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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Network XXXclusives 02: Clash Of Champions
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'WWE Clash of Champions, September 25, 2016' as the scene fades in revealing the dominate force known as Nia Jax in one of the arena locker rooms, preparing for her match against Alicia Fox that is scheduled to take place on the pre-show. The starlet who came close on two occasions to become the NXT Women's Champion does a couple of power-squats as the locker room door opens and the number one contender for the new Cruiserweight Championship, Brian Kendrick enters and upon seeing Nia, does a double take. "Knew every was being treated equal know, didn't think everyone would be sharing the locker rooms..." Brian says, his comment instantly drawing a glare from Nia.

"What's that supposed to me? You think I'm not good enough to dress with you?" Nia asks.

Brian puts his hands up, "Not what I meant, just that it's strange that the women are now dressing with the guys, with how crazy things can get backstage..."

Nia narrows her eyes to the point that if looks could kill, Brian Kendrick would be on his way to the city morgue, "You don't want to dress with the women because of all the fucking that happens? Were you hoping to get fucked by one of the men and not have a woman watch you be a bottom bitch?" Nia asks as she approaches the cruiser-weight wrestler

"Hold it, I didn't mean that..." Brian begins to say as Nia backs him up against one of the lockers.

"That you're afraid you can't handle the new women of the WWE cause you're some skinny has-been?" Nia asks before she firmly grabs Brian's crotch, and upon feeling an impressive bulge, she smirks "That's for me to judge..." The six-foot tall woman says as she looks down at the five-foot-eight inch tall Brian Kendrick before licking her lips in a suggestive manner.

"Ah well... fine by me..." Brian says, a bit meekly, as the Nia is not only taller than he his, but clearly out weighs and is more powerful than he is.

The scene focuses on Nia's approving face as it blurs to cut to show her kneeling in front of Brian, gripping his impressive cock at the base with her right hand as she slides her tongue up and down along the sides, coating his manhood with her saliva. Despite being one the most physically dominant women on the current RAW Roster, Nia takes care of how she is working her tongue against Brian's cock, knowing full well that she can easily dominate him if she chooses too. She glances up at him and smirks as she continues to lick his cock as she sees his head tilted back and hears the moans escaping his mouth. The big beautiful WWE Starlet soon opens her mouth to take Brian's shaft in between her lips and begins to bob her, sucking on his dick with sharp movements of her head with her lips becoming firmly pressed on his dick. She cups her left breast with her left hand and massage it as she rocks her head back and forth repeatedly on Brian's cock, easily taking it further into her mouth, with her lips meeting her right hand that at the root of his pole. "Mmmmm... mmmm..." Nia moans as she moves her right hand to place it firmly on Brian's waist as she increases the rate of how she is bobbing his head and greedily taking the full length of his shaft past her lips. Her saliva drips off of his cock each time she pulls her head back, and quite a bit starts pushing out past her lips and drips down and off of her chin, landing on her large voluptuous chest. "Mmmm like how I suck that cock?" Nia asks after lifting her head up from Brian cock, and he barely has time to reply as she takes his cock back into her mouth and resumes sucking and slurping on it while slapping her tongue up against the bottom side of his manhood.

After a bit, the scene shifts to show Nia seated on the locker room bench while Brian Kendrick is between her legs, lapping his tongue against her wet pussy, "Mmmm... ohhhh..." Nia moans as she reaches down to palm the back of the cruiser-weight's head as he drags his tongue against her cunt. Brian moans as he tilts his head up and down as she eats the pussy of the large Pacific Islander beauty while placing his hands on her thighs before he pushes his tongue into her wet hole. "Ahhh oooo.... Mmmm ahhh..." Nia gasps and groans with delight as she feels Brian's tongue flicking around insude of her pussy, causing her to rock lightly on the bench. The veteran wrestler who knows the door on his career is closing switches tactics and starts to dart his tongue in and out of Nia's pussy. "Ahhh mmm... ohhh yes..." Nia hisses with pleasure as Brian perfectly fucks her twat with his tongue, she leans her head back and closes her eyes as she keeps her hand on the back of his head as he eats her cunt.

