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Nidia’s Goddess Part 2: The Workout
by DVDynamo (

Nidia’s body tingled with barely-suppressed excitement as she hurried along
the corridors of the gym; her flat-bottomed sneakers squeaked quickly as she
rushed along, her ample breasts bouncing in her newly-chosen sweat top. Her
body was clean of the sweat and bodily fluids that had been clinging to it
just minutes earlier, the shower had seen to that; but she had allowed just
a touch of aroma to linger about her crotch. She had a feeling it would come
in handy.

She rounded a corner tightly, turning to face the large glass doors that led
to the gym’s main workout area. She stopped abruptly in her tracks.

There she was.

Nidia’s breathing quickened as she took in the scene; standing upright in the
centre of the room, her taut, muscular arms curling two impressively-sized
barbells, stood Joanie Laurer in all her glory. Her newly-bleached blonde
hair was pulled tightly into two curled pigtails that quivered slightly with
her every movement; they framed her angular, high-cheek boned face
beautifully, bright red lipgloss shining under the gym lights. Her broad,
powerful upper body glistened with sweat; a light blue halter top was pulled
ridiculously tightly around her massive chest, her cleavage pushing it’s way
free easily. Her well-defined abs trailed down to her hot-pants clad waist; a
wispy trail of dark hair was just visible, running ever so thinly up to her
navel. When she turned to the side Nidia got a great profile look at the
half-crescents of her amazing buttocks; the shorts were pulled so tight the
Tough Enough winner could see every flex of her rippling ass muscles. A hot
pink gym bag was at her feet, hanging half-open; to Nidia’s eternal glee she
saw a rumpled copy of Playboy peeking out of it.

A warm feeling on her left thigh snapped Nidia out of her stupor; glancing
down, she realised with horror that her well-prepared snatch was already
drooling at the sight before her. She focused her attention on the reflective
glass in front of her; her frizzy, brown-blonde hair was wild and untamed,
and the generous globes of her breasts were barely-contained in her tiny
workout top. But her grey sweat shorts were soaked dark with fresh fluid; she
bit her lip considering. There was only one thing for it; with a swift swipe,
she gleaned a large amount of spunk from her thigh and slurped it down. There
was nothing she could do about the spreading stain between her legs; who
knew, it might come in handy. With one last check of her appearance, she took
a deep breath and flung the door open, striding into the gym.

Things did not seem to go well at first; Joanie barely looked up from her
strenuous work-out as the sultry WWE diva swept across the room. Perturbed,
Nidia selected a piece of equipment directly in front of the “9th Wonder Of
The World”; the abs machine. With a smooth glance at her silent quarry, Nidia
settled down onto the rig, spreading her legs wide to expose her damp groin.
She bit her lip as she slowly began to pull the weighted pads together and
apart with her forearms, thrusting her chest out each rep; her large nipples
were now rock-hard, standing proudly to attention beneath their coverings.
Nidia simply continued to work out, her eyes fixed upon the seemingly
uninterested Joanie; nevertheless, she kept her best “fuck me” look on her
face at all times, just on the off-chance. Joanie, for her part, continued to
pump the weights vigorously, stopping once to up the size of the barbells.

As time wore on, however, Nidia swiftly became tired; a heady scent, a
mixture of sweat and spunk, began to rise as all parts of her body continued
to ooze uncontrollably. And still Joanie did not so much as glance up at her.
After one last agonising pull of the weights Nidia collapsed backward,
breathing deeply. She would have to step things up at any minute if she were
to be successful in her quest; but first, she needed some sustenance. Spying
a water cooler bubbling away on the far side of the gym, she rose quietly
from her post, picking her way through the scattered equipment to reach it.
As she slowly filled up a small paper cup, she rested her forehead against
the chilled plastic cooler and sighed quietly. Dammit, what could she do?

She was so engrossed that, at first, she didn’t even take notice of the long
finger running teasingly up the back of her thigh. It tapped lightly on her
right buttcheek as she took her first gulp of water; with a jolt of awareness
she realised what was going on. She tried to whirl around but, in a flash,
two tree-trunk-like arms had locked around her chest, squashing her massive
tits together painfully. She yelped in surprise as a tongue snaked into her
ear, licking and biting at it. She continued to struggle; nevertheless, her
pussy slickened even further. Suddenly a cool, commanding female voice hissed
into her ear.

