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New Year's Resolutions
by Arcanine878

2016 was one hell of a year. The WWE Universe witnessed the return of the French-Canadian beauty that is Maryse, wearing ever-so lustful outfits each and every night she's on air. Likewise, the Smackdown Brand drafted the ever-so lustful Eva Marie, captivating our eyes and gaining each mens attention whenever she makes her entrance. While these two busy women are normally out partying to ring in the New-Year, tonight they decided to be a little more private, hanging out at Maryse's House in LA.

Maryse was wearing a silky blue bikini, showing off her busty breast with her hair in a bun as she relaxed in the hot-tub. Maryse had an elegant smile on, as she wanted nothing more than the company of her new best friend, Eva Marie, who quickly joined her inside the warm waters. Eva tip-toed inside the tub, wearing a plain white bikini that did not hide her most valuable assets. She slowly relaxed deeper into the tub, letting the warm water soak her soft skin as it covered all the way up onto her tits. Both womens bodies were wet, as the hot-tub jets continued to blow more hot water and tiny bubbles.

"Nice of you to finally join me girlie." Maryse sarcastically noted, eyeing Eva Marie as she relaxed into the pool. Maryse began to pour some champagne into two big glasses before offering one to Eva. The red-headed wrestler took her glass before slowly sipping it down.

"Ahh... It feels so nice to finally end this year." Eva began to say, taking a deep sigh of relief. "Cheers to hoping next year will be better than this one." She declared, raising her glass in the air for a toast. Maryse clicked the glasses together before the two took another chug.

"I mean, this year wasn't totally bad though, right?" Maryse questioned Eva. "Sure it had it's up's and down's. but overall I think we were both successful."

"I dont know Maryse. I ended without being on WWE TV for over a couple months now. I haven't gotten as much publicity as I used to..."

"Okay sure, but look at how you've made your own clothing line, which has sky-rocketed up. You're always usually too busy signing merchandise on your own company and sending gifts to important customers. Come on, you cant beat yourself too much. You've still made a huge hit in your life!" Maryse encouraged. Eva smiled, reflecting upon her own year.

"You know're right! Thank you for the up-lifting words. Out of all the other women in the WWE, I feel like I can connect with you the best. You seem to always know how I feel and how I can better myself. Sure there's Nikki, who's at the top of the division and has all these media appearances, but only you know what I'm truly thinking. Thank you Maryse."

The two women hugged, pressing their soaking wet bodies together for an embracing moment before the two went back to sipping on their drinks. The time was 11:58 PM, as Eva and Maryse were eagerly watching the clocks for midnight. The two relaxed in the warm tub on a cold New Years Eve.

"Ugh, I dont know where the fuck Miz is. He promised me a New Years kiss this year!" Maryse complained, peeping over the steam from the hot water as she looked through the windows of her house.

"No clue. My husbands out being boring with his family again." Eva rolled her eyes. She stared at Maryse for a bit, admiring the physique of the French-Canadian goddess. She stared at her round playboy-ass as she was bent over the edge of the hot-tub looking through the windows. The way the droplets of water fell off the smooth skin of Maryse's ass cheeks as she perked higher in the air mesmerized Eva Marie, as she suddenly came up with an idea.

"Maryse, we're friends right?", Eva re-assured. "Well, how about we be each others New Years kiss?!" She threw out. Eva had an eager looks across her face, awaiting Maryse's response with big eyes. Maryse was stunned at first, not expecting that type of question from her friend, but her dazed look slowly turned into a cute chuckle.

"Heh, well I guess since we have no one else...why the hell not?" Maryse smiled, eyeing Eva Marie to make her move. Maryse sat deeper into the hot tub as the two tipsy ladies put their drinks down. Eva carefully swam to Maryse's side, making sure not to splash her in fear of ruining the moment. Eva hoped on top of Maryse's lap, straddling her arms across the back of Maryse's head as the two got closer. Maryse held her friend in place, bracing her hands on Evas plump ass as the former Divas champion began to bit her lips.

"I didn't know this was the type of kiss you had in mind Eva.", Maryse grinned as she looked up at the red-head.

