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Celebrity: Torrie Wilson

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Need A Little Time: Teach Me, Striker
by Mean Blackjack

After the ECW swimsuit event, Torrie Wilson returned to the back, dressed in
a two piece swimsuit, being a bright pink. It certainly drew attention to her
as it hugged her curvy body. Her large breasts were held in by a small
fabric, and the bikini bottoms more like a thong. As she walked, her heels
clicked with each step.

Standing immediately in her way was Matt Striker. Clad in his black wrestling
trunks and a grey sweater vest, he shook his head and tutted loudly. "Dear
me, Miss Wilson. That would not pass school standards. Just what do you think
you're doing?"

"Excuse me?" The blonde raised an eyebrow, smiling widely as she assumed the
handsome teacher was joking. Placing her hands on her round hips, her eyes
glanced at the equally clad Striker. "Is something wrong, sir?" She added in
the last part with a bit of sarcasm.

"Is there something wrong, sir?" Striker repeated, watching the blonde with
curiosity. "While I appreciate you addressing me correctly, I believe you
heard me the first time. Do you not think you need to be dressed in a more...
Suitable manner?"

"Well I was going to go change after I just won that swimsuit competition
before I was interrupted." She tilted her head to the side with a wide smile,
finding it amusing with how he's trying to lecture her.

"I think that's for the best don't you? These people are here to look up to
you and dressing like that certainly won't be helping your cause." He said
sternly. Brining up a arm, he gestured for her to walk with him. Lecturing
her as he went, he was fighting every urge to look and admire her luscious
scantily clad body.

"What can I say Matt? I love the attention." Torrie grinned widely as she
walked beside him, her curvy body on display for the teacher as she walked.
Her hands went to adjust her top, cupping her breasts for a moment before
sliding down her smooth stomach.

"Uh... Mister Striker or Sir. Will do thank you very much." He replied,
keeping his composure, barely. Watching the blonde, he had to admit she was
an amazing woman and the way she seemed to be able to wrap anyone around her
finger was incredible.

"Alright.. Mr.Striker. So you're telling me you don't find me attractive in
my swimsuit?" Torrie turned to face him, stopping with him in the middle of
the hallway. She frowned somewhat while placing her hands on Striker's chest.

"It... It... It would be inappropriate for me to find someone my intellectual
lesser... Attractive." He said with a smirk, implying that Torrie wasn't as
smart as he was.

"And it would be inappropriate for me to flirt with someone who's not as
attractive than me." Torrie bit down on her bottom lip as her hands slid down
Matt Striker's chest and over his abs.

"Well... I find that hard to believe. When you dress like that, you're
practically begging for me to find you." Smirking, he looked her up and down.
Suddenly it clicked with him. "So you're flirting with me?"

"And I'm begging to be punished as well, right?" Torrie whispered some-what,
grinning while her hands found the bottom of Striker's vest. Sliding her
hands underneath, she pushed them upwards, exposing Striker's body. "Mhm..
and it's such a shame you're covered up. You've got an amazing body."

Letting go of all his inhibitions, Striker sighed heavily and nodded.
"Perhaps you need a spanking? Then you could see me without the vest?"

"Well, I have been very bad." Torrie said in a lustful tone, her lips
brushing against Striker's cheek as she was up against him.

Taking control, Striker took hold of Torrie's wrist and yanked her downwards.
Torrie was bent at the waist, bringing his arm up, he delivered a swift spank
to Torrie's firm, tight ass. Watching her react, Matt smiled and struck her
again, admiring the feel of her soft ass on his hand.

Torrie leaned against the wall slightly for balance with her juicy ass in the
air. Panting, she assumed he was joking until she felt the swift slaps on her
ass. "Mm fuck!" She moaned out, looking at the handsome teacher.

Striker smiled as his dick had hardened. His seven inches was poking from
just above the top of his trunks as he spanked her. When her skin went red,
he stopped and pulled her back up to a vertical base. "Now, are you going to
behave or do I need to inflict more punishment young lady?"

