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New Booker Part 1
by Anony Mouse

My whole life I had been a fan of wrestling. Especially the WWF. I
remembered I use to sit in my rooms on Monday nights creating plots in my
head. Some good shit if I do say so myself. I never thought it would go
anywhere, considering I'm only 16, but I thought maybe if I kept trying
someday I could figure out how to apply for the position of being a booker.
I mean I could easily spot potential in wrestlers who were being underpushed,
which is a rarity in a business of backstage politics.

One day, I just decided to write down a sample of my plot ideas and send
it to the WWF. I didn't think it would go anywhere. I thank God, it turned
out I was wrong.

I got home from school one day to find a message on my machine from a WWF
official telling me to call them back, and they are very interested in hiring
me. Hiring Me?!? This had to be some kind of aural hallucination! I called
the number expecting a prank but instead I was patched through to none other
than Shane O Mac, Shane McMahon! He was very personable over the phone,
surprisingly, much different then his on air personality. Basically he
proposed to me a simple plan. He said how they could not officially hire me
because of my age, but all I would have to do is write basic scripts for RAW,
Smackdown, Heat and Jakked, and come to one day of meetings whered I would
meet with executives and talent. If my schedule allows, I would be flown out
to the location of the evenings events. It was too good to be true.

I sat down and gathered my ideas. My first meeting was tomorrow. First of
all, there was some wrestlers I definitely wanted to give a bigger push.
Gangrel, Taka, Funaki, Dean Malenko and Tazz were my main five. I also wanted
to push Crash and Al Snow, but their roles in the company weren't too
unsatisfactory for my tastes, just a little subpar of what they should have
been. I wanted to reintroduce a supernatural element into the Federation (ie
the Ministry). There was also some talent I wouldn't mind stealing from WCW,
such as Vampiro, Kidman, and most of their female talent, if you know what I
mean. I typed up a basic outline of the Raw and Jakked Tapings and the
Smackdown/Heat tapings. It wasn't all my ideals for the company packed into
one week but it was the foundations.

The next morning I boarded a private plane for Titan Towers in New York.
It was something out of a dream. I was seated next to Stephanie McMahon. She
politely stood up and gave me a warm hug welcoming me to the company. She was
wearing a casual tank top and skirt. She smelled excellent and was even more
beautiful than on TV. We sat down and as the plane took off, we went went
over my plans for tonihgts RAW. The first segment would be the debut of
Raven, an import from ECW, and a marquee name in his own right. His gimmick
is somewhat of a cult leader, and I thought for weeks he would be a good
reason behind Kane's recent heel turn. Stephanie looked at me, quirking a

"We haven't finishing thinking out Raven's gimmick yet..." she said.

Smiling politely, I replied, "I have. Look everyone's still lost on why
Kane turned, this is closure. The fans want closure."

She grinned, "Damn, you're convincing."

Basically the premise would be this. Raven is disgusted at how Undertaker
has ditched his dead man gimmick, so he enacts his revenge by "stealing the
soul" of Kane. In the coming weeks he would antagonize Undertaker, until
Undertaker would snap and reform the Ministry, resulting in a Undertaker vs.
Raven bout at the next PPV. Steph was a fan of the angle.

I threw Gangrel into the show tonight against a mid-card heel who was
gaining steam as he progressed in the WWF, Bull Buchanan. Eventually Gangrel
would lose but I wanted to make him look good against his opponent. Taka
Michinoku would take on Al Snow for the European Title. Triple H and Eddy
Guerrero would take on Kurt Angle and Perry Saturn in tag action. Dean
Malenko would take on Steven Richards for the Light Heavyweight Title.
Rikishi and The Dudleys would take on Tazz and the Acolytes.Jeff Hardy would
take on Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title. Chris Jericho would take on
Chris Benoit in a steel cage. Edge and Christian would defend their tag
titles against Too Cool. Finally, the main event would be Undertaker vs. Kane
for #1 Contendorship for the World Title. The finish of the main event would
be the champion, The Rock coming down to the ring to help out the Undertaker,
only to be ambushed by Raven. Kane would win the bout.

Steph covered my script with her hands. "Whew," she sighed, "You're good.
Very good. But my head is spinning." She leaned towards me and said "My
favorite part of the business is the people. Tell me about yourself..."

I went on to tell her as much as I could come up with. My school life, my
interests, my goals, etc.

Steph stood up and gazed out the window. "You get alot of pussy I bet,"
she said almost matter of factly.

I laughed. I was fairly unlucky with the opposite sex. "Naw, I'm afraid
not..." I replied.

She playfully smiled at me, "That'll change soon."

I didn't really understand the comment but I soon would.

"Y'know what I love about these planes?" she said, "We can do anything,
cause it's private!" She pulled off her shirt to reveal a sexy black sports
bra. I almost choked on the water I was drinking. She laughed and apologized
for not warning me. She said she like to walk around in her underwear when
the plane got a little hot. I realized the plane was somewhat warm. I
accidentally caught a glimpse of Steph correcting herself if you know what I
mean, and saw a nipple shot. Her nipples were very cute. Uncontrollably, I

"What?" she said, "My naughty bits sticking out?"

