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Nick Blade In XPW
by Julio "The Living Dead Juggalo" Cantu (

Nick Blade was only 22,and had already made an impact in the East Coast
and in the West Coast. In the West he wrestled for WZW and in the East he
wrestled for CZW. He also did a few shows for ECW and NWA. He was becoming
a major star in the Indy promotions. He had just signed a contract with XPW
and was set on making a major impact.

On his first day he beat former XPW/ECW champion Chris Candido. After the
match he went backstage where he bumped into long time friend Shane Douglas
with Lizzy Borden. They talked until it was time for Shane's match. When
they left Lizzy gave Nick a sexy look. Nick didn't notice it, he was talking
to Supreme and Danny Doring.

After the show Nick was in his locker room reading his script for next week's
show when he would be facing Kaos for the XPW Television title. Then Lizzy
walked in.

"Hi Liz," said Nick.

"Hi,"said Lizzy.

"Did you need something?" asked Nick.

"No, it's just that Shane and I had a fight and he left the arena without
me. And I wanted to know, if you could give me a ride," said Lizzy.

"Sure, I'll give you a ride," said Nick.

"Thanks. I'll go get my stuff," said Lizzy.

As she left, Nick got a good look at her nice, big ass. When she came back
she was carrying a suitcase and her purse.

"Ready, Liz?" asked Nick

"Yup." said Lizzy.

They left in Nick's camper and drove for several hours talking and laughing
all the way. They stopped at a motel and got off. Nick paid for both of them.

"No, Nick. It's okay. I'll pay," said Lizzy.

"No, it is not right. I'll pay for you, Liz," said Nick.

They went up to their rooms and went in. Nick was getting ready to go to the
gym and workout a little when Lizzy walked in.

"Liz, what are you doing?" asked Nick.

"You gave me a ride, paid for me, and I havn't thanked you," said Lizzy.

"No, it's okay. You don't have to thank me," said Nick.

"No, but I want to thank you and get back at that son of a bitch Shane
Douglas," said Lizzy.

Before Nick could answer Lizzy got him in a liplock and stuck her tongue
down his throat. They kissed for a long time and while they kissed Lizzy
pulled off Nick's shirt revealing his scarred,and burned body. Then Nick
pulled off her shirt and she had no bra on. Nick gave hey titties a nice
squeeze as their spit mixed. Then Lizzy got on her knees undid Nick pants,
pulled his dick and started sucking on it. She sucked on it, then jerked
at it, then licked head of his dick. She blew him off for a good thirteen
minutes before she got up, took her pants off, and bent over as Nick stuck
his dick in her ass and started pumping it in deeper and harder.

"UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..!!" grunted Lizzy as her ass
was penitrated.

Lizzy also let out soft squeeks and moans as she came for the first time
that night. Then Lizzy sat on on a table, laid back and put her legs up and
spread her legs. Then Nick inserted his dick into her warm, wet pussy. He
started humping her harder and harder, faster and faster, driving his dick,
deeper and deeper inside her.

"AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Lizzy as she came for
the second time that night.

Nick grabbed her boobs and messaged them as he gently fucked her pussy. Then
he exploded inside her sending his cum deep inside her. After that they took
a shower together and had some more sex.

Nick was sitting/lying on the shower as Lizzy rode his dick and as he had his
hands on her waists and pushed his dick up into her. Then she turned her back
to him and Nick slipped his dick into her ass again.

"UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH..UGH.!!" grunted Lizzy as her
ass was entered.

As she jumped up and down, he squeezed and messaged her breasts. He ass
fucked her for five minutes before she got up and sat down again. This time
they were facing each other and fucked sitting down with their arms and legs
wrapped arouned eachother's backs and necks. Then they both came and let out
loud moans and grunts. Then they finished taking a bath and went to bed.

After that Nick Blade and Shane Douglas began a long and bloody feud for the
XPW World Heavyweight title. By the way he beat Kaos to end his twenty month
reign as XPW TV champion. He won all three titles; the XPW Television title,
the XPW King Of The Deathmatch title and the XPW World Heavyweight title and
held them all for a long time. Plus he was fucking the Boss/CEO of XPW. And
Nick and Lizzy were together forever. It was the beggining of Hell on Earth,
for XPW, the XPW wrestlers and the XPW fans.

The Fucking End

PS- Peace out to all the mothafuckin Juggaloz, and Juggalettz World
mothafuckin wide. Much family luv, Peace.

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