"Oh come on, if I'm going to kiss you I'm gonna make it special hun." Eva winked, as she slowly went in for a kiss.

It was finally 2017, as the two women began lip locking, giving each other a new kiss to start off the new year. Evas soft lips pressed up against Maryse's wet lips as they continued to embrace the moment. Maryse began to press her tongue into Evas mouth, giving a signature French kiss only Maryse knows how, as Eva took her tongue in. The two twisted heads as the sauna jets continued to blast warm water in the jacuzzi.

As the stars shined bright in the sky, the two Total Divas stars began to get more and more lustful with each other. Their busty wet bodies pressed up against each other as they continued to make out. Eva slowly began to trail a hand down Maryse's fit body, tip-toeing her fingers all the way down to Maryse's blue-bottoms. She snuggly stuffed a finger inside her panties, brushing the tip of her finger down Maryse's landing-strip and against her southern lips. Being as both women we're already wet and warm from the jacuzzi, Maryse couldn't help but let out a soft moan as Eva surprised her finger down there. The two continued to lip-lock as Eva rubber her finger up Maryse's slit a bit harder, teasing her in the process as she felt the bit of pussy Maryse had to offer.

Maryse began to slowly stop kissing, as she couldn't wait to strip down. She quickly un-stringed Evas bra, chucking it to the side of the jacuzzi. Evas massive tits fell out, dangling over Maryse's face. She couldn't help but get a taste of the former NXT Beauty nipples, twirling her tongue around each nipple and licking it clean.

"Mmm fuck Maryse!" Eva bit her lips, in awe of the sight of Maryse completely sucking on her lustful titties. Maryse made quick work to make each nipple as hard as could be before relaxing back in her original position. Grinning at her best friend, Maryse slowly untied her own tight blue bikini, looking up at Eva over her as the last remaining top fell down into the water.

"God damn Maryse, I've always seen your boobs in picture, but they look a hell of a lot better in front of me!" Eva said in awe. She began to grope Maryse, feeling around her breast until she quickly began to lick Maryse's round nipples up and down, slobbering on them as she made them hard.

Without any further temptation, Maryse began to shrug and tear her bikini-bottom off. The under-garment floated to the surface of the water before drifting away. Maryse winked at Eva as the red-headed diva licked her index finger. Sucking on it nice and slow, she gave it and pressed it against Maryse's lips before she took her finger in herself, bobbing her head back and forth on her finger before sliding it out hard and slow. Maryse took Evas hand and placed it under the waters on top of her pussy. Eva got closer, the two touching breasts together, as she slid in not only one but two fingers inside the French-Canadian. Maryse's warm, tight pussy surrounded Evas two fingers as she lid them deeper and deeper inside Maryse, testing her limits.

"Oh fuck..!" Maryse moaned out-loud, trying not to raise her voice too much in fear of the next-door neighbors watching. Eva began to suck on Maryse's neck, continuing to slide her two fingers back and forth inside the warm waters. She managed to slide two fingers far inside Maryse's love hole, captivating the former Playboy cover girl as she gripped her hands over the sides of the hot tub, spreading her legs farther as Eva continued to work her seductive ways.

"Ahh you're pussy is tighter than I thought!" Eva said outloud, still managing to keep a good speed as she thrusted her fingers repeditively into Maryse. Maryse began to grab Eva by her plump round ass, holding onto it as Eva finger-fucked her blonde friend. Eva leaned ontop of Maryse as she started to rub her hand against Maryse's clit in small fast circles.

"Oh fuck, that's the fucking spot Eva! Keep fucking me babe!" Maryse moaned out, as Eva turned up the pace. The waters began to ripple back and forth as Eva moved harder and quicker against Maryse's clit. Maryse squeezed Evas ass for dear life as the sensations from her pussy took her body over.

"Ah fuck this feels so fucking good! But dont think you'll come into my house and make ME cum first!" Maryse applauded, as she gave some tongue-action to Eva. The two began to make out again, moving to the other side of the hot tub. Eva hopped onto the ledge of the jacuzzi, tearing off her bottoms and spreading her legs wide, awaiting Maryse as Smackdowns "All Red Everything" began rubbing her "All Pink Pussy".

