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Featuring: Nicole Scherzinger (Leader singer of The Pussycat Dolls), John
Cena (WWE Raw).

Nicole's WrestleMania Moment
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

April 5th, 2009 - the date of WrestleMania XXV, the biggest wrestling show of
the year for World Wrestling Entertainment. Backstage at the Reliant Stadium
in Houston, Texas, moments after the Triple Threat match that pitted The Big
Show against Edge against John Cena to determine the WWE's World Heavyweight
Champion, the victorious Cena is walking back with his newly won title
resting proudly on his shoulders. He's already been congratulated and shaken
hands with many fellow wrestlers and visiting legends of sports
entertainment, but right now he'll settle for a much needed bottle of water.
Still dressed in his ring shorts and wrestling sneakers that he had on for
the match, he finally spies a selection of them on a table. He also spots a
lady in a figure-hugging black dress who's helping herself to one of the
bottles, who hasn't noticed the approaching Superstar, so as a reward for
himself through going through the physical hell of his match tonight, he
lets himself check out the very fine ass on the female along with her long,
smooth legs before he makes his way over.

"Excuse me Miss..." John says with a friendly smile as he comes close.

"Just passing by for a bottle of the good stuff."

Turning around, the identity of the female is revealed as none other than the
stunning lead singer for The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, who started
off the show with a rendition of "America the Beautiful". Still wearing the
perfectly fitting black dress that she sang in, her large breasts are on
display with a sexy amount of cleavage shown, along with it showing off her
fine legs and juicy ass. She returns the smile, stepping slightly aside to
let him grab a bottle.

"No problem!" She says, eyes drawn to the large golden title belt he's

"Much appreciated." He politely thanks her, taking a big drink of water to
refresh himself. "Nicole Scherzinger, right? From the PCD? Great performance
earlier, really got the crowd ready for tonight."

"Oh, it was nothing really..." Nicole says. "I'm honoured really. I mean, I
don't know much about wrestling or anything, but it means a lot to sing a
song like that in front of so many people." She points to his title. "Did you
just win that? Wow, that's a pretty big title belt! Must be heavy to carry
that around, right?"

He smirks, shaking his head. "The weight is off my shoulders now I've won it.
This title means everything to me, and I'm proud to hold it. Plus, beating
guys like Edge and Big Show to do it makes iteven better."

She nods her head, understanding but also taking the moment to check out the
muscular upper body that he has, smiling to herself as she seems to enjoy
what she sees. "That's cool... So, you're going to celebrate your win

He shrugs his shoulders. "Could do. There's always the WrestleMania after
party all the Superstars and Divas go to. I'm sure you got an invite to that,
didn't you? If not..." He smirks again. "I'm sure

"The Champ" can get you in as a plus one."

She raises an eyebrow at him, still smiling. "Hmmm... Are you asking me out,

He extends a hand. "John Cena, new World Heavyweight Champion."

She takes his hand, shaking it. "Well John, a party sounds fun, but if I'm
being honest, if you really want to celebrate your big win, I can think of a
better way to do it." Scherzinger says in a very suggestive tone.

John smirks, taking a moment to look her over as well, and he doesn't hide
the fact he likes what he sees. "I'm open to ideas..."

* * *

"This is probably a massive rib..." John Cena says as he walks towards his
hotel room, carrying his World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder
and dressed in a casual pair of jean shorts and his own merchandise T-shirt,
a look not uncommon to see him in during any WWE television broadcast. The
"rib" he's referring to is the curious offer that was given to him earlier by
the stunning singer to bail out of the official WrestleMania afterparty early
and instead head back to his hotel room. Sure, he'd told her which room he
was in, but she couldn't be talking about a "celebration" like he was
thinking she was meaning, could she?

Approaching his room, he fished out his room key ready to open the door, when
he noticed that it was already slightly opened. Putting his guard up, knowing
that it wouldn't be unlike someone like Edge to try and get some revenge in a
sneak attack, he cautiously approached his room, carefully listening to see
if trouble was on the otherside. Holding his title in his hand, ready to drop
it and fight if he needed to, he gives the door a firm push and storms in.
What he sees however makes his jaw rather than belt drop.

Standing completely naked in front of him with a seductive smile on her face
is the gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger, her large, perfectly rounded breasts on
full display along with her smoothly shaven pussy, all of which alone is more
than enough to make his cock start to harden in his shorts. He grins, turning
around so he can close and then lock the door behind him before he looks back
to her.

