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Nidia Takes A Ride
by DivaLover

The A-Train was furious after losing to Shannon Moore, and Hardcore Holly.
He had let Brock Lesner down once again, and he knew that next week on
SmackDown he was going to get another beating from the champ, and Matt
Morgan. He was just so frustrated, and he knew he needed some release to
let all this anger out. As A-Train is about to leave the arena though he
walks by the Women's lockeroom, and gets an evil smile on his well pierced
face. Train looks around to make sure that no one is looking, but it's been
a few hours since the show and most the guys have gone to their hotels
already. So A-Train walked over to the Women's lockeroom door, and pushed
it open peeking in to see if anyone is inside.

"Hello?" A-Train whispered inside the room, but nobody answered. He then
opens the door the rest of the way disappointed that there seems to be nobody
inside. But to A-Train's surprise the blind Nidia is sitting alone on a bench
wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts, and a tight pink top with her fur coat
over it. A-Train then chuckled to himself after realizing he saw Jamie Noble
leave the building about an hour ago and was flirting with Dawn Marie as he
went. That meant though that A-Train was alone in the arena with Nidia, and
he could do what he wanted with her.

"Hello? Jamie? Is that you? I'm ready to go home now, Jamie." Nidia said as
she heard someone entering the room, and walking towards her. She then stood
up, and started walking with her hands out trying to find the person that
she knows is in the room. After walking a way she bumps right into the
A-Train, her hands rubbing his very hair chest. "You aren't Jamie? Are you?"

"Nah, Nidia. It's me A-Train, you remember me, right?" he said with a
chuckle. "You see Noble had to leave the arena because of some emergency so
the A-Train is here to take care of you." He said that as he took both of
her hands in his and held on to her.

"Oh thanks, are you going to take me to the hotel then?" Nidia innocently

"No Nidia, I was actually just going to show you what a real man is like
right here and now," A-Train laughed right before he leaned down, and forced
himself on Nidia for a hard, passionate kiss. Nidia resisted at first but
after a second her inner-slut takes over, and she goes along with the kiss.
A-Train then picks up Nidia, holding her up with one hand on each of her butt
cheeks and still kissing her. A-Train then takes her and sets her down on a
nearby table.

"A-Train, I'm dating Jamie. I don't think we should be doing this," Nidia
half-heartedly says. But A-Train just ignores her, and rips her top off
exposing her large breasts in a pink bra. A-Train then grabs one of the
straps to the bra, and just rips it off letting Nidia's huge boobs flop
out in front of him. A-Train immediately shoves his head in her chest,
grabbing on to a breast in each hand as he starts to suck on her large,
dark nipples. A-Train continues to suck on her nipples, and play with her
breast with one hand as his other one creeps down her stomach, and starts
to rub her pussy through her jean shorts. "Ohh God, that is perfect
A-Train" Nidia moans as she rubs her hand on A-Train's bald head while he
is working his way into her pants.

A-Train finally unzips, and unbuttons them and he slides Nidia's shorts off
showing her white thong to him. A-Train licks his lips before reaching out,
and rubbing his hand over her pussy, which is so wet it has soaked through
the thong. "You're a horny bitch, aren't you?" he said as he slides her
thong down as well showing her perfectly shaved pussy. A-Train once again
licks his lips, this time before leaning down, and sliding his tongue from
the top of her pussy all the way to her butt. He then sucks one of his
fingers, and slides it slowly into Nidia's moist pussy as he starts to suck
on her clit.

"Ohh your finger is bigger then Jamie's dick, A-Train," Nidia moaned as she
began rubbing her breasts together, and pinching her nipples. A-Train laughed
to himself when hearing this, and decided to shove another finger deep into
Nidia's vagina as he kept lapping at her clit. A-Train then grabbed both of
her legs, putting one on each shoulder, and pulled her pussy right into his
face. Then he shoved his tongue right into her hole, and swirled it around as
one of his fingers slowly pushed into her ultra tight asshole. This is too
much for Nidia who can't take anymore, and she screams out as her back arches
and her love juice flows right into A-Train eagerly waiting mouth. A-Train
swallows is all down before setting Nidia back down on the table.

"You ready to taste a really man's dick, Nidia? Because I can promise you
I've got more to offer then Jamie Noble," A-Train asks as he begins to unzip
his jeans.

"Oh Train; I would love to taste your cock. Please give it to me," Nidia
said moving her head around wishing she could see the size of A-Train's dick
before he put it in her mouth. A-Train then pulls out his semi-hard cock, and
then pulls Nidia off the table, and sets her on the floor in front of him.

"Well Nidia its right in front of you so get to sucking," he said as he
grabbed the back of Nidia's head to lead it towards his cock. Nidia then
puts her hand out to grab hold of his monster cock, and she begins to
stroke it amazed at how big it is. She then takes her tongue, and slides
it down the shaft before licking A-Train's balls and finally sucking one
into her mouth as she keeps jacking him off.

