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NXT Four: One Hot Summer Day
by Mr. JMK

It was a hot summer day in Orlando, when NXT Divas Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks had a rare day off and the four decided to go to the beach. All four ladies were in Charlotte's car heading to the beach listening to music and having fun. After about thirty minutes they were close to the beach and Charlotte pulled into the driveway of a beach house.

"What are ye doing Charlotte?" Becky asked.

"You can't park here Char" Bayley said before Sasha and Charlotte started to laugh.

"Relax ladies this is a Flair beach house" Charlotte said as she turned the engine off.

"Let's go bitches" Sasha said opening her door first.

The ladies got out of the car and made their way inside the beach house.

"This house is beautiful" Bayley said as she walked inside.

"Yeah mostly doesn't get used by anybody but me" Charlotte said.

"Feckin sweet house" Becky said looking around.

"Enjoy it ladies, it's our house for the night" Charlotte said as she put her bag down.

The Nature Girl showed the other ladies to the rooms they would be staying in, after the divas got situated they headed down to the beach.

The four NXT Divas laid on the beach relaxing and talking, after about two hours Charlotte and Sasha decided to go back to the house leaving Bayley and Becky Lynch alone on the beach. The Huggable One and the Lass Kicker stayed on the beach soaking up the sun, meanwhile Charlotte and Banks were back at the house getting something to drink.

"Come check this out" Charlotte said to the boss.

"I got some new ring gear" Charlotte said as the two went into the master bedroom.

"Very nice gear" Sasha said as Charlotte showed her new ring gear.

"I'm glad the four of us could get together on our day off" Charlotte said with a smile.

"Yeah it's cool spending time with the girls" Sasha replied.

"So does this bed see a lot of action with you and Bram?" Sasha jokingly asked.

"Keep talking and it's gonna see you on your back" Charlotte said with a laugh.

"Oh really?" Sasha asked stepping upto Charlotte.

Without any warning the nature girl picked up the boss of NXT and slammed her on the bed. Charlotte followed up the slam by kissing Sasha's lips and ripping off her black bikini top.

Sasha kissed Charlotte back while placing her hands onto Charlotte's ass, the NXT women's champion quickly undid Charlotte's blue bikini top revealing her nice rack. Sasha broke the kiss and began to suck Charlotte's tits while Charlotte removed her own bikini bottoms revealing her shaved pussy. The former NXT women's champ pushed Sasha back down on the bed and ripped off the boss's bikini bottoms.

"Oh yes lick me Charlotte" Sasha said with a moan as she rubbed her own tits.

Charlotte kissed from Sasha's stomach down to her nice wet shaved pussy, sticking two fingers in and out before finally putting her mouth down to lick Sasha's cunt.

The Flair of NXT began to lick the wet pussy of the boss as she stared straight into Sasha's eyes.

"Oh fuck yes lick me Char" Sasha moaned as Charlotte worked her tongue on her pussy.

Meanwhile Bayley decided to head back to the house as Becky wanted to spend a few more minutes down by the beach. Bayley entered the beach house and heard a distant moan from upstairs, she went upstairs to see what was going on as she heard the moaning louder and louder. The huggable one went towards the room the moaning was coming from and took a peek inside thru the semi closed door.

As Bayley peeked in the room she saw Charlotte lapping her tongue in Sasha's pussy, which made Bayley instantly wet. Bayley couldn't fight the urge and drove her hand down her purple bikini bottoms to rub her clit as she watched Charlotte lick the boss.

"Oh yes right there" Sasha shouted as Charlotte continued to lap her tongue around the wet walls of her pussy.

Bayley was so turned on by watching Charlotte and Banks, she slipped two fingers into her pussy.

Charlotte flipped around on the bed getting in the sixty nine position. Sasha gripped Charlotte's ass cheeks as she drove her tongue deep into Charlotte's snatch.

"Oh yes Sasha" Charlotte moaned before returning her tongue to Sasha's wet cunt.

Bayley continued to finger her dripping wet pussy as she looked on.

"Oh Mmmm" Bayley softly moaned.

Sasha lapped her tongue in and around Charlotte's pussy, tasting her juices. Bayley used one hand to finger her pussy and the other grabbing her tits.