I laughed at her almost juvenile vocabulary. "I'm not sure what that
means," I laughed, "But yer nipple was pokin out..."

She blushed and said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," I said.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a slow closed kiss on the
lips. "You're a cutie," she grinned, "I'm gonna enjoy havin ya around the
office." Needless to say, I had a huge boner.

For the rest of the ride, we chatted, occasionally showing off our self
proclaimed excellent massage skills. Surprisingly, nothing substantial
happened between us on the flight. Eventually we landed at Titan
entertainments exclusive runway. Swanky stuff, if I do say so.

The executive meeting was pretty much a rehash of Steph and I's review of
my Raw on the plane. I got to meet Vinnie Mac and Shane O Mac in person,
which was pretty cool. I really had fun at the talent meetings, basically
they were quick meetings with some of the talent who either I needed to talk
with or the company wanted me to get to know. I had a great time talking to
Jericho, Chyna, Benoit, the Hardyz, the Dudleyz, Gangrel and Rikishi. My last
meeting of the day was with some of the women of the WWF. Lita, the Kat,
Trish, Terri, Ivory, Jacky and the two new Ho's sat across an executive

"Look," I said, hoping to establish authority but still come off as nice,
"I'm gonna be frank here. To state the obvious, the women's division isn't
what it should be." The women acknowledged this. I stood up and stood behind
Lita's chair. "Lita here is incredibly over with the fans. She is the future
of the women's division." Lita looked up at me and blushed.

I stood behind Jacky and Ivory's chairs. "Jacky and Ivory here are good
examples of satisfactory women's division workers." They kind of frowned at
this. "Their wrestling is impeccable. In other words, they know their shit.
Their problem is the former booking never truly equipped them with
personalities. Ivory used to have one, but it faded. Jacky, you and Ivory
will resume Ivory's former personality. You will be sickened at America's
acceptance of T&A. We'll see how that pans out."

Next I moved to Trish and the Ho's. "You guys have something which other
wrestlers can sometimes never develop. You can take bumps incredibly."

Trish laughed and flashed me a naughty smile, "I thought you were gonna
say incredible knockers!" Kat retorted, "Hey some of us here aren't as
unnaturally endowed as others. Be kind."

I couldn't help but flirt back. "Now now now, your breasts aren't my
department but I'll say this, I've had just as many nights alone with you,
Kat as I have Trish. And size doesn't matter to me, because, we'll I'm not
very well endowed either." The girls erupted in laughter.

"Now now, settle down," I said. "Trish, Ho's, you can bump great, but
it wouldn't hurt your chances of someday getting the women's belt if you
improved your offensive arsenal."

This next part would be hard. Terri and the Kat were incredibly beautiful,
but they just had no in ring talent. How would they take the news that I
would prefer to keep them as strictly T&A?

"Terri, Kat, I'm gonna be blunt, you two can't wrestle. I don't know if
you ever will be able to. On the bright side, you are two of the most
beautiful women here, and your personalities are great. I would like to keep
you to valet duties. And if you aren't morally opposed to it, some, uh,
broadcasted nudity would help too. That goes for everyone." A table of grins
looked back at me.

"Personally, I prefer valet duties," the Kat says, "It takes a load off my
back, that I don't have to learn moves and impress anyone."

"I'm glad then," I said, "And if there aren't any questions or comments,
this meeting will be adjourned..."

Trish raised her hand.

"Yes, Trish?" I asked.

"If we seduce you will we get a guaranteed push?" she coyly said.

I laughed, "I'd estimate that would be considered unprofessional Ms.

She sighed, "Aw, now I'll just have to seduce a cute teenager without
professional reason."

I shook my head and sighed, "You're a firecracker, Trish... meeting
adjourned, have a good Raw."

As the girls filed out of the room, I saw Steph peek her head in the door.

"Did I miss the meeting?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so," I replied.

"Well, what's my status in the women's division?" she asked.

"To tell you the truth, I despised your title reign. It sickened me that
this federation kept the belt off of Lita for so long. But when you did lose
your belt to Lita, I was dissappointed. That was a good match! You pulled off
some good stuff! I'd like to keep you mainly on storyline duty, but another
title run could be in your future."

She smiled and kissed my cheek and went on her way. I reported to my
executive suite to watch RAW. As Undertaker's bike hit the ramp, I settled
down onto the couch and drank some water. I would get used to this job
easily. T&A took on Lo Down in a Jakked match. Man, Trish looked good. The
image coupled with her flirtatious comments today were enough to get my
juices flowing. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my half hard cock. I
slowly started to play with it. A few minutes passed before there was a knock
on my door. I zipped up and called out, my voice cracking, "Who is it?"

It's me, Lita."

"Come on in," I replied.

