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Nick Blade In XPW Part 2
by Julio "The Juggalo Zombie" Cantu (

Nick and Lizzy had been together for six months now and they had made XPW,
one of the best companies in the world. It even beat the WWE in the ratings.
Nick Blade and Lizzy Borden had signed Sting and Lex Luger and also stole
Goldberg from the WWE and signed him a contract. XPW also did the impossible,
they got The Rock and Stone Cold to sign with them. But then when all was
going well the WWE invaded XPW and swore revenge for taking it's fans. Nick
feuded with Shane for a long time. They were an even match. They were both
crazier than Hell. Nick and Shane had many bloody matches. They wrestled
in Deathmatches, Street Fights, etc. Then after almost a year of wars Nick
got tired of it and challenged Shane to a Winner Takes All,
Death Match/Street Fight, a Death Fight, the first one in history:

"Hey, Shane, motherfucker. Get your fucking ass out here, NOW!!!!" said Nick
with Lizzy Borden.

Out came Shane with Stacy Keibler and said, "What, bitch?"

"This war has been going on for a long fucking time and it's time to end
this shit," said Nick.

"What do you have in mind?" asked Shane.

"Me and you in a Winner Takes All Death Fight at Uprising. What the fuck do
you say, motherfucker?" asked Nick.

"You're fucking on," said Shane.

During the long wait for Uprising Nick and Shane had more bloody and brutal
matches. They also booked Triple H, current WWE Champion, to wrestle Justice
Pain, current XPW King of the Deathmatch champion. Stone Cold vs. Booker T,
for the WWE Intercontinental title. So far, XPW was winning all the matches
and had all the titles.

Then after a month of waiting the day came. Uprising had arrived. Nick Blade
vs. Shane McMahon. First it was Booker T/Triple H/Chris Jericho/Christian vs.
The Rock/Goldberg/Stone Cold/Justice Pain, Then Kurt Angle/Brock Lesner vs.
Supreme/Vic Grimes and then Big Show/Undertaker/Kane vs. Ian Rotten/Nick
Mondo/Jimmy Rave.

Then it was Nick vs. Shane in a Death Fight. It was a long, bloody match.
Nick bloodied Shane. Then Shane bloodied Nick. Nick stapled dollar bills to
Shane's skull and Shane nailed a piece of wood to Nick's elbow and the war
continued. Then after an hour Nick hit the Shooting Star Leg Drop and won
the match.

"You see, the WWE lost and XPW,has won." said Nick.

After the match Shane was taken to the hospital and Nick was in his locker
room celebrating his win by fucking Lizzy very hard. He drilled his dick,
deep into her wet, hot pussy and was drilling it deeper after every push.

grunted Lizzy as she was being penetrated.

"Yeah bitch, take my dick in, Byatch!!!" said Nick as he pushed it in.

Then Nick laid back and Lizzy started riding him as he massaged her boobs and
felt up her thighs and squeezed her ass cheeks together and slapped them.
Then Lizzy bent down and they started kissing and stuck their tongues into
each others mouth and swapped spit and licked each others mouth.

"HOLY...FUCKING...SHIT!!!" screamed Nick as he shot his load inside Lizzy.

"AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" screamed Lizzy as she too came all over
Nick's dick.

Then they went to the motel were they fucked more and harder. Nick was
sticking his dick into Lizzy's open pussy. His groin slapped against her as
he banged her harder and harder, faster and faster. Then Lizzy got on her
hands a knees and they fucked Doggie Style as Nick's balls slapped against
Lizzy's clit making a slapping sound.

grunted Lizzy,as her ass got entered.

Then they both came.

"SSSSHHHHIIIITTTTT!!!!!!" screamed Nick.


Then they fell asleep with in good mood. Not only did they have amazing sex,
they put WWE out of buisness.


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