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NXT Gets Bellafied!
by JMK615

It was a special night for NXT because WWE Divas The Bella Twins were at Full Sail Arena. NXT opened with the Bella's in the ring with Renee Young for a interview.

"Nikki and Brie welcome to NXT" Renee Young said.

"Thanks Renee" Nikki and Brie both said.

"We are so excited to be here at NXT" Brie said.

"Yes we came to see the future of the divas division" Nikki said.

The Bella's went up the ramp and joined the NXT broadcast team to watch the diva tag match. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch came out first, then their opponents Carmella and Blue Pants. The Bella's watched on as the match got underway, meanwhile backstage Bayley and Alexa Bliss were walking around and talking when they came to a door marked Bella's.

"Look Bay, it's the Bella's private room" Alexa said.

"The Bella's are out watching the tag match" Bayley said smiling to Alexa.

"What's that smile for?" Alexa asked Bayley.

"Let's check out their room" Bayley said.

"Ok, let's do it" Alexa said opening the door.

"Damn they got a nice TV, a couch and a shower in here" Bayley said.

"Whoa, look at this" Alexa said to Bayley.

"WOW!" Bayley said looking over to Alexa holding a 18 inch double ended dildo.

Meanwhile Sasha Banks pinned Carmella earning a victory for herself and Becky Lynch. The Bella's got up from the broadcast table to go backstage, before going backstage the Bella's gave a stare at Sasha and Becky. The Bella's went backstage making their way towards their private room.

"That Sasha is so full of herself" Nikki said as her and Brie laughed.

"Hey I think that's them" Alexa said looking at Bayley.

"Hide in the shower" Bayley said as the Bella's voices got louder as they got closer.

Alexa quickly put the dildo back in Nikki's bag, Bayley and Alexa then hid in the shower, closing the curtain just before the Bella's came into the room. The Bella's then took individual selfies for social media.

Insert picture here

"Be very quiet" Bayley whispered to Alexa.

"We could take Banks and Lynch" Brie said to Nikki.

"Oh please it would only take thirty seconds" Nikki said as she looked at Brie.

"What's a matter Sis?" Nikki asked Brie.

"I'm so horny right now" Brie said looking at her sister.

"Why didn't you say so" Nikki said leaning over and kissing Brie's lips.

Brie kissed Nikki back sticking her tongue into Nikki's mouth as Nikki grabbed Brie's tits over her Brie mode t-shirt. Bayley and Alexa peeked out of the curtain as Nikki and Brie sat there making out and groping each other. Nikki broke the lip lock to take off her Fearless Nikki t-shirt, revealing her big tits to Brie who licked her lips before taking off her Brie mode shirt to reveal her tits.

Nikki and Brie kissed once more before standing up, Brie undid her button on her jeans and pulled them down as Nikki rubbed her big beautiful tits. Brie stood there in a black G-String after removing her jeans, Brie quickly removed her G-String showing her shaved pussy and started to suck on Nikki's tits. Bayley and Alexa got so turned on from watching the Bella's.

"Oh yeah suck my big tits Brie" Nikki said licking her lips.

Alexa turned around to look at Bayley, Bayley kissed Alexa whose back was against the shower wall. The two NXT divas made out and ran their hands over each other's bodies.

Brie took her mouth from Nikki's boobs, grabbing Nikki's tight black pants and pulling them down to the floor revealing her nice shaved pussy.

"Really Nikki no panties" Brie said as Nikki stepped out of her pants.

"John never complains when I don't wear panties" Nikki said with smile.

"Your such a whore" Brie said jokingly before licking Nikki's clit.

"Oh yeah" Nikki Moaned.

Bayley and Alexa broke their kiss to get another peek at the Bella's. Brie started licking Nikki's pussy while grabbing Nikki's ass cheeks with both hands. Nikki ran her fingers thru Brie's hair as her sister continued to eat Nikki out. Bayley and Alexa both stuck their hands down to their wet pussies as they peeked at the Bella's before kissing each other again. Nikki suddenly grabbed Brie's face making her stand up, Nikki kissed her sister then whispered in Brie's ear.

Alexa started kissing on Bayley's neck as Bayley grabbed Alexa's ass, they once again started making out. Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled open by a naked Brie and Nikki.

"Well what do we have hear?" Brie asked causing Bayley and Alexa to stop making out.

"Looks like a couple of spying perverted sluts" Nikki said.

"Perverted you were just kissing your sister" Alexa said.

"Shut up bitch" Brie said as Nikki slapped Alexa across the face making her fall into Bayley.

"We're sorry" Bayley said after catching Alexa.

"Shut up" Brie yelled at Bayley.

