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Divas: Natalya Neidhart, Celeste "Kaitlyn" Bonin, and AJ Lee

Naughty X-Rated Temptresses Part 2
by Number One (

At only the young and tender age of 24, the peppy and energetic AJ had
already accomplished a lot in the wrestling business. She spent a good bit
of time in FCW before finally getting big exposure as a contestant on the
all-Diva season of NXT. During her time in the developmental company, AJ was
crowned Queen of FCW and later won their Divas Championship. But she still
waited to get that call to be part of the main WWE roster. That opportunity
finally came in May when AJ made her official debut as part of the SmackDown

AJ was excited about finally being on the big stage. She would show the WWE
Universe how talented she is, but another reason for her elation was that she
would get to spend more time with another former NXT rookie, Kaitlyn. AJ and
Kaitlyn formed a tight friendship during their time on NXT and in FCW
together -- so tight that they eventually became lovers. When they're not in
the ring and under the tutelage of former Divas Champion Natalya Neidhart, AJ
and Kaitlyn are often backstage expressing their romantic feelings for each

And they were doing just that in the Divas locker room as they were preparing
to leave the arena. But their romantic embrace was cut short due to AJ being
in deep thought. "AJ," a concerned Kaitlyn said, "what's wrong, sweetie?"

"Kaitlyn," AJ replied, "I was just thinking..." At that moment, Kaitlyn
stopped her, because they've had this conversation a lot lately. "Oh God,"
she groaned. "Not this again. I thought we were done with this."

"Don't look at me like that," said AJ. "Just hear me out. I have enjoyed
being part of a main program and I am loving that we are under the wing of
the one and only Natalya, a Diva who has wrestling in her blood, but..."

"But what?" Kaitlyn asked reluctantly, knowing what was coming next.

"What are her true motives?" AJ asked in a suspicious tone.

"What?!" exclaimed Kaitlyn.

"I'm just saying," said AJ, "Natalya has a few eccentricities. She has that
borderline evil laugh, she wears a lot of black..."

"You do know that black and pink are the Hart colors, right?" interrupted

"Let me finish," continued AJ. "She doesn't spend a lot of time in front of
mirrors, we hardly see her during the day, and have you seen her

"Maybe she's extremely busy during the day," said Kaitlyn.

"Or maybe," said AJ. "Natalya's a...vampire!" The last part was whispered by
AJ, but at that moment, both ladies were greeted by their mentor, the one and
only Natalya Neidhart.

"Hello, girls," the third-generation Diva said in that sultry voice. "Were
you talking about me?" AJ was about to reply, but Kaitlyn quickly cut her

"We were just talking about how happy we are to be taken under your wing,"
the NXT Season Three winner replied. "Weren't we, AJ?"

"Uh...yes," said AJ. The petite brunette gave a soft kiss to Kaitlyn, much to
Natalya's slight pleasure, and was headed out of the room. "I'll see you at
home, sweetie," she said right before she left. Kaitlyn was fully dressed and
was about to leave, but she was suddenly stopped at the exit by Natalya, who
was wearing a stern expression on her face.

"Kaitlyn," said Natalya, "what were you two really talking about?"

"It's the silliest thing," replied Kaitlyn.

"Try me," said Natalya. Kaitlyn gave a deep breath and finally came clean.

"You see," she said, "AJ has this crazy idea that you are a vampire. I think
she has seen way too many episodes of 'True Blood'." Natalya wasn't really
taken aback by Kaitlyn's statement. In fact, she found it a tad amusing.
"You're laughing," a stunned Kaitlyn said. "May I ask why?"

"Because, dear Kaitlyn," replied Natalya, "she's absolutely right." At that
moment, the Canadian Diva turned right around and faced the NXT beauty --
revealing her long and deadly fangs and hissing at her. Kaitlyn rushed out
the door, but Natalya was right there -- blocking her view and shoving her
across the room with her supernatural powers. Kaitlyn was still in deep shock
as she saw that AJ's suspicions were confirmed. Natalya is, in fact, an evil
vampire beauty, and she walked slowly towards the terrified young Diva -- all
while being draped in black leather and wearing a sinister smirk on her face.

