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Nick Mondo Makes Another Impact In XPW
by Julio "The Juggalo Zombie" Cantu (

A month after making his XPW debut and getting to know Lizzy, he went
looking for bigger pray. He started picking fights with XPW's "King Of The
Deathmatch" Supreme. He won the Deathmatch title, but lost it back a week
later. They switched the title back and forth every week. Then one day XPW
Owner Rob Black returned.

"This Sunday at Redemption 2 it will be Nick Mondo vs. Supreme. The winner
will become the new KOTDM Champion and the loser will never get another title
shot as long as he lives," said Rob.

"I have nothing a gainst that. What do you say you fat fuck?" said Nick

"Your on, bitch!" said Supreme.

* * *

On the night of the match they were both very nervous. It was a long show.
Shane Douglas beat Justice Pain to be number 1 contender for the XPW World
title, which was still held by Nick Mondo. Then the Champion vs. Champion
match came, Supreme with Major Gunns vs. Nick Mondo with Lizzy Borden.

It was insane Nick suplexed Supreme on to a bed of glass and got a 2 count
for it. Then Supreme delivered a Mecha Toad Splash on top the the bed of
thumbtacks. And to everyone's shock Nick Mondo kicked out. Supreme was
surprised. He tried another one, but missed and hit the tacks. Nick Mondo
shocked the crowed even more by picking up Supreme and delivering the
Assault Driver and won the match retaining the title.

After the match Supreme shook Nick's hand in respect and honor. After the
match a bloodier than hell Nick Mondo went to the medic to get sowed up.
After he was cleaned he went to his locker room and was shocked to see
Tylene Buck (a.k.a Major Gunns).

"What's up, Tylene?" asked Nick.

"Oh, nothing. It was amazing how you kicked out of the toad splash. Nobody
has ever kicked of it. How did you do it?" asked Tylene.

"Well, I had felt worse pain. The time Wifebeater hit me with a weedwhacker
in the stomach. And when I won the CZW Ultraviolent Tournament Of Death 2,
with a broken wrist, a broken foot, two brocken ribs and three herniated
discs in my back," said Nick.

"Shit!" said Tylene.

"Well, did you want anything?" asked Nick.

"No, just to be with you." said Tylene.

"Huh?" asked Nick.

"Liz told me how much of a man you are and I knew I had to see and feel for
myself." said Tylene as she walked toward Nick and pushed him on the couch,
got on her knees, unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out...

"Wow, that thing is huge!!!" said Tylene.

"Yup, I'm all man." said Nick.

Tylene put it her mouth and started sucking on it. She bobbed her head up
and down as she sucked on it. She sucked and she sucked and she sucked for
a long time. After she finished she stood up, pulled her tights down and sat
on his dick and started to gently bob her body up and down as Nick's dick
went up her ass. It got harder and wider.

Tylene had to hold her screams in or they would hear them. All you could hear
was the slapping sound of Nick's groin hitting Tylene's tight ass. Tylene let
out soft squeeks as she came on the locker room floor. After they cleaned it
they went to their motel where they got Xtreme and Hardkore. Nick was fucking
Tylene through the ass very hard and very fast.


"Yeah, you like that, don't you, bitch." said Nick.

"OH YEAH...FUCK...SHIT...AAAUUGGGHH!!!!!" screamed Tylene.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!" said Nick as he blew his load deep into her.

After that they collapsed and fell asleep.

The Next Day.

They took a shower together as they fucked some more. Nick pounded Tylene's
pussy harder and faster than last night. It did't take long before they both
came. They sat there for a long time.

Then they got up got cleaned up, dressed, and went to the next show.



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