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Warning: This story is a complete work of fiction which contains suggestive
material. Do not read this if you are under 18 and/or offended by the

Divas: Melina Perez, Natalya Neidhart, and Jamie Keyes

Naughty X-Rated Temptresses
by Number One (

Backstage at a taping of NXT, Latina vixen Melina Perez was admiring herself
in front of a full length mirror, wearing her in-ring gear and her newly won
Divas Championship. She loved her look, but thought to herself, "It's time
for a change." The curvaceous beauty closed her eyes, raised her arms, and a
flash of light completely changed her attire. Melina was now draped in tight
black leather, complete with a black cape.

"That's more like it," Melina said with a smirk on her face. "Now for the
finishing touch." Melina shut her eyes once more, only to have her pupils
turn an ominous and glowing shade of red. Her canines began elongating into
sharp, deadly fangs. The sexy vampiress laughed wickedly as she saw herself
in the mirror. "There is no doubt," said Melina. "I am the baddest, the
sexiest, and above all else, I am the most dominant Diva in the entire WWE!"

"That's a matter of opinion," Melina heard someone say. The suddenly fuming
Diva turned around to see none other than Natalya Neidhart, WWE's only
third-generation Diva, standing across from her. "How dare you?!" Melina

"Oh, come on," Natalya commented as she walked closer to Melina. "Honestly, I
don't see how you can look yourself in the mirror, sweetheart." Melina
responded by striking Natalya on the left side of her face -- hard.
Infuriated, the sultry blonde glared at the Divas Champion, while sporting a
pair of fangs of her own. With all of her supernatural power, Natalya shoved
Melina across the room and pinned her to the wall. After an intense
staredown, both ladies began making out with each other in intense, heated

Melina and Natalya fought like this quite often. They are both tough,
talented, and strong-willed ladies, and while the fights were constant, so
was the love between them. In the midst of their romantic interaction, Melina
began kissing the left side of Natalya's face -- right before sinking her
fangs into her neck.

"Ahhhh...ahhhh," Natalya moaned as her evil lover was feeding off of her. It
wasn't the first time Melina's fangs pierced her neck. She turned Natalya
into a vampire vixen on their first date -- at the lovely blonde's request.
The Canadian beauty furiously shoved Melina from her jugular and pinned her
to the floor. "You know," Natalya commented, "you really need to control that
temper of yours."

"Bite me," replied Melina.

"Don't tempt me," Natalya said as she pulled Melina up off the floor.
Melina's eyes glowed red in mixture of fury and passion as she stared
longingly at Natalya. "Just what the hell are you doing here at NXT?" the
Latina Diva asked.

"I could ask you the same question," replied Natalya. "And I think I know the
answer. You're checking out that little blonde ring announcer, aren't you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," said Melina.

"Oh, come on!" scoffed Natalya. "I've seen the way you look at her. Now tell
the truth." A devilish smirk appeared on the face of the Divas Champion as
she faced her lover. "You are absolutely correct, my dear," said Melina. "I
am here for one reason and one reason only -- to bring Jamie Keyes to us."
Melina walked Natalya towards the mirror -- which showed both of their
reflections -- and with one wave of her hand, she conjured an image of NXT's
beautiful ring announcer, Jamie Keyes.

"Just look at her, Nattie," said Melina. Both ladies stared at Jamie, who was
walking backstage on her way to the ladies' lavatory, each with an immense
amount of desire and passion in their eyes. "Mmm, yeah, baby," said Natalya.
"She's hot. She's gorgeous!"

"And soon, she'll be ours," Melina declared with an evil smile on her face.
"And you, my dear, will have the duty of bringing her to our lair."

"Why is it that I have to do all of your dirty work?!" Natalya grumbled. "Are
you too much of a pampered princess to do it yourself?!" The devious Latina
vampiress gently stroked Natalya's blonde hair in an attempt to calm and
seduce her. "Please?" she said in an uncharacteristic child-like tone. "Could
you do this one little thing for me?" Melina later showered her lover with
soft and passionate kisses before she finally gave in.

"OK, OK, I'll do it."

"Oh, thank you!" Melina happily exclaimed as she hugged Natalya in an warm
embrace. She stroked the lovely Canuck's blonde locks again, but this time
she firmly clutched and pulled her hair. "By the way," she went on, "if you
ever talk to me like that again, I will personally destroy you! Do you
understand?!" Natalya released Melina's painful hold and later slapped her
face as hard as possible.

"Bitch," Natalya snarled as she walked off to follow Melina's order.

"You're so sweet," Melina coyly replied. "Now do as you're told. And don't
keep me waiting." With one swoop of her cape, Melina faded away. Meanwhile,
Natalya was on her way to surreptitiously acquire Jamie Keyes, and in no time
flat, she saw her enter the ladies' room. As the lovely ring announcer for
NXT stood in front of a mirror primping herself, she heard the ominous sound
of Natalya's evil laughter from outside.

"Hello?" Jamie shouted as she rushed out the door. "Is anyone there?!" She
looked in both directions -- twice -- and saw no one in sight. Seconds later,
the sound of the ladies room door slamming shut caused Jamie to panic. As she
slowly backed away in terror, she heard Natalya's cackling a second time.
Only this time, Jamie turned and saw the wicked vixen standing right near

"Hello, baby," Natalya said seductively to Jamie, as the young blonde stood
filled with fear. "You shouldn't be afraid of me, Jamie. I mean you no harm."
The third-generation Diva walked closer to the NXT hottie and gently stroked
her tender babyface. Before she knew it, Jamie found herself looking into the
evil, glowing red eyes of the dominant Natalya, right before the two blondes
romantically kissed. Natalya's supernatural power caused Jamie to swoon into
her arms -- and out of consciousness.