Torrie leaned against Matt, licking her lips as she caught her breath. "Do I
get punished if I have thoughts of doing dirty things to you?" Torrie asked,
pulling away Striker's vest.

"You certainly will. Turn around young lady." He ordered, smiling as he
discarded his vest. Rubbing his shaft through his trunks, he watched as the
blonde complied.

Torrie turned around, facing away from Striker as she bit down on her lip.
"Mm, whenever I see you in those tiny little trunks Mr. Striker." Torrie
sighs, swaying her ass from right to left.

"Naughty girl... Naughty, naughty, naughty girl." Striker said with a grin.
Steadying her sways, he tugged her tiny shorts to one side and revealed her
pussy. Taking hold of his shaft, Striker then slid inside Torrie's warm, wet

Torrie moaned softly as Striker's thick cock slipped inside of her tight
slit. Looking back at him with an open mouth, she panted his name as she took
it. "Mm.. you're the one fucking me in the middle of the hallway.."

Grunting with the strokes, Striker smiled. "That's because I'm an educator.
I'm going to teach people how to fuck naughty girls like you." Leaning down,
Striker and Torrie shared a passionate kiss.

Torrie slid her tongue into his mouth, nodding as she felt his cock sliding
firmly in and out of her. "There's a lot of naughty sluts that need to be
made examples of."

Grinning like a maniac, Striker nodded his head. "There certainly are. Maybe
I should teach them all? Once I've taught you properly though." He added,
reaching around cupping her magnificent large breasts.

Torrie nods, as she leans her head back, feeling her soft breasts in his
strong hands. She starts pushing back, making her round ass clack against

Looking around, Striker saw a table near them. Pulling out of Torrie, much to
her disapproval. He then spun her around and lifted her up. Grabbing her ass,
Torrie leapt into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. As they
kissed again, they walked towards the table and sat her on there. She
unhooked her legs and let Striker go to work.
Hooking his finger in her panties, he pulled them to one side, he saw her wet
pussy glistening in the light. Bending down, Matt blew a jet of cold air onto
her pussy making her shiver.

Torrie made out passionately with the handsome teacher as he carried her with
his strength. She leaned back against the table, her legs apart before
feeling Striker tease her dripping hole. "Fuck.. don't tease me.. please."

Shaking his head, Striker reverted back to his teacher persona. "Miss. I am
the teacher... And this is on my curriculum." With that said, Matt drove his
right index finger inside her wet fold and lightly pumped it in and out.
Moving up to her upper body, Matt then pulled down her bra and revealed her

"Mm fuck.." Torrie cursed again, leaning her head back as she wanted more.
Grinding back against him, her wetness dripped onto the table right before
his eyes. As her large breasts became exposed, she quickly groped them,
toying with her nipples and shamelessly moaning.

Watching her play with her own breasts, Striker smiled. Looking at her pussy,
he continued to finger her. Sliding the digit in and out of her folds, he
decided to add another one in and added his middle finger. Pumping them in
and out, he watched her reaction as he pumped them in and out. He swapped the
pumping with swirling his digits around.

"Please Mr. Striker... Fuck me. Pound me." Torrie begged, the teasing driving
her crazy, her juices just dripping onto Striker's fingers. Squeezing her
large breasts tightly, she panted out his name, squirming and unable to stay

Pulling his fingers out of her folds, Torrie practically screamed at the
reaction. "Young lady. If you're going to interrupt my class any more, I'll
just have to leave and find another suitable student. Are you going to be

Torrie bit down on her lip, frustrated and annoyed. However, she was so
incredibly wet for Striker that she nodded, remaining silent.

"Alright then." Bending down on his knees, Striker resumed his pumping and
searching process with his fingers. Pumping the digits in and out of her
folds, Matt reached inwards and blew on her pussy. Watching her leave the
table with excitement, Matt then started to play with her clit. Sucking on
the button, Matt removed his fingers and held onto her legs as she bucked at
the actions.

