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New Booker Part 2
By Anony Mouse

As I approached my suite door, RAW's pyro set off. Kane stalked down the
rampway. I cracked the door open to see Trish in her trademark cowboy hat and
trenchcoat. Underneath she was wearing small white bikini type thing. It was
skimpy, and she looked excellent. With a flirtatious grin and a cheery tone,
"I'm here to seduce you!"

I let her in and said in a fake uninterested voice, "I gotta watch the

She pouted knowing I was kidding, "Y'know alot of 16 year olds would like
to be seduced by me..."

I laughed at the whole conversation, and she laughed in return. Attempting
to ignore my desire to rip off her clothes and fuck the hell out of her, we
sat down to watch the first segment of Raw.

Kane stood alone in the ring. "Brother!" he growled, "For years I have
lived in your shadow. I've never been good enough to be held in the same
light as you!"

"No pun intended," squealed the King.

"But now," Kane grunted, "it will all end! For the past few weeks I have
seen the light and thanks to my new mentor, I have found it. I have felt it.
Your legacy will be mine... as well as your number one contendorship for the
World Title. They will be mine... tonight!"

That godawful Kid Rock song hit the speakers. That song has to go, I
thought to myself. Undertaker came out on foot, I thought the bike just
looked goofy sometimes. The Taker came down to the ring and stared into his
brothers eyes.

"Listen, kid," he grunted, "First off, I am the number one contendor. No
ifs, ands or buts. And if you want to challenge me for that, I have no
problem kickin your ass and showing why I am the number one contendor!"

Big pop for that.

"As for your mentor, our so called 'father' has turned on the both of us
so many times that I wouldn't be surprised."

Then the lights in the arena went out and when they came back on Raven was
perched atop the top turnbuckle. He jumped down and took Taker down with him.
Kane picked his brother up and chokeslammed to hell (as J.R. would say) and
Raven picked him to punish him some more with an Evenflow DDT. Raven and Kane
stood over the Taker as the arena was bathed in red light, Kane's music
played, and RAW faded to commercial.

Trish smiled at me. "I'm impressed," she said, "You've done what our
normal bookers can't do. You've given Kane a good angle."

I was very flattered. I'd always been a fan of the Big Red Machine, but
I'd never thought he'd been booked as he should. I was hoping that my ideas
would work. "Really?" I asked the blonde beauty sitting next to me, "Thanks.
I hope the fans take to it."

Trish got up and slipped off her trench coat. "You mind? It's kind of
uncomfortable," she questioned.

"Not at all," I replied.

"Do you have anything to drink?" she asked shuffling through my suite's

"I dunno, do I?" I asked innocently, "I'm sixteen, that stuff's illegal
for me."

She looked back at me slyly and said, "I'm pretty sure fucking Lita is
illegal too."

Not like I wanted to deny it or anything. "How'd you know?" I asked her.

"Women's intuition..." she tried to convince me, "Actually, the bitch
beat me to it..." I laughed and she continued, "But... I don't mind sloppy

"To tell you the truth Trish," I said earnestly, "There isn't anything I'd
rather do right now than fuck you till you came twice over, but I'm worn out
from Lita. And if I tried to gather up energy, I don't think it would be
enough to satisfy you to the degree you deserve."

She snuggled up to me pouting, "Aww... but I was really looking forward
to using my charms on a 16 year old..."

Suddenly I had an idea. "How would you like to seduce a 16 year old and a
WWF Diva?"

* * *

Towards the end of RAW, I left my suite in the executive area of the
stadium, and ventured to the backstage area. As I tiptoed into the backstage
area, I watched all the wrestlers crowded around a couple monitors. From a
fan's point of view I thought the show went pretty good. I thought the
Gangrel/Bull bout was recieved surprisingly warm. Al Snow defeated Taka in a
great pure wrestling bout. Kurt Angle and Perry Saturn vs. HHH and Eddy
Guerrero went to a no contest after Stephanie and Chyna began brawling and
HHH, Eddy and Kurt all tried to break it up, but they couldn't and in the
angle, Steph was hurt. Dean Malenko retained his belt by DQ after the RTC
put him and his two ladies through tables. Tazz and The Acolytes beat Rikishi
and the Dudleys when Kaientai came out and Funaki distracted the ref long
enough for Taka to plant the Michinoku Driver on Buh Buh Ray for Bradshaw
to get the pinfall. Steve Blackman defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall to retain
his Hardcore Title. Chris Benoit escaped the steel cage over Chris Jericho
thanks to a returning Shane McMahon. Edge and Christian lost to Too Cool by
disqualification when Edge used a chair on Grandmasta Sexay, and Rikishi came
down to help his boys clean house. Dancing commenced. The main event was on
now, and the people backstage were glued to the screen.