"So... I take it you were serious about celebrating then?" He says as he
takes the sight of her in again, heading towards her and wasting no time as
he tosses his title onto the bed of the room so he can lift his T-shirt up
and over his head, tossing it aside.

The sexy lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls just gives him a nod and a smile
in reply, taking a long look over the chiseled upper body of the new WWE
World Heavyweight Champion, and licking her lips with approval as she watches
him take a seat on the edge of the bed. Brushing her long, dark hair back
over her shoulders, she slowly sinks down to her knees, running her hands
over his thighs as he's already undoing his trademark wrestling shorts with a
big smile on his face, not fully believing his luck at what's about to
happen. Soon she takes over, pulling his clothing down to his feet and she
can't help but gasp when she sees the size, and length, of the weapon he's
packing even half-erect as it is. She'd heard the stories and stereotypes
about wrestlers, but seeing is believing and right now she's seeing one of
the biggest dicks she's even come across, which will no doubt become even
bigger when it gets hard.

Picking her jaw off the floor, she places a hand on his member, starting to
stroke it softly as she snaps herself back into reality, increasing the pace
of her strokes while resting her other hand on his muscular thigh. She
glances up at his handsome face, and she has to laugh at little as the look
on his face seems to show that she must not be the first woman to be
pleasantly surprised by his dick. No point in wasting this chance then, so
she leans her head down to his crotch, sticking her soft tongue out to flick
against the underside of his cock, her hand working over the top portion of
him with slight twists around and squeezes. Glancing up again when she hears
him moan lightly from the touch, she smiles, moving down to his balls to give
them some light tongue treatment across them whilst giving a firm handjob to
make sure that he gets completely erect, as if the sight of the stunning
vocalist naked and on her knees wouldn't ensure that anyway.

Nicole pauses again for a moment, eyeing up his dick that's standing at a
proud, hard twelve inches that makes her grin, confirming that she made a
very right decision to give the new champion a very special victory
"present". Move her gorgeous face back down towards him, she again uses her
tongue this time to lick across the very tip of his bell end in a small,
circular motion. Following up she swirls her tongue all around the head,
going slowly clockwise all around him for a couple of times, while her hand
smoothly strokes up and down the shaft in steady motions, showing great skill
as she handles a completely different type of "microphone". The hunky WWE
Superstar has his eyes glued onto the sight between his legs, something not
gone unnoticed by the luscious female starting to give this sexual act who
gives him a playful wink before she kisses the top of his cock and give him
another lick around with a couple of firm strokes.

He soon moans loudly as she takes the crown of his mighty shaft into her warm
and ready mouth, already pressing her sexy, full lips all around him as she
sucks on the bell end, lightly moaning herself as she closes her eyes, her
hand continuing to work over the rest of his thick shaft. It's not enough to
just work over the already somewhat teased top and she knows this, so she
starts to properly blow him, moving herself down his length with impressive
ease. Inch by wide inch is disappearing between her luscious lips which rub
against him as they pass over him, until she reaches over half way down him
where she stops, perhaps letting them both savor the moment and the
sensation, made greater for him by her soft palm working over the lower part
not yet taken inside with smooth and steady pumps up and down to the base.

Letting another moan vibrate around his shaft, she starts to lift herself
back up all the way until just his bell end remains in her soothing mouth,
before she slides herself back down with pornstar-like ease back to where
she'd reached before, almost reaching her jerking hand that's going at a
quicker pace than her head is moving. The PCD centerpiece has established a
steady, quick motion now as her head bobs back and forth along his massive
shaft, her dark hair slightly swaying as she sucks off the popular
professional wrestler she has only met since a few hours ago. He smiles and
moans at her great oral ability, the double team of mouth and hand work doing
much more than enough to give him pleasure as he feels a little of her saliva
start to cover the portion of his cock being worked over by her hot mouth.

Blowing him for a couple more moments, she glances down and smiles around his
dick, impressed that he's keeping his composure even after taking an already
top-notch blowjob. Raising her head completely off of him and smirking at the
groan he lets out because of it, she holds his cock and rubs the bell end
across her pouty lips, slightly jerking him off as she does so, before once
again diving down onto his shaft and sucking him deeply with a quicker
pace than before. Leaning forward slightly, Cena reaches his arm out and down
below, taking her large breast into his hand and squeezing it, causing the
Hawaii-born singer to moan in response as she enjoys his touch as he starts
to grope and play with her tit. Using this as either encouragement or an
excuse to further reward him, she increases her sucking efforts, travelling
further down onto him and using her hand no not to stroke but to grip his
shaft by the base.