"That's it baby," A-Train moaned as Nidia finally sticks the head of his
dick into her mouth. She keeps stroking it as she tries to fit more and more
of his hardening cock into her mouth and throat. After a bit of sucking and
stroking A-Train's nine inch cock is totally hard, and Nidia is trying to
shove as much as she can into her mouth as she keeps rubbing his big hairy
balls. A-Train looks down as he lets out a moan, and pushes Nidia's head
further on to his big dick. He keeps pushing until Nidia starts to gag
because his dick is going down her throat. Nidia fights off her gag reflex
thought, and starts to deep throat the A-Train's cock. Sucking hard on it,
and twirling her tongue all up and down the shaft. A-Train then lets go of
Nidia's head, letting her bob up and down on his big cock on her own. He
then leans his head back, and closes his eyes in pleasure as Nidia continues
to give him one of the best blowjobs of his life.

"Oh, Nidia you better stop that because I don't want to cum until you take a
ride on the A-Train," he says pulling Nidia's head off his rock hard cock.
She then licks her lips as A-Train takes her by the hand and pulls her over
to the bench. He then pushes it against the wall, and sits down on it.
A-Train then lifts up Nidia with ease, and sits her right above his cock.

"I hope you are ready for the ride of your life, Nidia," A-Train says as he
grabs her by the hips, and slowly pushes her down on to his massive dick.
The head of his penis pushes in to her wet box, and he keeps pushing going
further and further in and with each push downwards Nidia gives a loud moan
in pleasure and a bit of pain from the size of his manhood.

"My God it's so big, A-Train. I don't know if I can even fit it all in me,"
Nidia said through her heavy breathing and moans. A-Train just smiled as he
kept pushing her down further and further, not caring how much she thinks
she can take. After a bit of pushing he finally has her down to the hilt of
his cock, his balls resting against her ass. A-Train then lifts her up, and
slides her back down again a bit faster this time. He then starts to work up
speed, fucking Nidia's ultra tight pussy a bit harder with every thrust.

"Fuck Nidia you are tight as hell, Noble must really have a small dick,"
A-Train said after a grunt from shoving Nidia down once more. He then picks
up the pace, and has Nidia bouncing fast up and down his big dick both of
them moaning in pleasure as they go.

"Oh fuck me, A-Train, your dick is so amazing inside me," Nidia screamed
out as she grabbed on to A-Train's hairy shoulders and helped A-Train out
some with the pushing. She then sat down totally on his dick, and grinded
her hips against her own, feeling his dick slide around inside her. Right
then though the door to the Women's lockeroom opens up, and in walks Jamie
Noble expecting to find Nidia to take home. A-Train looks over his shoulder
and sees him, and puts a finger over Noble's mouth telling him to be quiet.
A-Train then points to Nidia's asshole which is sticking out as she grinds
down on to A-Train's massive cock. Noble stands there for a minute thinking
over the situation and then shrugs pulling down his jean shorts as he walks
over to the pair, Nidia of course is still totally unaware of Noble's
presence in the room though and just keeps riding A-Train harder and harder.
Jamie then whoops out his rock hard 4 inch cock, and grabs Nidia from behind.

"What the hell? Who is behind me?" Nidia screamed out, but A-Train leans in
and gives her a hard kiss to shut her up. He then breaks the kiss, and leans
down to suck on her large round nipples.

"Don't worry Nidia, it's just a friend," A-Train said right as Noble leans
down and starts to lick Nidia's asshole, swirling his tongue around it
getting it nice and wet and ready for him. Nidia is now too hot to care who
is behind her, and keeps riding up and down on A-Train's dick as he sucks
on her luscious breasts and Noble licks her tight asshole. Then Noble stands
up, and A-Train picks up Nidia. He then carries her with his dick still deep
inside her, and lays down with her on top, and her ass sticking right out
into the air. Noble then walks up behind, and grabs her by the hips as he
violently shoves his dick straight up into Nidia's asshole.

"Ohhhhh!" Nidia screams out as Noble and A-Train are both ramming her from
each side. After only a minute of both of their dicks fucking her in the ass,
and pussy she has her second orgasm of the night. Her pussy contracting and
squeezing the A-Train's dick hard causing him to let out a loud moan.

"Fuck Nidia I'm going to cum," A-Train screams out as he pulls his dick out
of her pussy. He then pulls Nidia up, and off Noble's cock, and shoves his
dick straight into her eager mouth. He then lets her suck it for a bit before
pulling it out, and stroking it in front of her. Nidia just sits there not
sure when he is going to cum. After a couple seconds though A-Train lets out
a loud moan as a large spurt of cum splashes all over Nidia's face and
forehead. A-Train keeps stroking, as more and more cum shoots out covering
her face in it, and Nidia catches most of it in her mouth and swallows it
down. After a very long orgasm A-Train is done, and he sits down on the
ground exhausted.

"Damn Nidia, you are good," A-Train says as he rubs his now softening dick.
Noble though is still standing next to her his cock in hand, and slowly
stroking it. He then pulls Nidia down to the ground, and spread her legs
out. Noble then drives his dick into her pussy with ease since it's so
spread from A-Train's big nine inches. After a few thrusts though Noble is
done, and he screams out as he shoots his cum deep inside of Nidia's pussy.

Noble then falls on the ground next to A-Train as Nidia leans against the
wall totally warn out after fucking the two men. A-Train then stands up,
walks over to Nidia, and picks her up putting her on his shoulder.

"Well Nidia it's time we took a shower to get cleaned off," he said as he
starts to carry her off to the shower. Noble watches as they go, and then
jumps to his feet running after to join them.

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