"What's the matter, Kaitlyn?" asked Natalya. "Are you afraid of me, or are
you a bit irked that your cute little girlfriend was right?"

"Honestly," a shaken Kaitlyn said, "a bit of both."

"Good," Natalya said arrogantly. "Because that is exactly what I want from my
future brides -- total apprehension and obedience. I am Natalya Neidhart, the
Queen of Harts, and you will refer to me as such." At that moment, the third-
generation Diva's pupils displayed an ominous red glow, which captivated
Kaitlyn immensely. She stared longingly at Natalya's demonic eyes and was
eventually under the wicked Canuck's enchanting spell.

"Yes, that's it," said Natalya. "Rise, my pet." Kaitlyn did as Natalya
instructed and got back to a vertical base. The devilish Diva again brought
herself closer to her new servant and started making out with her, a
passionate and romantic embrace that was followed by Natalya's fangs piercing
her throat. Kaitlyn moaned softly as her Queen was slowly draining her of her
humanity and turning her into a lusty vampire vixen.

"You look beautiful, Kaitlyn," said Natalya, who reached into one of her
pockets and pulled out a compact mirror. She gave it to Kaitlyn, who was
puzzled as to why a vampire would have a compact -- at least until she opened
it. "Wow!" Kaitlyn exclaimed. "I look gorgeous! Wait a minute...I have a

"You most certainly do," replied Natalya. "As do I. One of the many perks of
being under my full control."

"Thank you so much, Queen of Harts," said Kaitlyn.

"You cater so quickly, my pet," Natalya said coyly. "But we are not done yet.
We still have AJ to bring to our dark clutches." The very concept had Natalya
cackling in true villainous fashion, much to the desire of Kaitlyn, whose
newly acquired fangs elongated in an act of pure ecstasy.

"What do you want me to do, my Queen?" the subserviant Diva asked.

"Well, AJ is waiting for you, dear girl," said Natalya. "And we don't want to
keep her waiting. I will send you right at her front door, and once she lets
you in, I -- as your powerful Queen -- will have access to her as well." The
vampiric vixen took a few steps back and began to work her magic on Kaitlyn.
With a wave of both hands, the NXT Diva faded away from the locker room and,
just as Natalya planned, appeared at AJ's front door.

An evil smile formed on Kaitlyn's face as she prepared herself to enter her
girlfriend's home, setting up an opening for Natalya to appear as well.
However, her joy was short-lived as she jiggled the doorknob and discovered
that the door was locked. The frustrated Diva banged on the door hoping AJ
would hear her, and sure enough she did. "Who is it?" she shouted.

"It's Kaitlyn!" the blonde Diva shouted. Relieved to hear that it was her
lover and not the suspected vampiress, AJ let Kaitlyn inside. "Why the hell
did you lock the door?!" she asked.

"I am not taking any chances!" answered AJ. "I put this padlock up in case
Natalya tries to come in. Vampires can't enter your home unless you invite
them in."

"I wouldn't worry about that," Kaitlyn said in a coy manner as she walked
closer to AJ and held her in her arms. "Why not?" the petite beauty asked.
"Because vampires don't exist?"

"No," replied Kaitlyn. "Because you already let one in." Bewildered by her
response, AJ looked up at her girlfriend and gasped in shock as she saw the
puncture wounds on the left side of her neck. She also noticed that her
complexion was a pale, white color and that her fangs had elongated. As AJ
stared in horror at her vampiric lover, she was interrupted by a familiar
voice right behind her.

"Actually...she let TWO in."

AJ turned around and saw that walking towards the NXT beauties was the evil
Natalya Neidhart, and she was all smiles as she looked longingly at both
Divas. "I knew it," said AJ. "I had a gut feeling that there was something...
dark about you. I just knew it."

