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Naomi Is Ready For Asuka
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Wednesday morning

Naomi and Asuka couldn't keep their hands off of each other. After SMACKDOWN LIVE was done, they hurried back to the hotel room. They had started undressing each other, but Naomi's mom called right before anything could escalate past light groping; That, needless to say, killed the mood. Tuesday afternoon when the girls returned home to Cleveland, Naomi made it her girlfriendly duty to have sex with Asuka. But, unfortunately, both girls were so exhausted from their flight that they passed out on the couch before any kind of physical contact was made.

Now, with almost two days without sex making them go insane, Asuka pinned Naomi to the bed while she softly nibbled on one of her erect nipples. It had felt like an eternity had passed since their locker room fun before SMACKDOWN LIVE. There was nothing that would keep them from a day of fucking now: Their phones were shut off, the dogs had been let outside in the backyard, and Larry-Steve had been let out with his canine brothers.

"You've been a bad girl," Asuka hissed, pulling Naomi's pajama bottoms off. "Keeping me from tasting your sweet come for so long. I outta spank the fuck out of you right now."

Naomi moaned at the idea, she just wanted Asuka's face between her legs. She wanted the sweet release coming brought her.

"Fuck me, baby," Naomi moaned. "I want Asuka to fuck me. I wanna fucking come all over your face. Please, baby, I need it so bad."

Asuka smirked. "What color tape?"

"Indigo for my mouth," Naomi said. "Red for my wrists."

Asuka hurriedly ran to the dresser. She pulled out the requested adhesive tape from the top dSmackdown Liveer. She dove back onto the bed, crushing her lips against Naomi's when she cSmackdown Liveled back to her. Naomi lifted her hands above her head. Asuka securely taped Naomi's hands with the sticky red tape around the support bars that made up the headboard. Asuka then taped Naomi's feet to either end of the foot board; Asuka had to extend the tape out a little since Naomi's short height kept her from reaching the foot board while she was bound to the headboard. Finally, Asuka slipped her tongue into Naomi's mouth. She wrapped the indigo tape around Naomi's face three times, then tauntingly kissed the tape over her lips.

"So, beautiful," Asuka cooed. "Such a fuckable body."

Naomi strained against her restraints. She groaned against the tape. "Pmmmph fmmmph mmmmph!"

"I will fuck you. I will fuck you so hard I'll make your come squirt again. Fuck, I can't wait to taste that pussy, baby," Asuka surprisingly rolled off the bed. "Right after I get back from the store."

Naomi's eyes widened. "Wmmmph tmmmph fmmmph?"

Asuka redressed herself. "I gotta run a few errands quick. Groceries, go to the bank, pick up some breakfast. I'll be back in about an hour or so."

Naomi flopped wildly on the bed. She screamed herself hoarse against the gag across her mouth.

Asuka smirked at Naomi. "I'll hurry back, don't worry," She blew Naomi a kiss. "Love you, babe," She stepped out of the room and closed the door.

Naomi, on the verge of a meltdown, pulled aggressively against her duct tape restraints. But, she realized Asuka had used more than normal. Naomi couldn't move her hands at all. The circulation wasn't a problem, but being left alone sure as hell was.

Even with the anger flooding her veins, Naomi did find the situation arousing. Left to her own sexual ache with only Asuka's body on her mind did add to the experience a little. Funny enough, Naomi did have a dream like this once. Except, she was tied up with rope and a different kind of tape, and for some reason a woman named Lucy was trying to call her on her cellphone; Naomi didn't even know a Lucy.

Now, until Asuka came back, Naomi only had her sexually charged aggression to keep her company.

* * *

It was the longest hour of Naomi's life. She laid there, secured tightly to the king sized bed in her bedroom, left to her thoughts. Her thoughts ranging from ways she was going to murder Asuka to ways she was going to fuck Asuka. Either way, Asuka was in for a world of trouble when she returned.

Finally, Naomi heard the bedroom door open. She raised her head off the pillow to see who it was. Sure enough, it was Asuka. But not normal Asuka. She was dressed in her Athena costume: Black leather jacket, black t-shirt, black pants, and knee high combat boots. Naomi noticed that Asuka curled her hair and even did her makeup. If she wasn't so turned on right now, she'd be screaming against her gag at Asuka. But, with the last hour to herself to think about Asuka's body, and the sexy way the t-shirt emphasized Asuka's tits, Naomi was willing to let it go for now.

"Mmm," Asuka purred.

Naomi watched intently while Asuka slowly walked up to the bed. Asuka crossed her arms across her chest. She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, like she was looking something over.

Asuka smirked. "Such a pretty little lass kicker."

She touched the naval piercing on Naomi's stomach. "Adorable. Diamonds in your belly button, just like a real lass kicker would wear," She looked at Naomi's face; Naomi stared back at her, fluttering her eye lashes when they made eye contact. Asuka chuckled. "Pretty blue eyes. You definitely seem like a real lass kicker. There's just one more thing I need to check," Asuka moved to the foot of the bed. Licking the tips of her fingers, she traced the entrance to Naomi's quivering pussy; Naomi shivered and moaned into the duct tape. Asuka stuck her fingers in her mouth. "Hmmm," She shook her head. "I can't tell for sure. I need to try again." Asuka bowed her head between Naomi's legs. Slowly, she dragged her tongue over Naomi's pussy. Naomi was wet and ready for her, but Asuka enjoyed making Naomi wait. "Mmmm," Asuka moaned. "Yes, just as I expected, you taste just like a lass kicker would."

