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Negotiating With Mr. McMahon Part 1: The Black Widow
by Randy Savage

AJ walked down the hall, her heart thumping. The boss had requested a meeting with her out of the blue, and apparently it was urgent. Despite only wearing a loose hoodie and jeans, she could feel eyes looking over her rear end as she passed by groups of people backstage. She was used to it, but still didn't like it. AJ felt like she'd worked harder than any other diva to get here, and hadn't relied on sexuality at all. Sometimes it felt like high school to her, where she'd been incredibly smart and active, but never popular because she didn't dress like the popular girls. The nostalgia washed away as she came to Vince's door. She gulped and knocked. A gruff voice barked for her to come in. Mr. McMahon sat behind his desk, looking large than life. He motioned for her to sit down and she did.

"Miss Mendez, before this meeting gets under way, let me say how impressed I've been with you so far." She blushed and thanked him. "I mean it! You've improved in the ring, in your promo work, and your character work with Punk and Bryan has been superb. Creative has been tossing around a lot of ideas for your character, but I think I have the perfect thing."

AJ looked surprised, but grinned. She knew how rare it was for Vince to step in and disregard creative for his own direction, let alone with a diva. "Wow, Mr. McMahon, that's great. What is it?"

"General Manager." She blinked, tilting her head slightly. "You heard me, AJ. I want to make you G.M. for a few months, possibly longer. Increased t.v. time, increased pay, and increased public exposure. Plus, when it's run its course, we'll put you right in the hunt for the Diva's title. How does all that sound?"

AJ hadn't processed it all yet, but smiled widely. "It sounds great! Finances have been tight lately, as you know, and I've always dreamed of being champion ever since I was little. I'm definitely on board."

Vince nodded, looking happy. "Good, good. There thing, though." He got and walked around her, locking the door. AJ watched him, confused. He came back and sat down. "Take off your clothes, AJ."

She sat there dumbly, looking at him. The words repeated in her head. "Ex-excuse me?" She said, her voice small.

"If you want the push, take off your clothes. If you don't, I'll have your pink slip ready before the day is over." Vince said, almost casually.

"Is this a joke, sir?"

"You know it isn't."

She continued to sit there. It felt like the world was on her shoulders. Her? Having to strip naked and god forbid do worse to keep her job? She'd heard rumors of other divas having to do this, but never thought it'd be her. She had worked so very, very hard over the years and had always managed to keep her self respect and dignity.

Mr. McMahon coughed loudly, and raised his eyebrows at her. "Well?"

She stood on shaky legs, arms dangling at her sides. A voice inside her told her to unlock the door and just walk away. She could find work elsewhere. The money would be ok. She could even expose Vince for the perverted son of a bitch he was. Except he would ruin her. He was so powerful. And what if this kept happening? Every company wanting her to degrade herself?

He was staring through her, and she could feel his patience wearing thin. She unzipped her hoodie and slipped it off. Her shoes and socks came next. She took her glasses off and placed them on the desk. She started to lift her shirt and the room became blurry. She blinked away the tears and lifted the shirt up and off. Her small breasts were concealed entirely by her plain white bra. "Itty bitty titty committee, huh, AJ?" Vince said, laughing to himself.

She didn't react, just unbuttoned her pants and began to slide them down, avoiding eye contact with her boss leering at her. She kicked them off and looked up at the ceiling. "Turn around slowly, dear." She shuddered at his term of affection. She began to turn, and even though her panties matched her bra in their plainness, they couldn't hide how big and curvy her rear was. He applauded and told her to continue stripping.

She took a deep breath and unhooked the bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts, though small, were full and shapely. Her nipples a dark pink. "The panties, baby girl." She was repulsed entirely by him, but began to slip them down while still fighting back tears. "I knew you weren't bald!" He said excitedly. AJ had a thin, dark strip of hair covering her vagina. He motioned for her to turn, and so she did. Her butt was incredible, and Vince was almost watering at the mouth. It was so round and curved.

AJ was praying it was over, but then he unzipped his own pants and stood to let them fall. Stripping in front of her was one thing. One shameful, awful thing. But performing sexual acts on him? It not only totally demeaned her and everything she'd ever stood for, but she'd be cheating. She had a boyfriend at home who she cared very much for.