“You know, if you really wanted to fuck me, you should’ve just pushed your
cunt in my face.”

The arms holding her in place relinquished their grip as quickly as they had
taken hold; Nidia whirled around, staring up at the smiling Joanie. She felt
angry for some reason, but seeing her idol calmly grinning was enough to
dissipate it. She laughed a little.

“Well maybe I should have.”

Chyna’s smile widened. She held out her hand.

“Nidia, right?”

Nidia took the outstretched hand; instead of shaking it, she brought it to
rest lightly on her left breast. Now was the time to be forward. She
appraised Joanie’s body one more time, then smiled seductively.


Chyna smile faltered a little; she withdrew her hand and placed it at Nidia’s
temple, brushing her unkempt hair out of her eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself just yet, darlin’. I’ve fucked more sluts than you’ve
had hot dinners.” Her smile renewed. “But I have to say....none have looked
sluttier than you do every Thursday night.”

She leant forward suddenly, her tongue snaking out and slipping into Nidia’s
open mouth, probing it strongly. Nidia melted in her grasp, leaning backward
as the Amazon pushed their heads roughly together. The TE alumni’s hands
moved jerkily upward to Joanie’s massive mammaries and gripping them tightly,
squeezing them like ripe fruit. Without warning, Joanie broke their kiss
yanking Nidia back by the hair viciously and staring at her disgustedly.

“Don’t think you can cop a feel yet, ho.”

Nidia blinked, then nodded apologetically.

“What should I do first?”

Chyna tapped her dimpled chin thoughtfully, looking her new toy up and down.
She seized Nidia by the wrist, pulling her into another deep, lasting kiss,
her other hand reaching down and pinching the olive-skinned skank’s ass
roughly. Nidia, for her part, followed her mistress forward, back into the
main body of the gym, her tongue wrestling with Chyna’s as they swapped spit.
Her tits, considered oversized by most, were dwarfed by Chyna’s huge mounds,
being crushed back into her chest as they pressed tightly together. She felt
fresh sweat beads on her forehead as Joanie roughly broke away from their
embrace, shoving her backward onto a hot plastic-coated workout bench. The
former DX member looked down on her with what seemed like disgust; Nidia did
her best to look inviting. Then, without warning, Chyna reached down,
grabbing the sides of Nidia's top tightly. The diva braced herself to be
pulled in for another round of making out, but nothing of the sort happened.

"Let's see if your tits get me going better than your tongue." Chyna said
coldly, ripping the snug-fitting lycra in two easily. Nidia squealed in
surprise, her perspiration-moist pillows exposed to the air, her engorged
nipples centring them enticingly. Her breath was coming in short, sharp
bursts now; she couldn't believe she topless in front of Joanie!

Joanie, meanwhile, let out a low whistle through pursed lips, surveying
the gorgeous jugs coolly. She leant forward and squeezed them hard with
both hands, pushing them together and causing Nidia to exhale with
barely-concealed delight. The amazon raised her eyebrows in shock.

"They're real!" She smiled dirtily down at her new whore. "I'm impressed."

"I'm 100% natural, hun." Nidia returned the grin; Chyna's smile faded,

"I don't want to hear any of that porno talk here. I'll hear what I need from
you when we get going."

Nidia nodded, humbled. Chyna's smile returned; leaning down, she brought
her lips to Nidia's once again, this time pinning her down beneath her
considerable weight, pulling the smaller girl's arms above her head and
holding them there. Nidia wrapped her short little legs around her new
lover's midsection, grinding her drenched pants up against Joanie's
rock-hard abs, totally letting down her defences and allowing the huge
bodybuilder to thrust her tongue roughly down her throat. She choked a
little; she didn't care.

Chyna, meanwhile, was thinking of other things. Keeping Nidia's wrists held
tight with one immensely strong hand, she slid her remaining digits down the
length of the little bitch's arms and over her shoulders. She paused briefly
to pinch Nidia's nip viciously between two knuckles, the two of them still
joined at the mouth; then, with her fucktoy suitably distracted by the
advances of her tongue, she reached into her pink gym bag. It took her little
time to find what she needed; within seconds her hand re-emerged, clutching a
pair of plain black handcuffs, snapped open and ready for use. Always good to
have handy.