Now he's the one to let out a big moan, one that's part pleasure and part
surprise as he watches her pretty face press all the way down into his crotch
as she impressively deep throats all of his thick foot-long cock without even
a hint of gagging and discomfort. She keeps herself right down onto him,
moaning lightly around him as he continues to play with her tits as she uses
her tongue to flick up into the underside of his dick to ensure it's nice and
wet. She's soon resuming the motion of travelling all the way up and then
right back down to the base in quick motions, her full lips pressing tightly
around him as saliva trickles out and down to the bottom of his shaft,
allowing slick motions back and forth on him. Glancing up when she feels him
brush a little loose hair out from across her face, she smirks around him
again, holding her face right down for a few moments before slowly and
deliberately taking her time as she goes back up to the very top and then off
of him, taking a deep breath as she looks over his now saliva-coated cock
that's still as hard as ever.

"Damn..." John says with a grin. "Just when I thought this night couldn't get
any better." He remarks, a nod in the direction to the large gold title belt
by his side.

Nicole smiles, running her hands across his thighs. "Who said it's over?" She
says playfully, standing up and pushing Cena back down onto the bed. "Bet you
wish your Divas were hot like me." She adds with a wink as she starts to
climb up onto the bed.

He laughs a little, recognizing the reference to the infamous Pussycat Dolls
song. "We've got plenty of hot women..." He replies, moving himself up the
bed so his head can rest on the pillows. "But let's see if you can get "Raw"
like you claim you can."

Taking the challenge, the stunning vocalist mounts herself over him, using a
hand to guide his mightly shaft into her tight, already wet pussy as she
lowers herself down onto him, moaning as she feels inch by thick inch
invading her sensitive hole. Groaning as she reaches the base with her
stunning backside touching his thighs, she leans forward slightly to place
her hands on his rock hard chest for support, looking back over her shoulders
with a moan as she takes in the sight, knowing she's already managed to take
all of his twelve inches deep within her. Rocking her hips back and forth
slightly, she adjusts to the vast size and in the process grinds her snatch
against his crotch, making him moan a little as he looks over the perfectly
curved frame of the woman on him. Looking back to him, the two lock eyes and
exchange smirks as he confidently motions for her to continue on with her
task here, and she bites her bottom lip for a moment, turned on by his
attitude and knowing now that she has something to prove and not let herself

Rubbing his chest slightly with her hands, she lifts her hips up, leaning
forward some more and spreading the legs a little as she moves her pussy up
along his thick cock before going back down, a smooth motion helped by her
own saliva that coats his cock being lubricant along with the slight wetness
provided by her pussy juices. Moaning with her eyes wide and locked at the
handsome man underneath her, his big dick already feels incredible inside her
tightness, and the feeling is just getting better and better as she works
herself back and forth on him. She's going slow and steady at the moment,
still getting used to the monster inside her but there's no complaints from
either of them. He's moaning as well, enjoying the snug feeling all around
his dick as well as looking over her sexy figure, his eyes going from her
perfectly rounded tits to her pretty face and down to watch his shaft slide
in and out of her pussy.

Closing her eyes and biting her bottom lip again, she starts to increase the
pace of her movements, knowing that if she doesn't kick it into gear now then
she might not be able to. Rocking back and forth, her ass lightly smacks
against his skin as she moves down onto him, taking him balls deep each time
before she lifts up to about half-way up his cock and then drops right back
down to repeat the action. Her hands move up to rest on his toned waist for
added support as she uses this quickened and much more effective riding
motion, properly fucking the World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE with the
classic cowgirl position. Said champion certainly appreciates her efforts,
moving his own hands up and onto her waist both for support and to help her
ride him as he closes his eyes for a moment to enjoy the feeling of having
the sexy chart-topper bouncing on his dick.

Tilting her head back to let out a lustful moan of pleasure, Scherzinger is
really feeling the moment now, her pussy having no problems handling the cock
being moved in and out of it, greatly helped by more and more juices forming
inside her and then coating his dick as it travels back and forth into her,
some of which is beginning to trickle down and out and onto his own crotch.
The erotic smacking sound of skin hitting skin where her plump butt slams
down into his thighs rings out around the hotel room, a sign of the increased
effort she's using here that would be heard fully clearly if it wasn't for
the combined moans and groans coming from both participants in this already
steamy and intense sex. Not only is she rocking away on his shaft to ensure
it quickly and sharply moves up and out of her tight hole, but both of their
hands are roaming across the thighs and waists of the other, both to further
increase the pleasure and act as a form of encouragement to keep going.

