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Negotiating With Mr. McMahon Part 2: Banging A British Babe
by Randy Savage

Layla's heart was thumping. She'd been called into Mr. McMahon's office, and he had barely said a word to her. Instead, he was looking through portfolios and folders, his brow furrowed. She knew that there had been some budget cuts recently, and just the other day a whole host of superstars had been released. They weren't showing any mercy, either. Aksana had been released, and she'd been more than willing to constantly 'work' to keep her job. It had made a lot of the backstage guys happy. Layla wasn't one of those girls, however. Sure, she'd slept with Vince to get her job in the first place, but since then she'd ascended to the top through her own talent.

Finally, Vince set the papers down and put his hands together on his desk. "Layla, I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go."

Layla looked at him, shocked. The air went out of her lungs. "Vince, Mr. McMahon, you can't!"

"We have to, dear. We're in serious cost-cutting mode right now, and I'm not convinced we need you right now. I'm sorry, but it's the truth."

Layla sat there dumbly for a second, mouth-hanging open. A look came over her, however, and she smiled while leaning forward. She was wearing a tight silver dress that stopped right below her bottom and pushed her breasts out. Subtly, though she saw, Mr. McMahon looked her over.

"Vince....we can work something out...." She said, a soft purr to her voice. She stood up and walked around the desk. She spread her legs, straddling him in his chair.

"I'm afraid not." Vince said, looking her dead in the eyes.

"What do you mean you're 'afraid not'?! You had a blast the last time you were with me!"

"Exactly, hon. I've already had you."

Layla could feel his erection pressing into her, but he wasn't budging. He was adamant. "Isn't there anything I can do, sir?" She said softly into his ear, pulling on his tie and grinding softly on his crotch.

Vince grabbed her arms and held them away. "Maybe... Maybe one thing..."

She bit her lip. "Anything."

"I want you to be a movie star."

Layla sat back, confused. "Movie star?"

"Join the ranks of Lita, Trish, Stacy, Torrie...."

"Sir, they weren't in any WWE movies. Were they?"

Vince grinned, and she saw a perverse glint in his eyes. "No, but they were in home movies. MY home movies!"

Understanding slowly dawned on her. She got to her feet, holding her hands up. "No! No no no no! I am not making a sex tape with you, sir!"

Again, Vince didn't move. He sat there stoically. "Then enjoy being fired."

Layla leaned against the office door, staring at her boss. " show it to anyone?"

"Of course not." He lied. He'd show to quite a few people. Shane. Hunter. Dunn. Cena. Even Stephanie...

"I don't know, sir...."

"Think about it, Layla. If you decide you still want to work here, show up at The Hilton downtown, 9 p.m. Wear... that."

"Can't I just suck your cock?!"

McMahon felt his dick twitch at hearing the word 'cock' come from her British mouth. "9 p.m."

Layla nodded in defeat and walked out of the office.

* * *

Layla stood outside the hotel room for several minutes, wringing her hands. Finally, she took a deep breath and knocked. Vince answered, clad in a bathrobe. Layla was certain there was nothing underneath it.

"Come in!" He stepped to the side, holding his arm out.

She stepped in, and his hand smacked across her ass hard. She jumped as it wiggled, and he laughed loudly. "Couldn't resist myself, sweetie."

She sat on the bed, her stomach in knots. Vince went to the closet and brought out a camera and a tripod. He set it up, focusing the camera on Layla and the bed. He looked at her and nodded. "Strip. Slowly." He pressed the little red button, and Layla got up.

She looked at her boss, but he just pointed at the camera. She began to move her hips sensually and running her hands over her body. It was very similar to what she'd done on the Extreme Expose, but just a bit dirtier. She grabbed her tits and spanked herself, tossing her hair about and moving around for the camera. She kicked off her heels, and grabbed the zipper on her dress, moving it down. Layla slid out of it, now in black lingerie that hugged her breasts and left her almost entirely nude from the waist down, as the panties barely covered anything.

