thrust it in and
out of her pussy.

Scott Hall put Kim down on the ground and licked her deeply and wildly.
She screamed when his long tongue went all over inside of her cunt and fought
with her clit.

The Excellence Of Execution opened Tylene's big and pretty legs and slowly
shoved his cock-head in her pussy. Hart shoved his cock completely in her
pussy and made her gasped loudly. Seven inches of cock was not so much for a
bitch like Tylene Buck but The Hitman was so thick for her and he also had
more experience than all theothers in the room and the main reason was she
really enjoyed to get fuck by "The best there is, the best there was and
the best there ever will be." WCW Champion skillfully thrust in and out of
her shaven vagina while he sucked her nipples.

On the other side of the room April sucked the cock-head of Kevin Nash.
Inch by inch it disappeared. The complete 12 inches of Big Sexy in her moist
mouth. She sucked him like a pro while she was massaging his balls. Nash was
really turned on and picked her up and kissed her so hard that she didn't
expect something like that from the seven footer. He then turned her around
and placed one of her muscular feet on the chair. There were many free spaces
between her legs and that was all he needed. He came next to her and got on
his knees and aimed his cock to her pussy and without any warning he stood.
With that action his entire 12 inches went so deep in April Hunter's pussy
from behind that she screamed for her life so hard that all others turned
around to see what happened to her.

"OHH...Nothing. Do your jobs." April smiled at the audience and tried to
convinced them but she got a lot of pleasure from the pain.

"Keep going Kevin." April looked at Big Sexy's face when she looked from
her shoulder. Nash quickly went back to work and started to fuck her again.
He grabbed her huge and pretty formed tits from behind and fucked her like an

"Easy Kev." Hall smirked at his best friend then looked at Kim who had
three on his fingers in her pussy. "Hey Yo! Turn around and get on fours."
Hall said and took out his fingers. Kim smiled and turned around and got on
her hands and knees. Scott Hall came next to her and shoved his (2 sweet) 9
inches cock inside Kim's hot asshole and made her scream as loud as April.

"Now you take it easy." Nash laughed.

Steiner then left Midajah and laid on floor. She got up and went on top of
him and tried to slowly sit on his muscular dick. Scotty pulled her so hard
on his cock and it all over went in her hot fuck-hole. She screamed and
paused for a moment then slowly ride his prick. It made The man a little
angry and tired.

"Wait don't take it hard please. I will ride you faster just wait for a
second." Midajah begged Steiner and started to ride him faster like she was
on the road. Steiner held her tight and rode her hard like animal. It didn't
take long that she came so hard.

"Scotty, I'm coming, Just a little slower." Midajah screamed but BPP
didn't care and bounced her harder than before and her pretty tits bounced up
and down.

Jarrett didn't want Pamela to leave his cock even for a second and he
fucked her throat harder. After a few moments she felt those Harris Boyz
leave her alone. She got a little bit relax but Don went all over her. The
place that her big tits was pressed with his chest. She then felt his huge
cock was trying to find a way to her cunt. She tried it wouldn't happen but
while she struggled to take his cock out of her cunt. She felt the biggest
pain of her life. Ron had shoved his 10 inches of fat cock in her very tight
asshole. She screamed and accidentally bit JJ's dick. Jeff screamed as well
and quickly took out his injured cock and slapped her face five times each
time harder.

"You ugly bitch! I hate you fucking trash whore." JJ shouted and slapped
her again.

She cried so loud as JJ signaled The Harris Boyz and they started to fuck
her harder. Jarrett went and sat right next to BPP and examined his cock.

"Yeah.. Fuck her hard. Ron! Fuck her asshole harder." JJ ordered Ron
Harris and he happily thrust harder in her very tight anus.

"Please... I'm sorry... I beg you! Release me. It hurts, please!" Pamela
cried and begged them but they didn't care and gang banged her even harder.
Evil Midajah was still riding Scotty Steiner and enjoyed what she had saw in
front of her. She then slowly grabbed JJ's cock in her hand.

"Ohhh.. Poor Jeff! It is really hurt but don't worry. I will fix that."
Midajah said so horny and slowly took his cock-head in her mouth.

"OHH No.. don't do it. I'm hurrttt ohhh Go on bitch. Suck it." JJ moaned.

After a few more minutes of Nash fucking April, he put her down and fucked
her on the ground. He was more intense than all others and the scene in front
of him really made him the fastest fucker in the earth. Seeing his best
friend fucking Kim in front of him in doggystyle and Midajah work on two
cocks in the same time and The Hariss Boyz gang banged Pamela made him nearly
orgasm. Kevin Nash turned his head around and looked to Bret. Tylene's pretty
legs where on his shoulders and her pussy was opened by the Hitman's ripe
cock. He then turned around and pounded April Hunter harder. He held her
nipples and fucked her harder than anyone in his life and all she was doing
was screaming for more.

Pamela still screaming to stop but they did what they wanted. The speed of
the twins was so unbelievable and they got faster and faster each second.
They assaulted her pussy and anus until they both loaded their cum in her

"Fuck that bitch until you get soft." JJ ordered them and that was exactly
what they wanted to do. Jarrett finally exploded in Midajah's mouth and his
jizz was dripping from her mouth. While Midajah was cleaning The Chosen One's
prick she felt BPP's hot sperm shoot inside her pussy.

Scott Hall was about to give up but he didn't want to end until he saw
that hot cum action starring Midajah and he couldn't hold himself and came
inside Kim's asshole and made her more wet than before. The Harris Boyz
stopped fucking poor Pamela but they decided to held their twin cocks inside
her. They never had a good time in their careers until joining NWO and now
they had one of the perfect divas of WCW history.

Bret was sitting on Tylene's chest and his cock was in the middle of her
perfect and massive breasts. He trusted his cock up and down of her puppies
and simply tit-fucked her while she held those big boobs together. Hart had
gave a lot of pleasure to her during their actions and came all over her tits
and neck.

Big Sexy was the winner of the last man standing match and after he saw
that scene he came so hard in April's pussy. After a little rest the men got
up and looked at what they had done. Jarrett went to hurt poor Pamela that
was released by Hariss Boyz but Steiner tried to take him back. Harris
Brothers went to shower and talked about how they felt about Pamela.

The Outsiders helped Kim and April get up and they hi-fived each other.
Hart got up from Tylene's sweaty body and walked through the room. Midajah
laid on the mat and stared at him. Bret simply smiled at her and went to
Pamela gave her a hand. She hardly got up.

"Ohh Pamela! I'm sorry about what went down tonight. If you listened to me
you wouldn't have gotten slapped." Bret tried to convinced her.

"Now can I go?" Pamela said and was about to cry.

"Sure." Bret smiled and poor Pamela Paulshock cried and ran out of room.
She promised herself that she will never show up until the whole NWO break

NWO men and women all celebrated about what they did to Sid, Goldberg,
Funk, Anderson, Beniot and most important of all what they did to each other.

"Can I say something?" Tylene said and all agreed and wait for it.

"I think that the band is back together now." She said and all laughed.


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