If there's one person who will never back down and never give up though, it's
John Cena who's not a man to just take an easy way out, in this case just
laying back and letting her do all the work, even though no one would blame
him at all for doing so considering the war of a wrestling match he'd been
through earlier in the evening. Still, he feels it's only right her give as
well as receive so he starts to lift his hips up to meet her pussy as she
comes down onto him, timing it just right to send his thick dick up sharply
and deeply into her, surprising her as she moans loudly and closes her
eyes, leaning forward and placing her hands by his shoulders to support
herself as she feels her snatch start to get fucked while she continues to
ride the very same cock also pumping into her now.

He can't help but be pleased with himself, after all, how many people would
be able to say that they've gotten the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls to
be moaning and leaning over them as they firmly and quickly fuck her tight,
hot pussy? He's not thinking about bragging at the moment though,
concentrating on driving the stunning woman wild with his strong thrusts up
into her snatch as she drops down onto him, attempting to meet his pace and
power herself and doing a very good job of it if he's moans are anything
to go by. With her curvaceous body rocking back and forth against his dick,
this causes her large tits to sway in time with her movements, a sight almost
as sexy as the look of pleasure plastered onto her face as her eyes are shut
and her mouth is wide open with nothing but moans escaping from it. Deeply
breathing as both are, an outsider looking in would be stunned at how both
are able to keep this kind of pace up, especially considering how tired he
must already have been but they are both running on adrenalin and pure
lust that makes them not want to waste or pass up this once in a lifetime
chance at a grade-A fuck between one of the most popular Superstars in WWE
history and one of the hottest and talented singers in music today.

Sliding his hands up her body, the hunky wrestler places them onto her more
than ample breasts, squeezing them firmly and causing her to groan as she
enjoys the touch which only serves to make her body feel more like it's on
fire than before. He continues to pump up into her snatch while he gropes her
tits, feeling the sensation of her juices coating his dick as it slips in and
out of her, grunting as he puts plenty of effort into it and feeling no pain
at all when her ass smacks down hard into him to meet the incoming thrusts.
He lifts his upper body up from the bed so he can move his head close up to
her, taking full advantage of the position as he move a breast to his face,
flicking his tongue across the nipple while he cups the tit. With a gasp of
pleasure she moves her hands onto the back of her head, drawing him closer to
her chest and encouraging him to continue and with a smirk he does so, taking
the nipple into his mouth and sucking on it, not neglecting the other boob as
he makes sure it's well played with.

It seems though that against all the odds, the person who's tiring the most
from this is actually the woman who's only task had been giving a dazzling
performance of "America the Beautiful" at the biggest wrestling show of the
year, rather than the man who actually wrestled at the event. She has to
bring herself to a stop, panting in between moans as sweat is forming on her
sexy, desirable body, but she can still rock her hips back and forth to grind
her snatch against his crotch, he hands still holding onto him and slightly
rubbing the back of his head as he licks and sucks on her large breasts.
Moaning around the other nipple he's sucking on, he can sense that as
stunning as she is, she's never had a Superstar fuck like this before which
makes him smirk, perhaps not for the first time in this kind of circumstance.
He continues to pump up into her soaking wet pussy for a couple more times,
pulling his head away from her tits and giving them a last squeeze before he
moves his hands back down to her waist as he slows down his hip movement
gradually until he comes to a complete stop.

"Oh wow..." Nicole manages to say as she takes in some much needed deep
breaths. "Forget wrestling, you're a champion at fucking!" She wipes some
sweat from her forehead, smiling down at the handsome stud of sports

"Well, it's not over yet..." John says with a smile, gently lifting her off
from his cock, making her groan in the process. "How about you let "The
Champ" take over now?"

"Whatever you like..." She says seductively, getting into position as she
goes onto her hands and knees while still on the bed. Tossing her hair back
she watches him get up and go behind her. "How do you want me, "Champ"?"

"Well Nicole, all I can say is..." Cena smirks, holding his cock in one hand
as he spreads her ass cheeks apart with the other. "The Champ... Is here!"