Lita slinked into my suite wearing a navy halter top and white baggy
pants, with her trademark thong hanging out. Tonight it was black. She sat
down on the couch next to me. "First off, I just wanna say I was sooooo
flattered by your comments today at the meeting. It really made me feel
good," she said.

"Hey," I said, "It's all true."

She blushed again but continued, "But it's this whole sex symbol thing. I
have no problem showing off, or anything, but I don't know. I don't want it
to hurt my credibility as a wrestler. Also, I'm not even sure if the fans
would be interested in that. I don't think the fans think I'm attractive..."

My jaw dropped. "Lita! Are you crazy? You're the hottest woman here! I am
a fan, I would know if the fans view you as attractive. As for credibility? I
agree, but I will come up with a reason, a very valid reason, one that wont
make you look bad. I promise."

She smiled at me, "I'm flattered, you're gonna let me expose myself and
you don't even test me to see if I'm fit for it..."

I blushed. "Lita, I have eyes. You're fit..." I said, until she

"No," she said, "I mean like this." Lita pulled up her shirt to expose
the most amazing set of breasts my young eyes have ever seen.

"Wow," my voice cracked, "Th-Those are nice."

She giggled, leaning into me, "You're cute. Now... let's see if you really
aren't well endowed..." she cooed, reaching into my pants.

My 8 inches sprung to life as she pulled it out. I was well endowed, but
I figured if I joked about it I wouldn't come off as dripping with machismo.
Lita looked into my eyes and I lowered my head and kissed her soft lips. She
was all I'd imagined. She truly was my favorite WWF Diva, and as her wet
tongue extended, mingling with mine, I knew my logic hadn't failed me.

I pulled her up, wrapping my arms around her body, still kissing her. She
pulled out of the kiss to remove her top, letting her orbs out of their
constraints. I took one nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it
in quick little strokes. She let out a low moan in pleasure, clutching my
head firmly to her chest. I continues to softly suck on her nipple as my hand
crept to her pants, and tried to slide them off. She noticed my effort and
hopped off of me and took them off herself. She stood there in just a thong,
looking at me with eyes filled with lust.

I stood up and kissed her again, sliding my own pants off. I was going
commando as I often did, and my hard cock rubbed against her moist crotch.
She looked at me with a coy look as she dropped to her knees and grabbed my
member with both of her hands and slid her long tongue slowly across the tip.
My eyes fluttered to the back of my head. This was the most plasureable
experience of my life: my dream woman seducing me and giving me oral sex.
She removed her hands and stuck my cockhead through her wet lips. Inside her
mouth, she swirled her tongue around my glan, causing me to grunt in
pleasure, and place my hands on her shoulders.

"Ohh, Lita... this is great." I moaned.

She then slid my whole shaft into her mouth and down her throat. Quickly
bobbing back and forth, Lita cause my knees to falter from the disorienting
blowjob I was recieving.

I laid down on the floor, so I wouldn't lose my balance, and Lita
continued to suck my rod. She moved her abdome over my face so we were in a
69 position. I used my hands to pry her thong from her body, revealing her
wet, shorn cunt. I pulled it to my face, and sucked her juices from it while,
teasing the clit with my tongue. She cooed in ecstacy as she continued to
work my piece, almost sending me to my boiling point. I jammed my tongue down
her love canal, causing her to cry out in sudden pleasure, before jamming my
cock into her face and clamping her lips around the base again.

"Oh, Lita honey... you're gonna make me cum!" I said.

"Wait!" she replied, dismounting me, "Fuck me. Fuck me fast and deep. Fuck
me so I'll want to come back after tonight's show and spend the night here."

With that added incentive, I couldn't decline. She laid on her back with
her legs back resting on my shoulders and I dipped up and down, sliding deep
into her moist love hole. I gripped her ass cheeks for leverage as I pounded
away, staring into her eyes the whole time. I love the look on a girls face
when she's getting off, and Lita's expressions were priceless. I felt my load
build up inside my balls. "Baby, I'm almost there..."

She bit her lip to hold her moans in, "Mmm... me too."

A few more penetrations and I felt her juices erupt. I pulled myself out
and jerked into her mouth while she convulsed in ecstasy. When her orgasm
passed, she once again began to work my piece in and out of her mouth. This
time it was only a few seconds till my cum shot down her throat. She
swallowed and took my piece out in time for a second spurt to hit her bottom
lip. Her tongue snaked out and snatched it into her throat.

We laid there for a few moments, until Lita had to get ready for
accompanying Jeff to the ring. We engaged in a long passionate kiss before
she promised to meet me after the show. I couldn't wait. She walked out the
door and I reclothed myself. The RAW tapings were just about to begin. There
was another knock at my door.

"Lita? Did you forget somethin?" I called out.

Trish answered, "No dear it's Trish... I wanted to come in and talk about
my career's direction...get it?"

I love this job.

Let me know what you think. This is my first story, and feedback would be
appreciated greatly! I hope to add to the series with most if not all the
Women of the WWF. Maybe even some WCW women. Please give me feedback! Thanks!

xAnony Mousex

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