McMahon sat down and leaned back in his chair, his cock standing erect and proud. She walked forward slowly, numb. She dropped to her knees and took a shaky breath, fighting tears still. Vince was a good length and an even more impressive girth. In the back of her mind, she registered the size as dwarfing her boyfriend's just-above-average penis. Her face grew red, but she took the dick in her hands, rubbing it. "Don't be shy, sweetie. Suck it."

She closed her eyes and leaned forward, taking the thick cock past her lips slowly. She took it halfway, then opened her mouth and let it fall out. She rubbed it, eyes still closed. "Open your eyes." Her boss said, not asking. She did, and he looked into her beautiful light brown eyes. He grabbed her head, and began to push his cock into her mouth again. Halfway through, she began to choke. She closed her eyes and tried to push away, but he held her there. "Look at me." He said gruffly. She did, her eyes water as his cock went deeper into her mouth. She'd deepthroated her boyfriend, but he'd been an easier size to handle. Her hands went to his thighs, gripping. He continued to force his cock down her throat, and she was barely holding on. Her eyes were pleading him, and she was gagging, but he just smiled down at her. Her face was buried in his pubes when he finally had his entire length in. He held her face there, enjoying watching her squirm and whine around his cock.

He let go, and she fell onto her hands, coughing. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her up, pushing his cock back into her mouth. Tears were coming down her cheeks now, but she sat there with her arms at her side letting Vince fuck her throat. He looked into her eyes as his cock was taken all the way, pulling her head back and forth on his meat. She sat there on her knees, letting her face be abused like this. Vince groaned, smiling. Her mouth felt incredible on his cock. "You're beautiful with a dick in your mouth, AJ."

He took his dick out abruptly, watching it smack against her lips. "Your idol was Lita, right? She actually *asked* to suck my cock. You should take a lesson from her, sweetheart." AJ just stared at him, hoping it was over, trying to disguise her revulsion. "That whole 'slut' storyline just mirrored real life. Quickest I've had had my cock sucked after meeting one of you girls." He laughed, and grabbed her hair again, pulling her to feet. He turned her around and began to kiss her neck. She shuddered, but kept quiet. He pinched her nipples and ran a hand over her ass, smacking it lightly. His fingers traced her cunt, teasing entry.

"Normally I'd fuck your pussy, AJ, but you brought me a big, ripe juicy gift." Before she could figure out what he meant, he kicked her feet apart and bent her over his desk. He gripped her ass roughly, feeling every inch. She heard him spit into his hand, and realized his intent. She tried to get up but he spanked her hard. She continued to struggle but he kept up the spanking until her ass was beet red and she collapsed back onto the table. She felt his cock pushing at her asshole, and braced. He grabbed the back of her neck and slammed his dick into her ass.

AJ tried not to scream, but did let out a loud gasp and quiet cry. Vince leaned over her, relishing the feel and tightness of her big, round ass. She felt incredible. He rubbed his hands over the small of her back while she sobbed softly. He thrust into her at a steady pace while she tried to push away the pain.

"Tell me you like this, AJ."

AJ didn't say anything at first, trying to hold on to some form of dignity. He slapped her ass hard and asked if her she really wanted the job.

AJ took a deep breath, knowing she was too far into this to give up. "I....I love it, Vince. Fuck my ass!"

Vince didn't need to hear anymore as he lifted her legs to drive his cock into her at an even more manic pace with deeper thrusts. AJ lay on the table, tears coming down her face as her ass was ravaged. Vince was grunting as her tight ass milked him, her cheeks jiggling and her breath hitching while he drove himself into her. Finally he dropped her legs and gripped her hips, burying his dick all the way into her ass and cumming.

He pulled out slowly, relishing how great she felt. AJ remained bent over and unmoving. Vince pulled out a box of tissues from his desk and cleaned himself. Zipping up his trousers, he thanked her and congrulated her on the job. "You really earned it, April. I'm going to go grab some food. Clean yourself up and run along." With that, he left his office, leaving her alone. She dressed numbly and limped out the door. Over and over, she told herself she was now the G.M. She had power. It was worth it. It had to be worth it. Right?

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