I put my hand on the shoulder of Road Dogg and said "Why is everyone so
into the show?"

Road Dogg said "The higher ups wouldn't tell anyone besides Taker, Kane,
Raven and Rocky who wins, they said suspense would improve our morale."

"Is it working?" I asked.

"This is more interesting now that we're being forced to be marks." he

After Raw went off the air, Rocky and Taker fought back, leaving the crowd
feeling good. Vince and Shane came backstage, to get a consensus on the new
approach of creating greater locker room interest in the programming. Most of
the wrestlers enjoyed the new approach.

"Who booked tonights show, Vince?" asked Steven Richards, "I think it was
better than usual."

"Well, I'd like to introduce our new booker to everyone who hasn't met
him yet."

When I stood next to Vince, Edge was shocked, "He's just a teenager!"

"Yeah?" I said, "Does that matter?"

"No way! That reeks of awesomeness!"

The cast laughed and Vince bid them a good night and said he'd see them
tomorrow night at the location of the Smackdown tapings. Lita winked at me
and said she'd give me a ride to the hotel.

As soon as we got to the car she pushed me down and we began making out.
I gripped her hips, rubbing my erection into her through my pants, moving my
tongue against hers, our lips interlocked.

She pulled away, "I can't wait till we get to your hotel room," she
grinned as she started the car. And neither could I.

We got into the lobby where a couple of other wrestlers were hanging
around the bar. We decided not to make it seem like we were together to avoid
scrutiny. I met her at the elevator after a few minutes of mingling.

"Oh, hi Lita," I said grinning.

"Hey... you're the new booker, huh?" she said jokingly.

When we arrived at my room, I looked through my pockets but (gasp) my
cardkey was no where to be found! "Crap!" I said, "Where could I have dropped

"Lose something?" said a familiar voice.

I turned around to see Trish wearing short black shorts and a pink halter
top, which her large assets pushed to its elastic limits.

"I found this on the floor after most of the wrestlers had left," she
explained our precontrived story perfectly, "And I figured I'd just wait
until whoever owned it came to this room and realized they had no key..."

"And that would be me," I smiled.

"Can I come in and hang out with you guys?" she asked politely, before
enticing us with, "I got candy..." She held up a big bag of sweets.

Lita and I were sold.

So we sat there, me, Lita and Trish, eating candy on the bed, and the
latter two drinking some colorful alcoholic beverages they ordered from room
service. We were watching the later showing of WCW Nitro. It was far far
inferior to our program, but man, they had hot chicks. Miss Hancock, Daffney,
Leia Meow were the top three that came to mind. Kimberly Page had left the
company earlier in the year. Supposedly she was trying to come into the WWF.
I'd have to check that out...

"Man I wanna nail her," Trish spouted.

I laughed and retorted "Yeah, I'll look into signing her. Just for you

She blushed, "You know how to flatter a lady."

"So I take it you're bi-sexual then?" Lita asked.

"Yeah," Trish cooed in a sexy manner, "I like all kinds. What about you,
Lita honey?"

Surprisingly Lita was also bi-sexual. This was gonna be easier than I

"Are you guys attracted to anyone in our Federation?" I asked, "I mean,

They both blushed, and replied "Maybe."

I tried to pry it from them but they wouldn't budge.

A few minutes later, Trish was seductively sucking on a cylindrical
lollipop. On purpose or not, I couldn't help but stare. She caught me staring
and giggled, "You getting turned on?"

I blushed.

Lita asked "What's he getting turned on by?"

"This," Trish replied, and began to treat the lollipop as a phallic

Lita giggled "That's nothing," she said snatching the lollipop from Trish,
"I can turn him on much much better."