"Good for you," Natalya said mockingly as she got closer and closer to both
rookie Divas. She gently stroked AJ's tender baby face with her finger, while
her obedient vampire minion watched in an amorous manner. All the while, AJ
simply stood there carrying a myriad of emotions -- fear being one of them.

"Oh, come on now, AJ," said Natalya. "I know you're not scared of me, aren't
you?" AJ didn't reply. She continued to remain apprenhensive, though Natalya
sensed another feeling inside of her. "Kaitlyn," she said, "AJ is obviously
feeling quite tense. I think we should give her some tender, loving care,
don't you?"

"Yes, my Queen," Kaitlyn replied as she picked up her petite girlfriend and
held her in her arms. The subservient vixen then walked toward the stairs and
climbed every step, all while carrying AJ, who was still a bit nervous. The
villainous Natalya was close behind the pair, cackling evilly all the way.

The trio of Divas entered AJ's bedroom and Kaitlyn gently placed her lover
down on her bed, while she lied over her -- baring her fangs at her in a
seductive manner. "Calm yourself, my dear," Natalya said to Kaitlyn as she
started taking off her clothes.

"But she looks so...delicious," Kaitlyn hissed wickedly.

"Just be patient," said Natalya. "We will be tasting her soon enough." The
fully nude Canuck walked towards her beautiful servant and started making out
with her in front of AJ. The once-nervous brunette now appeared quite
enamored by at the sight of her girlfriend and their fiendish mentor sharing
a romantic moment together. "I know that look, AJ," Natalya said with an evil
smile on her face. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yes," answered AJ. "Yes, I am."

"Join us, AJ," Kaitlyn said as she got naked. "You know you want to." In no
time, AJ took off her clothes and took part in the vampiric pair's act. She
broke up their embrace and planted her soft lips on Natalya and started
making out with the wicked "Queen of Harts," and would later do the same with
the equally evil Kaitlyn. Natalya pinned AJ down on her bed and started
showering every facet of her 5'2" frame with soft kisses. She started with
her supple breasts and moved down her slender but shapely waist to her wet
and shaved pussy, which she wasted no time tongue-fucking.

"Ahhhh...ahhhh...AHHHH!" AJ squealed erotically as Natalya voraciously licked
and sampled her vaginal fluids. Kaitlyn enjoyed being a spectator, but she
quickly inserted herself in the hedonistic fray. While Natalya continued
playing around with AJ's pussy, her devious henchwoman started making out
with her and began licking her luscious tits.

"OH YEAH!!! That's it!" AJ screamed loudly. "Don't stop! Please don't stop!"
Natalya didn't notice Kaitlyn's role in the three-way act until she noticed
AJ's screams getting louder. She also saw Kaitlyn's fangs protrude in
switchblade-like fashion and stopped her from lunging after her girlfriend --
by pulling her hair.

"I told you to be patient!" Natalya angrily snarled, right before she
viciously slapped Kaitlyn on the left side of her face. "Now do as I command,
you insolent little bitch!"

"And what if I don't?" Kaitlyn asked defiantly as she glared at her Queen.
Natalya delivered another slap -- a backhand one -- to Kaitlyn and pinned her
down. "You little tart!" the evil Canadian beauty hissed. "I'll teach you to
defy me." Natalya obviously had something nasty in store for her bride, but
her plans were thwarted by AJ, who was right behind the wicked Queen eating
her North of the Border snatch.

"AHHHH!!! OHHHH!!!" Natalya bellowed orgasmically as her pussy was being
eaten out by AJ. "Ohhhh...AJ! I always knew you were a devilish little slut.
You just couldn't wait to taste my beautiful pussy, couldn't you?!" The
Canadian vixen continued shrieking in pure ecstasy as AJ proceeded on with
her act of oral pleasure. Kaitlyn snickered in evil glee at the sounds of her
Queen's orgasms, but her amusement was short-lived when Natalya placed her
fingers inside of her pussy and started toying with her.