With a final bite of her Nidia's lip, Chyna broke off the hot clinch, sitting
upright, keeping Nidia's arms pinned and useless. She smiled humourlessly at
the somewhat-chunky Smackdown superstar; Nidia, for her part, strained
playfully against her restraint, thrusting her pierced tongue up in a
half-hearted attempt to gain more loving.

"You know, you're not as bad as I first thought." Chyna commented, licking
her lips.

Nidia just smiled, not knowing how to react without sounding porny and
cliched. Her eyes darted fleetingly to the large smears of girl-goo on
Joanie's washboard stomach.

"Oh yeah, this could be real good for me." Chyna carried on. "But before I
can really get decided..." In one swift movement, she released Nidia's hands
and clapped her left wrist into the handcuffs. Nidia, a look of abject shock
on her face, put up no fight as she was flipped onto her belly, her arms
cuffed together around the bench's legs. She was trapped on her front, her
tits squashed into the plastic bench, her sweaty, cloth-clad ass sticking
out behind her. Chyna pounced on her, crushing Nidia's petite-in-comparison
midsection between her gigantic, supple thighs. She leant forward and bit
gently on the girl's earlobe, then whispered sexily, just as she had done

"...we gotta have a little more fun." Jumping up from the prone, topless
slut, Chyna turned heel and strode out. "I'll be back real soon. Don't go
anywhere." Her sneakers squeaked on the way out, just as Nidia's had done
when she entered. The door swung shut quietly, and she was gone.

Nidia sighed, feeling her pussy weeping cuntjuice openly into her workout
shorts, her erect nipples begging to be sucked. This was unbearable. She
damn well better be back soon.

* * *

Nidia sighed audibly, blowing air out of her nose and examining the plastic
bench covering beneath her nose for what felt like the hundredtrh time. No
clock was visible to her from her uncomfortable vantage point; nonetheless,
she guessed that she'd been left alone for a good forty minutes. Her legs
were now running with a mixture of sweat and pussy precum, pooling around
her sneakers and seeping thorugh her socks. Her thighs were sticking to the
bench, irrititating her skin; her tits were sore and aching for some form of
relief. She sighed again, and swore under her breath.

The soft sound of the gym door being pushed open behind her caused her head
to whip up suddenly; forgetting she was cuffed in position, she wrenched her
neck up and, when her bound wrists slammed into the underside of the bench,
yelped with pain. Joanie's quiet footfalls were approaching from behind; they
were smooth and flat. She was barefoot now.

"Sorry, babe. I got caught up with some...problems at the front desk."

Nidia didn't answer, instead craning her head about to try and catch a
glimpse of the musclebound madam waiting for her. She slid round
cumbersomely, and finally gained a good view of what was coming. She

Joanie's slender yet powerful figure stood commandingly at the foot of the
bench upon which she was imprisoned; her wide shoulders were framed with her
now free-flowing peroxide blond locks. Her naked torso gleamed under the
lights; her massive, resplendant breasts sat firm and proud upon her chest,
dwarfing even the broadness of her chest and creating an absurdly feminine
body shape. Thick, dark clutches of cunt hair swirled just above her groin,
but Nidia couldn't see the centre of it all; that was hidden behind a
colossal, sculpted rubber phallus, jutting abruptly from between the
bodybuilder's legs. It was held in place by two thin, silver-studded leather
bands, running tightly around the tops of her hips and disappearing in
between her clenched buttcheeks. One hand hung limply at her side; the other
was propped against her hip. A tiny droplet of spunk was running down her
left thigh; she looked for all the world like a steroid-ridden Barbie doll,
ready for bondage.

"Well....does this suit your needs?" Joanie raised her eyebrows expectantly
as she asked the question, licking her top lip slowly when she finished.

Nidia nodded hurriedly, biting her tongue to prevent from releasing a girlish
wail of delight. Chyna leered nastily.

"Then turn back and face the wall. You don't get the pleasure of looking at
me any longer...not 'til you've paid your dues."