The eyes of the beautiful and popular singer go wide as The Champ is here
alright, and "here" happens to be deep inside her ass as he's pushed his
thick cock into her asshole, using a firm thrust to insert himself straight
into her, and both of them groan loudly the moment he penetrates her. With
nothing else but her own pussy juices being used as a form of lube, he's
already starting to work his massive, thick and long cock back and forth into
her back passage, both hands being used to keep her butt cheeks apart as he
looks right down at the sight of his manhood disappearing into and
reappearing from her ass. He knows for sure that this has to be the tightest
ass he's ever had the pleasure to ever fuck, which says a lot for the
stunning body and booty that belongs to the front woman of The Pussycat
Dolls. It also means he knows he has to give this ass the pounding it well
and truly deserves, which first means making sure it can handle his size
which is why, for the moment, he's taking things nice and easy to slowly push
in and out of her.

Almost in a trance, she can't quite believe that the huge dick that had just
been pounding her snatch was now buried deep into her ass, a mix of feelings
of both pain and pleasure coursing through her as she feels him not stopping
at just slowly pumping her like this. She can feel him gradually working bit
by bit extra of his man meat into her work of art backside, but rather than
feel disgusted or attempting to resist she's willing to take it, eyes closed
and clenching her teeth as she takes his thrusts, hands digging into the
sheets as she grabs onto them in an attempt to stay in position. Her body is
made to jolt forward though each time he pushes in, her back passage
remaining as tight as ever but gradually widening to the thick, foot long
dick forcing its way right inside it and to her credit she's blocking out the
pain as best she can, the pleasure she's getting from getting taken from
behind getting stronger and stronger by the minute.

Good things come to those who wait, and her patience is soon rewarded as
finally his waist touches her butt cheeks, signalling that he's gone balls
deep into her incredible ass, and both of them moan as they feel this. He
moves his hands across her perfectly rounded cheeks, squeezing them as he
feels her grinding herself back against him with a groan, flicking her hair
back as she looks over her shoulder at the muscular stud. Completely enjoying
this no strings attached sex, they exchange grins before she reaches back
with a hand, giving her ass a firm spank which makes herself groan in the
process, and he moans as he watches the flesh jiggle for a moment from the
impact. Moving his hand onto her waist to hold her, he takes the hint and
gives her want the both of them want to happen.

Moving his hips back and forth, he starts to firmly thrust into her ass,
moaning as his thick, foot long shaft slides in and out of her back passage,
his balls smacking into her cheeks each time he goes forward, and every
motion he makes causes him to moan loudly and unashamedly as he takes her up
the ass with a strong and already quick pace. If it wasn't for the fact all
his focus is just on pounding this juicy butt that his dick if firmly inside
of, he would be stunned that she's able to handle of him inside her, as he
goes balls deep every time he pushes forward and keep over half of himself
instead when he pulls back to quickly repeat the action again and again.
She's still as tight as ever, even as he increases the force and pace being
his thrusts, all of which is just perfect to give maximum pleasure and not a
second of pain now.

Unable to take her eyes off of him, Nicole keeps looking over her shoulder
with half-closed eyes as she watches the World Heavyweight Champion pump
himself deeply and quickly into her back passage, glancing between down to
his crotch as is moves quickly away and then smacks into her butt, and to his
glistening with sweat chest as the effort he's using to pound her is clearly
shown. She pushes her sexily curved body back against his thrusts, meeting
his cock as it comes into her by slamming her ass back into him, a loud smack
ringing out each time this happens and the slight sting they both feel from
the impact only heightening the enjoyment. Her big breasts hang down and sway
in time with her movements as she keeps herself in this doggy style position
on her knees and one arm, with the other moving in between her legs as she
rubs her dripping pussy with quick, lusty urgency.

Grunting as he forcefully slams himself into the perfect backside of the lead
singer of The Pussycat Dolls, it's hard to tell where he put the most energy
into tonight - his World title winning match, or this entire session of sex,
and no one would blame him if the answer was what was happening right now
which has already seen the woman who sang the grand patriotic song to open
WrestleMania give him head and then ride his huge cock. Now that same foot
long dick is pumping in and out of her fantastic ass with almost ruthless,
lust-driven aggression like it's the last thing he will ever do, further
encouraged by the moans coming from the sexy singer he's fucking as she
pushes herself back into him. He's giving this his all, as is to be expected
from the proud wrestler who gives his all for the fans, but he's getting a
well deserved reward in the form of unbelievable sex with an equally out of
this world woman who many men would give an arm and a leg just to see naked,
let alone naked, covered in sweat and getting her ass stuffed with thick man

Likewise, she is making the most and then some of her one night with the WWE,
the payday she got for just one song performance looking like small change
compared to this intense pounded her tight, well rounded ass is taking from
the man who racked up yet another World Championship reign tonight. Her body
is coursing with pleasure, fingers now deep inside her soaking wet pussy as
they pump quickly in and out of her as she goes all out and wild in the
moment, racing herself towards a sexual high as she gets fucked hard and fast
by a man she barely knows but has a cock like nothing she's ever had or
ever will. Her sexy frame has a covering of sweat all over, slightly
glistening under the hotel room lights and sticking to the bed sheets as her
body rocks forward and back against the incoming thrusts, her large tits
shaking and almost bouncing in time with the rest of her.