This was starting to get good.

Lita started by running her tongue along the underside of the lollipop,
then smoothly sliding the lollipop past her lips, then pulling it out and
sliding it down her cleavage, then pulling it out, swirling it around her
belly button, then putting it in my mouth. And yes, my friends, I had a

"Hey!" Trish argued, "You didn't say we could do more than suck! IT'S ON

Trish pulled her top off revealing a sexy white strapless bra. She pushed
her tits together and placed the lolli between them. She straddled me and
slid my shirt over my head. She dipped her torso down, sliding the lolli up
my chest until she reached my mouth, at which point she pushed it into my
mouth, burying my face in her cleavage and leaving it there for a couple
seconds. I didn't mind one bit. When she raised her chest the candy was still
in my mouth. She grabbed it with her mouth, kissing me on the lips in the

Lita frowned a little. "Alright, alright," she sighed, "You win Trish, but
I still give better head."

"Oh ho ho," Trish chuckled, "That sounds like a challenge!"

Lita smirked, "Maybe it is."

"Well, then," said Trish, "Shall we seal that challenge with a kiss?"

Trish grabbed Lita and leaned into her, bringing their lips together. I
stared in awe as these goddesses of the squared circle made out on the same
bed as me. I watched closely as I saw their tongues exchange positions, their
breasts slide against each other, and their hands roaming each others sexy
bodies. Finally, ever so slowly they pulled away from each other.

My voice cracked, "I take it the challenge was accepted."

They turned their heads with a mischevious look in their eyes and they
hopped off the bed and began to disrobe. I joined in. Trish and I were
already topless so we assisted Lita in joining us by pulling off her shirt.
She was a little surprised at this and enacted her revenge but ripping
Trish's bra off.

Now some people think Trish is too "fake" for their tastes. All I know is
that you must give the girl credit for being the only woman to completely
defy the laws of gravity. I looked into her eyes with an open jaw, "C'mon,"
I said, "Those are fake."

She shook her head, "Nuh uh," she grinned, "All real. Feel 'em"

Me and Lita each grabbed a tit and lightly massaged. Surprisingly, there
were no implants I could tell of.

"Wow," I said, "I am impressed."

"Yeah but they're not still not better than mine," said Lita as she
playfully pushed us all down onto the bed.

I turned to my left and I saw Trish Stratus pulling off her shorts to
reveal a white thong. This was every WWF fan's dream. She intercepted my
awestruck gaze and blushed, pulling me too her for a slow wet deep kiss, her
cute tongue snaking through my mouth. On my right Lita pulled me out of the
kiss and into one with her, as equally wet dream inducing. As our mouths
intermingled, I felt Trish's hands trying to undo my fly and pull down my
pants. I guess Lita saw this too, because she assisted Trish in pulling my
pants off so my hard eight inches sat in plain vision.

Lita and Trish began to move their tongues up and down the sides of my
shaft, then swirling them around my tip in circular patterns, I gripped the
nearby pillows and tried to hold myself in as long as I could. It was tough
especially with Lita and Trish grinning up at me and my straining faces. Lita
began to rub her tongue along my balls as Trish rubbed my cockhead across her
soft lips, planting soft sucking kisses up and down the length of my dick. I
ran a hand through Trish's hair, then ran it through Lita's.

"Goddamn this is amazing," I moaned.

"You'll probably like this then..." Trish said seductively as she plunged
her lips down the length of my piece. I tilted my head back and my jaw fell
open. This was amazing. It only took a few minutes of constant lip and tongue
action to send my members load down Trish's throat. Trish held it in her
mouth and pulled Lita up, kissing her and sharing my juice with our third

"Oh..." I was speechless.

Trish giggled at the euphoric look on my face. She turned to Lita and
said, "Guess we just need to satisfy each other till he gets his bearings

Lita grinned, pushing Trish's hair out of her face, "Sounds good to me."
She pulled Trish on top of her sliding her tongue across her chest, then
sucking on Trish's big nipples.

"Mmmm," sighed Trish, "I've wanting to fuck you for a long time Lita..."

"Me too," Lita said echoing Trish's sentiment.