"Oh fuck Sash..." Charlotte stuttered as Sasha worked her tongue deeper while firmly squeezing Charlotte's ass.

Charlotte licked Sasha's clit while slipping three fingers into the boss's pussy and rapidly fingering her.

"Oh fuck me" Sasha moaned.

Bayley continued to watch as she put her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. The resident hugger of NXT leaned her back against the wall and closed her eyes as she fingered herself faster and harder.

All of a sudden Bayley felt a hand on her arm and was pulled into the bedroom by Charlotte.

"Oh naughty Bayley, were you spying on us?" Sasha asked.

"She was doing more then spying" Charlotte said with a smile.

A flustered Bayley started to turn red from embarrassment.

"It's ok" Charlotte as she grabbed Bayley's face and kissed her lips.

Charlotte broke the kiss and walked Bayley over to the bed where Sasha was waiting.

Sasha quickly undid Bayley's top freeing her nice sized tits as Charlotte got on her knees and pulled down Bayley's bikini bottoms to reveal her nice shaved pussy. Charlotte pushed Bayley on her back onto the bed, Sasha started to suck Bayley's tits working her tongue around the nipple as Charlotte drove her tongue into Bayley's wet snatch.

"Oh Mmmm" Bayley moaned as Charlotte and Sasha used their tongues on her body.

"Her pussy looks like it's delicious" Sasha said as she watched Charlotte work her tongue in and out of Bayley's box.

Bayley's moaning was interrupted as Sasha kissed her driving her tongue into Bayley's mouth. Charlotte lapped her tongue around Bayley's pussy while rubbing her clit with two fingers.

"You gotta taste her pussy Sasha" Charlotte said as she lifted her head from Bayley's snatch.

Sasha got in front of Bayley and began to lick her sweet juicy pussy as Charlotte rubbed Bayley's tits and kissing her.

"What the feck are you whores doing?" Becky Lynch asked as she stood in the doorway.

"Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna join in?" Charlotte asked.

Without an answer Becky Lynch quickly removed her red and black bikini top showing her perky tits, Becky then slid down her red and black bottoms revealing her nicely shaved cunt. The Irish diva walked over to the bed and began to make out with Charlotte.

"Oh yes Sasha" Bayley moaned while she grabbed her tits.

Charlotte broke the kiss and started sucking the tits of Becky.

As Charlotte sucked Becky's tits, Lynch placed her hand down to Charlotte's wet pussy giving it a gentle rub. Charlotte lifted her head from Becky's chest and jumped off the bed. Becky laid next to Bayley and started to make out with the huggable one. Sasha got up from Bayley's lap and followed Charlotte to the closet. Charlotte and Sasha took a bag and went to the bathroom down the hall as Bayley and Becky continued to make out and grope each other's naked bodies.

A about a minute later Charlotte and Sasha came back into the room, each wearing a 10 inch strap on dildo.

"Who's ready to be fucked by the boss?" Sasha asked.

Before either could answer Sasha went over to the bed grabbing Becky's hair and pulling her face towards the 10 inch dildo. Becky began to suck the dildo while staring up at Sasha, Charlotte stood next to the bed grabbing Bayley's legs and pulling her towards the end of the bed. The nature girl slid the 10 inch dildo into Bayley's wet pussy and began to pound her sweet cunt.

"Oh fuck yes" Bayley moaned as Charlotte drove the dildo deeper into her pussy.

"Oh yea suck this dildo like a good whore" Sasha said staring down at Becky Lynch.

After another minute Sasha pulled Becky's hair taking her mouth off the dildo. Becky laid next to Bayley with Sasha standing next to Charlotte off the bed. Sasha grabbed Becky's thighs and pushed the dildo into her pussy and began to thrust fast and hard into Becky's snatch.

"Oh feck yah, feck me" Becky screamed as Sasha drove the dildo deep.

Bayley and Becky turned their heads and kissed as Charlotte and Sasha fucked their pussies.

Sasha pulled out of Becky's pussy and got the lass kicker in the doggystyle position. The boss of NXT then kneeled on the bed behind Becky, slapping her ass before sliding the dildo back into her pussy.