Cena may have strength and resilience unlike any other Superstar, but even he
has his limits and he knows that he is reaching them, unsurprising
considering the energy already expended earlier in the night during the hard-
fought Triple Threat match, and then everything else he's put into giving it
to the stunning songstress is surely worth a medal, let alone the World
Heavyweight Championship. Still, he's not going to slow down or let up yet,
wanting to enjoy every last moment he can with her and that means tapping
that ass hard and fast, his hands roaming across her butt cheeks, thighs, and
waist as he does so, his chest heaving as he draws in air and keeps up the
intense pace to drive his dick into her with such force a normal woman would
be left unable to walk for well over a week.

Thankfully, Scherzinger is no ordinary female, one look at her hourglass
figure will be proof of that, but just like the man pounding her like there's
no tomorrow, she's can only take so much and last for so long, and
considering that on top of taking this ass fucking better than many
professional pornstars could she's also fingering herself furiously, it's a
wonder that she didn't cave in a long time ago. That moment is rapidly
approaching through and she knows it, but can't possibly stop herself from
reaching it so continues to push her ass and body back into him while
plunging three fingers deep into her snatch to get herself off even more,
which leaves her digits completely coated in her juices.

With her moans getting higher in pitch and her head tilting back with her
eyes slightly rolling into the back of her head, it's the star of The
Pussycat Dolls who is the first to go, as Nicole Scherzinger finds herself
cumming hard on her own fingers thanks to being fucking in the ass by WWE
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Her juices explode over her hand as she
fingers herself into and through her orgasm, her snatch tightening around her
digits and her back passage also clamps like a vice around the thrusting cock
of the wresting Superstar who groans loudly at the sensation, smirking as he
watches her moan and shake with pleasure. As she rides out the wave of
pleasure, he continues to pump her juicy backside, the intense feeling of her
even tighter ass around his shaft making his dick throb as he knows he's soon
about to explode. Still dizzy from the huge orgasm she's just had, she's
snapped back into reality when she feels his pull his cock out of her,
causing her to groan with a little relief when he does.

Still tired, she's able to turn herself around and sit on her knees as she
watches the hunky wrestler stand up on the bed, furiously stroking his cock
with deep moans as he looks down at the sexy, sweat covered singer who licks
her lips as she looks up at him, knowing what's about to happen and very
ready for it as she opens her mouth wide. Soon enough, John Cena starts to
cum, shooting streak after thick stream of his warm spunk out and onto the
stunning face of Nicole Scherzinger who closes her eyes and moans as she
feels his jizz splash across her cheeks, nose, lips, and into her open mouth
as she collects his load as he strokes every drop out of him. Finally, the
last drops have been shaken out, leaving her with a big mouthful to go along
with the cum that's across the rest of her face. Opening her eyes, she sees
him let go of his now softening cock and she closes her mouth, savouring the
taste for a moment before with one big gulp she swallows down all of the
thick spunk she'd managed to catch with a very satisfied gulp.

"Now that is a WrestleMania moment we aren't going to forget for a while."
John says with a smile, catching his breath after the hard sex he'd just been

"You wrestlers, you can fight and you can fuck..." Nicole says almost in awe
as she gets her own composure back. "If being in the PCD didn't pay so damn
well, I might think about changing careers!"

Cena laughs, getting down off the bed. "Don't tell Vince that, he might get
ideas. He's already been talking about having "Guest Hosts" or something on
Raw." He shakes his head, looking over the bed. "Damn... I'm going to have to
sleep in all that sweat. Not that it wasn't worth it, I'm going to remember
that ass for years to come."

She smirks back. "Well, if you want another piece of it... I'm not going to
leave town until tomorrow afternoon. How about we go back to my room, get
some rest, and in the morning we can have give "The Champ" another
WrestleMania moment?"

He smiles, picking up his title belt from the bed. "Sounds good. Although I'm
going to take a shower right now, and I say if you want some... Come get
_ _ _

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