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Nick Blade In XPW Part 3
by Julio "The Living Dead Juggalo" Cantu (

It had been almost a year since XPW put the WWE out of buisness forever. Nick
and Lizzy were still together and were making XPW the greatest show on the
face of the planet. And their Extreme Associates Porn Company was making
billions on videos. It's best selling video was XXXPW the life of the XPW
divas and XPW wrestlers as they had sex. They also have sex in their movies
like in XXXPW after Nick Blade's match against Shane McMahon a year ago and
afterward they have sex. But Nick started a bloody feud with former XPW boss
Rob Black. Rob Black reformed The Black Army and they attacked him. The Army
was made up of The Messiah, The Prophet, The Sandman, Raven, Vampiro, Sabu,
Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, Kaos and New Jack.

It all started when Rob Black returned to XPW and called out Nick Blade and
challenged him.

"Hey, Nick. Get your fucking ass out here, NOW!!!!!" said Rob.

Out comes Nick...

"Hey, Rob. What the fuck are you doing here, motherfucker?!" asked Nick.

"I want my job and my bitch back, motherfucker!!!!!" said Rob.

"Well, she doesn't want you ,you old ass fucker." said Nick.

"Well too bad!!!" said Rob.

Lizzy takes the mic...

"Rob Black, I don't like you anymore. Get it through your old head!!!" said

"But baby, I still love you." said Rob.

"Leave me the fuck alone!!!" said Lizzy.

"Hey, Rob!!! You mess with Lizzy, you mess with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Nick.

"Oh, yeah. Then bring it on, motherfucker." said Rob.

Nick ran to the ring, but was jumped by The Messiah and The Prophet and was
bloodied by them. Then out came The Sandman and attacked Nick Blade and
bloodied him more. Then the biggest war in the history in XPW had began. Nick
Blade and Rob Black engaged in many brutal matches they were even in the
first ever; 100,000,000,000,000 Light Tubes Deathmatch, that was booked for
XPW's biggest Pay Per View, Baptized In Blood 4. But before that the war was
long, and bloody. Nick Blade teamed with Lizzy Borden to take on Rob Black
and Tylene Buck and won.

Then after a long wait BIB4 finally came and the end of the war was about
to begin in the first ever, 100,000,000,000,000 Light Tubes Deathmatch. But
first The Messiah and The Prophet took on Goldberg and Nick Gage for the
XPW World Tag Team titles and lost. Goldberg pinned The Prophet after a
Chokebreaker and then a Jackhammer. Then the 100,000,000,000,000 Light
Tubes Deathmatch was next: Nick Blade vs. Rob Black. Winner Gets XPW and
Lizzy Borden. Nick and Rob put each other through a shit load of pain and
punishment. Rob suplexed Nick into a Bed of tubes and then tried to pin
him, but got a two count. Then Nick DDT'd Rob into the glass, but did not
pin him. Then after another DDT, Nick Blade won the match and kept it all.

After the match Rob raised Nick's arm in victory and in respect. Then he
left the arena and was never seen again.

Meanwhile Nick was backstage cleaning the blood from his forehead and arms
when his girlfriend Lizzy Borden walked in.

"Hi, Babe." said Nick.

"Hi, Nick." said Lizzy.

"Is something wrong?" asked Nick.

"No, I just wanted to be with you." said Lizzy.

"Okay, what do you want?" asked Nick.

"I want you, NOW." said Lizzy and pushed him on the couch and got on top of
him and started kissing him.

Then she got on her knees and started sucking his dick,as she jerked him off
and licked his balls. She sucked him off for a moment before standing up
pulling her skirt up and her thong off and sat on him as he inserted his
dick into her ass. Nick pushed his dick deep into her tight ass and spanked
her butt cheeks and squeezed them. They ass fucked the whole time Nick pushed
it in harder and harder, faster and faster making her go wild.

UUGGHH!!!" grunted Lizzy as Nick pumped her.

"Yeah, are a bitch." said Nick.

"Yes,I am." said Lizzy.

"Yeah,...take my dick in your ass, bitch." said Nick.

"Give it to me, UUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" screamed Lizzy.

screamed Nick as he shot his load deep into Lizzy.

Lizzy as she too blew her load. They sat there for a long time gasping for
air and getting their energy back.

Then they left the arena and went to their motel and had XXXtreme sex.

Nick pounded Lizzy's ass and drove his dick deeper into her.


Nick was on one knee as he ass fucked her and shot his load, but did not
stop pounding her. He came two times before they stopped and fell asleep.
But first Lizzy rode Nick as he felt up thighs and up to her breasts and
squeezed them. Then they both came and collapsed on top of each other and
fell asleep.

Next Nick Blade faces his biggest challeng ever, when the WWE returns....

The End, Peace!

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