The scene soon transitions to show Brian Kendrick laying on the locker room floor as Nia Jaz lowers her tight pussy down onto his cock. She places a single hand on his chest as she starts to lift and lower herself on his shaft, bringing herself up three-quarters of the way along his cock before dropping back down on his manhood. "Ohhhh mmmm fuck..." Nia groans as she moves up and down on Brian's cock as he places his hands on her large, powerful thighs as she repeatedly drops herself firmly on his dick. Brian grits his teeth as he feels Nia's large round ass landing like a boulder on his legs but starts to raise his hips to begin thrusting his cock upward into her pussy while watching her large tits bounce and sway as she rides him. "Ohhh yeah... fuck me... push that dick up into me..." Nia moans with approval even though with the amount of force she is using to ride him, completely disrupts Brian from getting into any kind of rhythm with his vertical thrusts. Brian grunts through gritted teeth as he Nia places both hands on his shoulders and brings to sharply rock back and forth on his dick, grinding her pussy on his shaft with the same quickness a woman half-her size would find difficult to match. "Mmmm ohhh..." Nia moans as she smirks down at the the cruiser-weight wrestler that she has pinned on the floor as she begins to alternate between rocking and bouncing on his shaft as he does his best to ram his cock upward into her fuck hole.

The scene eventually cuts to show Nia Jax on all fours with Brian Kendrick behind her, thrusting his stiff cock in and out of her tight pussy while he holds onto her thick hips as she rocks back against him and nearly causing him to fall backward with how her large, thick ass is smacking against his waist. "Mmmmm that's it... fucking me... ohhhh..." Nia groans lustfully as she pushes back against the former Tag Team Champion with more force than he using to fuck her. Brian is already sweating heavily as he rocks his hips, thrusting his cock deeply into Nia's twat. The 156 pound cruiser-weight is constantly grinding his teeth as he fucks the 272 pound starlet from behind. "Ohhhh mmm tha'ts it... ohhh mmmm..." Nia moans as she moves on her hands and knees while she looks back over her left shoulder at him. Despite fucking her in the classic-doggy style position, Brian is clearly intimidated by Nia with how she narrows her eyes as she looks back at him, even as she moans repeatedly, "Fuck me.... Yeah fuck me good... ohhhh mmmm ahhh..." Nia licks his lips as she bucks back against Brian, with her ass cheeks jiggling perfectly when they collide against his body.

The scene cuts one last time, showing Nia on her knees as she works her left hand back and forth along the length of Brian's throbbing cock while she flicks her tongue against t the piss-slit of his dick. "Mmmmm... ohhhh..." Nia moans as she licks the swollen head of Brian's cock while she rapidly works her hand on it, feeling it pulsate heavily in her grasp. Brian groans deeply as Nia works over his cock until his manhood starts to erupt with large streams of cum, the first of which lands in her mouth, but then she aims his dick down so that the number one contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship shoots his jizz all over his large breasts, "Mmmm bet you have no problem with everyone being equal now do you?" Nia asks with a smirk as she looks up at Brian once he's done cumming as the scene fades to black.

The next scene fades in showing a victorious Roman Reigns carrying the United States Championship entering the locker room, "Yeah... people better start believing that I'm the guy now..." Roman says as he heads over to the locker where his belongings are and sets the title he took from Rusev down on the locker room bench as Dana Brooke comes out of the shower area with a towel around her waist.

"Charlotte, I know you're in a hurry but I... oh... you're not Charlotte.." Dana says as upon seeing Roman Reigns, and it's clear the former bodybuilder was in the process of drying off following a shower. The blond notices the United States Championship and smirks, "Oh you got some gold?"

"Damn right I do, I'm the guy that's the United States Champion..." Roman says with a smug smirk.

"Kind of hot... not as hot as Charlotte being the Women's Champion on RAW... but still hot..." Dana says before pressing her lips together, "So Champ.. any thoughts on how you're gonna celebrate?"

"Thinking about grabbing some beers... calling Ambrose telling him what's up," Roman answers.

Dana narrows her eyes, "That's it? I could think since you're the GUY right... you expect me to believe THAT is how you're gonna celebrate... when the total Diva is right here?" She says as she proceeds to drop the towel from around her body, revealing her large firm tits and shaved pussy to the United States Champion.

Roman clearly checks Dana out before asking, "Sure Charlotte ain't going to leave you behind?"

Dana licks her lips, "You'll give me a ride... after I ride you..." she replies.

