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Nick Mondo Makes An Impact In XPW
by Julio "The Living Dead Juggalo" Cantu (

Nick Mondo has been wrestling in CZW, since the age of 19. He has held the
Iron-Man title many times. He had just signed a contract with XPW. On his
debut night he faced former XPW champion Chris Candido. It was a long match
and in the end Nick Mondo won the match. Since then Nick Mondo has been on
a never ending undefeated streak. He beat guys like The Sandman, Pogo The
Clown, Terry Funk, Vic Grimes, Supreme and many more. Then after 2 years of
winning he finally got his first shot at the XPW title and at Shane Douglas.
But Shane Douglas was scared of him and didn't want to wrestle him.

"Hey, listen up you son of a bitch. You're not worthy of a title shot." said

"Shut the fuck up, motherfucker. I have beaten every motherfucker in XPW,
and I want my fucking title shot, tonight." said Nick Mondo.

"I'll make you a deal, if you can beat me tonight, you can have your shot...
...if you can beat me in a non-title match. What do you say, bitch?" said

"You're on." said Nick Mondo.

It was long and bloody. And in the end with the help of Lizzy Borden, Nick
Mondo won the match. This made Shane really mad and he attacked Borden, but
was knocked out by Mondo. Nick and Lizzy left the ring together leaving Shane
Douglas in the ring all alone. In the back Nick Mondo was being helped by the
medic when Lizzy Borden walked in.

"Leave us." said Lizzy.

"Hi, Liz. Can I help you?" said Nick.

"I just came to thank you for saving me." said Lizzy.

"Your welcome. And thanks for helping me win the match." said Nick.

"It was nothing." said Lizzy.

"By the way, does Shane know you're here?" said Nick.

"I don't know, and I don't give a fuck!!" said Lizzy.

"Sorry, just asking." said Nick.

"Sorry. No, I don't know and I don't care." said Lizzy.


"Shit, how did you get all those scars?" said Lizzy.

"I got this one during my match against The Wifebeater. He hit me with a
fucking weedwhacker." said Nick.

"Ouch!! Let me massage it for you." said Lizzy and started rubbing his

As she rubbed she slowly moved her hand closer to his pants and undid his
belt. She then unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and started sucking
on it.

"Lizzy, what are you doing?!?!" said Nick.

"Nothing, just sucking you." said Lizzy.

"Why?!" said Nick.

"I'm thanking you for saving me." said Lizzy.

A minute later they were both naked and having sex. Nick had his dick deep
inside Lizzy's tight ass as he pushed it in deeper and deeper making her
scream like crazy. Luckily for them, they were the only ones in the building.
Everyone else had already left.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Lizzy as it went in.

Nick's balls were slapping against Lizzy's clit as they connected. Then Nick
turned Lizzy over put her legs on his shoulders and shoved his dick deep into
her hot and wet and nicely shaved pussy.

"Take my dick in like a real Queen Of XXXtreme." said Nick as he pumped
harder and faster.

screamed Lizzy as she came on his dick causing him to explode inside of her.

They both lay there for several minutes before getting up, cleaned up,
dressed up and left.

A week later it was Nick Mondo vs. Shane Douglas for the XPW title. Nick
Mondo won the match and he and Lizzy went to a motel and fucked harder than
last time.


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