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Nidia & The Boys
by Mr. Lies

Nidia relaxed in the back-stage area, enjoying the respite after her
earlier on camera time. Jamie Noble, her on-screen boyfriend, was in the
showers, rinsing off after a hard match against Chavo Guerrero, leaving
Nidia alone in the locker room. She fiddled with her jeans shorts, the
high cut-offs exposing more of her ass than some people thought decent.
But, then, she was playing a trailer trash slut...and secret loving every
minute of it.

She got wet every time she did make-out sessions in the ring. Every time
she shook her tits at the camera, or thrust her tongue lewdly at a wrestler.
God, she was wet right now, just remembering it. Looking around carefully,
to make sure she was alone, Nidia slowly slid a hand down the front of those
delightful cut-offs, finding her shaved, bronzed cunt beneath the denim. Her
labia were delightfully slick beneath her manicured nails as she strokes
back and forth. Absently, she popped one of her golden tits out the bottom
of her tank-top, roughly pulling the nipple and closing her eyes, entering
a fantasy.

She saw herself on hands and knees, surrounded by half the locker room,
their cocks in her mouth, her cunt, her ass, pounding her, using her, soaking
her with cum. Her fingers worked faster, pinching at her clit, making her coo
audibly in spite of her desire for privacy. The curly-haired sex goddess
begin to frig her pussy fervently, mouth open, no longer caring...

Which was lucky, as Edge and his faux brother Christian happened to be
walking by the locker room and seeing the action at hand. Both blonde men
goggled in both shock and enjoyment at seeing the gorgeous newcomer fingering
herself so boldly. Darting quick glances, they slid into the room, sliding
the door behind them. Nidia startled as she heard the door close, "What the
fuck...oh, shit guys...Um...I..." she couldn't think of a good excuse for
having a hand down her pants and her tits out. "Aw, hell, you caught me..."
she grinned, a blush underflowing the flawless, dark skin.

Edge, always the bolder of the two, couldn't suppress his trademark
shit-eating grin at the sight. "Well, uh, Nidia, we thought maybe you'd like
some help with your problem. I mean, we are an experienced tag team and
everything..." he smirks. Sure, it was a bad pun, but this sort of situation
just demanded that sort of thing. Anyway, wrestling wasn't exactly known for
encouraging subtle repartee.

Nidia only needed a moment to ponder. It was probably wrong (and might
piss Jamie off, not that he was her boyfriend, but that she didn't fuck -him-
first), but she couldn't resist the idea of being a sandwich between these
two. Her response, rather than verbal, was to hurriedly push those tight
cut-off down, unbuttoning them roughly. Panties and shorts disappeared,
exposing her juicy cunny, the brown flesh of her labia parting to display a
delightful pink slit, "Pin me, boys..." she grinned, adding her trade-mark
tongue-thrust in the air.

Edge and Christian, clad in only their wrestling gear, stripped as quickly
as she, their bronzed bodies still a little slick from their earlier match
against each other. Nidia devoured their bodies with her chocolate brown
eyes, pulling her nipples in erotic display as they exposed more of their
bodies. While they weren't real brothers, their bodies were delightfully
similar, toned and well-maintained. Their cocks, too, proved alike and in
the best of ways. Edge's shaft was at least eight inches long, the cockhead
purple and swollen, while Christian's was, in fact, the larger of the two,
about nine inches and wonderously thick, more than she could ever get a hand
around. Her pussy gushed at the thought of these two hosses riding her.

Nidia got out of her chair and dashed over to a couch, patting a spot on
each side of her. Edge sat to her right, Christian to her left, and hand
soon began to roam. She leaned over and kissed Edge hungrily, her long tongue
delving into his wide mouth, curling and flicking as she felt his hand cup
one of her hot tits, crushing it to her body. Christian, for his part, had
found the teat's mate, his mouth latching onto one golden nipple and suckling
like a babe, pulling on it roughly and making her squirm, "Yes, suck my
tits..." she murmured into the kiss.

Edge was amazed at how slutty this girl was, but he wasn't going to
complain. His hand left her tit to slide between her legs, fingers slipping
over her sloppy, soaked mound. Her earlier ministrations had left her hot
and ready, and she quivered as he brushed her clit, the swollen bud trembling
and making her gush. "Oh fuck, Edge, fuck me, now, I can't wait...I want that
fucking cock..." she mewled, grinding her hips atop the couch.