Without hesitiation, the redneck ho spun her head back around, staring
intently at the wall and feeling a sharp twang of anticipation in her pants.
Seconds ticked past as the indescriminate sounds of Joanie's movements
drifted up from over her shoulder. Then, after what seemed like an eternity,
she felt her mistress' thick, strong fingers slide into either side of her
now-stinking workout shorts.

"Let's get these off, shall we?" With one incredibly powerful tug, Chyna
tore the sopping-wet garment in half; spatters of spunk hit the floor and
sprayed up Nidia's back, exciting her further. Unseen by the WWE valet,
Chyna raised the tattered shorts to her lips and sucked on them greedily,
before tossing them aside. With one last, lingering breath in, she turned
her attention to Nidia's slick, naked ass. Chyna smiled, placing a large
hand on each chubby cheek and shaking them lightly, sending slight ripples
along their surface.

"You could really stand to drop some weight, you know that?" She murmured,
but the smile remained on her face. She was obviously pleased with the size
and suppleness of her new toy's backside. Nidia didn't reply; her
concentration was too focused on holding back from orgasming at the touch of
her fantasy figure.

Dropping her hands back to her sides, Joanie sidled forward, and tapped the
swollen end of her plastic cock lightly against Nidia's butt. Nidia jumped a
little at the touch; Chyna pressed both hands down on her back, holding her
in place.

"DON'T squirm." She intoned commandingly. Nidia nodded meekly, still not
turning around. Chyna smiled again. "Good. Now hold on...and try not to

With one strong thrust of her surprisingly bony hips, Chyna popped the
mushroom-like helmet of her dildo through the outer ring of Nidia's hole,
stretching it horribly. Nidia yelled with pain; Chyna simply carried on
grinning evilly.

"You like that, I bet."

"OHHHH GOD yesss-"

Not waiting for the little whore to finish her exclamation, she surged
forward once more, driving three more inches of rubber hard into her
shit-shoot. Nidia screamed again; this time, more than a hint of pleasure
could be heard in it. Joanie looked down at the black plastic rod joining
her cunt and her bitch's butthole; five inches down, five to go. With a
guttural roar she slammed forward one final, brutal time, burying the full
ten inches of her ersatz cock into Nidia. Simultaneously she reached
forward, yanking Nidia's head back hard with a fistful of hair. The Tough
Enough Champion screeched in surprise and agony. Joanie bent down, growling
in her ear.

"Your as is so fucking loose, you know that? You're a dirty little cunt."

"Oh God yesss I know I am, pleeease don't stop--"

The six-foot-plus dominatrix withdrew her hips casually, pulling half of the
dong free of Nidia's ass; Nidia inhaled again as her butt was vacated. It
didn't last long; with a thrust perhaps even stronger than before, Chyna
drilled into her once again, pulling her hair as she did so and listening
intently to her cries of mingled ecstasy and hurt. With a rhythmn
esatblished, the amazon continued in her anal assault; with one hand dangling
nonchalantly at her side, another clutching a handful of frizzy hair, Chyna
pumped slowly, deeply in and out of her fuck-slut. Nidia panted like a dog in
time with the movement of the thick shaft she was impaled on, her tongue
hanging out like a demented terrier. The floor was now awash with girl juice;
Chyna had to push her shins against the bench legs to stop herself slipping
over in the mess.

Nidia could feel her cunt contracting with each passing stroke of Chyna's
chime-like motion; a mind-blowing climax was nearing, she could feel it.
With a guilty expression, she stole a glance at her lover; Chyna's head was
thrown back, eyes clamped shut as she rammed back and forth into the torn
asshole in front of her. The sight only made Nidia's pussy drip further;
this was HEAVEN. Closing her eyes, she began to whine in a high-pitched
tone; her voice was involuntarily slipping into the screech she used every
Thursday night on national television.

"Ohhh God that's good baby, fuck me, break my ass, come on come on come ON-"

Joanie stayed silent, her teeth gritted with determination as she
pound-fucked the horny ho, twisting Nidia's curly hair in her vice-like grip.
With a sharp intake of breath she increased the speed of her ploughing,
shortening her thrusts and causing Nidia to scream with every forward push.
The dirty little bitch was on the verge of blowing her load-she could feel
the orgasm bubbling within her...