The scene blurs as Dana steps towards Roman and cuts to show her down on her knees in front of Roman, stroking his huge Samoan cock. The blond haired former bodybuilder has her eyes locked on his fuck pole as she works both hands along it's impressive length before opening her mouth wide to take it in. She presses her lips down around Roman's cock and groans with desire on it before she starts to bob her head freely on his cock. "Mmmm... mmmmm..." Dana moans eagerly as she sits high up on her knees as she gets herself into a steady rhythm of bobbing her head on Roman's dick. As she starts to take his cock further into her mouth she opens her mouth wider to accommodate how thick his tool his, but her efforts are rewarded with the feeling of the crown of his shaft pressing against the back of her throat, drawing an appreciative moan from the former World Champion. Dana closes her eyes and turns her head from side to side as she continues to rock her skull back and forth on the huge cock that is filling her moan, her saliva dripping from her bottom lip and off of Roman's pole in large amounts as she puts on an impressive display of cock sucking.

The scene then shifts to show Dana bending forward with her hands on the lockers with Roman behind her, pumping his large Samoan cock in and out of her asshole, with only her saliva serving as the lubrication as he drills her anal cavity. "Ohhhh ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ooooo shit..." Dana moans as she looks back over her right shoulder at Roman and licks her lips as she feels his storng hands squeezing her hips as he works his cock in and out of her backside. She spreads her legs shoulder width apart and begins to rock on her feet, pushing her ass back against the pistoning manhood that is deeply invading her, while she feels Roman's balls landing squarely against her ass cheeks. Dana's mouth hangs open as she lets out a series of moans and gasps as Roman delivers stiff powerful thrusts that cause her knees to bend a bit, but she holds her own, using the lockers to brace herself as she is anally fucked by the new United States Champion. Sweating from his match with Rusev, Roman tosses his hair back while moving his hands up and around Dana to grab her large tits, squeezing them perfectly as he continues to plow his cock balls deep into her asshole. "Ohhhh fuck... mmm yeah... tap that ass... ohhhh ahhh..." Dana groans as she continues to move on her feet in response to Roman's thrusts, while being quite pleased with herself for choosing to take a shower which lead to her to being in the right place at the right time for this encounter to happen.

The scene transitions to show Roman seated on a locker room chair with Dana Brooke straddling his lap, facing away from him with her ass impaled on his cock, "Ooooo shit... ahhh ohhh fuck that's a big cock... ohhhh..." Dana moans as she leans forward a bit as she works her ass up and down on Roman's shaft, with both of her hands on his knees as she bounces on his dick. Roman groans as he places his hands on Dana's waist as the sidekick / protege of the Women's Champion rides his cock at a nice and steady pace, lowers her ass fully down on his dick to where he can watch her ass cheeks jiggle when they slap against his lap. Dana leans her head and looks up at the ceiling with a big smile on her face as she hears Roman's groans of delight while she works her ass up and down on Roman's cock She starts to increases the rate of her bounces while showing off her strength, slamming her ass down more forcefully with each passing moment, brutally butt fucking herself on the Samoan's massive manhood. "Ohhh ahhh... ohhhh ahhhh..." Dana squeals as she does pretty much all the work as Roman just sits back and enjoys the experience that is the total Diva riding his dick with her ass.

The scene switches, this time showing Dana facing Roman as she bounces up and down on his cock which is now within her tight wet pussy, "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh fuck!" Dana moans lustfully as she moves her hands against Roman's chest as she continues to ride his dick, forcing herself up and dropping down on his dick. Roman licks his lips and groans while moving his hands against her powerful thighs as the former bodybuilder grinds herself pussy down on his thick long Samoan dick each time she sharply drops downward on his tool. "Mmmm ahhh... ohhh oooo ahhh fuck... ohhh..." Dana breathes heavily as she puts her all into riding Roman's cock, showing the same effort she shows into ensuring the Charlotte remained the Women's Champion earlier in the evening. She takes her hands off of Roman's chest and cups both of her large tits as she bucks her hips back and forth to work her cunt on his dick. Roman grits his teeth as Dana continues to ride his cock, watching her grope breasts as sweat drips down her body while feeling her pussy tightening around his dick, "Ohhh ohhh fuck... ahhh oooo ahhh ohhhh..." Dana tosses her head back as she begins to cum on the United States Champion's huge shaft.

The scene blurs and clears to reveal Dana crouching in front of Roman as he is rapidly stroking his dick his cock as Dana looks up at him with an eager look on his face. Roman lets out a groan as he soon starts to cum, spraying his load all over Dana's face, forcing her to close her eyes as several heavy ropes of cum splatter on her facial features. It takes Roman several minutes for Roman to finish cumming, but once he's done he smirks, "Bet Charlotte left your ass baby girl..."

Dana opens one eye to look up at Roman, making it look like she's winking, "She's the champ... beside I just got fucked by a champ..." She says as she feels his cum dripping down her face as the scene fades to black.


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