Naomi whimpered. "Pmmmph, Spmmmph. Fmmmph mmmmph!"

"What's that?" Asuka asked. "You want Asuka to fuck you?"

Naomi realized what Asuka was up to. This was supposed to be some kind of role play. She was to play the part of the defenseless lass kicker. Even though it irritated her that Asuka wouldn't just fuck her straight away, Naomi decided to play along.

Naomi fluttered her eyes again. She gave Asuka a wink when Asuka's eyes widened.

"My, my, lass kicker, you truly must be wanting sex badly if you're begging me to fuck you." Asuka said.

Naomi winked again. She opened her eyes wide, then slowly blinked.

Asuka smirked. "I understand what your eyes are trying to tell me," She lowered her head between Naomi's legs again. She kissed her clit gently, then outlined the sensitive spot with the tip of her tongue.

"Mmmmm," Naomi moaned. After over an hour of being left to her own sexual ache, Naomi was finally getting some relief. She was angry, full of rage, and ready to scream at Asuka for leaving her tied to the bed. But the wait had been totally worth it.

Asuka pulled her head away again. "I have been lass kicker hunting my entire life," She reached into her jacket pocket. She removed the metal vibrator Naomi got her for her birthday. "I know exactly what I need to do to make a lass kicker come. Would you like me to do that, lass kicker?"

Naomi fluttered her eyes and nodded her head slowly. Asuka bit her bottom lip to choke back a moan. It was not the best idea she ever had to leave Naomi in their bedroom. Mostly because Asuka was craving sex like crazy. Out of subconscious compulsion, she bought three pounds of oysters and two cucumbers that she hadn't realized were in her shopping cart until the cashier made a comment about it. Every place she stopped on her hour long journey just added to her pain. She did skip a trip to the bank after she saw a billboard with Naomi's face proudly displayed on it and the only thing she could think of was sitting on that pretty face.

Asuka stripped off her Athena costume until she was down to her underwear. Gradually, she pumped the sex toy inside Naomi's pussy. Naomi groaned into the tape. She lifted her pelvis off the bed to give herself more from the experience. Asuka smirked and turned the vibrator on to its lowest setting. Naomi's breath hitched for a second before she began taking deep and choppy intakes of oxygen. Asuka, feeling her own panties starting to dampen, bowed her head between Naomi's hips once again. She brushed her tongue over Naomi's clit, then quickly lapped at the sensitive button. Naomi moaned heavily. Pulling against her restraints hurt like hell but it was damn near impossible not to in this instance. Asuka, switching the vibrator to its highest speed, pumped as fast as she could while her lips formed a circle over Naomi's clit. Immediately, Naomi pulled aggressively against her duct tape restraints and moaned loudly against her gag. Faster than the last time Asuka did this, Naomi's come covered her tongue in a few short moments.

Asuka knelt between Naomi's legs. She smirked at the breathless lass kicker laid out in front of her. "Damn, I'm good." She sucked the come off of the metallic sex toy.

Asuka untied Naomi's ankles and wrists first. When she unwound the tape from Naomi's mouth, the tiny lass kicker pounced her and pinned her to the bed.

"If you ever pull something like that again," Naomi growled. "You can forget about sex for a very fucking long time. And I mean it. Try me, Asuka."

Asuka began smiling, but her smile was quick to fade once she realized Naomi was serious. "Babe, I thought you'd like that. I mean, you came really fast."

"That doesn't fucking matter," Naomi said. "I was scared out of my mind. Did it turn me on? Yes, but I didn't ask you to do that. What if something happened to you and I was stuck here? Did you ever think of that or were you so fucking selfish that you didn't think about my well being?"

Naomi pushed herself off of Asuka. Asuka sat up. She was almost willing to guess Naomi was just putting on an act, but she seemed really upset. Naomi was sitting on the edge of the bed with her back turned to Asuka. Asuka placed her hand gently on Naomi's shoulder, but the tiny blonde shook her off.

"Babe, I'm sorry," Asuka said, starting to get choked up. "I thought it would be fun. I thought it was fun."

Naomi turned around. Then, quicker than a flash of lightening, Naomi pounced Asuka and pinned her to the bed again.

"I know," Naomi planted a rough and passionate kiss to Asuka's lips. "I loved it so much. I've never been more turned on in my life."

"Wait, you're not mad at me?" Asuka asked.

Naomi shook her head. "At first, I was super pissed that you left. But while I laid here, all I could think about was you coming back and fucking me. I was so turned on by the whole thing. Then when you finally came back, I swear to God I nearly came when I saw you in your Athena costume. Jesus Christ, you look so hot dressed up like a bad ass biker chick."

Asuka smirked. "Yeah? Then I'm glad you liked it so much."

Naomi fluttered her eye lashes again. "I bet you're aching for me to eat your pussy, right?"

Asuka's eyes went wide while she nodded her head.

Naomi giggled. "I could just make you wait."

Asuka tilted her head. "Will you?"

Naomi shook her head. "Nope. I need taste you, so fucking bad right now."

Asuka laughed at that. But her laughter would be silence and replaced with a breathy moan when Naomi fingers slipped inside her panties.

"That shut you up pretty quick." Naomi giggled.

Naomi kissed Asuka's lips. She tugged gently on her bottom lip with her teeth. Naomi kissed Asuka's chin, neck, collarbone, then worked her way south until her lips kissed Asuka's quivering womanhood through her soaking wet panties.

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