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Nidia & Jamie's Little Problem
by Larkin

Smackdown! Air date, August 1, 2002

Nidia had just finished her lapdance on Michael Cole's segment, and was
heading to the showers. She felt kind of dirty after doing the segment and
longed for some hot water and a casual change of clothes. As she walked
backstage she could see the looks of the stage hands, Bradshaw, and Bob
Holly. She ignored them all and entered the dressing room. “Fuck them all”
she muttered under her breath as she grabbed her gym bag looking for her
shampoo. She had won the contract on Tough Enough and now the WWE seem
compelled to use her or else risk losing the credibility of the show’s
concept. For a while it looked like her break would never come, until this
gimmick with Jamie Noble came up. Now they were both riding high and were
happy with the way their career was progressing. She didn’t care if the
guys thought she was a slut, she just wanted a career in the WWE so bad
she would do anything. Another thing that was progressing was her real
life relationship with Jamie. He was nice enough, and cute, but of course
there was that one problem.

Nidia undid the button on her jean shorts and started to unzip them when
the dressing room door burst open. It was Jamie and he was looking pissed
off. Nidia went to him and put a hand on his cheek, her other hand was still
at the zipper on her shorts. “What’s the matter baby” she asked, caressing
his cheek.

Jamie looked down at his feet, and then over at her partially unzipped
shorts. “Do you like me baby? I mean do you really like me?”.

She stopped caressing his cheek and took his head in both her hands,
looking into his eyes she said, “Yes, of course I do baby, and I’m having so
much fun!. Why, what’s the matter?”.

Jamie looked at her with a sheepish expression and finally said, “Well,
it sure looked like that little lapdance on Michael Cole was getting out of
hand. Michael Cole of all people? I mean I understand our agreement, and I
know you have that need, but baby I don’t think Michael can give you anything
I can’t?”

Nidia’s hands had now wandered down Jamie’s broad shoulders and down
to his lower back. She loved the smooth feel of his skin, he was so buff.
“Sounds to me like someone is a wee bit jealous?”.

Jamie’s eyes turned to fire and he knew when he was being teased by his
girlfriend. “You know I wasn’t jealous baby, its just that I would love to
see you sucking and fucking a big cock too, but I don’t think Cole has that
baby. I know you were grinding on his lap, and I could see how hard he was,
but we both know he ain’t packing no big thing. And now you leave the poor
guy to jack off in the shower? You were a total bitch!”

Nidia twisted her hair in one hand, getting into character, while her
other hand began to rub the crotch of Noble. “You like me when I’m a little
bitch though, and you know it.” Unzipping his pants now she slipped down to
her knees and stroked his bulge. “You wanted to see me suck his cock didn’t
you? Who’s the bitch huh Jamie, you or me?”.

She began to take his cock our of her pants but he stopped her cold.
Sitting down on a dressing room bench he told his girlfriend to do a lap
dance for him. Nidia just smiled as she walked over, pushing out her big
tits, and then crawled into his lap. She sunk her mouth first into his
neck, sucking and licking his neck, first the side and then the back of
his neck. He was hard under her ass and she grinded her lap into his hard

“Do that thing with your tongue baby, where you stick it..” he didn’t have
to finish the request. Nidia put her hand under his chin and brought her
mouth to his, and stuck her tongue right down his throat. He opened his mouth
all the way open, and she stuck her pierced tongue deep, pushing it up until
she was tickling and licking the roof of his mouth. He knew that she had done
this to Cole, while everyone else assumed it was all a work he knew that she
had really stuck her tongue deep into his throat. Noble was beginning to
grind back at her as she swayed her hips in his lap.

Next she turned around and began to grind her ass right into his face and
then his lap, as he ran his hands all over her ass. Angrily Noble stripped
her jean shorts off her ass, and then sat her back down on his bulge.
Reaching around he pushed the material of her tank top under her tits so he
could get at her hard nipples. Nidia had large, dark nipples that just
begged to be pinched and rolled – and that’s just what Noble did.

While Jamie played rough with her nipples, Nidia was using one hand to
balance and one was tucked inside her purple thong panties desperately trying
to reach down to her clit. All the while she was also grinding that little
bubble ass onto his hard pecker. Finally she could take no more and she got
down on her knees in front of him, draping her arms over his thighs. She
quickly removed his shorts and underwear and took his hard cock in her hand.
She would have loved to have held him firmly in both hands like a fucking
baseball bat, but therein lie the problem with Jamie. He was small. Even
fully erect now, he was only 4 inches of cock. He was almost as big around
as he was long. At first she had told herself that it didn’t matter, but
soon enough she had realized that love or not, lust told her she could never
fully commit to a man with such a small dick.