Trish began to slide down Lita's smooth body, her tongue slithering over
Lita's creamy skin. Lita rubbed her body as Trish slid Lita's thong off and
began to stimulate her pussy. She slid her finger up lips slowly, then she
opened them wide, and pushed her tongue up into Lita's sweet abyss.

Lita writhed in pleasure as Trish probed deep into her. I watched from
the other side of the bed, as blood slowly began to creep back into my shaft.
Lita was shaking her head back and forth violently, almost at her climax and
Trish had her face very deep in Lita's cunt. It was beautiful.

"AH! OH TRISH I'M GONNA CUM!" Lita moaned loudly.

Trish furiously tongue-fucked Lita as her juices really started to flow.
Without warning Trish began to bugger Lita's cute little asshole with her

"AH! What are you doing?" Lita shrieked.

"You don't like anal?" Trish said, shocked.

"Well," Lita said, "I've never tried it, I'm afraid it would hurt too

"No way!" Trish reassured her, "It's awesome! You just need to lube it up

Trish looked at me, "You wanna give her a visual example, babe?"

I sprang to attention, and pounced on Trish burying my face in her neck
kissing her. Trish giggled and pushed me off. She got on all fours and rubbed
her firm ass into my crotch. I pulled her white little thong to the side and
I ran my hand across her wet cunt gathering up some of her juices, and using
them to coat my rod. I pressed firmly against her puckered asshole until she
started to open up and let me slide in.

"Mmm... yeah that's good," she cooed. My God was it tight! She tightened
her ass muscles as I slowly began to pump in and out. I tilted my head back
in pleasure. This was awesome!

"It's that easy?" Lita asked.

Trish replied, getting off on my rapidly increasing strokes "Mmm... maybe
a little... compromising since it's your first time," she turned her head
back to me, "You'll go easy on her right?"

I turned to Lita, "Baby, you know I'd only do what makes you feel good,"
I said.

"Aww, you're so sweet," she said planting a kiss on me, "Alright Trish,
get off your ass, it's my turn."

I laughed at the analogy and slowly slid out of Trish.

Lita would be happy to know, it wouldn't take me long to cum in her ass.
It wouldn't have taken much longer from Trish, after all. Trish positioned
me behind Lita's tight backdoor. She ran her tongue around the tiny hole,
causing Lita to giggle from the sensation. She was so cute.

When Lita was properly lubed, I gripped her buns gently and began to wedge
myself in. Lita winced a little, but I was going gentle so she was ok. Trish
fingered Lita's cunt, so she would be a little looser. Lita looked back at me
with a smile. "It's starting to feel ok... go a little deeper," she cooed.

So I did. Man, Lita was even tighter than Trish! Most of my eight inches
were in there, and Lita wasn't feeling any pain. I started to thrust in and
out faster and Lita moaned a little.

"This is 'good!" she cried out. She was really into this! Trish slid under
Lita like a sexual mechanic and pleasured Lita's wet cunt as I slid in and
out of her supple ass. "Oh yeah!" Lita grunted, cumming onto Trish's face.

"Lita, you want it in your ass?" I asked her, almost at my climax.

"Yeah!!! Cum in my fuckin ass!" she moaned like a wild woman. I let out a
low moan and I slammed hard into her ass, and my cum filled up her tight anal
space, and dripped out of the opening. I sighed and slid out. Trish licked my
cum off of her ass and swallowed it.

We collapsed on the bed, panting and stroking each other.

Approximately a half hour or so later, the girls got washed up, dressed
up and kissed me goodnight, and went back to their rooms. I sighed. Not bad
for a first day on the job, if I say so myself. I had a threesome with the
company's top two females, and put on a supposedly phenomenal RAW is WAR. I
popped the tape into the VCR to see for myself, even though I was so tired I
didn't think I'd stay awake for the whole thing.

Kane's music hit the P.A. as I began to doze off. The last thing I heard
before losing consciousness was Good Old JR saying "Business is about to pick
up, folks."

Business was definitely about to pick up.


There ya go, Chapter Two!
I think, content wise it was a step up from Chapter One. Maybe I could
have put in a little more plot, but you tell me. Feedback is greatly
appreciated, as always. =)

xAnony Mousex

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