"Oh-shit-I'm-gonna CUUUUUM-"

And with one final brutal slam from the hardbodied madame behind her, her
legs turned to jelly as her body was rocked with the most powerful climax of
her life. Clenching her ass around the full ten inches of rubber within her
she writhed wildly as her cunt emptied itself down her legs, spurting spunk
in massive gouts onto Chyna's shins, feet and the floor. She let out one
long, guttural scream of satisfaction-but Joanie wasn't through yet.
Withdrawing her strap-on from Nidia's grippingly tight hole, she adjusted
her angle slightly and rammed it carelessly up between the shorter girl's
thighs, driving it's entire length into her already-spasming box. Nidia's
back arched as she flung her body upward in animalistic ecstasy, the cuffs
forcing her to twist this way and that as she bucked on the massive cock
between her legs. Joanie remained totally quiet, her breath returning to
it's normal rate as she coolly watched her new plaything coming down from
the greatest fuck she had ever experienced. Slowly, haltingly, Nidia sank
back down to laying against the bench, her sweaty, naked tits slapping
against it's plastic surface as she did so. She panted for air, eyes closed
as she held onto the memory of what she had just felt.

"Oh, we're not done yet, sweetie." Joanie whispered teasingly. With a hollow
plopping sound she pulled her surrogate dick from Nidia's stretched cunt,
spattering even more juice on her legs as she did so. Nidia remained
motionless, exhausted, as Joanie walked the short length of her body,
trailing the large tip of her dildo along the olive-skinned slag's side as
she did so. A thin film of spunk remained in it's wake.

Within a few short steps she had reached the down-turned head of the
handcuffed diva, standing proudly in front of her, the black rubber dong
bouncing under her nose. Joanie wasn't a totally cruel mistress; she allowed
the stench of her sex toy to arouse Nidia in her own time, rather than
forcing it upon her. She didn't have to wait long; within a few seconds
Nidia lifted her head, her eyes meeting the glistening phallus before her.

"Clean it." Chyna said simply, pushing her hips forward as if to feed the
chunky mushroom head into Nidia's mouth. Nidia simply nodded, opening wide
and straining her neck as the plastic filled her mouth. The first two inches
filled her mouth totally, slamming her tastebuds with the enchantingly
filthy taste of her own ass and pussy. She sucked at it hungrily, cleaning
it of any liquids she could. But Joanie wasn't satisfied with just that. She
continued sliding closer, forcing the fake penis inch-by-inch into her
frizzy-haired slave's throat. Nidia, to her credit, adjusted her position
accordingly; she was no stranger to deepthroating a nice big rod. She sucked
and slurped all the way, desperately drinking the heady concoction that
soaked the shaft. Within moments she found her large nose resting in the
thick pubic hair peeking out from behind Chyna's strap-on tackle; the dildo
sat comfortably down her gullet, the sides of her throat clinging to it
tightly. She breathed in the aroma of Joanie's obviously-excited cunt; the
idea that it was just millimeters from her open mouth caused her knees to
weaken once more.

"That's enough". Joanie stroked Nidia's hair approvingly and, with no more
warning, yanked the strap-on from her mouth, causing her to splutter with
surprise. Nidia coughed fitfully, missing the taste of woman in her mouth;
Chyna backed up, hands on hips, appraising the situation.

"You...are one fantastic litle servant." She said thoughtfully, her brow
furrowed. "I tihnk you've earned this..."

Her eyes widening with excitment, Nidia watched as Joanie turned around,
giving her the first full-on view of her gorgeous thong-clad butt. The
leather strap was nestled between her asscheeks, clasped together at the
small of her back with a tiny buckle. Her thick, powerful fingers reached
behind her, flicking the clasp open; the strap-on dropped to the floor with
a wet slap as the garment fell free. With a sultry glance over her shoulder,
Joanie turned slowly, baring her fully nude body to Nidia for the first
time. Her wet pussy was clad in a thick mat of hair, well-groomed and trimmed
at the edges; her now-hard nipples stood proudly to attention atop her
amazingly pert, enormous tits. She stood, legs spread, hands on hips, a
vision of powerful feminine sex appeal. Nidia was speechless.

They stayed that way, totally still, for a few seconds. Then, in one fluid
motion, Chyna pulled a seat from nearby, pushing it in front of Nidia and
lowering herself onto it gently. She stared at Nidia, their eyes locked.