Brie and Nikki grabbed Bayley and Alexa by the hair, pulling them out of the shower onto the floor. A fully nude Nikki circled Alexa and Bayley before standing over Bayley.

"You like to spy on us?" Nikki asked as she smacked the back of Bayley's head.

"We're sorry" Alexa said to Nikki.

"Shut up you blonde slut" Brie said giving Alexa a smack to the back of the head.

"What are we gonna do with these sluts Brie?" Nikki asked her sister.

"First their gonna get up and strip naked" Brie said in a commanding tone.

"What?" a confused Alexa asked.

"You heard my sister bitch, get up and strip" Nikki ordered pulling Alexa to her feet by her hair.

"Get up Bayley, I wanna give you a hug" Brie said teasing Bayley.

Bayley slowly got to her feet, standing next to Alexa while the Bella's looked on.

"Hurry up and strip before we tell everybody what sluts you are" Nikki demanded.

Bayley and Alexa slowly removed their tops.

"Kiss Alexa" Brie ordered Bayley.

Bayley did as told and slowly put her tongue back in Alexa's mouth, while Nikki and Brie looked on enjoying it just as much as Bayley and Alexa did watching the Bella's.

Nikki went over and got behind Bayley as Brie got behind Alexa, Nikki and Brie slowly pulled down Bayley and Alexa's pants. The Bella's took off Bayley and Alexa's shoes and pants before slowly removing their underwear. Nikki removed Bayley's black bra letting her nice tits free, Brie then removed Alexa's blue bra throwing it to the floor. Bayley and Alexa broke their kiss and Brie turned Alexa around, Nikki grabbed Bayley by the ponytail leading her over to the couch.

Brie gave Alexa a light slap across the face before kissing Alexa passionately. Nikki stood behind Bayley giving her ass a few slaps, with each slap Bayley was turned on even more. Brie broke the kiss and began sucking Alexa's tits, Alexa looked over watching Nikki slap Bayley's ass. Nikki gave Bayley's ass one more slap before getting in front of her and grabbing Bayley's boobs, Brie and Alexa laid down on the floor and started scissoring, rubbing their pussies together.

Nikki stared into Bayley's eyes, Bayley went to kiss Nikki but Nikki blocked palmed Bayley's face. Nikki lowered Bayley's face to her big beautiful tits, Bayley began sucking Nikki's tits while Nikki looked at Brie and Alexa scissoring their pussies. Nikki placed two fingers on Bayley's chin lifting her head and giving a love slap to Bayley's face. Bayley then tackled Nikki onto the couch, and pushing two fingers into Nikki's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh" Nikki moaned as Bayley's fingers entered her wet pussy.

"Ohh yes" Alexa and Brie both moaned as they continued rubbing their pussies together.

Bayley rapidly fingered Nikki's cunt and sticking her tongue into Nikki's mouth while squeezing Nikki's boob with her other hand. Alexa got out of the scissor position and started to lick Brie's wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh yes lick me" Brie moaned running her tits while Alexa drove her tongue deeper.

"Oh fuck fuck me" Nikki moaned as Bayley drove her fingers deeper and faster in Nikki's cunt.

Alexa lapped her tongue around Brie's pussy making Brie breathe heavy while Bayley was finger fucking Nikki like there was no tomorrow. Bayley sucked Nikki's tits again still fucking her with her fingers, Brie grabbe Alexa's head and pushed her face deeper in her wet pussy. Bayley then started kissing down Nikki's body til she reached her dripping wet pussy, Bayley licked Nikki's clit while slowly moving her fingers in and out of Nikki's pussy.

Alexa lifted her head from Brie's snatch licking her lips tasting Brie on her lips. Alexa moved up kissing Brie for a moment befor Brie turned over putting Alexa on her back. Brie kissed Alexa's lips then got up and went to Nikki's bag to grab the double ended dildo. Brie say on the floor in front of Alexa, Brie and Alexa took the dildo sucking each end while staring at each other's eyes. Bayley removed her fingers and began licking Nikki's pussy.

"Ohhhhh lick me like a good little slut" Nikki said between moans.

Alexa and Brie took the double ended dildo out of their mouths lowering it to their wet pussies.

"Ohhhhh" Brie and Alexa moaned as they stuck the dildo into each other.

"Ohhhh don't stop" Nikki moaned as Bayley really started lapping her tongue into Nikki.

Brie and Alexa began to fuck each other with the double end dildo.

"Mmmmm" Nikki moaned.