Torrie tried her best to remain silent, not wanting to moan out shamelessly
as she enjoyed it. Her hand remained on her breasts while her eyes clenched
shut. She could feel the handsome man just toying with her, making her squirm
while she could do nothing but show off how wet she was.

"Alright young lady. You've been very good. Would you like me to fuck you
now?" He asked, lapping up the cum from her pussy.

Torrie nodded quickly as she felt him licking up her wet juices, making her
blush harder. "Hard.. please."

"Very good. Now stand up and bend over the table." He ordered, standing up
and stepping back from the table. Tugging at his dick, he watched his
'student' with eager anticipation.

Torrie glanced at Striker's bare body as she got up, slowly turning around
and bending forward. With her upper body pinned against the table, she lifted
her ass into the air, with her legs apart.

Rubbing her pussy from behind, Striker smiled as she ground her pussy on his
hand. Removing it, Striker then slid his shaft back into her warm, wet folds.

"Mm that's it.. slam it in deep." She begged, looking back to see Striker
right up against her. She pushed back, wanting it all.

Nodding silently, he agreed with her. She certainly did want it all and he
was going to give it to her. Forcing all of his shaft inside her, Striker
held her hips in place and grunted as they fucked in unison. His balls
slapped against her pussy as they fucked. Changing the pace, Striker held
Torrie still and withdrew all of his rod. Then, as quickly as he did that, he
forced it all back in again making Torrie react passionately.

"Fuck yes!" She moaned out loudly. Feeling Striker just pull in and out
rapidly made her pant like a whore. She loved the sound of their skin
slapping together. her body jolted with each thrust she took, her juices
dripping down her legs as she nodded.

Striker was busy pounding her when he realised that he was getting close to
cumming. His eyes drifted down her body and found them resting on her ass.
"Young lady... We haven't finished punishing you yet." With that, he pulled
out of her pussy and slid it into her ass. Meeting some resistance, he
reached around and started to finger her clit.

Feeling the thick cock sink into her asshole made her open her eyes with
surprise. "Oh fuck Mr. Striker.. you're so bad." She whined out, feeling the
cock trying to get deeper and deeper in her tight hole.

"Young lady... I think you are the bad one. I've nearly got all of my dick
inside your ass hole. Have you done this before?" He asked, his dick trying
to get further inside her.

Torrie nodded, biting down on her lip as she looked back at him, pushing her
ass back while keeping it in the air for him.

"I thought as much." He said with a smile, managing to push more and more of
his shaft inside her. Watching her ass swallow more and more of him, Striker
groaned as she pusher her ass back to him.

Torrie finally felt the cock fully in her, and her ass against Striker's
smooth waist. She moaned out, licking her lips as she grinded against him.
"Fuck.. you're so fucking hot Mr. Striker."

"Uhhh... Uhhh... So are you Torrie." He said, addressing her correctly for
the first time since their engagement. With each pump, her skin was tight
around him as he fucked her. Closing his eyes, Striker groaned and got ready
to cum. "Torrie... I'm going to cum... Can I cum in your ass?"

"Mmm, fill me up." Torrie grinned as she pushed back, making his hips hit her
juicy ass faster and faster, while she thought of his big thick cock just
shooting loads of cum.

Nodding again silently, Matt started to increase his fucking. He wasn't
focusing on his strokes but purely on getting himself off. With erratic
thrusts, Matt grunted and shot his load inside her.

Torrie grinned, closing her eyes as she felt the warm sticky load in her ass.
Grinding very slowly, she rested on the table, licking her lips.

Pulling out of her ass, Striker sighed heavily as he watched Torrie's asshole
close up. Cupping her cheeks, Striker picked her up and placed her on the
table. Wiping the sweat away from his brow, they shared another hot kiss.

Torrie kissed him passionately, wrestling his tongue as she caught her
breath, sweaty and tired.

"Well, I think that was a fine lesson don't you?" He asked as he leant in and
kissed her neck, lightly biting the salty flesh.

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