Edge grinned at Christian as his best friend sucked wildly on Nidia's tit.
Christian had always been a tit man, and a bountiful pair like Nidia's had
to be heaven for him. Her nipple gleamed where he suckled, his tongue rubbing
back and forth over the pebbled flesh with measured, experienced force,
Christian's cock jerking and spilling precum onto the couch as he got more
and more aroused. Edge couldn't just dive in cock-first, though...he had to
get at least a quick taste. With his hands on her thighs, he spread Nidia's
legs wide apart, licking his lips softly, and then dived in. His tongue
parted her already blossoming folds, delving into her cunt and scooping out
her juices, his tongue mashed to her clit. Her reaction as instantaneous and
wild, thrashing her hips and bucking, fucking his face with her pussy. Her
head thrown back, she screamed, "FUCK! SHIT, YES, LICK MY CUNT!!!!!! LICK MY
SLUTTY HOLE!!!!" Her orgasm was sudden, intense and overwhelming, leaving her
panting, but still ready for more.

The redneck slut-goddess growled in hunger and grasped Christian by that
monster cock, pulling him to stand on the couch beside her. Reluctant as he
was to leave her tits, Christian couldn't deny a hungry slut, and he was
rewarded by the wet feeling of her slut-mouth wrapping around the head of his
big cock. He shuddered, his precum soaking her tongue as she began to work,
her hand slipping up and down as she nursed from his cocktip.

Watching his friend get blown, Edge slid to his knees, kneeling between
Nidia's legs, and quickly positioned his own shaft at the entrance to her
cunt, playfully teasing her brown asshole with his head before settling on
the (for the moment) correct hole. With a grunt, he slammed home, not
terribly surprised that she wasn't a virgin. She remained very tight,
however, her inner walls a slick sheathe for his prick, and he began to pump
in and out of her heavenly twat with a lusty rhythm.

Nidia purred at the feeling of Edge's big rod slamming her cunt, her
juices splattering his groin as he pounded her, one hand reaching to stroke
his long, blonde locks encouragingly. The other hand continued to jerk on
Christian, feeding more and more of his nine-inch prick into her mouth, until
she amazed him by bottoming out, swallowing every glorious inch of his rod,
her prominent nose nestled in his curly blonde bush. He groaned, "Fuck, what
a slut! Not even Trish can swallow the whole thing!" he shuddered. Nidia,
internally, took note that she wasn't the only slut in the Federation. She
and Trish would just have to bond on that subject in future.

In the meantime, she continued to savor Christian's dick. The smallish
wrestler was now forcefully fucking her face, hands tangled in her curly mane
of hair, and she loved every minute of it, her cries of delight muffled by
his ramming dick. Edge was not far behind, his slick rod plowing the depths
of her pussy, making her cum over and over again, each one more intense than
the last. Both men's hands ravaged her tits, grasping and pulling roughly.
Finally, Edge threw his head back, unable to contain himself any longer,
"FUCK!" he screamed and his cock exploded, soaking the depths of her cunt
with warmth as his hot semen burst within her, slathering her walls with
sticky cream. Nidia redoubled her sucking efforts on Christian's cock,
wanting his load, too, and she was rewarded in a few moments, the Canadian
letting out a cry of ecstasy, "Yes, suck me, you fucking SLUT!" as he shot
his first blast of cum deep in her throat. Not willing to waste it all in her
belly, Nidia drew his cock out and aimed it, the hot seed spurting onto her
face and down onto her waiting tits, coating her in rope after rope of gooey
cum, until finally Christian sagged and sank to the couch, spent.

All three wrestlers sat panting for a time, trying to catch their breath.
Nidia had cum one final time just from the sensation of Christian's cum
hitting her tits. She knew they were sensitive, but holy shit...Slowly, the
boys began to stir.

"You guys's better get outta here. Jamie'll be back soon, and I'd rather
not start explainin', would you? I mean, the locker room's got enough rumors
already." The two men nodded and dressed quickly, if a bit reluctantly and
departed. On their way out, however, Nidia paused and slipped a piece of
paper into Edge's hand, "My room at the Ramada. You guys stop by later, and
we'll try two out of three falls..." Edge's grin had never been wider as he
walked down the hall that night. Oh yes, Nidia was going to be a GREAT
addition to the roster.

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