But right now all she could think about was having that stiff prick in her
mouth, and in her cunt which was already juicing. She took his cock’s head
into her mouth, having to release her hold on his shaft because it wasn’t big
enough for both her mouth and her hand. She began to bob seductively up and
down his shaft. Her big dark pink lips were so big that even when she was
only sucking his head, her lips spread halfway down his small shaft. But it
tasted so good tonight, the manly sweat from the hot production lights had
coated his shaft and balls and soon that taste filled her mouth. Nidia pushed
her mouth all the way down his shaft until her nose and lips pressed hard
against his stomach. Given his size she was able to hold this completely deep
throated position for a long time, and she began to roll her tongue up and
down the underside of his shaft and head. He held her scraggy locks in one
hand while his head fell back in ecstasy.

He urged her on telling her to suck his little cock. He knew he was little
and he loved to torment her over it too. She had come to him last week ready
to break it off. She claimed she didn’t want a boyfriend in the same company,
but she took back that lie when he suggested that it was due to his small
cock size and not to worry. He then told her his plans and they decided to
stay together. Pausing for a breath of air she let out a gasp as she took her
mouth off his cock after a good 5 minutes of sucking dick. She grunted at him
“you like when I suck your little cock, huh, just like a little boy.”

He rubbed her cheeks and responded, “yeah baby suck it and jack it, fuck
yeah. I know what you need, you need a big cock, not my little cock, you need
a big strong man’s cock. You know Jamie’s going to be good to you baby, I
told you I would take care of your cock hungry little hole”. She had now
resumed sucking his cock, and he was almost ready to blow his load. So he
reached for his cell phone and selected #5 on the address book. As he watched
the little piece of trailer park trash bob up and down on his dick he let the
phone ring once, and then hung up. He held her face now in both his hands and
pushed it down until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs. She did not
choke on it, none of his girlfriends ever had. He was so close to cumming
and feeling his cock gently sitting in the warm embrace of her slutty mouth
actually calmed his sack down. Until the little bitch began to use that
tongue ring again under his shaft. He could feel his pre-cum soaking her tongue.

Bradshaw burst into the dressing room just in the nick of time. The cowboy
knew what to expect and was ready. Within seconds he had his pants and
underwear off, and was putting a condom on his cock. Hearing him enter the
dressing room shocked Nidia, even though she knew to expect someone. She
smiled at Jamie and gave him a big hug, and tongued a nice “thank-you” in his
ear as she watched the big Texan suit up for action. His cock was huge, the
biggest she had ever seen in real life. He must have been all of 9 or 10
inches and even thicker than Jamie. He was hard as a rock and had his eyes
right on her ass looking like he was ready to rope a heifer.

“See baby” whined little Jamie, “I can take care of you. Don’t worry baby,
as long as you hang with Jamie Noble you will have as much big cock as you
can handle. Ain’t that right big Tex?” Bradshaw didn’t answer, instead taking
his hands and pulling Nidia back a bit on her knees. His hands caressed her
ass cheeks and her thighs. This little piece of trailer trash that he had
been watching the past month was about to be his private little fuck doll.
That slutty look of hers made him homesick for Texas.

“Oh yes, god yes, fuck that’s huge” was all Nidia could manage as Bradshaw
slipped in under Nidia. After just a few thrusts though it became obvious
that Bradshaw was just too tall to fuck her like this. So the big Texan
reached under her arms and pulled her to her feet, carrying her over to a
banquet table in the middle of the room. He slid her up on the edge of the
table and then quickly rammed his hard cock into her wet pussy from behind.
Bradshaw had to contain a chuckle when he saw Jamie come over and feed her
the smallest cock he had ever seen into her mouth. Who was he to insult the
guy when he was getting free pussy?

“Fuck me Bradshaw” she wailed, “that’s what I need, a real man, a real
man’s COCK, so fucking HUGE, oh god..uggghhhh”. She had stopped sucking on
Jamie now unable to concentrate, but still holding his rigid little dick
in her hand. He held onto her head and held it steady against his stomach.
He could feel her warm breath spread across his cock head as she was just
inches away. He watched in fascination as Bradshaw stood there wordlessly
thrusting his huge cock in and out of his slutty girlfriend’s cunt. He had
tried this tactic with other “normal” girls, but none of them would go for
it. Big cock, or little cock, Jamie just enjoyed seeing Nidia slutting
herself for him with another man.