"Ahhhh...GOD!!!" Kaitlyn shouted as Natalya finger-fucked her brains out. All
the while, AJ was still busy making the vampire queen squeal with her erotic
tongue play. "Not so amusing anymore, is it, my dear?" Natalya arrogantly
asked. "Now, are you going to continue to be such an impudent little brat?"

"AAAHHH!!...No!" answered Kaitlyn.

"You're going to be a good girl and obey my every command," said Natalya.

"Yes! YES!!!" replied Kaitlyn. "I will -- ahhhh!! -- be at your beck and
call." The NXT Diva's response was music to Natalya's ears, but the evil
beauty was not done yet. "Kaitlyn," she said, "it's time."

"Yes, my Queen," Kaitlyn said, right before she crawled towards AJ and
released her from Natalya. The vampire vixen grabbed her girlfriend's
brunette locks and placed her on her bed, while she and her fiendish Queen
looked down at her. "So, AJ," said Natalya, "are you having fun so far?"

"In your own words, Nattie," AJ replied defiantly, "yeah, baby."

"It's Natalya," the former Divas Champion said sternly. "In your case, it's
Queen Natalya." Both Natalya and Kaitlyn laughed wickedly at AJ, while
protruding their fangs in a lustful manner. "You both look so sexy," the
petite brunette said to her vampiric lovers. "I want both of you inside me."
Natalya and Kaitlyn gave each other a soft kiss, and each locked lips with
AJ -- right before sinking their fangs into her jugular.

"Ohhhh...yeaaahhh," AJ moaned as her two lovers were draining away her
humanity. She could literally feel the changes happening from within and on
the exterior as well. Her olive-skinned complexion was slowly losing its
color, but the color of her pupils changed to a bright red. Her fangs
elongated as well, completing the young NXT beauty's transformation into an
evil vampiress.

Natalya and Kaitlyn marvelled in great pride at their wicked creation. "You
look beautiful, my dear," the blonde Canuck commented. "Doesn't she,

"She certainly does, my Queen," replied Kaitlyn. AJ sat right up and saw a
reflection of not only herself, but also Natalya and Kaitlyn, in her mirror.
She walked closer to her mirror because the fact that she had a reflection
was a shock to her, but she also wanted to see her new look up close. After
admiring herself for a brief period of time, AJ suddenly started laughing,
not the innocent giggle she usually gives, but a bone-chilling evil cackle.

"I look so gorgeous!" AJ exclaimed. "And I feel so powerful!" The petite
brunette turned away from her mirror and lunged at Natalya, baring her newly
acquired fangs at her. "Is this want you wanted, Queen Natalya?" AJ asked
coyly, right before she literally went for her jugular. Kaitlyn joined her
girlfriend and inserted her fangs inside of Natalya as well. The vampire
Queen let out soft moans as both of her wicked brides were feeding off of
her, but she quickly put a stop to that by forcibly removing them from her

"I knew I made the right choice," said Natalya. "I wanted two hot and sexy
little deviants who knew how to follow orders, and you two fit the bill." The
seductive Canuck brought her two beauties closer to her, with AJ sitting to
the right of her and Kaitlyn seated on her left, and made out with both of
them. "Thank you, my Queen," said Kaitlyn. "We are are very grateful to be
your brides. Aren't we, AJ?"

"We certainly are, Kaitlyn," replied AJ. "And we both promise to cater to all
your whims." Kaitlyn and AJ were indeed elated to be vampire brides, but
neither of them were as pleased as Natalya. She has beauty, supernatural
power, and two NXT beauties under her evil influence. As both of her brides
showered her with soft, romantic kisses, Natalya laughed fiendishly and let
out a loud, orgasmic...

"Ohhhhh...yeah, baby!"

The End

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