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Nidia & Funaki
by Riggs

"Funaki, what the hell are you doing in here!" yelled Molly.

"I am doing interview," replied Funaki.

"Not in the women's locker room. Get the hell out!" yelled Molly.

"Shut up bitch! He is here for me, not you, so get out fatass!" yelled

Molly was pissed and left.

After the interview was over and the camera man left Funaki was getting
ready to leave when, "Hey, wait a sec babe." Nidia went to the door closed
it and locked it. "Do you like interviewing me, Funaki? I mean you don't
interview anyone else."

"Umm yeah I do like talking to you Nidia."

"Admit it you think I am the hottest thing you have ever seen."

"You are really hot."

"You aren't that bad yourself," Nidia said as she took her boots off.

She went down and took Funaki boots off to she started to suck on his
pinky toe. He could feel her tongue ring. He grabbed Nidia's white tank top
and he tore it off. Nidia had a black lacy bra on. He unhook it and her
puppies sprang forward they bounced up and down from their sudden freedom.
Nidia stood up grabbed his blue spandex shoulder straps she pulled them off.
Funaki was down to his white boxers on the back in red letters it said Japan.

"Nice boxers."


They both laughed.

She pulled his boxers down to see a 7 inch dick.

"Damn, you are big."


Funaki was always proud of his dick. Nidia pulled her blue jean shorts
off. She wasn't wearing any panties and she was shaven. Nidia pushed Funaki
down and she sat on his head and said, "Lick it bitch!" Funaki happly agreed
his tongue was soon going in n out of Nidia pussy. She sure is tight for a
slut thought Funaki.

Nidia grabbed his 7 inch dick and she took it all in her mouth. Her tongue
gentily flicked and swirled his dick. Nidia was getting really wet by now.
Funaki kept licking and lightly chewing on Nidias sweet pussy. Funaki stuck
his middle finger in her ass then his index and that was all Nidia needed
she covered Funaki's face in her love honey.

Funaki had got most of her "honey" in his mouth. The rest he lick off. It
tastes sweet he replied Nidia was still sucking on his big dick. "Shit, I'm
going to cum!" Funaki said.

Nidia got ready for it. Just then Funaki came in her mouth. She drank it
all up. "Tasty!" she got off of Funaki. "Give it to me baby."

Funaki was standing now and said, "Just bring it."

Nidia jumped on him she slid her pussy into Funaki's still hard cock. She
wrapped her legs around his hips she was grabbing his ass. Funaki then kissed
her and slid his tongue in her mouth. He was roughly grabbing her large
breasts. Nidia started to rock herself up and down faster on Funaki. Nidia
then was sucking on his left ear. Funaki was thinking, 'Holy shit, I can't
belive this is really happening. Shit, I'm going to cum," and just then
Funaki filled Nidia's pussy with his cum.

Funaki then started to suck on Nidias left tit. Nidia had stopped
squeezing Funaki's ass and she was now pulling his hair. Funaki then started
to spank her ass.

"Yes, spank me!" yelled Nidia. Nidia then came all over Funaki's dick.
Nidia slid off him and said, "Damn, you are good."


Molly was pounding on the door, "Who the fuck locked the door?"

Nidia had cum running down her leg, "Lets hit the showers."

The next Thursday Funaki was interviewing the Rock and the Rock felt the
need to humiliate him like the rest of the other annoucers.

"I want you in one on one match for heavy weight title."

"Are you serious the Great One vs you?" The Rock just laughed.

Funaki asked, "You chicken?"

"Fine you got it."

During the match the Rock was kicking Funaki's ass when Nidia came down
she started to french the ref.

'What the fuck!' the Rock was thinking.

Jamie Noble slid in the ring with a chair. The Rock turned around and hit
the Rock Bottom. But then "Wham!" a kick to the head. The Rock fell Tajari
grabbed Noble and the chair and slid out of the ring. The Rock was getting up
and Funaki nailed him with the Fisherman Buster and "1... 2...3! Your winner
and new champ Funaki."

JR and the King were shocked. The crowd was, too.

Funaki slid out of the ring and started to make out with Nidia. Noble,
Tajari, Funaki and Nidia all laughed at the Rock. They left together and the
trailer was rocking that night.

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