The next time Jamie would open her eyes, she would see Melina and Natalya
looking over her. All three were in the bedroom of the Divas Champion --
fully nude. "What happened?" asked Jamie. "How did I get here?" The young
blonde grew quite nervous as Natalya slowly crawled on top of her, still
holding on to the mental image of the Canadian Diva showing her inhuman side.

"Don't be scared, Jamie," said Melina. "She won't bite...unless I tell her
to." The Latina vixen laughed fiendishly at Jamie -- revealing her deadly
fangs as she did so. Melina joined the two blondes on her bed and started
making out with Natalya, who also revealed her fangs, in front of the NXT
hottie. As their embrace grew longer and longer, Jamie's fear slowly
disappeared and was replaced with a more amorous feeling. She started gently
fondling the pair of vampiresses as they continued making out.

"Take me," Jamie said softly. As Natalya watched, Melina answered Jamie's
plea and started French-kissing the young blonde. The Latina vixen focused
her concentration on Jamie's luscious breasts, licking and suckling both
sides -- left to right and vice versa.

"Ahhhh...ohhhhh," Jamie moaned while Melina pleasured her. A jealous Natalya
decided to pull her girlfriend, by her hair, off of Jamie and sank her fangs
into her throat. "Yes...yes," Melina softly uttered while the wicked Canadian
vixen continued to feed off of her, while an ecstatic Jamie simply watched.
After a while, Melina forcibly released Natalya from her throat. "Enough!"
she shouted. Natalya grinned evilly at her infuriated lover while licking her
blood from her lips.

"You'll have to forgive Nattie," Melina said to Jamie. "She can't control her
her constant jealousy."

"Is that right?" said Natalya. "OK. Just watch." Natalya took her turn making
love to Jamie, only she went a different direction than Melina did. She
started out making out with her for a while, but then she showered her entire
body with soft kisses. The amorous blonde decided to kick it up a notch by
seductively caressing Jamie's finely toned body -- from her waist down to her
wet and luscious snatch. Natalya gave one quick look at a stoic Melina right
before she started fingerbanging Jamie.

"AHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!" Jamie loudly moaned as the Canadian Diva continued her
hedonistic act. But while the pair of blondes were clearly enjoying
themselves, Melina wasn't. As she watched her lovers go at it, she grew more
and more jealous as the act went on. "That's enough, Natalya," Melina said

"Oh, no it isn't," Natalya replied. "I'm just getting started." After
seductively licking Jamie's juices from her fingers, Natalya quickly began
orally feasting on the blonde bombshell's pussy, much to the obvious dismay
of Melina. "Oh, God! OH GOD!!!" Jamie shouted ecstatically. "More! MORE!"

"I said, that's enough!" Melina shouted angrily. But Natalya simply ignored
her girlfriend's demands and continued pleasuring Jamie. Using her tongue in
a back-and-forth motion, the wicked vampiress appeared to be French-kissing
the lower lips of the NXT Diva. "Yes, that's it!" Jamie exclaimed while being
on the receiving end of Natalya's erotic love making.
"Ohhhhh...ohhhh...AAAHHH!!!" Melina rudely interrupted their moment by
clutching Natalya's blonde locks and pulling her away from Jamie.

"You listen to me, you disrespectful little whore!" the Latina vixen snarled.
"When I say that's enough, that's enough! Got it?!" Natalya snickered at her
fuming lover as her fangs elongated and her eyes glowed red in a fit of rage.
"Now who's jealous?" the Canadian blonde remarked.

"Ladies," Jamie chimed in, "I wish you wouldn't fight like this, especially
over me. I think you two are the hottest women in the world, and if it were
up to me, I would be happy to belong to both of you." The amorous blonde
brought her vampire lovers closer to her so she can continue making love to
them. She passionately kissed both ladies -- Melina first, then Natalya --
before she decided to have her fun with both of them. With Melina on her left
and Natalya on her right, the NXT Diva began finger fucking both of them

"Ohhhh...yeah, baby!" Natalya exclaimed.

"Oh, God yes!" Melina shouted orgasmically.

The erotic cries of her supernatural lovers put a smile on Jamie's face. "Oh
yes," she said softly. "Are you excited?"

"Yes," both Divas replied.

"Am I turning you on?" asked Jamie coyly.
"Oh yes!" both Divas exclaimed. As she continued pleasuring them, she noticed
that they were both licking their lips in a manner that not only showed lust,
but hunger as well. Knowing that what was on their wicked minds was
inevitably going to happen, Jamie simply said:

"What are you waiting for?"

With that suggested request, Melina and Natalya each inserted their sharp
fangs into Jamie's throat and commenced feeding. The NXT Diva let out soft
and orgasmic moans as her lovers were slowly draining her humanity. Jamie's
complexion grew pale, her eyes glowed red and her fangs slowly elongated.
After they finished feasting, Melina and Natalya made out with each other
passionately and gazed at their undead creation.

"How do I look?" asked Jamie. She rose up out of her bed and walked to her
mirror, where she noticed that she, like her lovers, still had a reflection.
"Oh my God!" she shouted. "I am gorgeous!" Jamie got back in bed with the
vampire vixens and happily hugged both of them. "Thank you so much," she
said. "I have never experienced anything like this."

"You're welcome, sweetheart," said Melina. "And you're right. Nattie and I
shouldn't fight so much. After all, I love her so much."

"And I love you, too," Natalya replied before they kissed each other. "And
best of all, we not only have each other, we have a sex slave of our very

"And I promise," said Jamie, "that I will be at your beck and call always."

The End

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