Sasha gripped Becky's hips and thruster hard into her pussy.

"Oh yah oh feck me" Becky moaned.

Charlotte pulled out of Bayley and laid on her back on the bed, Bayley then lowered her pussy down onto the dildo. The nature girl gripped Bayley's ass and drove her pussy up and down on the dildo.

"Oh yes fuck me Charlotte" Bayley moaned as the dildo stretched her pussy.
Sasha continued to fuck Becky's pussy from behind slapping her ass harder with every thrust.

"Who's my little Irish slut?" Sasha asked as she slapped Becky's ass again.

"Oh I am" Becky answered loving how Sasha was fucking her.

Charlotte kept her hands on Bayley's booty as Bayley went up and down on the dildo. The boss of NXT started to thrust faster into lynch's pussy as Becky rubbed her own clit.

"Oh feck, I'm gonna cum" Becky screamed.

After a few more thrusts Becky came onto the dildo, Sasha pulled out of Becky's pussy. Becky turned around and started to make out with the boss, Charlotte started to thrust upward into Bayley's cunt faster and harder.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming" Bayley screamed as she started to cum on the dildo.

Sasha took off the strap on and gave it to Becky as she gave her a kiss. Becky put on the strap on as Bayley got off Charlotte's dildo, Sasha then leaned down sucking Bayley's juices off Charlotte's strap on. Bayley got behind Banks and licked her pussy as she sucked the dildo, Becky couldn't resist and quickly put her strap on dildo into Bayley's pussy.

"Oh fuck" Bayley moaned as Becky started fucking Bayley's dripping wet pussy.

Sasha bobbed her head up and down on the dildo as Charlotte held her hair.

"Oh yes keep fucking me" Bayley moaned as Becky continued to thrust into her.

"Ok someone needs to fuck me now" Sasha said as she lifted her head from the dildo.

Charlotte got up throwing Sasha onto her back, the nature girl then got on top of Sasha sliding the dildo into her pussy. Lynch slapped Bayley's ass and thrusted a few more times before pulling out. Bayley turned around and started to suck on Becky's tits as Charlotte started to pound Sasha's pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me like that" Sasha moaned.

Becky and Bayley kissed as Lynch placed two fingers into Bayley's pussy then licking her juices off her fingers. Charlotte continued to pound Sasha's cunt while kissing her lips.

"Oh fuck me I'm gonna cum" Sasha screamed as they broke the kiss.

Charlotte pulled out of the NXT women's champion, Becky then got behind Sasha and slid into her wet pussy. Charlotte took off her strap on and kissed Bayley as Becky gripped Sasha's hips and thrusted hard into her cunt.

Bayley pushed Charlotte down on the bed and began to lick her pussy.

"Oh yeah lick me Bayley" Charlotte moaned softly.

Becky slapped Sasha's ass as she continued to pound her pussy.

"Oh I'm cumming" Sasha screamed as she started to cum on the dildo.

Bayley lifted her head from Charlotte's pussy and put on the strap on, Becky and Sasha made out as Bayley slid the dildo into Charlotte's wet pussy.

"Oh yes" Charlotte moaned as Bayley slid the dildo into her.

The flexible Charlotte put her legs back by her head as Bayley began to piledrive Charlotte's pussy. Sasha and Becky got in a sixty nine and started to eat each other out.

"Oh fuck my pussy" Charlotte murmured as Bayley drove all 10 inches into her.

Bayley pulled out of the nature girl and Charlotte got on her hands and knees, Bayley grabbed Charlotte's hips and began to thrust into her again.

"Oh Bay I'm gonna cum" Charlotte moaned loudly as she began to cum a lot on the dildo.

Bayley pulled out and Charlotte turned around sucking her juices of the dildo while staring up at Bayley.

Sasha and Becky got up and went to Charlotte and Bayley. Charlotte lifted her head from the dildo and began to kiss Sasha, passing her pussy juices into Sasha's mouth as Bayley and Becky passionately kissed. All four women were spent and laid on the bed naked together.

"We gotta do this again" Charlotte said with the other three agreeing.

The End

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