"I'm going to make this a New Years you'll never forget." Maryse assured. Eva bit her lip as Maryse began burying her tongue between Evas pussy-lips.

"Oooh yes! Fuck..!" Eva let out, as Maryse dug her warm, wet tongue into Evas clam. Drenching her pussy with saliva, Maryse ran circles around Evas pink clit, twirling her tongue inside her horny friend. Eva layed back against a towel, spreading her legs wider for Maryse to give her a good cleaning. Maryse held onto Evas legs, making sure she will never close them as she licked up and down Evas slit.

"Mmm you taste so fucking good!" Maryse let out, as she continued to devour Evas pussy juices. She dug her face deeper to Evas vagina, getting all she could on her tastebuds as Eva fell into the spell of Maryse. She couldn't help but yell out, "Eat me fucking out!", as Maryse continued to hold Eva down and lick that pussy like a scoop of icecream. She twisted and turned her head around, getting any and every possible inch of Evas tight pussy that she possibly could.

* * *

Time passed as Maryse was close to completing her meal. But to top it off, Maryse decided to get out the hot tub and onto the towel with Eva. Maryse began to inter-lock legs with Eva, touching pussy to pussy.

"Oh fuck Maryse..." Eva moaned out, eyeing her own pussy as it slowly began to rub up onto Maryse.

"Oooh this feels so fucking good!" Maryse moaned out, as she felt Evas clit rub onto her lips. The two started rubbing against each other harder, grinding each pussy out as they switched between staring at each other and staring at each others pussies.

"Keep fucking my pussy! Right there Eva!" Maryse moaned louder, as Eva sat up straighter, grinding her pussy faster as she watched her co-Total Divas star in complete awe. Eva tilted her head back, captivating by the two vaginas rubbing upon one another.

"Oh fuck Maryse, oh fuck, oh fuck!" Eva yelled, as Maryse knew she was about to cum. Maryse took her pussy off of Evas and decided to replace it with her tongue. She quickly began to eat out Eva again, going as fast as she could until Eva let out her liquid gold, dropping enough out of her vagina for Maryse to enjoy.

"Mmm that was so fucking tasty..." Maryse smiled, as she licked her finger for Eva to get a taste. Maryse crawled ontop of Eva, waving her finger in the air before settling it down on Evas lips once more. She eagerly stuck it in her mouth, making sure to clean any bit left off of Maryse's finger.

With Maryse ontop of Eva, she made sure to return the favor as Eva began to eat out Maryse. She eagerly burried her tongue deep between Maryse's walls, filling up her hole as much as she could as she bobbed her wet tongue back and forth inside the French-Canadian.

"Oh Eva...Oh yes!" Maryse moaned out again, as Eva went as quick as she could. She flicked the end of her tongue, getting all of Maryse's she could possibly reach. Maryse moved her hips back and forth, moving her pussy around so Eva could help her climax.

"Oh God Eva fuck!! Right there!!" Maryse yelled, as she was soon to let go and climax into Evas mouth.

"Oh yes! Fuck!" She yelled out, as she was about to cum. But before the two went any further, the two heard the door to the backyard slam open. Surprised, the two Total Divas looked at the door, and saw The Miz in complete shock.

"What the FUCK is going on here?!" Miz yelled out, furious. Maryse quickly got off of Eva, panicking at the sight of her own husband as Eva attempted to cover herself with a towel.

"Babe, I can explain, I promise!" Maryse pleaded. "We we're know...having fun!"

"No, the way I see it, Eva over there is trying to make YOU cum! But the fact is, I'm the only one who will make you cum, because I'm The Miz!" He said arrogantly, boasting about his own-self.

"Well, I guess you're gonna have to show us." Eva smirked, as she removed her towel and walked over to the Miz. She quickly unbuckled and dropped his pants, exposing his hard cock. Maryse joined by Evas side, as the two began to give The Miz his first blowjob of 2017.

"Heh, this year is going to be...Awesome!" The Miz yelled out, throwing his arms in a "victory" stance as the two women began to make their New Years Resolutions on The Miz.


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