Nikki and Bayley got off the couch going over to Brie and Alexa. Brie took the dildo out of her pussy and stood up kissing Bayley's lips before Bayley got on the floor with Alexa. Bayley put the dildo into her right wet pussy as Nikki kissed Alexa. Brie then sat on Bayley's face with Nikki sitting on Alexa's face. Bayley and Alexa licked the Bella's pussies as the Brie and Nikki worked the dildo into Bayley and Alexa's cunts. Brie and Nikki leaned forward kissing each other as they enjoyed the rookies eating their pussies.

Nikki and Brie kissed for a bit before breaking the kiss as they moaned.

"Ohhhhhh fuck" Brie moaned.

"Yessss" Nikki moaned.

"Brie Isn't Bayley good at licking pussy?" Nikki asked.

"Oh yes like a pro, Alexa's a pro at eating pussy too" Brie said.

"Ohhhhh yes she is" Nikki replied with a moan.

Brie and Nikki got off Bayley and Alexa's faces, Brie and Nikki began making out and rubbing each other's bodies. Bayley and Alexa took the dildo from their pussies, switching sides and sucking each other's pussy juices off it while Nikki and Brie sat there kissing.

Nikki pushed Brie into her back and began to lick her sisters pussy, Bayley then sat on Brie's face.

"Ohhhh yes" Bayley moaned as Brie licked her pussy.

Alexa got behind Nikki and began slapping Nikki's ass while Nikki licked her sister.

"Ohhh yes I love being spanked" Nikki said before licking Brie's pussy again.

Nikki continued to eat Brie's pussy while staring at Bayley's ass as Brie licked Bayley. Alexa firmly grabbed Nikki's big butt and spread her ass cheeks, Alexa then began to lick Nikki's ass cheeks before putting her tongue on Nikki's asshole and licking.

"Ohhhhh yeaaaah, someone's kinky" Nikki said after a long moan.

Brie grabbed Bayley's ass cheeks as she continued to drive her tongue further into her tight wet cunt. Alexa lapped her tongue around Nikki's asshole while putting two fingers in Nikki's snatch.

"Ohhhh fuck me" Nikki moaned lifting her face out of Brie's pussy.

"Ohhhh my ohhhhhhhhh" Bayley cried out in pleasure from Brie's talented tongue.

Nikki rested her head on Brie's waist as Alexa kept lapping her tongue at Nikki's hole and fingering her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh Fuuuuccckk" Nikki screamed lifting her head off of Brie.

Bayley got up from Brie's face and Brie got up on her knees, Bayley and Brie kissed rubbing each other's tits. Bayley grabbed the dildo and got behind Alexa, Bayley quickly sucked on the tip before pushing it into Alexa's cunt.

"Ohhhh yes" Alexa moaned before going back to licking Nikki's ass.

Bayley fucked Alexa's pussy with the dildo as Brie started rubbing her own clit watching the other three.

Bayley took the dildo out of Alexa and went up to Nikki's ass.

Bayley and Alexa kissed as Brie walked over to them, Brie got in between Bayley and Alexa taking the dildo from Bayley. Alexa and Bayley sucked on Brie's tits as Brie grabbed Nikki's ass and slowly glided the dildo into Nikki's tight ass.

"Ohhhh fuck fuck fuck" Nikki cried out as the dildo stretched her asshole.

Bayley and Alexa lifted their heads from Brie's chest and watched as Brie fucked her sisters ass with the huge dildo.

"Oh oh oh fuck" Nikki moaned.

Brie picked up the pace ramming the dildo into Nikki's ass while Bayley and Alexa laid down on their backs and fingered themselves. Brie lowered her fingers down to her pussy as she fucked Nikki's ass.

"Yes come on Brie fuck my ass" Nikki said biting her lip.

Alexa and Bayley kissed as they fingered themselves while laying on their back watching Brie fuck Nikki's ass. Brie pulled the dildo out of Nikki knowing she was close.

Brie laid on her back between Bayley and Alexa, Nikki turned around rubbing her clit. Nikki then stood up and fingered herself as she looked down at Brie, Alexa and Bayley. Nikki rapidly fingered herself while Brie and Bayley made out and Alexa fingered herself watching Nikki. After about 10 minutes Nikki stood up over Bayley and Brie, Nikki fingered with one hand and rapidly rubbed her clit with the other.

"Alexa come over here" Nikki said.

Alexa kneeled in between Brie and Bayley's heads rubbing both of their tits, all of a sudden Nikki squirted all overnight Brie and Bayley's body and a little on to Alexa.

"Damn Nikki how did u squirt that much?" Brie asked.

"I'm amazing bitch" Nikki answered her sister.

"Well I think me and Bayley need to take a shower now" Brie said as all four laughed.

The End

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