Layla bent down for the camera, showing off her ass and then showing off her cleavage. McMahon was impressed so far. Her curves were simply jaw dropping. She tried not to think about what she was doing. She just wanted to get this over with. Strip, fuck, leave. Ignore the camera. Continue to kick ass as a diva. She unclasped her bra, and let it fall off of her. Lita had played more to the camera, and Torrie had basically shown up naked, but Vince found Layla to still be doing an awesome job.

Her breasts were large and full, with dark-brown nipples. She pinched them and groped them. Layla, disturbingly, was finding herself getting turned on. She turned her back to the camera and grabbed her panties, pulling them off at a leisurely pace. She grabbed her ass, spreading it and bouncing it. Vince was rock hard and it showed through his robe. She ran her hands through her hair and turned back around, showing off her shaved pussy.

Layla was about to fall back on the bed and play with her now-wet pussy, but Vince stepped forward, his robe gone. He had the camera in one hand and his cock in the other. He grabbed her shoulder and firmly pushed her down onto her knees. His large cock was aimed right at her beautiful mouth. She hated to admit it, but she loved his dick. She gripped it, running her fist up and down his shaft. She licked the head. The camera caught all of this in intimate detail.

It captured the look in her eyes as she swallowed his entire cock inch by inch. She worked her mouth forward and back, sucking him slowly but intensely. He balled up her hair in his hand and threw his head back as she worked his dick like a professional. She ran her tongue all over it, and brought her mouth to his balls, sucking on them delicately. She even looked into the camera directly as his mouth disappeared into her mouth over and over.

Finally, he took his cock out and let her go. "Stay there." He said gruffly, turning back to the tripod. He set it up on the right side of the bed, where he got on and laid down. The top of his head was pointed at the camera, and he turned his head to Layla, telling her to get on. Layla crawled around to the opposite side of the camera and climbed on to the bed, right in-between Vince's legs.

A second later, she sank herself down onto his dick. He fit so snugly and *good*. She moaned as she lifted up and then went back down, his cock stretching her out. Vince put his hands behind his head as he watched her get comfortable. Her pace quickened as she bounced on his cock, taking him to the hilt and back. She looked up at the camera, which had a perfect view of her bouncing breasts and the ecstasy on her face as she slammed onto the meaty cock.

Her hands found Vince's chest as she began to move her hips independently of her torso, wiggling her hips around his dick. He grabbed her head and kissed her as her cunt danced and milked his cock. Vince's other hand held the sheets with a furious grip as he tried to control himself. He could tell she was near. Her moans became cries of pleasure as she came, almost jumping up and down his cock. She whipped her head back and forth, her hands playing with her tits, her fat ass smacking into Vince's legs.

Layla, seconds later, lay face down the bed. Trying to recover. She looked up and saw Vince had again moved the camera. It was now lowered by the bedside and closer, where it pretty much only got a view of her face. She got up on all fours, confused. She was about to get up and look for Vince when she heard him spit. Suddenly, her head was pushed down and his dick was shoved into her giant behind.

He held her head in place as he pushed every inch of his thick cock into her shapely, round ass. The camera filmed her wide eyes, the panic on her face, and her butt bouncing as a hand smacked it over and over. Layla bit her knuckle, trying to think of her job and zone out. Vince didn't let her. He pulled her head up with her hair and began to fuck her with powerful thrusts. Her body kept jolting forward towards the camera, which saw two hands gripping her filled out hips while she was sodomised. Vince knew the boys were gonna love this. Tears came to her eyes, but she didn't cry. She just looked, with large eyes, at the camera while Vince fucked her faster and deeper.

Finally he pulled out and shot his cum all over her back. She didn't move. Vince went over and turned off the camera before picking up her clothes and laying them on the bed. "I'm going to take a shower, Layla. I'll renew your contract first thing tomorrow. Try not to be here when I get out." Several minutes later, she was limping down the hallway. Her mouth, pussy, and ass were sore, as well as her pride. Stil, she had a job. That had to mean something. Maybe it would tomorrow.

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