"You ready?"

Nidia smiled.

"Oh Hell yeah."

Chyna grinned wickedly then, quick as a flash, pulled the chair forward,
propelling herself at Nidia's face, her wide-spread thighs coming to rest
either side of her head. Nidia breathed in with a shudder; Chyna remained

"That's right-take a deep breath--" and with that she grabbed Nidia's head
roughly, tugging it forward and holding her face into her moistened snatch.
Nidia went to work immediately, her pierced tongue snaking out and lapping
slipshod at whatever she could reach, probing between Joanie's swollen
labia. She located the amazon's engorged clit easily; years of steroid use
had left it swollen and ultra-sensitive. With one flick of her tongue she
patted her metal stud against the organ gently; Chyna let out a ridiculously
loud moan, her grip on Nidia's hair loosening. Nidia just kept on working,
her face wet with perspiration and pussy batter as she rammed her tongue
forcefully into her mistress' cunt, fucking her with her mouth. Chyna sat
with her head thrown back, eyes wide; the expert eating-out she was recieving
was by far the best she'd ever felt. She lifted her ass gently off of the
seat, holding her slit in Nidia's mouth as the little cuntsucker went about
her business. With one final push of her nose into the powerful honey's hole,
Nidia seized Chyna's abnormally large clit between her teeth, sucking it like
a minature cock, holding it there as Joanie emptied her cum onto her face and
hair. Chyna ground her gushing box into Nidia's face toughly; then, as her
insanely powerful orgasm finally begna falling from it's peak, she let out a
gasp as she lost control in another way.

With a yelp of pleased surprise, Nidia smiled as Joanie's bladder relaxed,
spraying her with warm, satisying piss. Joanie looked down, the sight of her
slave writhing in her urine sending her wild with pleasure once more as she
drained herself onto Nidia's upper body. The workout bench was a mess, the
same as Nidia's torso; both were coated in cum, sweat and pee, a satisfying
stink rising into the air as each woman relaxed. They remained in that
position for a while, Nidia's head lying between Chyna's legs, both utterly
content. Then, with a sigh, Joanie rose to her feet, snatching a small set
of keys from her cum-drenched gym bag and undoing Nidia's restraints. Nidia
rolled onto her back, pushing up one of her tits and sucking on it's teat
absent-mindedly as she smiled warmly at Chyna. Chyna, for the first time
that day, returned the warmth, smiling happily. She reached down and helped
the ravaged WWE superstar to her feet.

"Come on. Let's head out."

"Okay...but I could really do with a shower."

Chyna smiled and gave Nidia right's breast a playful squeeze. "You stay like
that. You are MUCH hotter this way."

* * *

Nidia couldn't stop grinning as the two women strolled arm-in-arm from the
locker-rooms, her sticky body now clad in the ensemble she'd worn into the
gym. Joanie was smiling too, safe in the knowledge that she'd found a new
pussy-whore for her amusement; the two walked past the desk, care-free. But,
as they made their way to the exit, Nidia happened to turn back to the
reception area. She gasped in surprise.

Bound to her chair, the tall blonde receptionist was stripped from head to
toe, a large ball-gag strapped to her mouth, two nipple clamps pinched
tightly connecting her 32F tits. Her bronzed, shaven cunt shone with spunk,
and Nidia could see why; in front of the sexy bitch was a monitor displaying
the inner gym. The camera was trained on the workbench where she and Chyna
had fucked.

Joanie tutted at herself. "Totally forgot about her." Crossing to the desk,
she set about untying the girl, talking to Nidia as she did so. "Caught this
little slut finger-fucking herself while you were waiting for me earlier.
Thought I'd teach her a lesson." She pulled the ball-gag free and looked
down sternly at the receptionist.

"You ask next time, okay?" The chastised beauty nodded meekly. Joanie leant
down and planted a long, deep kiss on the blonde ho, then walked briskly
away from her, taking Nidia's hand and pulling her out the doors. They
crossed the car park to Joanie's Bronco; Nidia climbed in, not caring about
leaving her own car behind.

"So what now?" She said as Joanie settled into the driver's seat next to
her. Chyna smiled, turning to face her new lover.

"You ain't seen nothing yet."

To Be Continued?

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