“That’s it Bradshaw fuck my girl, fuck her cunt. She needs a big dick
cause I’m too little. Right darling” Nidia turned her head up to him, looking
into his eyes as Bradshaw continued to plow into her tight pussy. Her head
banged repeatedly into her boyfriend’s stomach as she was being fucked by
another man.

Her eyes on his, she managed to grunt out in a mixture of pain and
pleasure, “oh baby, thanks, oh god yes fucckkk meee baby fuckkk me, oh that’s
so good. You’re not little darling..oh big, so fucking big, it
hurts so good..biggest cock I’ve ever, I love your little cock
Jamie..i love it, its just not big enough, I need a big cock..oh yes..thank
you..fuck yesss..”

For a couple minutes Jamie was so enthralled watching that he was able to
control his orgasm, but now the way she was talking he was ready to cum. He
took her head roughly in his hands and ignored her shrieks of protest as
he buried his cock deep in her mouth. “Oh yes baby, that’s what Michael Cole
is dreaming of right now, you sucking his little dick”. She tried to pull her
mouth off but he held her tight. Bradshaw was fucking her so hard now and was
totally out of control. The big Texan held onto her ass to hold her still. It
was starting to hurt like hell, the angle was all wrong, but he held her so
tight that she couldn’t move just a few inches to adjust. She tried to scream
but her mouth was stuffed with Jamie’s little cock. Jamie kept talking trash
to her, “take it bitch, take it like it was Cole’s cock, suck it like you
like little cock’s like Cole’s. You can take that big cock up your cunt cause
you’re a big girl Nidia, and big girls need big cocks. I’m watching him and
he has such a big juicy cock, just like you like you little unfaithful

The silent Bradshaw gave Noble a stare and Noble knew that Bradshaw did
not want to hear another man talking about “his big juicy cock”. So Jamie
just began to fuck the slut’s mouth instead, ramming it in and out and
muttering under his breath what a big slut she was. In the meantime Bradshaw
had let up a little and Nidia had managed to shift to where his huge cock was
sinking into her pink at just the right angle. She knew she was on the verge
of an orgasm and she started to deep throat Jamie willingly. Her saliva
dripped from her mouth, pooling on his balls and slapping back against her
chin and her chest as she fucked his dick with her mouth. Bradshaw picked up
the pace even more, fucking her so hard she literally started to scream out
loud. None of the three cared.

Jamie came first burying his dick into her mouth. She felt his pubes
against her nose, yet when he shot his load he was so short she could
actually taste his cum, instead of it going straight down her throat. The
taste of his cum flowing into her teeth along with his last cries of slut
and the out of control doggy fucking from Bradshaw pushed her over the edge.
She took her mouth off of Jamie and buried it into his stomach still chewing
on his load of cum, almost biting him as the orgasm ripped out of her cunt
and spread like an earthquake through her legs, nipples, and up her spine.
A couple more thursts and Bradshaw was done too, barely letting out an
audible groan he filled his condom with cum.

Exhausted Jamie leaned back and pulled his girlfriend up on the table to
rest. Her naked body lay face down on the wooden surface, her juices dripping
out of her pussy, and saliva and cum still dripping from the corner of her
mouth. That was the first time she had been with two guys at once since high
school and she had forgotten how great a feeling it was. She missed having
two big cocks so she could alternate the oral and the fucking for the guys,
but it had been great sex anyway. About a minute later with them still
resting the dressing room door opened and closed and Jamie announced that
Bradshaw had left the building.

“Thank-you baby, thanks for all the cock tonight. You really know how to
treat a bitch. But you know there was still one thing missing.”

“What’s that baby” asked Jamie as he reached down and tried to turn her
face up so he could look at her eyes. His voice had genuine concern in it.

“Well I still haven’t had any cum inside my pussy tonight”. She opened her
eyes and gave him a dirty smile.

“Well darling maybe he can do something about that” Jamie said and

Nidia followed his gaze and with alarm saw Michael Cole standing in the
room with his back against the dressing room door. His hand was slowly
rubbing his crotch as he stared at her tits and pussy spread across the

“What do you say darling, you want him too?”

Nidia smiled at Jamie and softly said “no way, you’re the only little
prick I need.”

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